NAISLAULAJAT (female singers):
Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali naislaulajilta (LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singlet & muut * kδytettyjδ):

All available material by FEMALE ARTISTs (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 22.3.2019 ).


LYNN ANDERSON: Rose Garden (Cedar * 2-set/England) * (6€) Desperado, Someday Soon, Rodeo Cowboy, Snowbird, Blue Bayou, When I Dream, Listen To A Country Song ... (29 tracks).
LYNN ANDERSON: What She Does Best (Mercury * 1988/USA) * (5€) Odds And Ends, Under The Boardwalk, Somebody's Shoulder, Martha, It Goes Without Saying ... (10 tracks).
LYNN ANDERSON: Latest And Greatest (Intersound * 1998/USA) * (5€) Big Girls Don't Cry, Top Of The World, You're My Man, Keep Me In Mind, Give It Up ... (10 tracks).
LYNN ANDERSON: Country Girl (Pickwick * comp-1987/England) (4€) * I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool, The Devil Went To Georgia, Blue Bayou, Snowbird ... (16 trcaks).

SUZY BOGGUSS: Something Up My Sleeve (Liberty * 1993/USA) (10 tracks) * Diamonds And Tears, No Green Eyes, Just Like The Weather, Hey Cinderella, Souvenirs ... (6€).
SUZY BOGGUSS: Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt (Capitol * 1998/USA) (11 tracks) * Just Enough Rope, Train Of Thought, Moonlight And Roses, Family Tree, I Surrender ... (6€).
SUZY BOGGUSS: Suzy Bogguss (Platinum * 1999/USA) (12 tracks) * Taking That Red-Eye Home, Twenty Million Things, Hammer And Nail, An Empty Heart And A Harvest Moon ... (6€).
SUZY BOGGUSS: Aces (Capitol * 1991/USA) (10 tracks) * Music On The Wing, Someday Soon, Outbound Plane, Yellow River Road, Still Hold On, Save Yourself ... (6€).
SUZY BOGGUSS: Country Classics (Capitol/EMI * 1991/England) (10 trcaks) * Wild Horses, Burning Down, Under The Gun, Moment Of Truth, Fear Of Flying, Blue Days ... (6€).

ANITA CARTER: Ring Of Fire (Mercury 1962-64/Bear Family comp-1989/Germany) (18€) * Satan's Child, Voice Of The Bayou, In The Highways, Johnny I Hardly Knew You, The Kentuckian Song ... (26 tracks).

JUNE CARTER CASH: Press On (Dualtone * 2003/USA) (12e) * Ring Of Fire, Diamonds In The Rough, Castby's Restaurant, The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, Tiffany Anastasia Lowe ... (13 tracks).
JUNE CARTER CASH: Wildwood Flower (Dualtone * 2003/USA) (12€) * The Road To Kaintuck, Storms Are On The Ocean, Cannonball Blues, Alcatraz, Sinking In The Lonesome Sea ... (13 tracks).

CINDY CHURCH: Love On The Range (Stony Plain * 1994/Canada) * Ride Cowboy Ride, This October Day, Rockabilly Heart, Road To Home, Walking The Dog, Cowgirl's Lullaby ... (6€)

KATHY CHIAVOLA: From Where I Stand * A Personal Tribute (My Label * 2000/USA) (12€) * My Brother Jim, Hills Of Alabam, Senza Parole, Cajun Blues, Goin Away Party ... (14 tracks).

PATSY CLINE: Walking After Midnight * The Collection (Bellevue/Scoop * European comp-1998) * Honky Tonk Merry Go Round, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray ... (4€).
PATSY CLINE: Country Gold: Walking After Midnight (Country Gold/Galaxy * European comp-2001) * Too Many Secrets, Turn The Cards Slowly, I've Loved And Lost Again ... (4€)
PATSY CLINE: The Memorial Album (TKO * comp-1999/Holland) (4€) * Ain't No Wheels On This Ship, I*ve Loved And Lost Again, Too Many Secrets, Hungry For Love, I Can't Forget You ... (24 tracks).
PATSY CLINE: Walking After Midnight (LT Series/Germany) (4€) * A Poor Man's Roses, Turn The Cards Slowly, I Cried All The Way To The Altar, That Wonderful Someone ... (20 tracks).

CREA: Drive Time (BSW * 2005/USA) * In Texas, Little Bitty Tear, Drive Time, Some Assembly Required, The Rock ... (3€)

GAIL DAVIES: Love Ain't Easy (Little Chickadee Productions, Nashville * USA) * Burning In Hell For You, Big Road, Right By You, He Comes To Me For The Answers ... (5€).

SKEETER DAVIS: Gold (Gold/Biem/Stemra * comp-1993/Germany) (4€) * Me And Bobby McGee, Desperado, Blue Kentucky Girl, Bye Bye Love. Always On My Mind ... (14 tracks).

