Used COUNTRY RECORDS for sale:
(Käytettyjä KANTRILEVYJÄ myytävänä):

(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 17.3.2019).

These items are all USED records in good condition (if not mentioned otherwise). Payments by PayPal (outside Finland) - contact first by e-mail with your "wanted list" and you'll hear the exact amount to pay (incl. the postages).

Äänilevyt ovat KÄYTETTYJÄ - hyväkuntoisia (mahdolliset puutteet mainittu erikseen). Ota yhteys sähköpostilla ja sovitaan maksusysteemit (tilisiirto tavallisin) - todelliset postikulut lisätään hintoihin.


á 3 euroa:

DALLAS HARMS: The Legend Of The Duke (=John Wayne) / In The Loving Arms Of My Marie (Con Brio - CBK 157 - USA) (3e).

HENSON CARGILL: It Just Don't Take Me Long To Say Goodbye / She Thinks I'm On That Train (Monument * USA) (3€).
HENSON CARGILL: Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast / I Can't Face The Bed Alone (Mega * USA) (3€).
HENSON CARGILL: Oklahoma Hell / She Likes Warm Summer Days (Mega * 1972/USA) (3€).
HENSON CARGILL: Some Old California Memory / A Writer Of Verses And A Singer Of Songs (Atlantic * 1973/USA) (3€).
HENSON CARGILL: She Still Comes To Me (To Pour The Wine) * But You Know I Love You (Atlantic * 1973/USA) (3€).

DON WAYNE: Helter Skelter / High Places Make Me Dizzy (Mercury 72711 (USA) (3€).

LEON ASHLEY: Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) / With The Help Of the Wine (Ashley A-2003 * USA) (3€).
LEON ASHLEY: Anna (I'm Taking You Home) / Curtain Of Sadness (Ashley A-2025 * USA) (3€).
LEON ASHLEY & MARGIE SINGLETON: Four O'Clock / Hangin' On (Ashley A-2015 * USA) (3€).

á 2 euroa:

DICK CURLESS: For The Life Of Me / Stonin' Around (Capitol 3354 * 1972/USA) (2€).
DICK CURLESS: Hard, Hard Traveling Man / Winter's Comin' On Again (Capitol 2848 * USA) (2€).
DICK CURLESS: Loser's Cocktail / Hot Springs (Capitol 3105 * USA) (2€).

CARL BELEW: I Spent A Week There One Day / Boston Jail (RCA Victor 47-8744 * USA) (2€).
CARL BELEW & BETTY JEAN ROBINSON: Hung Up On Lovin` You/Living Under Pressure (Decca) (2e).

CARL BUTLER & PEARL: Wrong generation / Little Mac (Columbia 4-43536 * USA) (2€).

CLAUDE GRAY: Mean Old Woman / Then Cry You Away (Columbia 4-43614 * USA) (2€).

NAT STUCKEY: What Am I Doing In Dallas / Whiskey, Whiskey (RCA 47-9884 - USA) (2e).

LEON RAUSCH: She's The Trip That I've Been On / I'll Say Your Goodbyes (Derrick 45-DRC-107 - USA) (2e).

BOBBY LORD: Rainbow Girl / Do You Ever Think Of Me (Decca 32578 - USA) (2€).

CONNIE SMITH: Just For What I Am / I'd Still Want To Serve Him Today (RCA * 1972/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: Love Is The Look You're Looking For / My Ecstasy (RCA * 1973/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: Baby's Back Again / It Only Hurts For A Little While (RCA * 1968/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: I'll Come Runnin' / It's Now Or Never (RCA * 1967/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: Run Away Little Tears / Let Me Help You Work It Out (RCA * 1968/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: Burning A Hole In My Mind / Only For Me (RCA * 1967/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You) / I'll Never Get Over Loving You (RCA * 1966/USA) (2€).
CONNIE SMITH: That's The Way Love Goes / Dallas (Columbia * 1974/USA) (2€).

