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All available material by Cowboy & Western (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 29.3.2019).

Monet pienemmδt levy-yhtiφt, uudelleenjulkaisijat (esim "B.A.C.M.") ja monet artistit tuottavat itse pienet painosmδδrδnsδ halvempina CD-R-levyinδ, joissa levypinta erottuu vaaleana, vihertδvδnδ tai mustana. Ne on nδissδ listoissa merkitty muodossa CD-R.

Some small labels and many artists produce and copy their limited editions as CD-Rs ("green or Black disc"). I will identify such CDs as CD-R. "British Academy Of Country Music" (B.A.C.M.) uses only CD-R discs originally.


REX ALLEN: Voice Of The West (JMI/Bear Family * 1972/1986 * Germany) (18€) * Catfish John, Just Call Me Lonesome, Today I Started Loving You Again, Reflex Reaction, Droop Ears, Moonshien Steer, The Fireman Cowboy ... (16 tracks).

REX ALLEN & DON EDWARDS: A Pair To Draw To (Garrett Music Ent. * 1999/USA) (18€) * This Ain't The Same Old Range, Cow Poke, Sunset Trail, Doggone Cowboy, Summer Night's Rain, Old Home Town ... (11 tracks).

REX ALLEN & REX ALLEN Jr: Cowboys (WB * comp-1995/USA) (16€) * Arizona, Can You hear Those Pioneers, Ride Cowboy Ride, Texas Plains, Last Of The Silver Screen Cowboys, Yippi Cry Yi ... (10 tracks).

REX ALLEN Jr: The New West (BPR Records * 2005/USA) (16€) * Desperado, Pancho And Lefty, Dakota Iron, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Deep In The West, Along The Navajo Trail ... (10 tracks).

GENE AUTRY: South Of The Border ~ 22 Great Songs (Delta * comp-2000/England) (6€) * Ridin' Down The Canyon, Mexicali Rose, The Old Trail, Lonely River, Someday In Wyoming (& Jimmy Long) ... (22 tracks).
GENE AUTRY: Cowboy Songs ~ Cowboy Hits (Cedar * England) (6€) * Guns And Guitars, El Rancho Grande, Vaya Con Dios, It's Round Up Time In Reno, My Old Kentucky Home, Cowboy Blues ... (16 tracks).
GENE AUTRY: Gene Autry With The Legendary Singing Groups Of The West (Varese Sarabande * comp-1997/Germany) (6€) * Gene Autry with The Sons Of The Pioneers, Jimmy Wakely Trio, Cass County Boys, Smiley Burnette ... (16 tracks).
GENE AUTRY: The Last Round-Up * 25 Cowboy Classics 1933-47 Previously on 78's Only (ASV/Living Era *comp-1998/England) (6€) * Down In the Land Of Zulu, The Cowboy's Trademarks, The Last Mile, Dear Old Western Skies ... (25 tracks).
GENE AUTRY: The Cowboy Is A Patriot * Original Radio Broadcast Recordings From World War 2 * Included The Complete July 26, 1942 Melody Ranch Show (Varese Sarabande * 2-CDs * comp-2002/USA) (8€) * There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, This Is the Army Mr. Jones, I'll Trade My Horse And Saddle, The Marine's Hymn / The Caisson Song / Anchors Away / U.S. Air Forse ... (featuring Jimmy Dean, Johnny Bond, Eddie Dean & Dick Reinhart) (47 tracks).

MOE BANDY: The Ultimate Cowboy Collection (Prism Leisure *comp-1998/England) (8€) * I'm An Old Cowhand, High Noon, Good Old Paint, Sioux City Sue, Cool Water, Home On the Range, The Old Chisholm Trail ... (20 tracks).

CASS COUNTY BOYS: Beautiful Texas & Other Western Melodies (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2005/England) (7€) * Pecos Bill, Texas Song, Cowboy's Heaven, Go West Young Man, Sleepy Rio Grande ... (25 tracks).

YODELING SLIM CLARK: Cowboy & Yodel Songs (Jasmine * re-2005/Czech/England) (7€) * Old Chisholm Trail, Rambling Hobo, Trail Drive To Missoula, Saddle In The Sky, Yodel Train, My Calgary Home ... (28 tracks).

GENE DAVENPORT: Ghost Towns & Autumn Trails (Pamorah * 1998/USA) (8€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Under Fiesta Stars, Lonesoem Old Cowboy, By The Campfire On The Trail, The High Sierras, Down In Old Metamoros ... (21 tracks).

SHERIFF JOHNNY DENIS & The RANCHERS: Copper Canyon (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2006/England) (7€) * Gaucho Serenade, Quicksilver, Somebody Stole My Horse And Wagon, Pony Express, Kawliga, Featherhead ... (27 tracks).