DAWN: Dawn (Badger Records * 2003/USA) * Mama's Quilt, Unchained Melody, I Will Always Love You, His Eye Is On The Sparrow ... (3€).

ROSIE FLORES: After The Farm (Red Moon Records * 1991/USA) (8€) * West Texas Plains, Blue Highway, Sold On You, Goin' Through The Motions ... (11 tracks).

PAM GADD: The Time Of Our Lives (OMS * 2001/USA) (feat. Marty Stuart) (5€) * Virginia Man, Blue Railroad Tracks, Ramble And Roll, Acoustisizer, Hold Your Horses... (13 songs).

CRYSTAL GAYLE: Crystal Gayle * Country Legends (Disky * comp-1999/Holland) (4€) * Wrong Road Again, When I Dream. River Road, This Is My Year For Mexico, Heart Mender ... (15 tracks).

TAMMY GRAHAM: Tammy Graham (Career/Arista * 1997/USA). (4€)

Emmylou Harris:

EMMYLOU HARRIS: Songs Of The West (WB * comp-1992/Germany) (7€) * One Paper Kid, Amarillo, Montana Cowgirl, Rose Of Cimarron ... (10 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Red Dirt Girl (Nonesuch * 2000/USA) (10€) * Tragedy, Michelangelo, Hour Of Gold, Boy From Tupelo, The Pearl ... (12 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Wrecking Ball (Nonesuch * 1995/USA) (10€) * Waltz Across Texas Tonight, Goin' Back To harlan, Blackhawk, Orphan Girl ... (12 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Brand New Dance (WB/Reprise/WEA * 1990/Germany) (8€) * Rollin' And Ramblin' (The Death Of Hank Williams), Red Red Rose, Better Off Without You ... (10 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Roses In The Snow (WB * 1980/USA) (8€) * The Boxer, Waywaring Stranger, Miss The Mississippi And You, Gold Watch And Chain, Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn ... (10 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: The Christmas Album * Light Of The Stable (WB ~ comp. 1975-92/USA) (8€) * Little Drummer Boy, Golden Cradle, Christmas Time's A-Coming, Silent Night ... (10 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Anthology * The Warner/Reprise Years (2 CD Set) (Warner/Rhino * comp-2001/Germany) (12€) * The Boxer, Rhythm Guitarm Timberline, Tennessee Rose, I Still Miss Someone ... (44 tracks).

Becky Hobbs:

BECKY HOBBS: The Boots I Came To Town In (Beckaroo Records * 1994/USA) (8€) * I Don't Dance With Strangers, Yesterday Tonight, Gonna Rock You Baby, Joanna, Pale Moon ... (12 tracks).
BECKY HOBBS: All Keyed Up (RCA/BGM * 1998/USA) (8€) * Jones On The Jukebox, Mama Was A Working Man, They Always Look Better When They're Leaving, Cowgirl's Heart ... (11 tracks).
BECKY HOBBS: From Oklahoma With Love (Beckaroo Records * 1998/USA) (8€) * Country Girls, Honky Tonk Saturday Night, Rockin' And Rollin' And Raisin' Hell, Yellow Pages Under Blue ... (12 tracks).
BECKY HOBBS: Hottest 'Ex' In Texas (Beckaroo Records * 1998/USA) (CD-R) (6€) * Oklahoma Heart, Ready For The Rodeo, Wheels In Emotion, Rockin' At The Rendezvous, Talk Back Trembling Lips ... (10 tracks).

DOTTIE JACK: Texan In A Stetson (Jack Music * 2006/USA) (8€) (special guests: Johnny Bush & Ralph Mooney) * It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, Love And Honor, Blanket On The Ground, Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine ... (12 tracks).

CRISTY LANE: At Her Best (EMI/Capitol/Manhattan * 1978-84/USA) (5€) * Penny Arcade, One Day At A Time, Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry), Let Me Down Easy ... (10 tracks).
CRISTY LANE: Top 10 Songs Of All Time Plus Country Classics (LS Records * 1985-91/USA) (5€) * Tennessee Waltz, God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, Always On My Mind, Danny Boy ... (23 tracks).
CRISTY LANE: 2 Record Set * 25 Songs / Greatest Hits - Footprints (LS Records * 1988/USA) (5€) * Rainsong, Let Me Down Easy, America The Beautiful, Simple Little Words ... (25 tracks).

CARI LEE & The Saddle-Ites: The Road Less Traveled (El Toro * 2003/EU) (4€).

