Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali kyseiseltä esiintyjältä (LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singlet & muut * käytettyjä):

All available material by the artist (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 23.1.2018).


GEORGE JONES: George Jones Sings The Great Songs Of Leon Payne (Highland/Hollywood re-1987 * USA) (12€) * Brothers Of A Bottle, There's No Justice, Blue Side Of Lonesome ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Hank, Bob And Me ~ The Songs Of Hank Williams & Bob Wills (EMI/Fuel comp-2003 * USA) (12€) * Bubbles In My Beer, San Antonio Rose, Lonesome Whistle, Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight ... (14 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Hits I Missed ... And One I Didn't (Bandit * 2005/USA) (12€) * Detroit City, The Blues Man (& Dolly Parton), Skip A Rope, Too Cold At Home, Busted, Here In The Real World ... (12 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: George Jones Salutes Hank Williams (Play * made in EC) (7€) * Howlin' At The Moon, Honky Tonkin', Settin' The Woods On Fire, Nobody's Lonesome For Me, Window Shopping ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Mr. Country Music (TKO/Classic Country * comp-1994/England) (7€) * Old Brush Arbors, 4033, Things Have Gone To Pieces, I´m Wasting Good Paper, Developing My Pictures ... (18 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: High-Tech Redneck (MCA * 1993/USA) (12€) * The Visit, I've Stll Got Some Hurtin' Left To Do, Never Bit A Bullet Like This (& Sammy Kershaw), Silent Partners ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Cup Of Loneliness * The Classic Mercury Years (2 CD set) (Mercury * comp-1994/USA) (14€) Ä Accidentally On Purpose, Slave Lover, Out Of Control, I´m Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down ... (48 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: You Oughta Be Here With Me (CBS/EPIC * 1990/USA) (7€) * Hell Stays Open (All Night Long), Ol' Red, Six Foot Deep - Six Foot Down, A Cold Day In December ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Wine Colored Roses (EPIC/CBS * 1978/USA) (6€) * Ol' Frank, You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine (& Patti Page), The Right Left Hand, I Turn To you ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: The Songs I Wanta Sing (CBS AAD * 1972-80/USA) (6€) * Bartender's Blues, I'm Not Ready yet, We Can Make It, Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me, I Still Sing The Old Songs ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: The Gospel Collection (Gravity 2-set) (4€) * Mansion Over The Hilltop, Why Me Lord, Precious Memories (& Patti Page). Family Boible, I Know A Man Who Can ... (24 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Greatest Country Hits Of The Sixties (Country Skyline/Curb * England) (6€) * Least Of All, Now What I had In Mind, Big Fool Of The Year, You Comb Her Hair ... (11 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Super Hits Vol.2 (Sony/EPIC * USA) (6€) * The Door, Still Doin' Time, I Always Get Lucky With You, Radio Lover, Shine On (Shine All Your Sweet Love On Me) ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE: One (MCA * 1995/USA) (6€) * Will You Travel Down This Road With Me, Just Look What We've Started Again, It's An Old Love Thing ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES & MELBA MONTGOMERY (Highland/Hollywood * 1987/Japan) (7€) * Long Walk Off A Tall Rock, Party Pickin', Living On Easy Street, Everybody Oughta Sing A Song ... (10 tracks).


GEORGE JONES: Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes (EPIC FE 39598 * 1985/USA) (8€) * If I Painted The Picture, If Only You'd Love Me Again, That's Good - That's Bad (& Lacy J. Dalton) ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Wine Colored Roses (EPIC EPC-57040 * 1986/England) (6€) * Ol' Frank, These Old Eyes Have Seen It All, The Right Left hand, I Turn To You ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: I Am What I Am (EPIC JE 36586 * 1980/USA) (8€) * I've Aged Twenty Years In Five, Good Hearted Woman, A Hard Act To Follow, Brother To The Blues ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Still The Same Ole Me (EPIC FE 37106 * 1979/Canada) (7€) * Still Doin' Time, Daddy Come Home, You Can't Get The Hell Out Of Texas ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES: Ladies Choice (EPIC * 1984/USA) (6€) * 9 duets with female singers like Lacy J.Dalton, Leona Williams, Loretta Lynn + solo: She`s My Rock ...

GEORGE JONES: The Race Is On (UA/Sunset SLS-50428 * coll-1979/England) (8€) * World's Worse Loser, It Scares Me Half To Death, Three's A Crowd, Take Me As I Am ... (12 tracks).

GEORGE JONES & JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Double Touble (EPIC JE 35783 * 1980/USA) (12€) * Tutti Frutti, Roll Over Beethoven, Smack Dab In The Middle, Proud Mary, Maybellene ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD & GEORGE JONES: A Taste Of Yesterday's Wine (EPIC FE 38203 * 1982/USA) (12€) * Mobile Bay, C.C. Waterback, Must've Been Drunk, No Show Jones, The Brothers, After I Sing All My Songs ... (10 tracks).
MERLE HAGGARD & GEORGE JONES: A Taste Of Yesterday's Wine (EPIC EPC 25012 * 1982/England) (12€) * Mobile Bay, C.C. Waterback, Must've Been Drunk, No Show Jones, The Brothers, After I Sing All My Songs ... (10 tracks).

GEORGE JONES & MELBA MONTGOMERY: Bluegrass Hootenanny (Capitol - orig. 1964 * Stetson re-issue HAT 3096/West Germany) (10€) * I'd Jump The Mississippi, Dixieland For Me, House Of Gold ... (12 tracks).

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE: The Country Store Collection (Country Store - 1972-80) (18 songs) The Ceremony, We Could, We`re Not The Jet Set... (6€)

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE: Together Again (EPIC JE 36764 * 1980/Canada) (7€) * A Pair Of Old Sneakers, Night Spell, It's Not My Fault, Two Story House ... (10 tracks).

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