THE DOWNHOMERS: Uncle Noah's Ark (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (7€) * When The Cactus Is Blooming At Home, Goodbye To The Old Empty Ranch House, Cowpuncher's Blues, An Old Dusty Saddle For Sale ... (30 tracks).

DON EDWARDS: Kin To The Wind * Memories Of Marty Robbins (Shanachie * 2001/USA) (12€) * Saddle Tramp, San Angelo, Old Red, Ghost rain, Man Walks Among Us ... (12 tracks).
DON EDWARDS: West Of yesterday (WB Western * 1996/USA) (8€) * I Wanted To Die In The Desert, The Freedom Song, Gypsy Davey, Rose Of Old Pawnee, Jim I Wore A Tie Today ... (12 tracks).
DON EDWARDS: Goin' Back To Texas (WB Western * 1993/USA) (8€) * The Old Cow Man, Coyotes, Prairie Lullabye, The Rancher's Song, Lonely Cowboy, Texas Sand, Say Goodbye To Montana ... (11 tracks).
DON EDWARDS: Songs Of The Trail (WB Western * 1993/USA) (10€) * Down By The Brazos, I'd Like To Be In Texas When They Roundup In The Spring, The Colorado Trail, The Campfire Has Gone Out ... (15 tracks).
DON EDWARDS: The Best Of (WB Western * 1998/USA) (8€) * Lone Star Trail, Will James, The Habit, The Cowboy's Song, Diamond Joe, The Cowboy Life, The Master's Call ... (12 tracks).

SHUG FISHER & His Ranchmen Trio: Cowboy Jubilee (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (7€) * Little Joe The Wrangler, Cool Water, Texas Plains, Cowboy's Dream, The Convict And The Rose, Beautiful Texas ... (24 tracks).

RUSTY GILL & The Westernaires a.k.a. The Prairie Ramblers: Cowboy Songs & Mountain Ballads (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (7€) * Roll Wagons Roll Along, Fetch Me Mr. Trusty 45, Moonlight In The Hills Of Old Kentucky, Nighttime In The West ... (27 tracks).

GIRLS OF THE GOLDEN WEST: Roll Along Prairie Moon (B.A.C.M * CD-R * comp-2004/England) (8€) * Texas Moon, Colorado Blues, Ride Ride Ride, Cowboy Jack, Lonelu Cowgirl, Round Up In Cheyenne, Roll Along Prairie Moon ... (21 tracks).

RANGER DOUG GREEN (= member of "the Riders In The Sky"-group): Songs Of The Sage (WB Western * 1997/USA) (8€) * River Of Mystery, Idaho Moon, Jesse, Hurry Sunrise, Riding On The Rio, Welcome To The West ... (12 tracks).

LORNE GREENE: His Western Classics * On the Ponderosa (RCA/Razor Tie * comp-1999/USA) (16€) * Bonanza, Ringo, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Endless Prairie, Saga Of the Ponderosa, Five Card Stud, The Devil's Grin ... (20 trcaks).

MONTE HALE: The Full Monte ~ Complete Recordings (B.A.C.M * 2004/England) (6€) * Dream Cowboy, Rose Of Old santa Fe, Oklahoma Hills, Cool Water, Statue In The Bay ... (19 tracks).

BILL & BONNIE HEARNE: Diamonds In The Rough (WB Western * 1997/USA) (producer: Jim Rooney) (8€).

DOC HOPKINS & His Country Boys: Mountain, Cowboy, Home, Western, Sacred Songs - Vol.1 (B.A.C.M * 2004/England) (7€) * Dying Cowboy, Bury Me Out On The Prairie, Code Of The Mountains, The Old Chain Gang, I Was Born 4000 Years Ago ... (30 tracks).
DOC HOPKINS & His Country Boys: Mountain, Cowboy, Home, Western, Sacred Songs - Vol.2 (B.A.C.M * 2004/England) (7€) * Home On The Range, Johnson Boys, Little Red Gaboose Behind The Train, The Last Great Roundup ... (30 tracks).

SKEETER HUBBERT & His Cowboys Featuring Ezea Paulette & Charlie Quirk: Give Me A Horse And A Saddle (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2004/England) (7€) * Arizona Home, Sing Me A Cowboy Song, Wagon Train, Stars Of The Western Sky, Buffalo Days ... (25 tracks).

HERB JEFFRIES: The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again (WB * 1995/USA) (6€) * Back In The Saddle Again (& Rex Allen Jr), Lonesome Rider Blues, Cow Cow Boogie, Texas To A "T", Nine Hundred Miles, Tumbling Tumbleweeds ... (1o tracks).

FRED KIRBY: The Original "Atomic Power" (Cattle * comp-2001/Germany) (6€) * Where The Longhorn Cattle Roam, Night Time On The Prairie, The Old Country Preacher, Jukebox Jackson From Jacksonville, When That hell Bomb Falls ... (26 tracks).

