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Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali (LPs, CDs * kδytettyjδ):

All available material by HILLBILLY (Early, Raw COUNTRY MUSIC ~ Old Time Music):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 31.12.2018).

Monet pienemmδt levy-yhtiφt, uudelleenjulkaisijat (esim "B.A.C.M.") ja monet artistit tuottavat itse pienet painosmδδrδnsδ halvempina CD-R-levyinδ, joissa levypinta erottuu vaaleana, vihertδvδnδ tai mustana. Ne on nδissδ listoissa merkitty muodossa CD-R.

Some small labels and many artists produce and copy their limited editions as CD-Rs ("green or Black disc"). I will identify such CDs as CD-R. "British Academy Of Country Music" (B.A.C.M.) uses only CD-R discs originally.

CDs ~ HILLBILLY (Early, raw COUNTRY MUSIC ~ Western Swing ~ Old Time Music):

BOBBY "SWAMPGRASS" ANDERSON: Rail Road Songs, Vol.1 (NBT Records * 2005/USA) (7€) * Chicago Cannonball, Box Car Blues, Ghost Town Express, 35 Miles To Memphis, Iron Mountain Special, The Guitar Picker ... (17 tracks).
BOBBY "SWAMPGRASS" ANDERSON: Rail Road Songs, Vol.2 (NBT Records * 2006/USA) (7€) * Macon County Blues, Honolulu Welcome Train, Huron Valley Special, NBT Hall Of fame, Border Train, Hell Train, Old #44 ... (15 tracks).

ARKANSAS "ARKIE" WOODCHOPPER: Old Time Songs & Square Dances (BACM * England) (6€) * Wagoner, Cowboy Jack, I'm A Texas Cowboy, Take Me Back To Colorado, Light Foot Bill ... (21 tracks).

BOB ATCHER & BONNIE BLUE EYES: The Tophand Of The Cowhands (Cattle Compact * Germany) (7€) * A Long Road Ahead, Seven Beers With The Wrong Man, Cool Water, Blow Whistle Blow ... (21 tracks).

The Original BEVERLY HILL BILLIES: The Original Beverly Hill Billies (B.A.C.M * comp-2002 * England) (7€) * Back In The Hills Of Colorado, Strawberry Roan, The Old Apache Trail, On The Texas Prairie, Big Corral ... (24 tracks).

BILL BOYD & His Cowboy Ramblers: Singing & Swinging (B.A.C.M * comp-2003 * England) (7€) * Palace In Dallas, Windswept Desert - Desert Blues, Guess Who's In Town, I Can't Tame Wild Women ... (21 tracks).

MILTON BROWN & His Musical Brownies: Daddy Of Western Swing (Proper * 4 CDs-box * comp-2001/England) (14€) * Texas Hambone Blues, Honky Tonk Blues, Beautiful Texas, In El Rio Grande ... (106 tracks).

HOYT SLIM BRYANT & His Wildcats: Hoyt Slim Bryant & His Wildcats (B.A.C.M * comp-2006 * England) (7€) * Oklahoma City, Back To Old Smokey Mountain, Train Whistle Boogie, Thunder Storm, My Saddle My Bronco And You ... (31 tracks).

SMILEY BURNETTE: Country Songs & Comic Cuts (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2004/England) (8€) * Harmonica Bill, Mucho Gusto, Full Steam Ahead, When A Country Girl Loves You, Gordy The Little Pea Frog, Blacker Black ... (32 tracks).

SONNY BURNS: The Starday Recordings (Cactus/Starday * CD-R) (8€) Wrong About You (& George Jones), Six Feet Of Earth, Bottom Of The Bottle, Blue Blue Rain, Waltzing With Sin, Satan's A-Waitin', Girl Of The Streets ... (25 tracks).