PORTER WAGONER: One More Dime / Jim Johnson (RCA * 1970/USA) (2€).
PORTER WAGONER: George Leroy Chickashea / Cassie (RCA * 1973/USA) (2€).

TANYA TUCKER: Greener Than The Grass (We Laid On) / Guess I'll Have To Love Him More (Columbia * 1975/USA) (2€).
TANYA TUCKER: Ridin' Rainbows / Short Cut (MCA * 1976/USA) (2€).
TANYA TUCKER: Playing For Keeps / Daddy And Home (Capitol * 1988/USA) (2€).

FREDDY WELLER: Celia Brown / Liquor, Love And Life (Columbia * 1976/USA) (2€).
FREDDY WELLER: Another Night Of Love / Always Something Special (Columbia * USA) (2€).
FREDDY WELLER: Take A Little Bit / Fantasy Island (Columbia * 1978/USA) (2€).
FREDDY WELLER: Merry-Go-Round / One Man Show (Columbia * 1977/USA) (2€).

TOMMY OVERSTREET: Forever In Blue Jeans / Down In The Quarter (Elektra * 1980/USA) (2€).

BILLY GRAMMER: Gotta Travel On / Chasing A Dream (Monument * 1959/USA) * (2€).
BILLY GRAMMER: Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar / Wabash Cannon Ball (Decca * 196?/USA) * (2€).

RAY PRICE: Farthest Thing From My Mind / All That Keeps Me Going (ABC * 1974/USA) * (2€).
RAY PRICE: We're Getting There / To make A Long Story Short (ABC/Dot * 1976/USA) * (2€).
RAY PRICE: I Won't Mention It Again / Kiss The World Goodbye (Columbia * 1971/USA)* (2€).

DON BOWMAN: My Voice Is Changing / What Kind Of A Fool Am I? (RCA Victor 47-9176 * USA) (2€).

ORVAL PROPHET: Run Run Run (Sparton 4-1151-R * My Lois And Me (Canada) (promo copy) (2e).

WILLIS BROTHERS: Truck Driver's Queen / Give Me Forty Acres (Gusto GT4-2043 * re-1979/USA) (2€).

RED ALLEN: My Darlin's Last Goodbye / Going Back To Harlan (Folkaway Records F-451 * 1980/USA) (2€).

NED MILLER: The Lover's Song / Cold Grey Bars (Republic Records 1411 * USA) (2€).

T.TEXAS TYLER: Deck Of Cards * Remember Me (Gusto Records ~ original MONO versions ~ GT4-2060 * re-1979/USA) (2€).

RALPH EMERY: I Cry At Ball Games / Sit Down And Write A Letter To Me Won't Cha Baby (Mercury YW1-30472 - USA) (2€).
RALPH EMERY: Yodelin' Jim / One More For The Road (ABC Records - 45-11001 - USA) (2e).

DAVID WILLS: There's A Song On The Jukebox / I Can't Even Drink It Away (EPIC - 8-50036 - USA - 1974) (2e).
DAVID WILLS: Racin' Down The Highway / Thank God For Friday (RCA - PB-13833 - USA/1984) (2e).

The HOMESTEADERS: Country Joined The Country Club / Show Me The Way To the Circus (Little Darlin' LD-0010 * USA) (producer: Jack Clement * steel guitar: Lloyd Green) (2€).
The HOMESTEADERS: It's A Woman / Love Love Love (Little Darlin' LD-0018 * USA)(producer: Jack Clement) (2€).
The HOMESTEADERS: If You Should Come Back Today / Homesteadin' (Little Darlin' LD-0033 * USA) (2€).
The HOMESTEADERS: White Rain / Diamonds For Ruby (Rubies For Pearl) (Starday 712 * USA) (2€).

ARCHIE CAMPBELL: Sergeant York / Grab A Little Sunshine (Starday 45-557 * USA) (2€).

BOBBY LORD: Pickin' White Gold / Life Can Have Meaning (Hickory 45-1232 * USA) (2€).