FRANKIE LAINE: Riders In The Sky (MCPS/Comet/Prestige * comp-1997) (6€) * Rawhide, Gunfight At The O.K.Corral, North To Alaska, Blazing Saddlers, High Noon, Along The Navajo Trail, The Hanging Tree ... (20 tracks).

CHRIS LeDOUX: Radio & Rodeo Hits (American Cowboy Songs * 1990/USA) (8€) * Hard Times, So You Want To Be A Cowboy, Sons Of The Pioneers, It Ain't The Years - It's The Miles, Cowboy Songs ... (11 tracks).

WADDIE MITCHELL: Buckaroo Poet (WB Western * 1993/USA) (cowboy poetry - lausuntaa) (4€) * Rancher's Revenge, For Woody, Saddle Tramp Philosopher, An Evening Chat, The Old Prospector, Shorty ... (11 tracks).

ARTIE MORRIS: Goodbye Old Paint And Other Train Favorites (WAM Records * 2001/USA) (5€) * Jesse James, Streets Of Laredo, Country Soul, Yellow Rose Of Texas, Home On The Range ... (10 tracks).

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY: Cowboy Songs III * Rhymes Of The Renegades (WB Western * 1993/USA) (8€) * Big Iron, Riders In The Sky, El Paso, Sonora's Deat Row, Ballad Of The Billy The Kid, The Ballad Of Jesse James ... (17 tracks).

TEX OWENS: Cattle Call (Bear Family * comp-1994/Germany) (8€) * Let Me Ride The Range, Pride Of The Prairie, Dude Ranch Party - Part 1 & 2, Cowboy Call, Grandpa And The Lovebug, Give Me The Plains At Night ... (22 tracks).

FESS PARKER - BUDDY EBSEN - GENE AUTRY: Davy Crockett - King Of The Wild Frontier (Sony/DRG * comp-2004/USA) (8€) * Davy Crockett - Indian Fighter, At The Alamo, Old Betsy - Davy Crockett's Rifle, King Of The River, Gene Autry - Western Adventures: At The Rodeo, Champion (The Horse No Man Could Ride) ... (13 tracks).
FESS PARKER: Great American Heroes (Bear Family/RCA 1964 * comp-1996/Germany) (10€) * Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory), Patrick Henry (The Patriot), Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone, Little Nathan, Ben Franklin, Ole Kit Carson, Johnny Clem, Lewis And Clark ... (12 tracks).

PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: The Oregon Trail (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2003/England) (7€) * Ghost In The Graveyard, Will I Ride The Range In Heaven, Yip Yiop Yowie I'm An Eagle, Have A Heart Taft-Hartley ... (21 tracks).

RIDERS IN THE SKY: Always Drink Upstream From The Herd (Rounder * 1995/Canada) (8€) * Riding the Winds Of The West, The Trail Tip Song, Desert Serenade, Rawhide, The First Cowboy Song, The Running Gun, Cattle Call ... (12 tracks).
RIDERS IN THE SKY: Cowboys In Love (Sony * 1994/USA) (8€) * Along The Santa Fe Trail, Wimmen - Who Needs 'Em, Sweet Senorita Teresa, You're Wearin' Out Your Welcome, Matt ... (11 tracks).

TEX RITTER: Conversation With A Gun (Highland/Richmond * compilation-1988/USA) (6€) * Saginaw Michigan, Have I Stayed Too Long, Hillbilly Heaven ... (8 tracks).

MARTY ROBBINS: Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs (Columbia/Legacy * comp-1999/Austria) (7€) * The Hanging Tree, Saddle Tramp, El paso (Full-length version), Running Gun, Utah Carol, Billy The Kid ... (15 tracks).

CARSON J.ROBISON & His Pioneers: Home Sweet Home On The Prairie (ASV/Living Era * material 1928-36/England) (6€) * Missouri Valley, The Strawberry Roan, Tree-Top Serenade, I Was Born In Old Wyoming, Ramblin' Cowboy ... (25 tracks).

ROY ROGERS: A Musical Anthology (Capitol/A&E * comp-1998/USA) (7€) * Lovenworth, These Are The Good Old Days, The Night Guard, A Letter To Roy, Good To Be Home Again ... (14 tracks).
ROY ROGERS & Guests: Roy Rogers Tribute (BMG * 1991/USA) (8€) * Rodeo Road (& Willie Nelson), Little Joe The Wrangler (& Emmylou Harris), King Of The Cowboys (by Dusty Rogers) ... (12 tracks).
ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS: 16 Great Songs Of The Old West (Image/Liberty/Drive Golden * comp-2001/USA) (8€) * Colorado Trail, The Cowman's Prayer, Song Wagon, The Railroad Corral ... (16 tracks).
ROY ROGERS: Home On The Range * 26 Classic Songs (feat. The Sons Of The Pioneers) (Prism Leisure * coll-2000/England-Israel) (6€) * Colorado Sunset, I've Sold My Saddle For An Old Guitar, Ride Ranger Ride, Headin' For Texas And Home, Pecos Bill ... (27 tracks).

SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: Sing One For The Cowboy (Western Jubilee/Shanachie * 2000/USA) (12€) * The West, Texas Plains, California, Unbroke Hoss, God Gave The Cowboy Montana, Sierra Nevada ... (12 tracks).
SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: Way Out Yonder (Western Jubilee/Dualtone * 2005/USA) (12€) * The Ballad Of Joaquin Murrieta, Mexicali Rose, Song From Nara Visa, Santa Fe Lights, Little Cowboy ... (13 tracks).
SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: Songs Of The Silver Screen (WB Western * 1993/USA) (12€) * Cowboy Jubilee, Cherokee Strip, Song Of The Bandit, Round-Up Time Is Over, Heading For The Home Corral ... (10 tracks).
SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: From Whence Came The Cowboy (WB Western * 1993/USA) (12€) * Out Where The Cowboys Rope And Ride, Great American Cowboy, Wyoming On My Mind, Cowboy Rough ... (12 tracks).
SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: Horses, Cattles And Coyotes (Western Jubilee/Shanachie * 1999/USA) (12€) * Border Affair, Ridin' Easy With The Sun, Abilene Town, Trail Drive, Trilogy For Roy Rogers ... (13 tracks).
SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: A Cowboy Has To Sing (WB Western * 1992/USA) (12€) * Cool Water, Timber Trail, Blue Prairie, So Long To The Red River Valley, Song Of The Rover, Way Out There, Wind ... (10 tracks).

THE SONS OF TENNESSEE: Pay Tribute To The Western Classics (World Classic Productions * 2000/USA) (7€) * This Cowboy's Hat, They Call The Wind Mariah. Vaya Con Dios, Timber Trail, Way Out There ... (12 tracks).

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Essential Collection (2 CD-Set) (Varese Sarabande * 2003/USA) (12€) * Wending My Way To Wyoming, Blow Wind Blow, Whispering Wind, West Is In My Soul ... (42 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Country Music Hall Of Fame (ADD/MCA * 1991/USA) (8€) * Private Buckaroo, Sierra Nevada, Ride Ranger Ride, Echoes From The Hills, The Hills Of Old Wyoming ... (16 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: San Antonio Rose (RCA Camden/Delta * 1999/USA) (6€) * Crazy Arms, Green Fields, Listen To The Mocking Bird, Cold Cold Heart, Columbus Stockade Blues ... (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: San Antonio Rose (RCA Camden/BGM * 1996/USA) (6€) * Crazy Arms, Green Fields, Listen To The Mocking Bird, Cold Cold Heart, Columbus Stockade Blues ... (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Sunset On The Range (2 CD-set) (RCA/BMG/Pair * 1990/England) (8€) * Jesse James, Billy The Kid, High Noon, Kaw-Liga, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Cheyenne ... (20 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: My Saddle Pals And I (Proper * 4 CDs SET special BOX/ 52 page booklet * comp-2005/England) (15€) * Cowboy Country, The Devil's Great Grandson, Out California Way, Diesel Smoke, The River Of No Return ... (100 tracks!).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Columbia Historic Edition (Columbia * comp-1982/USA) (6€) * Cowboy Night Herd Song, The Devil's Great Grandson, Hold That Critter Down, You Must Come In At The Door ... (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Tumbling Tumbleweeds The RCA Victor Years Vol.1 (RCA/BGM * comp-1989/USA) (8€) * Cowboy Country, Trees, The Timber Trail, Pecos Bill, Blue Prairie, The Last Round-Up ... (20 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Featuring Roy Rogers ~ Tumbling Tumbleweeds (MCA/AAD * comp-1993/USA) (7€) * I'm An Old Cowhand, Song Of The Pioneers, A Melody From The Sky, Over The Santa Fe Trail ... (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Cool Water And Seventeen Timeless Western Favorites (RCA Victor/BMG * comp-1995/Europe) (7€) * Ridin' Down The Canyon, Wagon Wheels, Red River Valley, Wind, Ridin' Home ... (18 tracks).

MONTY TEEL: Things My Father Taught Me * Cowboy Poetry (Cowboy Capital * 2005/USA) (cowboy-aiheisten runojen lausuntaa vain * spoken cowboy poetry only) (3€) * A Cowboy Meets A Computer, The Rancher's Dilemma, Old Glory After September 11th, A Tribute To Bob Wills ... (12 poems + intros).

JOHNNY WESTERN: Gunfight At OK Corral (Bear Family * 1989/Germany) (18€) * Cheyenne/Wyatt Earp/Bat Masterson, High Noon, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Ringo, Bonanza, Hannah Lee, Ballad Of Boot Hill, The Hanging Tree ... (16 tracks).

