Tooting And Mitcham United:

'Svala & Joutsi' (aloitettu: 27.12.2010 * viimeisimmät lisäykset: 19.8.2011)

(Pyramid Passion, 2004): Tooting & Mitcham finally moved into their new home at Imperial Fields, from their much loved Sandy Lane ground in 2002. The contrast could not be any greater. Sandy Lane was in many ways a classic football ground with terracing and a pitched roof stand, whereas Imperial Fields is decidely modern. Fortunately, it is not a bland off the shelf stadium, but an imposing new venue. This is apparent before one even enters, from the large car park and exterior of the stand painted in the club colours. The latter affords a fine unobstructed view, from either the black & white seats, or the large glass windows behind. The two ends are identical: terraced with a small degree of cover, again providing excellent viewing for spectators. Only the far side of the ground is relatively undeveloped.

2009-2010 :

Isthmian League * Premier League* '7th level' :
Loppusijoitus: 12.

Tooting And Mitcham United - joukkuekuva (syyskuu 2009).

2010-2011 :

Isthmian League * Premier League* '7th level' :
2011-2012 :

Isthmian League * Premier League* '7th level' :
Manager 2011-12: Mark Beard.

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