JIMMY DEAN: A Thing Called Love / One Last Time (RCA Victor 47-9454 * USA) (2€).

á 1 euro:

LOIS WILLIAMS: A Corner Of Your World/He`s The Man (orig. Starday 873) (1€)

HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER: Southern Comfort/You Ought To Hear Me Cry (Desert Kid/1989) (1e)
HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER & NORMA JEAN: Faith In Santa/Season To Be Merry (Desert Kid) (1e)

SKEETER DAVIS: What Am I Gonna Do With You / Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way (RCA * 1964/USA) * (1€).
SKEETER DAVIS: He Loved Me Too Little / Sun Glasses (RCA * 1965/USA) * (1€).
SKEETER DAVIS: Goin' Down The Road (Feelin' Bad) / I Can't Stand The Sight Of You (RCA * 1966/USA) * (1€).
SKEETER DAVIS: How In The World / Instinct For Survival (RCA * 1968/USA) * (1€).

JEANNE PRUETT: But Not Today / My Baby's Gone (MCA * 1975/USA) (1€).

OAK RIDGE BOYS: Fall / Until You're Back In My Arms Again (RCA * 1992/USA) * (1€).
OAK RIDGE BOYS: Baby On Board / When It Comes To You (RCA * 1991/USA) * (1€).

JOHN DENVER: It Amazes Me / Druthers (RCA * 1977/USA) * (1€).
JOHN DENVER: Farewell Andromeda (Welcome To My Morning) / Whiskey Basin Blues (RCA * 1973/USA) * (1€).

GARY MORRIS: Leave Me Lonely / Eleventh Hour (WB * 1986/USA) * (1€).
GARY MORRIS: Finishing Touches / Mama You Can't Give No Whippin' (WB * 1983/USA) * (1€).
GARY MORRIS: West Texas Highway And Me / Baby Bye Bye (WB * 1984/USA) * (1€).
GARY MORRIS: The Jaws Of Modern Romance / Stand My Ground (Universal * 1989/USA) * (1€).

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: Workin' Man (Nowhere To Go) / Brass Sky (WB * 1988/USA) * (1€).
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: Down That Road Tonight / A Lot Like Me (WB * 1988/USA) * (1€).
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: Telluride / Home Again In My Heart (WB * 1985/USA) * (1€).
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: Must Be Love / I've Been Lookin' (WB * 1988/USA) * (1€).
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: Maryann / Dance Little Jean (Liberty * 1983) * (1€).

TAMMY WYNETTE: Alive And Well / I'll Be Thinking Of You (EPIC * 1980/USA) (1€).
TAMMY WYNETTE: When A Girl Becomes A Wife / Next To You (EPIC * 1989/USA) (1€).
TAMMY WYNETTE: When A Girl Becomes A Wife / Let's Call It A Day Today (EPIC * 1980/USA) (1€).
TAMMY WYNETTE: What Goes With Blue / Let's Call It A Day Today (EPIC * 1980/USA) (1€).
TAMMY WYNETTE: We're Strangers Again (& Randy Travis) / If You Were The Friend (EPIC * 1980/USA) (1€).

PAUL OVERSTREET: The Calm At The Center Of My Storm / Daddy's Come Around (RCA * 1990/USA) (1€).
PAUL OVERSTREET: Love Lives On / Ball And Chain (RCA * 1991/USA) (1€).

JEANNIE PRUETT: Welcome To The Sunshine (Sweet Baby Jane) / What My Thoughts Do All The Time (MCA * 1973/USA) (1€).
JEANNIE PRUETT: I've Taken / Sweet And Warm And Right (MCA * 1976/USA) (1€).
JEANNIE PRUETT: Your Memory's Comin' On / I'm Your Woman (MCA * 1973/USA) (1€).

ANNE MURRAY: Head Above The Water / Send A Little Love My Way (Capitol * 1973/Canada) (1€).
ANNE MURRAY: Lift Your Hearts To The Sun / Uproar (Capitol * 1974/USA) (1€).