DAVID WILKIE & COWBOY CELTIC (featuring Denise Withnell): The Drover Road (Shanachie/Western Jubilee * 2001/USA) (6€) * Lorena / The Yellow Rose Of texas, The Betrayal Of Johnnie Armstrong, The Drover Road To Amulree ... (16 tracks).

SHEB WOOLEY: Rawhide * How The West Was Won (MGM/Bear Family 1960-63 * 1995/Germany) (18€) * The Story Of Billy Bardell, The Wayward Wind, Bars Across The Windows, How The West Was Won, Building A Railroad, Wagonmaster's Diary/Buffalo Stampede, Silver Target, Papa's Old Fiddle ... (24 tracks).

COWBOY & WESTERN * CD Collections:

A WESTERN JUBILEE * Songs And Stories Of the American West (Western Jubilee/Dualtone * 2004/USA) (8€) * Peter Rowan & Don Edwards, Sons Of the San Joaquin, Red Steagall, Katy Moffatt, Rich O'Brien, Norman Blake ... (20 tracks).

WARNER WESTERN SAMPLER Vol.1 (WB * 1992/USA) (6€) * Don Edwards (3 songs), Sons Of the Joaquin (3), Waddie Mitchell (3), Michael Martin Murphey (1) ~ (10 tracks).

MY RIFLE, MY PONY AND ME * Movie And TV SOUNDTRACKS (Bear Family * comp-1993/Germany) (12€) * Merle Kilgore: Nevada Smith, Johnny Western: Ballad Of Paladin, Fess Parker: Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Lorne Greene: Bonanza, Dickson Hall: Cowboy, Dean Martin: ZRio Bravo, Johnny Cash: The Sons Of Katie Elder, Kirk Douglas: And The Moon Grew Brighter, James Stewart: The Legend Od Shenandoah ... (26 tracks).


GENE AUTRY: Country Music Hall Of Fame Album * 15 Of His All-Time Greatest Hits (Columbia 1035 * USA) (5€) * Sioux City Sue, Mexicali Rose, Mule Train, I Love You because, Goodnight Irene, Red River Valley ... (15 tracks).

DON EDWARDS: America's Singing Cowboy (Texas Skyline Records TSRLP-822 * USA) (7€) * Texas Proud, Cotton-Eyed Joe (& Leon Rausch), American trilogy, God Must Have Really Loved Texas ... (10 tracks).

BRUCE HAUSER & The Sawmill Creek Band: Window To The West (Cowboy Records LPS-1000 * 1984/USA) (7€) * Echo Of An Old Man's Last Ride, Wild Western Windblown Band, We Ride Together ... (12 tracks).

CHRIS LeDOUX: Thirty Dollar Cowboy (American Cowboy Songs * 1983/USA) (9e) They Couldn`t Understand My Cowboy Songs, There`s A Rodeo In Montana, Will Rogers - Oklahoma Cowboy, Call Of The Wild, The Last Sunset, A Cowboy`s Got To Ride, Take Me Back To Old Wyoming...
CHRIS LeDOUX: Sing Me A Song Mr. Rodeo Man (American Cowboy Songs * 1977/USA) (9e) The Rodeo Fan, All Around Cowboy, Bad Brahma Bull, The Silver Tongued Devil, The Lawman Reverend Brown, Grange Hall Dance, The Yellow Stud...
CHRIS LeDOUX: He Rides The Wild Horses (American Cowboy Songs * 1981/USA) (9e) The Cowboy And The Hippie, When The Rodeo Comes To Town, Old Tom Horn, So You Want To Be A Cowboy, Freedom Just A State Of Mind, Misfortune`s Own Son...
CHRIS LeDOUX: Western-Country * Cowboys Ain`t Easy To Love (Lucky Man * 1978/USA) (9e) Weekend Country Cowboy, Bar Shouldn`t Have Mirrors, Tennessee Stud, Raised By The Railroad Line, Hoka Hey Lakotas!, The Blizzard, The Old Timer...

LARRY MAHAN: King Of The Rodeo (WB BS 2959 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Smokey Mountain Cowboy, Ha Ha, There's More To A Cowboy, Up Jumped The Devil, Stunt Man ... (10 tracks).

RIDERS IN THE SKY: New Trails (Rounder 0220 * 1986/USA) (7€) * Cowboy Of The Highway, Cimarron, Soon As The Roundup's Through, Even Texas Isn't Big Enough Now ... (10 tracks).
RIDERS IN THE SKY: Three On the Trail (Rounder 0102 * 1980/USA) (7€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Here Comes The Santa Fe, Cielito Lindo, Cowboy Song, Blue Montana Skies ... (12 tracks).
RIDERS IN THE SKY: Riders Radio Theater (MCA 42180 * 1988/Canada) (7€) * Sagebrush Sports Report, Trail Traffic Update, Meltdown On The Mesa, Call Of the Wild ... (18 tracks).
RIDERS IN THE SKY: The Cowboy Way (MCA 42040 * 1987/USA) (7€) * Concerto For Violin And Longhorns, Texas Plains, Ridin' Down the Canyon, The Salting Of The Slug ... (15 tracks).
RIDERS IN THE SKY: Live (Rounder 0186 * 1984/USA-Canada) (6e) * Cowboy Jubilee, The Yodel Blues, Cowboy Song, The Last Round-Up, So Long Saddle Pals ... (12 tracks).