CECIL CAMPBELL & The Tennessee Ramblers: Steel Guitar Swing (Jasmine * comp-2004/Englanti) (8€) * Catawba River Blues, North Carolina Skies, Southern Special, Tennessee Border, Last Night I Cried ... (24 tracks).

CAPTAIN STUBBY & The Burraneers: Captain Stubby & The Burraneers ((B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2004/England) (8€) * Washboard Boogie, Bogul To Boogie To Boone, Buffalo Gals, Tennessee Tears, Little Buffalo Bill ... (25 tracks).

BILL CARLISLE: Hall Of Fame 2002 (Federal/King * comp-2003/USA) (6€) * Is Zat You Myrtle, When Snowflakes Fall, Knothole, Tramp On The Street, Doggy Joe, That Guy's Out Gunnin' For You ... (10 tracks).

JENKS TEX CARMAN: The Old Guitar And Me (Bear Family 1955-66 * re-2003/Germany) (9€) * Casey Jones, Lobo Of The Border, Ho-Down 1000, Silver Rails Leading Westward, Indian Love Song, Custer's Massacre ... (31 tracks).

LEW CHILDRE: On the Air 1946 - Vol.1 (Old Homestead * re-2003/USA) (7€) * Ridin' The Elevated Railroad, Moonshine Blues, Silver Dollar, When the Sweet Azaleas Are Blooming ... (26 tracks).

The COONHUNTERS Featuring MERLE TRAVIS: The Coonhunters (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (7€) * John Henry, Detour, Coming Home From The Wake, Folly Waddle Do, Jim Crack Corn ... (26 tracks).

TED DAFFAN: Born To Lose (Jasmine * re-2005/Czech/England) (7€) * Blue Steel Blues, Down Hilo Way, Lonesome Highway, I'm That Kind Of Guy, My Fallen Star, Those Blue Eyes Don't Sparkle Anymore ... (24 tracks).

DENVER DARLING: Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (7€) * I Come From Missouri, Cool Water, Little Brown Jug Goes Modern, Silver Stars - Purple Sage - Eyes Of Blue ... (20 tracks).

THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Classic Cuts 1933-41 (JSP Records * 4 CDs Box/comp-2004 * England) (14€) * Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, I'm Mississippi Bound, Blue Railroad Train, Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me, The Dying Truckdriver, Goodbye Booze, Miles From Birmingham ... (87 tracks).

TOMMY DUNCAN: Texas Moon (Capitol/Intro 1949-51 * Bear Family 1996/Germany) (14€) * In The Jailhouse Now, High Country, All Star Boogie, Mississippi River Blues, Sick Sober And Sorry, September ... (26 tracks).
TOMMY DUNCAN: Beneath A Neon Star In A Honky Tonk (Intro 1951-56 * Bear Family 1996/Germany) (14€) * Hound Dog, Tennessee Churchbells, Who Drank My Beer, I Hit The Jackpot, I Reckon I'm A Texan ... (28 tracks).

JIM FULLEN: Allegheny Mountain Combine (albums "Allegheny Mountain" + "Allegheny Sound") (Song-1 Records). (6€)

OTTO GRAY & His Oklahoma Cowboys: Early Cowboy Band (B.A.C.M * CD-R * comp-2005/England) (8€) * Pistol Pete's Midnight Special, The Terrible Marriage, Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose, Plant Watermelon On My Grave ... (21 tracks).

BUCK GRIFFIN: Let's Elope Baby (Bear Family 1954-62/London/Metro/MGM/Lin/Holiday Inn * comp-1995/Germany) (10€) * Twenty Six Steps, Meadowlark Boogie, Cochise, Jessie Lee, Stutterin' Papa, Old Bee Tree ... (28 tracks).

JACK GUTHRIE: Milk Cow Blues (Bear Family/Capitol 1946-47 * comp-2000/Germany) (10€) * San Antonio Rose, Home In San Antone, T.B. Blues, You And My Old Guitar, I'll Always Be A Country Boy, My Rough And Rowdy Ways, Peach Picking Time In Georgia ... (30 tracks).