LEWIE WICKHAM: Little Bit Late / Endless Love Affair (with Hank Wickham) (Starday 45-888 * USA) (1€).

BILLY WALKER: When The Song Is Gone The Music Dies / Here I Am Alone Again (RCA Victor PB-10613 * USA/1976) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: I'd Love To Feel You Loving Me Again / If I'm Losing You (RCA Victor PB-10345 * USA/1975) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: In Del Rio / Wish I Could Love That Much Again (Monument MN 45-1013 * USA) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: Bear With Me A Little Longer / It's Beginning To Hurt (Monument MN 45-980 * USA) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: How Far Our Love Goes / Love Me Back To Heaven (MGM M 14717 * USA/1974) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: Traces Of A Woman / You Gave Me A Mountain (MGM K 14305 * USA) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: I Changed My Mind / Heart Be Careful (MGM * 1973/USA) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: Too Many Memories / Margarita (MGM * 1973/USA) (1€).
BILLY WALKER: If It Pleases You / I'm So Miserable Without You (Columbia 4-43327 * USA) (1€).

ERNEST TUBB: In The Jailhouse Now / Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today (Decca 32131 * USA).(1€).
ERNEST TUBB: It`s America (Love It Or Leave It)/Somebody Better Than Me (Decca) (1e)

JIMMY WAKELY: Slipping Around / Beautiful Brown Eyes (King GT4-2179 * re-1983/USA) (1€).
JIMMY WAKELY: Cowboy / The Midnight Wind (DOT Records 45-16986 - USA) (1e).

BILLY D.HUNTER: This Darn Pen/Aspirins By Morning (AXBAR/1987) (1e)
BILLY D.HUNTER: Old Five And Dimer/To Get To You (AXBAR/1988) (1e)

BILLY THUNDERKLOUD & The Chieftones: What Time Of Day / When Love Is Right (20th Century Records TC-2181 * 1975/USA) (1€).

BOBBY G. RICE: Whisper It To Me / Sweet Cherry Lips (Republic Records REP 023 * 1978/USA) (1€).

MARGO SMITH: Still A Woman / Tennessee Sandman (WB WBS 8726 * 1978/USA) (1€).
MARGO SMITH: Meet Me Later / Baby's Hurtin' (20th Century Records TC-2255 * 1975/USA) (1€).

GAIL DAVIES: The Boy In You is Showing / You're A Hard Dog (WB 7-29472 * 1983/USA) (1€).
GAIL DAVIES: Boys Like You / What Can I Say (WB 7-29374 * 1983/USA) (1€).
GAIL DAVIES: It's A Lovely, Lovely World / I'm Hungry, I'm Tired (WB S49694 * 1980/USA) (1€).
GAIL DAVIES: It's Amazing What A Little Love Can Do / 'Round The Clock Lovin' (WB S50004 * 1982/USA) (1€).
GAIL DAVIES: You Turn Me On I'm A Radio / All The Fire Is Gone (WB 7-29972 * 1982/USA) (1€).

TERRY SMITH: Train From The Past/According To The Lie (Rhinestone Rooster/1993) (1e)
TERRY SMITH: Mavericks On The Move/Make As Much Music As You Can (New Horizon/1979) (1e)

LONNIE LYNNE LACOUR: Missouri Blue/I`ve Got A Conscience (Rhinestone Rooster) (1e)
LONNIE LYNNE LACOUR: Grandmother Trucker/Chance Of A Lifetime (Rhinestone Rooster) (1e)

STOMPIN` TOM CONNORS (Canada): The North Atlantic Squadron/Take Me Down The River (Boot Records * 1975/Canada) (1e)

HAROLD CROSBY: Folsom Prison Blues/Born To Lose (Traveler Ent. Records/1990) (1e)

BILL ARWOOD: Under Neon Lights/Lilly`s White Lies (Bob Grady Records) (1e)

PEGGY SUE: Poverty Hill / My Heart Keeps Getting In My Way (MCA CA-40189 * 1974/USA) (1€).