TEX RITTER: Sweet Land Of Liberty ~ Readings And Songs Of American Patriotism (Capitol ST-2743 * 1966/USA) (15€) * Remember The Alamo, William Barrett Travis, Lincoln's Farewell Address, The Day For Decision ... (12 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Green Green Valley (Capitol ST-467 * 1970/USA) (16€) * Legend Of Shenandoah, Okie From Muskogee, Drink Up And Go Home, Jeremiah Jones, Detroit City, My Elusive Dreams ... (10 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Fall Away (Capitol ST-11351 * 1974/USA) (12€) * This Ain't Mexico, Omaha, Mac Arthur's Hand, Po' Folks, Through The Years, The Best Times Of All ... (10 tracks).
TEX RITTER: The Lincoln Hymns (Capitol W-1562 * 1961/USA) (teippauksia kannessa * tapings on cover) (12€) * A Paradise Below, Let Me Freely Yield, The Path Of Sorrow, Awake My Charity, The Everlasting Song ... (12 tracks).
TEX RITTER: The Supercountrylegendary Tex Ritter (Capitol ST-11037 * 1972/USA) (14€) * BBourbon Man, Lorena, Charleston Cotton Mill, The Wind Of Oklahoma, Little Peanut Shell, Love Me Now ... (10 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Singing In The Saddle (Bear Family BDP-15231 * orig. from 1937-39 - comp. 1986/Germany) (kannen selkδmyksessδ teippaus/taping on cover) (6€) * Jailhouse Lament, Arizona Days, Sing Cowboy Sing ... (16 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Tex (Capitol/Pickwick JS-6155 * recorded: 1968 / USA) (kannen selkδmyksessδ teippaus/taping on cover) (6€) * Me And Tennessee, Texas, Conversation With A Gun, Stranger On Boot Hill, The Long Tall Shadow ... (9 tracks).
TEX RITTER: High Noon (Capitol/Bear Family BFX-15126 * recorded: 1942-63 * Germany) (kannen selkδmyksessδ teippaus/taping on cover) (6€) * Dark Day In Dallas (Tribute To John F. Kennedy), Dallas Darling, Boogie Woogie Cowboy ... (17 tracks).
TEX RITTER: The Friendly Voice Of Tex Ritter (Capitol/Stetson HAT3114 re-issue * recorded: 1964 * West Germany) (8€) * You Wild Colorado, Just Down The Road, Papa Too, Big Brother, Railroad Life, Blue For The Emerald Isle ... (11 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Blood On The Saddle (Capitol T-1292 * 1960/USA) (8€) * Billy The Kid, Face On The Barroom Floor, Little Joe The Wrangler, Samuel Hall, Barbara Allen ... (12 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Hillbilly Heaven (Capitol re-issue SN-16201 * recorded: 1961/USA) (6€) * The Deck Of Cards, Ol' Shorty, The Pledge Of Allegiance, Jealous Heart ... (10 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Songs From The Western Screen (Capitol orig. 1958/Stetson re-issue HAT-3041/England) (6€) * The Marshall's Daughter, Remember The Alamo, Wichita, The Bandit ... (11 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Chuck Wagon Days (Capitol ST-213 * recorded: 1969 * England) (kannen alkuperδinen muovipinnoite alkanut "kuplia" - teippailtu. Levy OK * original plastic on cover worn-out ~ tapings) (4€) * The Border Affair, Chuckwagon Son Of A Gun, Home On The Range, The Old Chisholm Trail ... (10 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Love You Big As Texas (Capitol/Pickwick JS-6075 * USA) (5€) * The Reverend Mr. Black, Take Him Fishing, A Working Man's Prayer, Bummin' Around, Go On Get Out ... (9 tracks).
TEX RITTER: Songs Of The Golden West (MFP/Capitol * 1961/England) Love Me Now, We Live In Two Different Worlds, Have I Stayed Away Too Long, Jingle Jangle Jingle... (6€).
TEX RITTER: Deck Of Cards (MFP/Capitol * newly recorded material: July 1961) Ol` Shorty, The Pledge Of Allegiance, High Noon, Love Me Now... (6€).
TEX RITTER: Tex Ritter (Buckboard BBS-1030 * USA) The Old Chisholm Trail, Deck Of Cards, The Green Grass All Around, Thank You, Home On The Range, Froggy Went A Courtin`... (6€).

TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON: Tales And Songs Of the Old West (Strand SLS-1016 * 1950-60's/USA) (12€) * Billy The Kid, Great Grandad And Me, The Girl I Left Behind, Home On The Range, Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie ... (12 tracks).