MARY LEE: Naturally (Universal * 2007/USA) (11 tracks) Bon Voyage, In The Meantime Blues, Temporarily Yours (with T.Jae Christian) ... (3€).
MARY LEE: Rivers Of Life (Universal * 2008/USA) (10 tracks) Dancin' On The Devil's Grave, Tears Will Never Stain (with T.Jae Christian) ... (3€).
MARY LEE: When I'm Good And Lonely (Universal * 2006/USA) (10 tracks) Cool Rockin' Country, Heartaches And Honky Tonks, Trouble Maker .... (3€)

ROBIN LEE: Black Velvet (Atlantic - 1990). (5€)

LORETTA LYNN: Coal Miner's Daughter (Success/Elap * comp-1992/England) (5€) * Fist City, Your Squaw Is On The Warpath, Out Of My Head And Back In Bed, Me And Bobby McGee ... (16 trcaks).
LORETTA LYNN: Van Lear Rose (Interscope * 2004/USA) (5€).
LORETTA LYNN: Country Gold (Rainbow * Australia) (22 songs) (4€).

LIZ LYNN METZ: Nashville Country Singer (Six-One-Five / 1994) (4€).

K.K.MILLER (honky tonk singer): I'm OK With Me (SWL/RCMP * 2011/USA) (14 tracks) Honky Tonkin', I Wish He'd Been Drinkin' Whiskey, Take Me Home Country Roads, Swimming In Champagne ... (6€)

MOLLY & THE HEYMAKERS: Molly & The Heymakers (Reprise * 1992/USA) (4€).

AMBER MORGAN: Country Kids (Mountainview 1998) (3€).

LORRIE MORGAN: War Paint (BNA * 1994/USA) (5€).
LORRIE MORGAN: Greater Need (BNA * 1996/USA) (5€).
LORRIE MORGAN: Secret Love (BNA * 1998/EU) (5€).

ANNE MURRAY: There Goes My Everything (Point/Reflection * comp-1999) (4€).

MAURA O`CONNELL: Don`t I Know (Sugar Hill * 2004/USA) (4€).

JOAN OSBORNE: Pretty Little Stranger (Vanguard * 2006/2006) (4€).

PATTI PAGE: Brand New Tennessee Waltz (C.A.F.Records * 2000/USA) (4€).

DOLLY PARTON: Honky Tonk Angel (Pegasus/Eagle Rock * European compilation-2000) (4€) * Little Blossom, Letter To Heaven, Two Little Orphans, Puppy Love ... (8 tracks).
DOLLY PARTON: Super Hits (Columbia/Sony 1989-95 - this compilation 1999/Austria) (4€) * Rockin' Yeras, Romeo, Silver And Gold, To Daddy, The Seeker ... (10 tracks).
DOLLY PARTON: The Best Of (BMG Camden * comp-1997/Ireland-England) (4€) * Harper Valley PTA, Bobby's Arms, Two Doors Down, Me And Little Andy, Lonely Coming Down ... (21 tracks).
DOLLY PARTON: Dolly Parton (IMC * comp-2003/Portugal) (4€) * Baby Signal, Ping Pong, Why Why Why, I'm In No Condition, The Company You Keep, The Little Things ... (16 tracks).
DOLLY PARTON: The Little Things * 16 Great Country Songs (Evergreens/IMC * comp-1993/EU) (4€) * Something Fishy, Too Lonely Too Long, I Took Him For Granted ... (18 tracks).

POLLYANNA: Pollyanna (Gypsy Heart Music 1998) (3€).

SANDY POSEY: American Country Bluegrass (King Records * 2001/Nashville, USA) (6€).

JEANNIE C. RILEY: The Songs Of Jeannie C. Riley (Little Darlin'/KOCH * comp-2005(USA) (8€) * You've Got Me Singing Nursery Rhymes, Deaf Dumb And Blind, You Write The Music I'll Write The Words ... (12 tracks).

LeANN RIMES: I Need You (Curb * 2001/Germany) (4€).
LeANN RIMES: Twisted Angel (Curb * 2002/Germany) (4€).
LeANN RIMES: Blue (Curb * 1996/USA) 'Cattle Call' (with Eddy Arnold) (6€)

ROSE MARIE: The Collection (Castle * coll-1990/England) (4€).

MARTHA SCANLAN: The West Was Burning (Sugar Hill * 2007/USA) (4€).

JEAN SHEPARD: Best Of The Best (Federal/King * comp-2001/USA)* (6€) Jackson (with Red Sovine), Many Happy Hangovers To You, Two Little Boys ... (9 tracks).
JEAN SHEPARD: Dear John (Laserlight * 1993/USA) * (8€) All Alone In Austin, Seven Lonely Days, The Palm Of Your Hand, Leavin' Fever, Too Many Rivers ... (10 tracks).
JEAN SHEPARD: Lonesome Love (Righteous Records * comp-2011/USA) (10€) Two Whoops And A Holler, Crying Steel Guitar, A Thief In The Night, Act Like A Married Man ... (24 tracks).

CONNIE SMITH: Connie Smith (WB * 1998/USA) (7€) * A Tale From Tahrarrie, Lonesome, Looking For A Reason, You Can't Take Back A Teardrop ...
CONNIE SMITH: Live In Branson, MO, USA (All-New Digital Recordings) (LaserLight * 1993/USA). (6€)

MINDY SMITH: Long Island Shore (Vanguard * 2006/USA) (4€).