JEANNE PRUETT: If I'm Not Girl Enough To Hold You / It Doesn't Hurt To Ask (MCA 40569 * 1976/USA) (1€).

THOMAS WAYNE: Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) / Tragedy (Gusto GT4-2075 * 1979/USA) (1€).

MARY LOU TURNER: It's Different With You / Old Habits Are Hard To Break (MCA 10566 * 1976/USA) (1€).

CLAY WALKER: What's It To You / Where Do I Fit In The Picture (Giant 7-18450 * 1993/USA) (1€).

BOBBY ATKINS & THE COUNTRY MEN: Ghost Of Simon Dill/Not Enough Words (Richway Records)(1€).

WOODY WILLS: Like The Flip Of A Coin/She Leaves The Light On (Harmony Street/1991)(1€).

VINYL EPs (45 rpm):

WAYNE RANEY & The Raney Family: Nation Shall Rise Against Nation, So Glad We Made It through, This Train Will Soon Be Leaving, You Are My Brother, He Will Come And Answer Prayers, I'll Live In Glory (Starday 634-SEP-202 * USA) (rapisee, yksi pienehkö, näkyvä naarmu molemmilla puolilla * scratchy - not in good condition anymore) (1€).
WAYNE RANEY & The Raney Family: In The Shadow Of The Cross, The Wrath Of God, We Are Going Down The Valley, I'll Be Listening, Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies, I Need The Prayers (Starday 6EP-126 * USA) (hiukan rapinaa - a bit scratchy) (2e) .


ALLEN KARL: That Jukebox Has A Mind Of Its Own (K.Allen Productions * 2010/USA) (1€).

DONNA CUNNINGHAM: Don't Tell Me That You're Gone (Century II Records * 2012/USA) (1€).

DAVID FRIZZELL with friends: This Is Our Time (feat. Merle Haggard, Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Watson, Lacy J.Dalton, Allen Frizzell...) (Nashville America Records * 2008/USA)(1€)

SHERWIN LINTON: Global Warming Christmas (Black Gold Records * 2008/USA) (1€).

CLAUDE KING: There`s A Cowboy In The White House (TIMA * 2002/USA) "Surprising comeback-single!"(1€)


ALBERTA SLIM & His Bar X Ranch Boys - Vol. 4 (Gold Records * Canada) (4€) * I Want To be A Cowboy, My Nova Scotia Home, The Big Roundup ...

ERNEST ASHWORTH: Ernest Ashworth & Friends (with Jay Lee Webb & Little Roy Wiggins) (Gabe Records * < 1999/USA) (6€) * The Birthmark Henry Thompson Talks About (Jay Lee Webb), Heartaches Headaches And Hangovers, Lucille, Steel Guitar Rag (Wiggins) ... (12 tracks).

AVA BARBER: Bucket To The South (Ranwood Records * 1991/USA) Bucket To The South, Your Love Is My Refuge, There`s More Love Where That Came From... (3€).

YODELLING SLIM CLARK & MIKE PRESTON: Handin' It Down (Tree Frog/Traveler Records * USA) (5€) * Freight Train headed West, The Ramblin' Hobo, Stampede The Outlaw, Little Trail Rider's Lullaby ... (14 songs).

PATSY CLINE: Patsy Cline (Bravo) (USA) Ain`t No Wheels On This Ship, Turn The Cards Slowly, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, Honky Tonk Merry Go Round, A Poor Man`s Roses... (3€).

BOB EVERHART: Bob And Lots Of Friends (The Gift Of Music Records * USA) (3€) * featuring: Ralph Stanley, Josh Graves, Mac Wiseman, Sons Of the San Joaquin, Son Edwards ...
BOB & SHEILA EVERHART: Bob & Sheila (Prairie Music Records * 1992/USA) (3€) * Wolverton Mountain, Miller's Cave, Train Whistle Blues, Gotta Travel On ...