BEN HALL & The Ramblers - with Weldon Myrick: Country Ways And Rockin' Days (Roller Coaster 1949-62 * comp-1993/England) * Johnny Law, Gunfighter's Game, Blue Days - Black Nights, Hiding Alone ... (28 tracks).

ESCO HANKINS: Rising Sun (B.A.C.M * CD-R * comp-2003/England) (8€) * Streamlined Cannonball, Fireball Mail, Glory Bound Train, Granded Wherever I Go, Wreck On The Highway, Low And Lonely ... (22 tracks).

TOMMY HILL: Get Ready Baby (Bear Family 1958 * comp-1993/Germany) (8€) * Life Begins At 4 O'Clock, In The Middle Of The Morning, Do Me A Favor, Love Words, Can't Help It ... (10 tracks).

ROY HOGSED: Cocaine Blues (Bear Family 1947-54 * comp-1999/Germany) (8€) * Ain't A Bump In the Road, Poco Tempo, Flat Top, Who P-P-P-T-T Tobacky, Hot Rod, Let Your Pendulum Swing, Orange Blossom Special ... (33 tracks).

HOOSIER HOT SHOTS: Everybody Stomp (4 CD set * 1930-1940's) (Proper * comp-2003/England) (Incl. 36 page illustrated booklet) (8€) * Connie's Got Connections In Connecticut, He's A Hillbilly Gaucho, Them Hill-Billies Are Mountain Williams Now, Dude Cowboy, Big Noise From Kokomo, Oakville Twister, I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones ... (100 tracks).

LEON HUFF ("The Texas Song Bird"): The Early Years Vol. 1 (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2004/England) (7€) * Roll On Mississippi Roll On, Music Maestro Please, Red sails In the Sunset, Old Gray Mare, Vote For Jerry Sadler/The Singing Hills ... (26 tracks).

BUDDY JONES: Police Officer & Honky Tonk Singer (B.A.C.M * CD-R * comp-2002/England) (8€) * Shreveport County Jail Blues, Ragged But Right, Butcher Man Blues, Mean Hangover Blues, Mean Old Sixty Five Blues ... (20 tracks).

EDDIE KIRK: Blue Bonnet Blues (B.A.C.M * CD-R * comp-2002/England) (8€) * Leetle Little Pedro, A Petal From A Faded Rose, When My Castles Came Tumbling Down. The Two Years We Were Married ... (20 tracks).

ERNIE LEE: The Kentucky Balladeer (Buster Bronco * Germany) (8€) * Headin' Home To Old Kentucky, Tried And Found Guilty, Doggone Long Gone Blues, I Never See Maggie Alone, If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time ... (20 tracks).

BIG BILL LISTER: There's A Tear In My Beer (Bear Family 1949-53 * comp-1999/Germany) (10€) * Lovin' Country Style, Blowing The Suds Off My Beer, Hog Calling Song, Local Yokel, A Plane To Arkansas ... (30 tracks).
BIG BILL LISTER: Big Bill Lister Remembering ... Hank Williams - Through Story And Song (Neon Nightmare Records * 2000/USA) (12€) * There's A Tear In My Beer, Old Hank, Jambaylaya, Countryfied ... (22 tracks ~ featuring songs and stories).

FRANK LUTHER (real 'old time hillbilly country legend' with Carson J.Robison): Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me And Other Favourite Songs (B.A.C.M. * re-2002/England). (6€)

J.E. MAINER & His Mountaineers: J.E.Mainer & His Mountaineers 1935-39 (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2005/England) (7€) * Drunkard's Hiccups, Country Blues, The Longest Train, Going Back West In The Fall, Fatal Wreck Of The Bus, Number 111, New Lost Train Blues ... (23 tracks).