SAMMI SMITH: The Best Of (Varese Sarabande * comp-1996/USA) (8€) * City Of New Orleans, Today I Started Loving You Again, Kentucky, Long Black Veil ...

SWEETHEARTS OF THE RODEO: Buffalo Zone (Columbia * 1990/USA) (10 tracks) Hard Road To Go, Como Se Dice (I Love You), Uphill All The Way, Blue Sky .... (6€)

SANDI THOMPSON: The Best Of Me (Playback 1993) (4€).

Tanya Tucker:

TANYA TUCKER: TNT (MCA * re-1978/USA) (12€) * Texas When I Die, Angel From Montgomery, Heartbreak Hotel, Brown Eyed Handsome Man, The River And The Wind ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: What Do I Do With Me (Capitol * 1991/USA) (7€) * If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight, Down To My Last teardrop, Trail Of tears, Bidding America Goodbye (The Auction) ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Strong Enough To Bend (Capitol * 1988/USA) (7€) * Highway Robbery, Lonesome Town, Daddy And Home, Back On My Feet ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Complicated (Capitol * 1997/USA) (7€) * Riding Out The Heartache, Little Things, Wishin' It All Away, I Don't Believe That's How You Feel ... (11 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Tennessee Woman (Capitol * 1990/USA) (6€) * There's A Tennessee Woman/Ben's Song, Don't Go Out (& T.Graham Brown), Shotgun, Take Another Run ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Greatest Hits * Collector's Choice (Columbia orig. 1972-75 * USA) (8€) * I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again, The Man That Turned My Mama on, Blood Red And Goin' Down ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: The Country Store Collection (Country Store * comp-1988/England-France) (8€) * Bed Of Roses, Pass Me By, Jamestown Ferry, The Chokin' Kind, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ... (18 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Greatest Hits 1990-92 (Liberty * 1993/USA) (8e) * Walking Shoes, Two Sparrows In A Hurricane, Some Kind Of Trouble, Without You - What Do I Do With Me ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Greatest Hits * Encore (Capitol * comp-1990/USA) (8€) * Pecos Promenade, Here's Some Love, Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone, San Antonio Stroll ... (10 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Live (MCA * 1982/1991 * USA) (7€) * Somebody Buy This Cowgirl A Beer, The Jamestown Ferry, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Texas When I Die, Pecos Promenade ... (9 trcaks).
TANYA TUCKER: Soon (Liberty * 1993/England) (7€) * A Blue Guitar, Black Water Bayou, Let The Good The Times Roll, As Long As There's A Heartbeat ... (14 tracks).
TANYA TUCKER: Fire To Fire (Liberty * 1994/USA) (7€) * Fire To Fire (& Willie Nelson), Come In Out Of The World, Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart ... (10 tracks).

LEONA WILLIAMS: Honorary Texan (Heart Of Texas * 2004/USA) (10€) * Yes Ma'm He Found Me In A Honky Tonk, Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas, I Never Go Around Mirrors, I Walked From Dallas ... (14 tracks).

LUCINDA WILLIAMS: West (UMG * 2007/EU) * Everything Has Changed, Are You Alright?, Rescue, Wrap My Head Around That ... (13 tracks) (6€).

GRETCHEN WILSON: Here For The Party (EPIC Sony * 2004/USA) (6€).

TAMMY WYNETTE: Heart Over Mind (EPIC * 1990/Austria) (5€).
TAMMY WYNETTE: Without Walls (EPIC * 1994/Austria) (4€).

Lee Ann Womack:
Some Things I Know

(Decca * 1998/USA).

When The Wheels Are Coming Off,
A Little Past Little Rock, I Keep Forgetting,
The Man Who Made My Mama Cry ...(11 tracks)


Lee Ann Womack:
Greatest Hits

(MCA Nashville * 2004/USA).

Mendocino County Line ( & Willie Nelson),
Something Worth Leaving Behind, Ashes By Now,
Does My Ring Burn Your Finger ... (14 tracks)


Lee Ann Womack:
I Hope You Dance

(MCA Nashville * 2000/EU).

The Healing Kind, Lonely Top,
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good, After I Fall,
I Know Why the River Runs ... (12 tracks)


Lee Ann Womack:
There's More Where That Came From

(MCA Nashville * 2005/USA).

Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago,
Stubborn (Psalm 151), One's A Couple,
Waiting For The Sun To Shine ... (12 tracks)


Alison Krauss & Union Station:
Lonely Runs Both Ways

(Rounder Europe * 2004/Holland).

Unionhouse Branch, Borderline,
This Sad Song, My Poor Old Heart,
Pastures Of Plenty ... (15 tracks)


LPs ~ NAISLAULAJAT (female artists):

LINDA RONSTADT: Simple Dreams (WEA/Asylum K53065 * 1977/England) (8€) * Carmelita, Blue Bayou, Tumbling Dice, Old Paint, I Never Will Marry ... (10 tracks).

