Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali kyseiseltä esiintyjältä (LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singlet & muut * käytettyjä):

All available material by the artist (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 29.5.2018).


WAYLON JENNINGS: Ladies Love Outlaws * The Encore Collection (RCA/BMG * 1997/USA) (7€) * I Ain't Living Long Like This, Waltz Across Texas, Folsom Prison Blues, The Year Clayton Delayney Died ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Right For The Time (Justice * 1996/England) (8€) * Cactus Texas, The Boxer, WBPT, Hittin' The Bottle Again, Out Of Jail, Deep In the West, Living Legends Pt II (13 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: New Classic Waylon (MCA * comp-1998/USA) (7€) * Rose In Paradise, Trouble Man, How Much Is It Worth To Live In L.A, If Ole Hank Could Only See Us Now, Fallin' Out ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Love Songs (RCA/Legacy/Sony/BMG * comp-2005/Europe) (6€) * Let's Turn Back The Years, I'm Not Supposed To Be That Way, Waltz Me To heaven, Them old Love Songs ... (14 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: All American Country (BMG * comp-1997/USA)(6€) * Waltz Across Texas, Folsom Prison Blues, The Year That Clayton Delaney Died, He Went To Paris, Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: The Best Of Waylon (BGM/RCA * comp-1986/USA) (6€) * Good Morning John, Rhiannon, Delia's Gone, The Broken Promose Land, Walk On Out Of My Mind ... (8 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: White Lightning (Laserlight/Delta * comp-1992/USA) (6€) * Mental Revenge, Big Mammou, Love's Gonna Live Here, It's So Easy, Lorena ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: White Lightning (Charly/TKO * comp-1993/Europe) (6€) * When Sin Stops, Abilene, Dream Baby, Burning Memories, Jole Blon, Money - That's What I Want ... (14 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Greatest Hits (BMG/RCA Camden * comp-1998/England) (7€) * I'm A Ramblin' Man, Suspicious Minds (& Jessi Colter), Can't You See, The Wurlitzer Prize, Amanda, Come With Me, This Time ... (18 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Greatest Hits (RCA * comp-1979/Germany) (6€) * Honky Tonk Heroes, Lonesome On'ry And Mean, Ladies Love Outlaws, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way. Good Hearted Woman ... (11 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: 2 Gether On 1 ~ Leavin' Town/Waylon Sings Ol' Harlan Howard (RCA/BMG * comp-1995/EC) (14€) * The Everglades, Beautiful Annabel Lee, In This Very same Room, Time Will Tell The Story, I Wonder Just Where I Went Wrong, You're Gonna Wonder About Me, If You Really Want Me To I'll Go ... (24 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: The RCA Tears - Disc 1 - Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (RCA * comp-1993/USA) (9€) * Willie And Laura Mae Jones, Six White Horses, Black Rose, Green River, Nashville Bum, Nashville Rebel ... (20 tracks).
WAYLON JENNINGS: The RCA Tears - Disc 2 - Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (RCA * comp-1993/USA) (9€) * Amanda, Rainy Day Woman, Bob Wills Is Still The King, Jack-A-Diamonds, The Conversation, Theme From "The Dukes Of Hazzard" (Good Ol' Boys), Looking For Suzanne ... (20 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: The Best Of (Pegasus * coll-2000/Germany) (6€) * Abilene, Love's Gonna Live Here, Dream Baby, White Lightning, Big Mamou, When Sin Stops ... (14 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Good Old Country (St.Clair - 2000/Canada) (5€) * Crying, Burning Memories, Money (That's What I Want), Sally Was A Good Old Girl ... (10 tracks).

HIGHWAYMEN (Cash-Nelson-Jennings-Kris): The Highwayman Collection (Columbia/Sony * comp-1999/USA) (9€) * Texas, Living Legend, Silver Stallion, American Remains, Welfare Line ... (20 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: The Road Goes On Forever (Liberty * 1995/England) (7€) * Death And Hell, The Devil's Right Hand, True Love Travels A Gravel Road, Waiting For A Long Time ... (11 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: Highwayman 2 (CBS * 1990/Austria) (9€) * Born Amd Raised In Black And White, Angels Love Bad Men, Songs That Make A Difference, Two Stories Wide ... (10 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER-WAYLON JENNINGS-WILLIE NELSON-KRIS KRISTOFFERSON: Honky Tonk Heroes (Pedernales * 1999/USA) (16€) * We Are The Cowboys, Oklahoma Wind, I Couldn't Be Me Without You, Tramp On The Street, Ain't No God In Mexico ... (10 tracks).


WAYLON JENNINGS: Music From "MacKintosh & T.J." Starring Roy Rogers * Music by Waylon Jennings (performed by: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson & The Waylors) (RCA APL-1-1520 * 1976/USA) (20€) (etukannessa hiukan "kiekkokulumaa" ~ ringwear) ~ All Around Cowboy, Back In the Saddle Again, Gardenia Waltz, Stay All Night Stay A Little Longer, Shopping ... (9 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Waylon Live (RCA PL-11108 * 1976/England) (12€) * T For Texas, Rainy Day Woman, The Last Letter, House Of The Rising Sun, Me And Bobby McGee ... (11 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Waylon And Company (RCA PL-84826 * 1983/Germany) (12€) * Spanish Johnny, So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer, Mason Dixon Lines, Sight For Sore Eyes, Leave Them Boys Alone ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Greatest Hits (RCA AHL-1-3378 * 1979/USA) (8€) * I'm A Ramblin' Man, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, Luckenbach Texas, Ladies Love Outlaws ... (11 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: What Goes Around Comes Around (RCA AHL1-3493 * 1979/USA) (14€) * Another Man's Fool, I Ain't Living Long Like This, Ivory Tower, Out Among The Stars, Old Love - New Eyes ... (10 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Heartaches By The Numbers (RCA CAS-2556/Pickwick * 1972/USA) (10€) * Tiger By The Tail, Folsom Prison Blues, Leavin' Town, Busted, You're Gonna Wonder About Me ... (9 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Waylon Music * 32 Track Waylon Jennings Retrospective (2-set) (RCA PL-43166 * compilation 1980/England) (8€) * Norwegian Wood, Green River, The 33rd Of August, Shadows Of The Gallows, San Francisco mabel Joy, Nadine ... (32 tracks).

WAYLON JENNINGS: Country Music (Time ~ Life * comp-1981/USA) (9 tracks) Brown Eyed Handsome Man, MacArthur Park, Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line ... (6€)

JOHNNY CASH & WAYLON JENNINGS: Heroes (Columbia C 40347 * 1986/USA) (18€) * Folks Out On the Road, American By Birth, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, One Too Many Mornings, Field Of Diamonds ...

WAYLON JENNINGS & WILLIE NELSON: Waylon & Willie (RCA PL 12686 * 1978/England) Gold Dust Woman, The Wurlitzer Prize, A Couple More Years, Don`t Cuss The Fiddle, The Year 2003 Minus 25, Pick Up The Tempo ... (8€)

Other material ~ WAYLON JENNINGS:

VHS * Musiikki / Music (original VHS):

Useimmat VHS-julkaisut olen ostanut/tilannut suoraan kaupasta ja katsellut läpi vain 1-2 kertaa - HYVÄSSÄ KUNNOSSA. Most of my original VHS cassettes I have bought straight from shops and watched through only for a couple of times - in very good condition.

European * PAL:

WAYLON JENNINGS: Renegade Outlaw Legend * The Authorized Video Biography (Prism Leisure * 1991/England) (60mins) * (5€).

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