FRANKIE MARVIN: The Golden Age Of Frankie Marvin (Cattle 1929-46 * comp-2000/Germany) (7€) * Oklahoma - Land Of The Sunny WEst, Cowboy's Heaven, The Two-Gun Cowboy, Mountain Boy, Sheriff's Sale, Don't Send My Boy To Prison ... (25 tracks).

LOUISE MASSEY & The Westerners: Ridin' High 1933-41 (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2006/England) (7€) * Going Down To Santa Fe Town, Out On Loco Range, Beautiful Texas, Pretty Boy Floyd, Gol Darn Wheel, Bunkhouse Jamboree ... (22 tracks).

THE MILLER BROTHERS: Boppin' Hillbilly Series (Collection Records/Four Star * comp-Holland) (6€) * Loco Choo Choo, Back Roads, Stroll Along, Tulsa Baby, Rose Of Tijuana, Alligator Rag ... (27 tracks).

WILF MONTAN (Australia): South Pacific (Thunderhawk Records * 2001/Australia) The Singing Snow Man (Tribute To Hank Snow), The Huon River Valley (Tasmania), T.I. Island (Thursday Island), Big Inland Sea (Japan) .... (6€).
WILF MONTAN: Back To Alberta (Thunderhawk Records * 2008/Australia) Calgary Stampede, Plains Of Alberta, My Old Canadian Moon, Rocky Mountaineer, Where The Bow River Flows .... (6€)

CLYDE MOODY: Six White Horses & Other Hits By The "Hillbilly Waltz King" (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2003/England) (8€) * Cherokee Waltz, West Virginia Waltz, That Little Log Cabin Of Mine, Blues Came Pouring Down ... (23 tracks).

ROD MORRIS: Bimbo (Bear Family/Capitol 1951-54 * comp-2000/Germany) (8€) * Alabama Jail House, Ghost Of Casey Jones, Free White And Twenty-One, When It rains Banana Peelin's, Three Empty Bottles ... (30 tracks).

RED MURRELL: Sittin' On Top Of The World (Jasmine Records * comp-2004/England) (8€) * Sioux City Sue, Ernest Tubb's Talking Blues, Steel Guitar Rag, Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along ... (24 tracks).

DOYE O'DELL: Bath Tub Blues (Cattle * comp-2001/Germany) (7€) * Dear Okie, Give Me Texas, Sally Sue From Salisaw, Okies In California, Shut Up And Drink Your Beer, The Roving gambler ... (27 tracks).

ANDY PARKER & The Plainsmen: Texas Belle (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2003/England) (7€) * Colorado Blues, Dude Cowboy, I'm An Old Cowhand, The Santa Fe Trail, Me And My Burro, A Calico Apron And A Gingham Gown ... (27 tracks).

FIDDLING JACK PIERCE & The Oklahoma Cowboys (feat. Smyth County Ramblers & Tenneva Ramblers)(B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2003/England) (7€) * Where The Western Horizon Begins, My Name Is Ticklish Reuben, In The Golden West With You, Hillbilly Shack In The Valey, Keep On Shining Colorado Moon ... (22 tracks).

OLA RASMUSSEN: Sleepy Eyed John (Bear Family/Capitol 1950-53 * comp-1999) (8€) * Did The Man In The Moon Come From Texas, Country Wedding Day, Somewhere In San Antone, Tuxedo Junction, Gonna See My Sunday Baby Saturday Night ... (28 tracks).

RED RIVER DAVE: Honky Tonkin' Thelma (Bronco Buster * Germany) (8€) * Cool Water, San Antonio Rose, Reeling Cowboy, Mexicali Rose, My Home Is A Prison, Where Is My Boy Tonight ... (22 tracks).
RED RIVER DAVE: Sings Amelia Earhart's Last Flight (Jasmine * comp-2005/England) (8€) * Her Name Was Rosita, Wagon Trail, Twenty-One Years, Two Sides To Every Story ... (27 tracks).