LIZ ANDERSON (= Lynn Anderson's mother * 1927-2011): Cookin' Up Hits (RCA Victor LSP-3852 * 1967/(SA) (8€) * I'm A Lonesome Fugitive, Ride Ride Ride, Grandma's House, The Chiseler ... (12 tracks).
LIZ ANDERSON: If The Creek Don't Rise (RCA Victor LSP-4222 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn, This Ole House, Mr. Walker It's All Over, Rings Of Gold, Ekcedrin Heartache #99 ... (10 tracks).
LIZ ANDERSON: My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers And Other Country Songs (RCA Camden CAS-956 * 1966/USA) (8€) * Pick Of The Wekk, Go Now Pay Later, The Bottle Turned Into A Bottle, Be Gone ... (10 tracks).

SHEILA ANDREWS: Lovesick (Ovation * 1980/USA) (*) Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Lovesick Blues, The Harder I Fall ... (4€)

MOLLY BEE: Good Golly Miss Molly (PYE/International NSPL 28206 * 1974/England) (6€) * California Country, Texas Hills, Cheatin's Is A Very Lonely Game ... (12 tracks).

DEBBY BOONE: You Light Up My Life (WB BS-3118 * 1977/USA) (3€) * Hasta Manana, A Rock And Roll Song, End Of The World, When Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes ... (12 tracks).

MARGIE BOWES: Today's Country Sound (Decca DL-75023 * 1965/USA) (7e) * Billy Christian, Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party, Break My Mind, Gatherin' Dust, Lonesome Woman ... (11 tracks).

THE CARTER FAMILY (Maybelle + June, Anita, Helen): The Best Of (Columbia CBS 62801 * 1966/England) (10€) * Ring Of Fire, Cotton Fields, Big River, Four Strong Winds, Michael Row The Boat Ashore ... (12 tracks).
THE CARTER FAMILY (Maybelle + June, Anita, Helen): I Walk The Line (Columbia/Harmony HS 11392 * USA) (10€) * These Boots Are Made For Walkin', That'll Be The Day, I'll Never Find Another You, For Lovin' Me ... (9 tracks).
THE CARTER FAMILY (Maybelle + June, Anita, Helen): Mother Maybelle Carter (Pickwick JS-6172/Mercury/Canada) Bonaparte`s Retreat, The Dying Soldier, Workin` On The Railroad, Barbara Allen... (10€)

CARLENE CARTER: Musical Shapes (WB BSK-3465 / 1980 ~ USA) * Bandit Of Love, Appalachian Eyes, Ring Of Fire, Foggy Mountain Top ... (6€).

LINDA CHANNING: And Her Country Friends ~ Original Country Cast (& Hank Locklin, Jimmy C.Newman, Rita Remington, Gordon Terry, Rufys Thibodeaux) (Plantattion PLP-527 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Louisiana Cajun Rock Band (CC & JCN), We're Gonna Go Fishin' (CC & HL), Whatever Happened To Charlie Brown (CC & RR), Alligator Milk (CC & JCN), Hello Dolly (CC & JCN & HL) ... (10 tracks).

THERESA CLEARY: State Of Happiness (Marathon ALS-370 * 1973/Canada) (4€) * Blue Blue Day, Buy Me A Caddy Daddy, Ribbon Of Darkness, Hello Darlin ... (12 tracks).

PATSY CLINE: Patsy Cline (Allegro ALL-822/England) Lovesick Blues, Hidin` Out, Dear God... (6€).
PATSY CLINE: Greatest Hits (MCA-12 (1973)/formerly Decca) Faded Love, Leavin` On Your Mind... (6€).

WILMA LEE COOPER: White Rose (Rebel REB-1623 * 1981/USA-Canada) (6€) * Rachel's Guitar, Bamboozled, Big John's Wife, Pickin' Up The Pieces ... (10 tracks).

LACY J. DALTON: Hard Times (CBS JC-36763 * 1980/USA) (6€) * Old Soldier, The Girls From Santa Cruz, Hillbilly Girl With The Blues, Wide Eyed And Willing ... (6€).
LACY J. DALTON: 16th Avenue (CBS/1982) You can`t Take The Texas Out Of Me, Jamaica... (6€)

SKEETER DAVIS: Why So Lonely? (RCA Victor LSP-3960 * 1968/USA) (7€) * I Wouldn't Treat My Dog Like You Treat Me, The Most Wanted Man, I Don't Wanna Play House, Little Things Got Big ... (12 tracks).

DONNA FARGO: The Best Of (ABC DOT 37108(1972-74/USA) (4€) * U.S. Of A, A Song I Can Sing, The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A, Little Girl Gone, Superman ... (12 tracks).