ROY ROGERS with DALE EVANS & ROY ROGERS Jr: Many Happy Trails (2-LP-Set) (Teletex C-7702 * 1974/ Texas, USA) (14€) * Hoppy Gene And Me, King Of The Cowbos, Country Lady, May The Road Rise Up, Lookin' Through The Eyes Of A Fool ... (20 tracks).
ROY ROGERS with DALE EVANS, GABBY HAYES & The SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Lore Of The West (RCA Camden CAL-1074 * 1966/USA) (12€) * A-SIDE: "Lore Of The West" (History of West in words and music) * B-SIDE: Texas For Me, That Palomino Pal O' Mine, The Yellow Rose Of Texas, Happy Trails, Rock Me To Sleep In My Saddle, Home On The Range.

ROY ROGERS with THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The King Of The Cowboys (RCA 1947-52 * comp-1983 Bear Family/Germany) (8€) * Hasta La Vista, There'll Never Be Another Pecos Bill, Stampede, Make Believe Cowboy, Cowboy Heaven, Ride Son Ride, The Story Of Bucky An' Dan, I'm Gonna Gallop Gallop To Gallop New Mexico ... (16 tracks).

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Wagons West (RCA Camden CAS-413e - 1958/re-PCRS-4181 * USA) (recorded 1946-51) Caloco Apron And A Gingham Gown, Santa Fe - New Mexico, Whiffenpoof Song, Down Where The Rio Flows, Will There Be Sagebrush In Heaven (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Best Of (RCA * AHL1-3476 : re-issue of 1966-original/USA) Chant Of The Wanderer, No One To Cry To, Room Full Of Roses, The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma, The Last Round-Up... (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Best Of (RCA * SPRS-5347 : re-issue of 1966-original/USA) Chant Of The Wanderer, No One To Cry To, Room Full Of Roses, The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma, The Last Round-Up... (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Tumbleweeds Trails (MCA re-issue of 1964 Decca-LP /USA) (recorded 1941-43, 1954) Montana, River Of No Return, Lonely Rose Of Mexico, Salt River Valley, Cielito Lindo, He`s Gone Up The Trail (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Tumbleweeds Trails (Vovalion VL-73715 re-issue of 1964 Decca-LP /USA) (recorded 1941-43, 1954) (6€) * Montana, River Of No Return, Lonely Rose Of Mexico, Salt River Valley, Cielito Lindo ... (12 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Let`s Go West Again (RCA * comp-1981/USA) (recorded 1947-57) (signed by Karl Farr Jr.) Cheyenne, Song Of The Wagonmaster, The Restless Gun, High Ridin` Woman, This Ain`t The Same Old Range... (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Riders In The Sky (RCA/Pickwick 2-set/USA) (recorded 1945-63) The Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Cigareetes Whusky And Wild Women, Outlaws, High Noon, The Timber Trail, Down The Trail To San Antone... (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Room Full Of Roses (RCA Camden CAL-587/1960 * Canada) (recorded 1946-55) Two Eyes Two Lips But No Heart, The Three Of Us, Wedding Dolls, My Secret Wish, Let Me Share Your Name... (6€)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Sons Of The Pioneers (RCA 1947-57/Bear Family BFX-15071 * comp-1982) (8€) * The Grave Yard Filler Of The West, Ballad Of The Cowboy Sailor, Cowboy Country, No Rodeo Dough, Old Pioneer ... (16 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Sing Hymns Of The Cowboy (RCA ANL-1-2808 * re-issue 1978 * formerly LSP-2652/USA) (6€) * Song Of The Bandit, All Wild Things, The Woodman's Prayer ... (12 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Cool Water And 17 Timesless WEstern Favorites (RCA AYL1-3679 * formerly ANL1-1092/1959 * USA) (6€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Ridin' Home, Wagon Wheels, Way Out There, Timber Trail ... (18 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: San Antonio Rose And Other Country Favorites (Pickwick/RCA Camden CAS-2205 * orig. 1962-63/USA) (6€) * Columbus Stockade Blues, Cold Cold Heart, Green Fields, Almost, Crazy Arms .. (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Western Country (Granite/Telefunken 6.23046 * recorded: May-76 * Germany) (8€) * Willie The Wandering Gypsy & Me, Indian Woman, Texas Hills, Cowboy's Lament, One More Ride ... (11 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Radio Transcriptions Vol.3 * Outlaw Records (Cowboy Songs Records CSR-9 / orig. c.1956/ comp-1980 * USA) (6€) * Biscuit Blues, Don Juan, The West Is My Soul, Redwood Trees ... 16 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Sons Of The Pioneers In 1942 (Danny SP-7907 * Germany) (6€) * Rise And Shine, South Of Santa Fe, New Frontier, On Melody Hill, Desert Serenade, The Boss Is Hangin' Out A Rainbow ... (20 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Sons Of The Pioneers (JEMF-102 * comp-1973/USA) (6€) * Coyote Serenade, Rocky Mountain Express, When The Prairie Sun Climbs Out Of The Hay, My Pretty Quadroon, The Texas Crapshooter ... (20 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Lucky U Ranch * Radio Broadcasts 1951-53 (2-LP-set) (Longhorn AFM-701 * comp-1979/USA) (9€) * Cowboy Jubilee, Dink Swink, Happy Rovin' Cowboy, Hillbilly Wedding, China Boy, Rose Of Tralee ... (34 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Sons Of The Pioneers * Historic Edition * recorded in 1937 (Columbia FC-37439 * comp-1982/USA) (6€) * The Devil's Great Grandson, Send Him Home To Me, Hold That Critter Down ... (10 tracks).
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: South Of The Border (RCA Victor LSP-3964 * 1968/USA) (8€) * A Gay Ranchero, Margretta, Maria Elena, Mexicali Rose, Spanish Guitar, Gringo's Guitar, Rosa, Yours ... (11 tracks).