DICK REINHART: A Broken Heart For A Souvenier (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2005/England) (7€) * Midnight Patrol, Utah Trail, Don't Ever Say Adieu, Ruck Tuckin' Baby, My Mother And Dad, Aloha Means Goodbye ... (23 tracks).

JIMMIE REVARD & His Oklahoma Playboys: Naughty Naughty * Classic 1930's Western Swing (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2005/England) (7€) * My Ozark Mountain Home, Old Waterfall, Tulsa Waltz, I'm Waitin' Mabel, Hillbilly Swing ... (24 tracks).

COWBOY SLIM RINEHART: King Of Border Radio * 1930's Transcriptions (Heart Of Texas Records * USA) (8€) * Eastbound Train, The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand, Cowboy Jack, An Old Saddle For Sale ... (24 tracks).

TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON: The Golden Age Of (Cattle CD 228 * comp-2000/Germany) (10€) * Pal In Palo Alto, Revenge, The Texas Song, Red River Valley, Seven Women In One, Headin' Down The Wrong Highway ... (24 tracks).

CARSON ROBISON & His Pioneers: GoinG Back To Texas (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2002/England) (10€) * Hillbilly Medley Pts. 1 & 2, Steamboat Keep A-Rockin', Cowboy's Home In Heaven, Sing Another Line ... (17 tracks).
CARSON ROBISON & His Pioneers: Home Sweet Home On The Prairie (ASV/Living Era * material: 1928-36 * comp-1996/England) (10€) * I Was Born In Old Wyoming, Smoky Mountain Bill, There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall, Ranblin' Cowboy, Missouri Valley (with Frank Luther) ... (25 tracks).

The SAUCEMAN BROTHERS: On WCYB Bristol 1950-52 (Copper Creek * re-1994/USA) (6€).

TOMMY SCOTT: Early Recordings * Boppin' Hillbilly Series (Collector Records * Holland) (8€) * Tennessee, Juke Joint Girl, Cherokee Rose, Jumpin' From Six To Six, Uncle Sammy, Gonna Paint The Town Red ... (27 tracks).

CAL SHRUM & His Rhythm Rangers & Colorado Hillbiellies 1936-42 * Featuring Tex Williams & Spade Cooley (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2006/England) (10€) * Texas Jive, Cooley Stomp, Shack By The Railroad Track, Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along ... (32 tracks).

CLIFFIE STONE: Sings "The Grunt Song" And Other Country Classics (Jasmine * comp-2003/England) (8€) * Tennessee Central Number 9, The Hokey Pokey, Daughter Of Jolie Blon, Cream Of Kentucky, The Board Of Education ... (22 tracks).

DICK THOMAS: Dick Thomas & His Nashville Ramblers (Cattle * comp-2001/Germany) (8€) * A Cowboy In Khaki, Tennessee Local, San Antonio Serenade, Rose Of The Alamo, My Guitar Is My Sweetheart ... (25 tracks).

MITCHELL TOROK: When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba (2 CD-Set) (Acrobat Music - orig. USA - late 40's-1957 * comp-2008/England) (12€) * Nacogdoches County Line, Hootchy Kootchy Henry From Hawaii, Drink Up And Go Home, Country & Western That's For Me ... (53 tracks).

HOWARD VOKES: Songs Of Tragedy And Disaster (Starday/King * comp-2000/USA) (8€) * The Sinking Of the Titanic, Tragedy Of Chicago, Cyclone Of Rycove, The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus ... (16 tracks).
HOWARD VOKES:Sadness & Happiness In Country & Gospel Songs (Starday/Vokes * USA) (7€) * The Day I Laid Mary ASway, Lonely Mound Of Clay, The Song Birds Are Singing In Heaven, I had A Dream ... (14 tracks).

JESS WILLARD: Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (Bear Family/Capitol * 1950-55 * comp-2000/Germany) (12€) * Honky Tonk Boogie, Gonna Take That fast Train, Truck Driver's Boogie, Honky Tonkin' All The Time, Drinkin' At The Bar ... (18 tracks).