Emmylou Harris:

EMMYLOU HARRIS: Roses In The Snow (WB 56-976 * 1980/Germany) (8€) * The Boxer, Green Pastures, Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn, Miss The Mississippi ... (10 trcaks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Gliding Bird (EMUS ES-12052 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Fugue For The Ox, Black Gypsy, Everybody's Talkin', Bobbie's Gone, Waltz Of The magic Man ... (10 tracks),
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Cimarron (WB BSK-3602 * 1981/USA) (10€) * Spanish Is A Loving Tongue, Another Lonesome Morning, Son Of A Rotten Gambler, Tennessee Waltz, Tennessee Rose ... (10 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Profile * Best Of (WB K56570 * 1978/England) (7€) * Hello Stranger (& Nicolette Larson), Two More Bottles Of Wine, Together Again, Boulder To Birmingham ... (12 tracks).
EMMYLOU HARRIS: Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town (WB K56443 * 1978/England) (8€) * Green Rolling Hills, Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight, Defying Gravity, One Paper Kid ... (10 tracks).

EMMYLOU HARRIS - DOLLY PARTON - LINDA RONSTADT: Trio (WB 925 491-1 WX 99 * 1987/Germany) (6€) * Hobo's Meditation, Rosewood Casket, The Pain Of Loving You ... (11 tracks).

TISH HINOJOSA: Homeland (A&M Americana 395263-1 * 1989/USA) (7€) * Border Trilogy: Joaquin - West Side Of Town - Donde Voy (Where I Go), Voice Of The Big Guitar, Raccherita, Amanecer (Daybreak) ...

BECKY HOBBS: All Keyed Up (MTM DI-71067 * 1988/USA) (8€) * Jones On The Jukebox, Cowgirls's Heart, Mama Was A Working Man, Old Flame Burns Blue ... (10 tracks).

JAN HOWARD: Jan Howard (DOT/MCA 39030 * 1985/UDA) (6€) * Dixie Road, Ozark Mountain Jubilee, When We Tried, Wind Beneath My Wings, Money Don't Make A Man A Lover ... (10 tracks).


WANDA JACKSON: Make Me Like A Child Again (Myrrh MYR-1043 * 1976/England) (8€) * One Day At A Time, Touching That City, Lord I'm Coming Home ... (10 tracks).
WANDA JACKSON: Lovin' Country Style (Decca /Stetson re-issue HAT-3021 * orig. 1962/England) (12€) * Tears At The Grand Ole Opry, Wasted, You'd Be The First One To Know, Lovin' Country Style ... (12 tracks).
WANDA JACKSON: Capitol Country Classics (Capitol CAPS-1033 * material 1961-71 * England) (10€) * A Girl Don't Have To Drink To Have Fun, My Big Iron Skillet, Two Seaprate Bar Stools, The Box It Came In ... (16 tracks).
WANDA JACKSON: The Best Of (Capitol ST-2883 * USA) (kannen oikeassa alakulmassa kosteusvaurio - teipattu, korjailtu - levy OK) (4€) * The Violet And The Rose, Santo Domingo, Let's Have A Party ... (10 tracks).
WANDA JACKSON: Greatest Hits (Gusto/USA/1980) (8€) * A Girl Don`t Have To Drink To Have Fun, Fancy Satin Pillows ...
WANDA JACKSON: Tears At The Grand Ole Opry (Pickwick JS-6182 * USA) (8€) * Lovin` Country Style, Nobody`s Darlin But Mine ... (9 tracks).

JANA JAE: The Devil You Say! (Lark Records LRS-801/USA) (6€) * (singing fiddler) * Bob Wills Medley, The Devil Went On To Tulsa, Hot Canary, Don't Rock The Bow, Cotton Eyed Joe ... (Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons, The Buckaroos etc ) ... (10 tracks).

Norma Jean:

NORMA JEAN: I Guess That Comes From Being Poor (RCA Victor LSP-4745 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Hungry Eyes, Hundred Dollar Funeral, Old Doc Brown, Coat Of Many Colours, Life Of A Poor Boy ... (10 tracks).
NORMA JEAN: The Best Of (RCA Victor LSP-4227 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Dusty Road, You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind, Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town, I wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him, Truck Drivin' Woman ... (12 tracks).
NORMA JEAN: It's Time For Norma Jean (RCA Victor LSP-4446 * 1970/USA) (6€) * The Midnight Cowboy, Whiskey-Six Years Old, Rock Me Back To Little Rock, Hello Darlin' ... (10 tracks).
NORMA JEAN: Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town (RCA Victor LSP-3836 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Ride Ride Ride, Your Alibi Called Today, Pursuing Happiness, From The Church To The Bar Room ... (12 tracks).
NORMA JEAN: Heaven Help The Working Girl (RCA Camden CAS-2218 * 1968/Germany) (8€) * What Locks The Door, A Woman In Love, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, What Kind Of A Girl Do You Think Am ... (10 tracks).