BILLY D.HUNTER: Neon Nights To Day`s Light (Mosrite Records * 1992/USA) Old Five And Dimer, What the Cards Held For Me, Liquid Salvation, I`ve Lived It Up... (4€).

WANDA JACKSON: Santo Domingo (Imperial/Capitol) 1965-67 (USA) Doch dann kam Johnny, Oh Lonesome Me, Wer an das Meer sein Herz verliert, Oh Blacky Joe, Komm heim mein Wandersmann... (10€).

NORMA JEAN: 20 Country Classics (Roma Records) (4€) * Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone, Coat Of Many Colours, Hungry Eyes, Don't Come Home A Drinkin' ...

LARRY C. JOHNSON: Rainbow Of Roses (Stardust Records * 1994/USA) (5€) * Rose Of San Antone, The Bottle, Honky Tonk Nites, The Well Runs Dry, Last Time She Cheats ... (10 songs).

LONNIE LYNNE LaCOUR: The Last Of The Good Ole Girls (Rhinestone Rooster * 1993/USA) Old Arizona, Daddy Kept On Truckin`, A Singer And His Song, Gone To Hell In Texas, Chocoholic`s Lament, Missouri Blue, I`ve Learned To Give Folks Room... (3€).

SHERWIN LINTON: Great Years - Great Songs * 1966-75 (Black Gold Records * USA) (7€) * Cotton King, Back Home Again, Rapid City South Dakota, Time In A Bottle, Travelin' Minstrel man, Innocent Rose ... (17 songs).
SHERWIN LINTON: Hello - I'm Not Johnny Cash ~ recorded LIVE at the South Dakota State Peniteniary (Black Gold Records * 1971/USA) (12€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home, I Walk The Line, Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Custer, Man In Black, Flesh & Blood, Everybody Loves A Nut ... (Tribute To Johnny Cash * Medley).

LONZO & OSCAR: You Asked For It (Oscar Sullivan) (USA) Mandolin Medley, Windy City, Hot Time From Nashville, Bluegrass Melody... (3€)

JANET McBRIDE: Always Country (Brookhurst Records) 1991 (USA) Truck Driver, I Hate To Hear A Grown Man Lie, Mom Can I Come Home... (3€)
JANET McBRIDE: Texas Yodel Lady (Brookhurst Records) 1985 (USA) A Cold Day In December, Alpine Yodel Polka, Yodeling Tribute, You`ve Got Me Mixed Up... (3€)
JANET McBRIDE: The Yodeling Side Of (Brookhurst Records) 1992 (USA) The Yodelers Hall Of Fame, Yodeling At The Grand Ole Opry, The Smoky Mt. Yodeler, Best Dern Yodeler... (3€)

WILLIE NELSON: His Original Hits (Showcase * coll-1982/USA) If You`ve Got The Money I`ve Got The Time, I Love You A Thousand Ways, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain... (3€).

MEL PHILLIPS: On The Banks Of The Old Saskatchewan (Art-Tec Records) 1993 (Canada) Western Trails Are Callin` Me, The Great Mirage (Dedication To Wilf Carter), Muddy Antier Water, The Regina Waltz, The Great Round Up High, Shores Of New Foundland...(3€).

THE REINSMEN: This Ain't The Same Ol' Range (Sierra Records * 1985/USA) (12€) * Old Pioneer, Buffalo, Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Cool Water, Green Ice And Mountain Men, Saddle Up! ... (10 songs).

SAMMI SMITH: Here Comes That Rainbow Again (Playback) (USA) Savannah Moon, Mem`ryville, Waltz Across Texas, Slow Dancin`, Here Comes That Rainbow Again ...(3€).