CURLEY WILLIAMS & His Georgia Peach Pickers: Just A-Pickin' And A-Singin' (Columbia/Bear Family * orig. 1945-47 * comp-2004/USA * Germany) (12€) * Grandma's Turned Over Again, Georgia Boogie, Georgiana Moon ... (25 tracks).
CURLEY WILLIAMS & His Georgia Peach Pickers: Half As Much (Columbia/Bear Family * orig. 1949-51 * comp-2004/USA * Germany) (12€) * Good Ol' Alabam, On The Okefenokee, Texas Swing, Mississippi ... (29 tracks).

BOB WILLS & His Texas Playboys: Take Me Back To Tulsa (Proper * 4 CDs-box * comp-2001/England) (14€) * Hawaiian War Chant, You're From Texas, Carolina In The Morning, Black Rider ... (109 tracks).
BOB WILLS: Faded Love (Catfish * 2001/UK) * Cherokee Maiden, Texas Playboy Rag, Brain Cloudy Blues, That's What I Like About South ... (20 tracks) (8€).

JIMMY WORK: Making Believe (Capitol-Decca-DOT / Bear family * orig. 1945-59/comp-1993/USA-Germany) (12€) * Rock Island Line, Tennessee Border, Do Your Honky Tonkin' At Home, Those Kentucky Bluegrass Hills ... (48 tracks).


CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC ON THE DOT LABEL (B.A.C.M * comp-2011/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Jimmy Work, Shorty Long, Wade Ray, Lonzo & Oscar, Mac Wiseman, Bonnie Guitar, Jimmy Ringo, Leon McAuliffe ... (26 tracks).

ROUGH STUFF BOPPIN' (Collector Records/Boppin' Hillbilly Series * Holland) (8€) * Riley Crabtree, Chester Smith, James O'Gwynn, Buck Griffin, Doye O'Dell, Billy Wallace, Bennie Hess ... (30 tracks).

HILLBILLY ON A BUDGET * Parade Of Hits! All Time Western Favourites (B.A.C.M * comp-2012/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Rusty Howard, The Bar-X-Boys, Bob Sandy & The Rhythm Rangers, Leon Payne (as "Hank Smith"), George Jones (as "Hank Smith") ... (30 tracks).

OLD TIME TUNES & SONGS * From The Golden Age Of Early Country Music (B.A.C.M * comp-2011/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Ernest Thompson, Asa Martin & James Roberts, Cauley Family, Welby Toomey ... (26 tracks).

COUNTRY MUSIC ON THE APOLLO LABEL (B.A.C.M * comp-2011/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Smiley Wilsonm Tommy Sosebee, Smilin' Eddie Hill, Hiram Higsby, Paul Kirk, Curley Perrin & His Boys ... (28 tracks).

FOUR STAR ROUNDUP VOL.2 (B.A.C.M * comp-2011/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Jack Tucker, Merl Lindsay, Stuart Hamblen, R.D.Hendon, Pal Thibdodeaux, Don Whitney, Paul Westmoreland ... (25 tracks).

FOUR STAR ROUNDUP * SOPPIN' UP THE GRAVY VOL.2 (B.A.C.M * comp-2006/England) (CD-R) (8€) * Texas Bill Strength, Tommy Scott, Pete Greaves, Big Jim DeNoone, Cactur Pryor, Slim Willet, T.Texas Tyler ... (26 tracks).

A SAMPLE OF BACM FIRST 24 CDs (B.A.C.M * comp-2002/England) (promo CD) (CD-R) (6€) * Big Bill Campbell, Jack Savage, Frankie Marvin, The Hillbillies, Zeke Winters, Buddy Jones, Carson Robison ... (24 tracks).