LONNIE LYNNE LaCOUR: For Old Times' Sake (Rhinestone Rooster LP 911 * 1990/USA) (6€) * Grandmother Trucker, Montana, Dale Evans Is Riding Tonight, The Drifter, I Bet She's Feeding Chickens ... (13 tracks).

CRISTY LANE: Salutes The GI’s Of Vietnam (LS Records * 1985/USA) * Paper Roses, Danny Boy, I've Really Got The Blues, Lady "Liberty" ... (8€).

K.D.LANG & The Reclines: Absolute Torch And Twang (SIRE * 1989/Germany) * Wallflower Waltz, Big Boned Gal, Big Big Love, Nowhere To Stand ... (6€).

NICOLETTE LARSON: All Dressed Up & No Place To Go (WB * 1982/USA) * Two Trains, Nathan Jones, I Only Want To Be With You ... (6€).

REBECCA LYNN: Somethin' Pretty Bad (Calliope CAL-7002 * 1976/USA) (4€) * Cold Carolina Morning, Ain't That A Shame, Country Nights - Country Days, Bicycle Morning ... (10 tracks).

ROSE MADDOX: Queen Of The West - with Merle Haggard and The Strangers and Emmylou Harris (Varrick Records 010 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Shelly's Winter Love, Foggy River, Mister Jackson, Oklahoma Sweetheart, Cold In California, Downtown Modesto ... (10 tracks).
ROSE MADDOX: Reckless Love & Bold Adventure (Takoma Records D-1055 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Heart Of A Country Song (Rose's Song), Lion In the Winter, Dancing Shoes, Willie's Winter Love, Mister Jackson ... (12 tracks).
ROSE MADDOX: Glorybound Train (Capitol 1960 re-issue: Stetson HAT 3079/England) (6€) * Drifting Too Far From The Shore, Smoke Fire And Brimstone, This World Is Not My Home ... (12 tracks).

LINDA MARTELL: Color Me Country (Plantation PLP-9 * 1969/USA) (7€) * San Francisco Is A Lonely Town, Old Letter Song, Bad Case Of The Blues, There Never Was A Time ... (11 tracks).

KATHY MATTEA: Untasted Honey (Mercury 832793-1 * 1987/Holland) (4€) * Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses, The Battle Hymn Of Love, Like A Hurricane, Goin' Gone ... (10 tracks).

SANDY POSEY: Born A Woman (K-TEL VR 22121 * 1982/Holland) (4€) * Single Girl, Let's All Go Down To The River, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Devoted To You ... (16 tracks).

SUSAN RAYE: Love Sure Feels Good In My Heart (Capitol/USA/1972) Cryin` Time, Greatest Gift Of All, Sunshine Feeling... (6€)
SUSAN RAYE & BUCK OWENS: We`re Gonna Get Together (Capitol ST-448/USA) (takakannessa vesivaurio ; back cover with water damages - record OK) Cryin` Time, Somewhere Between, Foolin` Around, We Were Made For Each Other... (2€)
SUSAN RAYE & BUCK OWENS: The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) (Capitol * 1973/USA) All The Dreamin` They Can Stand, Take A Taste Of My Wine, Sweethearts In Heaven, I`ve Got A Happy Heart... (6€)

Jeannie C. Riley:

JEANNIE C.RILEY: Jeannie C.Riley (DOT/MCA-39073 * 1986/USA) (6€) * Love Is A Winding Road, Cryin' My Heart Out Over You, Perpetual Care, The Diamond ... (10 tracks).
JEANNIE C.RILEY: Things Go Better With Love (Plantation PLP-3 * 1969/USA) (7€) * The Back Side Of Dallas, Thin Rνbbon Of Smoke, The Artist, Our Minnie, There Never Was A Time, The Rib ... (11 tracks).
JEANNIE C.RILEY: Just Jeannie (MGM SE-4909 * 1973/USA) (7€) * Soft Texas Rain, Sing Jeannie Sing, Mother America, Missouri, Billy Joe - The Seeker, Hush, Sam, The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor ... (10 tracks).
JEANNIE C.RILEY: The Generation Gap (Plantation PLP-11 * 1970/USA) (7€) * Okie From Muskogee, Darkness Falls, Duty Not Desire, Fine Feathered Friend, Words - Names - Faces, My Man ... (11 tracks).
JEANNIE C.RILEY: Jeannie (Plantation PLP-16 * 1971/USA) (7€) * Oh Singer, Help Me Make It Through The Night, Roses And Thorns, One Toke Over The Line, If You Could Read My Mind, Children ... (11 tracks).

JEAN SHEPARD: Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (First Generation FGLP-GOOS-09 * 1981/USA) (8€) * All Alone In Austin, Leavin' Fever, Seven Lonely Days, The Palm Of Your Hand ... (10 tracks).