CARL T. SPRAGUE (USA): The First Popular Singing Cowboy (Folk Variety FV 12001 * 1972/Germany) (6€) * Bad Companions, Home On The Range, The Girl I Loved In Tennessee, Roll On Little Doggies, The Gambler ... (14 tracks).

Ian Tyson (Canada).

IAN TYSON: Ian Tyson (Columbia FC 39362 * 1984/USA) (9€) * Oklahoma Hills, Tom Blasingame, Sierra Peaks, Colorado Trail, Will James, Brazos, Murder Steer ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Old Corrals & Sagebrush (Columbia FC 38949 * 1983/USA) (9€) * Alberta's Child, Leavin' Cheyenne, Gallo De Cielo, Old Alberta Moon, Diamond Joe ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Cowboyography (Eastern Slope Records ESL-01 * 1986/Canada) (9€) * Claude Dallas, The Coyote & The Cowboy, Cowboy Pride, Summer Wages, Navajo Rug, Fifty Years Ago ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Cowboyography (Sugar Hill SH-1021 * 1988/USA) (9€) * Claude Dallas, The Coyote & The Cowboy, Cowboy Pride, Summer Wages, Navajo Rug, Fifty Years Ago ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: I Outgrew The Wagon (Stony Plain Records SPL-1131 * 1989/Canada) (9€) * Irving Berlin Is 100 Years Old Today, Four Strong Winds, Cowboys Don't Cry, The Steeldust Line ... (11 tracks).

FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Foy Willing & The Riders Of The Purple Sage (Big Boss Records IRDA LPN-6022 * 1977/USA) (12€) * Lone Star State Of Texas, Dark End Of The Town, Brandy, My Heart Is Blind ... (12 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Outlaw Records (Cowboy Songs Records CSR-4 * recorded c. 1950 * comp-1980/USA)(10€) * Trail To Mexico, Prairie Echoes, Ragtime Cowboy Joe, Across The Alley From The Alamo ... (12 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Cowboy (Roulette R-25035 * USA) (8€) * Song Of The Cowboy, Dreary Black Hills, Rose Of San Antone, Soft Winds, Blue Shadows On The Trail ... (12 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Cool Water (Crown Records CLP-5306 * USA) (8€) * San Angelo, Beautiful Moon Over Texas, The Wanderer, Dreamy Black Hills, Soft Winds, Red River Valley ... (10 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Cool Water (Crown Records CLP-5306 * USA) (different cover art) (8€) * San Angelo, Beautiful Moon Over Texas, The Wanderer, Dreamy Black Hills, Soft Winds, Red River Valley ... (10 tracks) .
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Western Classics (CowGirlBoy Records LP-5138 * Germany) (7€) * Texas Blues, Stampede, Someone In Tennessee, Twilight On The Trail, Detour ... (16 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Cool, Cool Water (Custom Records CS-1017 * USA) (7€) * Hang Your Head In Shame, My Heart Is Blind, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ... (10 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Country & Western Favorites (Crown Records CST-582 * USA) (6€) * Fire Ball Mail, What A Fool, Wanderer's Dream, Columbus Stockade, Just Because ... (10 tracks).

COWBOY & WESTERN * Vinyl LP Collections:

GUNS AND COWBOYS (RCA INTS-1454 * 1973/Germany) (6€) * Jimmie Driftwood (5), Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold (3), Jim Reeves: Partners, Sons Of The Pioneers (2) ... (12 tracks).

THE PLAINS OF ALBERTA * A Collection of Early Cowboy Songs (Historical Records HLP-8007 * 1983/USA) (6€) * John White ("The Lonesome Cowboy"), Wilf Carter ("Montana Slim"), Tex Ritter, Edward L. Crain ("Cowboy Rogers"), Fred Kirby ... (12 tracks).

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