HOWARD VOKES: Songs Of Broken Love Affairs (Elmwood Station Music) re-1990 (USA) West Of The Yukon, Keep Cool But Don`t Freeze, Break The News, It Takes Six Men To Carry A Man To His Grave, Born Without A Name... (3€)

BILLY EDD WHEELER: Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle (CTC-53085 * USA) (6€) * The Ballad Of Edsel Martin, The Long Arm Of The Law, Ground Hog, The Coward Of The County ...
BILLY EDD WHEELER + friends (incl. JACK BARLOW): A Song Of The Cumberland Gap In The Days Of Daniel Boone (Nat.Geographic Society/1978 * USA) The Cherokees, Cjhinquapin`s Soliloquy, Buckskin Buddies Reprise, The Riddle Song, Kentucky My Home Sweet Home, Daniel And Rebecca`s Wedding Song, Life Here On The Yadkin, Wilderness Road... (5€).

JIM WHITMAN: Indian Maiden (JWC Records * 1990) (5€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Gunfighter, The Desert Is Hot, Mississippi Indian Man, Let's Go Back To Houston, Rio-Sian, Tattooed Lady, 8000 Miles ... (20 songs).

DON WILLIAMS: Country Boy (K-Tel) (USA) (16 songs) Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma, I Recall A Gypsy Woman, She`s In Love With A Rodeo Man... (3€).
DOC WILLIAMS: Family Values - Pure Country (Wheeling Music * 1994/USA) (4€) * Something Is Wrong In America, The Side Streets Of Nashville, They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree ...

KOKOELMAT: alkuperäiset C-kasettialbumit:

STARS & HITS OF THE STEEL GUITAR (Starday/King * 1976/USA) (4€) * Pete Drake, Little Roy Wiggins, Shot Jackson, Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day, Leon McAuliffe, Walter Haynes ... (10 tracks).

COUNTRY GUITAR STARS & HITS (Starday/King * 1976/USA) (4€) * Arthur Smith, Joe Maphis, Jackie Phelps, Tommy Hill, Billy Byrd, Johnny Bond & Cowboy Copas, Thumbs Carlisle ... (10 tracks).

Kotimaiset alkuperäiset C-kasettialbumit:

JARNO SARJANEN: Keskikalja-Cowboy (Overdisc * 1988) (5€) * On kotini maantie, Ilotyttö, Bussikuski - viimeinen vuoro, Peluri, Jos henkinen kantti vain riittää, Tikkamies, Ammatinvalinta ... (12 laulua).

KARI TAPIO: 2 x Kari Tapio * Tuplakasetti * Kaipuu / Klabbi (Finnlevy * 1977) (4€) * Menköön bussi viimeinen, Etäisyyden äänet, Me vain ja yö, Onnettaren poika, Osuit oikeaan ... (24 laulua).

MATTI ESKO: Rekkamies (M&T Tuotanto * 1987) (5€) * Valtonrautateillä matkustan, Rekkamies, Isäni maa, Kotiinpäin, Onnekas mies, Tule paikkaan suojaisaan ... (10 laulua).
MATTI ESKO: Kaunis on kaipaus * 15 suosikkilaulua (M&T Tuotanto * 1987) (5€) * Sun piti viimeisellä bussilla tulla, Tänä sunnuntaiaamuna, Missä olit silloin, Kaiken kokenut ... (15 laulua).

TAISTO TAMMI / REIJO TAIPALE (Ildeo * kok-1990) (4€) (seitsemän sooloesitystä kummaltakin) ~ TAMMI: Lapin tähti, Tangotyttö, Anna-Liisa, Tango Mandolino ... TAIPALE: Vaaralliset huulet, Satumaa, Kangastus ... (14 laulua).

MIKKO ALATALO: Ihmisen ikävä toisen luo * 20 suosikkia (Fazer * kok-1996) (3€) * Yhdentoista virran maa, Kiiminkijoki, On vanha jengi koossa taas, Vesilasi - vessanavain - heiniä paali, Taistelija ... (20 laulua).

FOUR CATS: Parhaat palat (Helmi * 1983/Finland) (4€) * Suuret setelit, Painu pois Jack, Huomata sitä ei saa, Suurten uutisten päivä, Kaikki muuttuu (You Can Have Her) ... (14 laulua).


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