"Western Swing ~ As Good As It gets" (Disky * 2 CDs * comp-2000/Holland) (6€) * Al Dexter, Patsy Montana, Spade Cooley, Johnny Bond, Milton Brown, Bob Wills, Tex Williams, Texas Ruby & Curly Fox ... (52 tracks).

"Vintage Country" (Javelin) Jimmie Rodgers - Gene Autry - Bob Wills - Roy Acuff - Bill Monroe (4€).

LPs ~ HILLBILLY (Early, raw COUNTRY MUSIC ~ Old Time Music):

TEX BANES & The Hayseeds: Australian Hillbilly & Western Music (Cattle LP-127 * comp-1992/Germany) (6€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, That's My Bushland Home, Rose Of the Rio, Cowboy's Home In Heaven, There's A Ranch In The Rockies, Over The Santa Fe Trail, When It's Night Time In Nevada ... (16 tracks).

JOE CARSON: In Memoriam * The Last Song (I'm Ever Gonna Sing) (Liberty LST-7360 * 1964/USA-France) (6€) * Fraulein, I'll Be There, Reelase Me, Forbidden Wine, I Did It And I'm Glad ... (12 tracks).

WILF CARTER (Canada) ( = Popularly known as "Montana Slim" in USA):

WILF CARTER (Canada): Balladeer Of The Golden West (RCA Camden CAS-944 * Canada) (8€) * The Cowboy's Airline Ride, The Cowboy's High-Toned Dance, Jimmie The Kid, Riding High In The Saddle Again ... (10 tracks).
WILF CARTER: Have A Nice Day (RCA KXL1-0157 * 1976/Canada) (8€) * My Oklahoma Rose, Sick Sober And Sorry, Pete Knight - The King Of the Cowboys, Keep Smiling Old Pal, Sweet Memories Of Our Time ... (10 tracks).
WILF CARTER: Sings Songs Of Australia (RCA CAS-2362 * Canada) (8€) * Headed For The Warwick Rodeo, When The Rain Tumbles Down In July, Beautiful Queensland, Harry The Breaker, Billy Brink The Shearer ... (10 tracks).
WILF CARTER: New Cowboy Songs (WCE 2 * recorded 1936 in New York/Canada) (8€) * Old Alberta Plains, The Cowboy Wedding In May, Broken Down Cowboy, That Tumble Down Shack By The Trail, My Old Montana Home ... (16 tracks).
WILF CARTER: 24 Great Songs (RCA/K-Tel WC 316 * 1976/Canada) (8€) * The Pub With No Beer, Yellow Rose Of Texas, My Nova Scotia Home, My Little Two Acre Farm, He'll Have To Go, This Old House ... (24 tracks).
WILF CARTER: Nuggets Of The Golden West (RCA Camden CAL-840 * Canada) (8€) * The Ridge Running Roan, Little Joe The Wrangler, The Heart Of The Golden West, The Old Chisholm Trail ... (10 tracks).
WILF CARTER (Montana Slim): No Letter Today (RCA Camden CAS-2171 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Cowboy heaven, Waitin' For the Maple Leaves To Fall, It's Cowboy's Night To Howl, Ridge Running Roan ... (10 tracks).

YODELING SLIM CLARK: Sings And Yodels Favorite Montana Slim (Wilf Carter) Songs Of The Mountains & Plains Vol.1 (Palomino Records 301 * USA) (7€) * Broken Down Cowboy, My Old Montana Home, Old Alberta Plains ... (12 tracks).

JESSIE CLIFTON: The Jimmie Rodgers Story (Cumberland Records MGC-29512 * USA) (7€) * Waitin' For A Train, In The Jailhouse Now, Travelin' Blues, Long Tall Mama Blues ... (1o tracks).

VERNON DALHART: On The Lighter Side * Early Country Comedy Songs - Vol.2 * With Carson J. Robison & Adelyne Hood (Old Homestead OHCS-166 * comp-1985/USA) (8€) * Old Bill Moser's Ford, Roll Them Cotton Bales, The Pony Express, Yukon Steve And Alaska Ann ... (18 tracks).