MARGIE SINGLETON: Harper Valley PTA (Pickwick SPC-3133 * USA) (6€) * Cheaters Win, A Long Long Way To Go, The Little Girl I Didn't Have The Courage To Keep, The Well's Not Dry ... (10 tracks).

Connie Smith:

CONNIE SMITH: Just One Time (RCA Victor LSP-4534 * 1971/USA) (7€) * If You Were Mine To Lose, He Is My Everything, I Don't Want To Be With Me ... (10 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own (RCA Camden CAS-2495 * 1971/USA) (7€) * The Other Side Of You, That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome, Two Empty Arms ... (10 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: City Lights * Country Favorites (RCA Camden CAS-2550 * 1972/USA) (6€) * Downtown, Paper Roses, Invisible Tears, That's All This Old World Needs (9 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: The Best Of (RCA Victor LSP-3848 * 1967/USA) (7€) * Cincinnati Ohio, Tiny Blue Transistor Radio, Darling Are You Ever Coming Home, I'll Come Runnin' ... (12 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: Come Along And Walk With Me (RCA Victor LSP-4598 * 1971/USA) (6€) * Plenty Of Time, Too Much To Gain To Lose, The Bridge Of Love, Plenty Of Time ... (10 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: Lov Is The Look You're Looking For (RCA LSP-4840 * 1973/USA) (7€) * Pas Souvent ~ Once A Day, It's Now Or Never, Born To Sing, It'll Be Easy ... (10 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: Where Is My Castle (Stetson HAT-3112/reissue of RCA-71 * Germany) (7€) * Hello Darlin`, When A House Is Not A Home, Darling Days... (10 tracks).
CONNIE SMITH: Pure Connie Smith (Monument * 1977/USA) (6€) * Scrapbook, Coming Around, Lovin` One Day At A Time ...
CONNIE SMITH: If It Ain't Love & Other Great Dallas Frazier Songs (RCA Victor LSP-4748 * 1972/USA)(10€) * You're Gettin' Heavy On My Mind, My Ecstasy, The Laying On Of Hands ....

NAT STUCKEY & CONNIE SMITH: Young Love (RCA LSP-4190 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Rings Of Gold, Even The Bad Times Are Good, Whispering Hope, Something Pretty ... (12 tracks).

MARGO SMITH: A Woman (WB/USA/1979) Tennessee Sandman, My Greatest Sin, You`re The Song... (6€)

Sammi Smith:

SAMMI SMITH: Mixed Emotions (Elektra/USA/1977) Hallelujah For Beer, De Grazia`s Song... (6€)
SAMMI SMITH: The Rainbow In Daddy`s Eyes (Mega MLPS 601 * 1974/USA) Birmingham Mistake, Faded Love, Manhattan Kansas, Never Been To Spain... (6€)
SAMMI SMITH: Sunshine! (Mega MLPS 611 * 1975/USA) She`s In Love With A Rodeo Man, Long Black Veil, Don`t Wanna Rock, I Was Just Fifteen... (6€)
SAMMI SMITH: Girl Hero (Cyclone/GRT)(USA/1979) The Letter, Dancing The Night Away... (6€)
SAMMI SMITH: New Winds * All Quadrants (Elektra/USA/1978) Just Like A River, I Ain`t Got Time To Rock No Babies... (6€)

KAREN STALEY: Wildest Dreams (MCA 42112 * 1989/USA) (4€) * He Thinks He's James Dean, Tumbleweed, Now And Then.Looks Like Rain ... (10 tracks).

SWEETHEARTS OF THE RODEO: One Time * One Night (Columbia C-40614 * 1988/USA) (5€) * Until I Stop Dancing, So Sad (To Watch Good Love To Go Bad) ... (11 tracks).

DOTTIE WEST: High Times (Liberty LT-51114 * 1981/USA) (4€) * Cajun Rage, You're Not Easy To Forget, Don't Be Kind, Something's Missing ... (10 tracks).

MARIJOHN WILKIN: Reach Up And Touch God's Hand (Word WST-6972 * 1977/England) (5€) * You Still The Troubled Waters, How Old Were You, Let The Spirit Work In Silence O Soul ... (12 tracks).

TAMMY WYNETTE: The Country Store Collection (Country Store/England) * Gentle On My Mind, Yesterday, Crying In The Rain (6€)
TAMMY WYNETTE: The First Lady Of Country Music (Pickwick/England) * Ode To Billy Joe, Heaven`s Just A Sin Away... (6€)

Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens:
That Makes Two Of Us

Pickwick/Capitol JS-6106 (USA).

I Wanta Live Again, Forever And Ever,
Stranger In My Arms, I'll Take A Chance,
Just Between The Two Of Us ...(9 tracks)


The Steffin Sisters:
I Believe In Jesus

(Windward Records WR-102 * 1987/USA).

Papa Tell A Story, You Don't Need A Piano,
Peace Of Mind, He Gave Me A Song,
'Til The Storm Passes By ... (10 tracks)


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