DENVER DARLING: Denver Darling ~ The Illinois Cowboy (CowGirlBoy Records LP-5079 * orig. 1942-47 * USA * Germany) (7e) * When Mussolini Laid His Pistol Down, Mussolini's Letter To Hitler, Hitler's Reply To Mussolini, Modern Cannon Ball, Easter Sunday On The Prairie ... (16 tracks).

DENVER DUKE & JEFFERY NULL (The Hardin County Boys, USA): Hank Williams Isn't Dead (Folk Variety FV-12023 * comp-1980/Germany) (7€) * Hank Williams That Alabama Boy, Rock'n Roll Blues, Trouble Number Two, A Million Tears ... (13 tracks).

G.B.GRAYSON & HENRY WHITTER: Going Down Lee Highway * 1927-29 Recordings (Davis Unlimited DU 33033 * comp-1977/USA) (5€) * Train No. 45, The Red And Green Signal Lights, Tom Dooley, Old Jimmy Sutton ... (14 yracks).

BROWNIE GREEN: Apple Blossom Time (Stoneway STY-163 * 1977/USA) (3€) * Bob Wills Medley, On The Mississippi Shore, When It Rains It Pours, That's Bad, Don't Believe What The People Say ... (12 tracks).

ROY (HARPER) & BLAKE (BYNUM): Very Countrified (Pine Mountain Records PMR-308 * 196?/USA) (5€) * Hobo Bill's Last Ride, Flying Saucer Lingo, Duck Dancers Choice, Old Spinning Wheel ... (12 tracks).
ROY (HARPER) & BLAKE (BYNUM): Echoes Of The Past (Pine Mountain Records PMR-208 * 196?/USA) (5€) * Stormy Tropical Seas, Train Whistle Blues, Hurring Home, Over The Waves, Birmingham Jail ... (12 tracks).

DICK HART ("The Lone Texan"): Hard Road To Nashville (Cattle LP 100 * comp-1987/Germany) (6€) * Cowboy Bill And Laughing Water, I'll Do As I Cotton Pickin' Please, We're Just Louisiana ... (15 tracks).

KED KILLEN & His Western All Stars: Country Music Is Here To Stay (Binge Records LP 1010 * comp-1989/Germany) (6€) * Will The Pardon Arrive Too Late, Shadows On The Lonesome Trails, They Call Him A Bum, Baby Fleetfoot ... (20 tracks).

LULU BELLE & SCOTTY (Wiseman): Sweethearts Still * Memory Songs Of Their Golden Years (Starday SLP-351/Gusto re-issue 1975 * USA) (8€) * Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain, When I Yoo Hoo In The Valley, Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair, Sweet Evalena ... (12 tracks).
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY: The Sweethearts Of Country Music (Starday SLP-206/Gusto re-issue 1976/USA) (8€) * In the Doghouse Now, Mountain Dew, Does Your Spearmint Lose Its Flavor?, Homecoming Time In Happy Valley ... (14 tracks).
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY: Tender Memories Recalled Vol. 1 (MAR-LU LP-8901 * comp-1989/USA) (8€) * Brown Mountain Light, Old Pappy Time, Black And White Rag (Banjo), Napanee, They'll WElcome Me Back Home ... (14 tracks).
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY: Tender Memories Recalled Vol. 2 (MAR-LU LP-8902 * comp-1989/USA) (8€) * It's A Good Day In Carolina, Punkin' Juice Perfume, The Old Red Cradle, Uncle Eph, I Met Her In Omaha, Big Sandy ... (13 tracks).
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY: Country & Western Memories (Castle LP 8009 mono * Germany) (6€) * That New Vitamine, Along The Winding Road, Lulu Call The Cows Home, Courtin' Down In Tennessee ... (12 tracks).

"LEE MACE Presents OZARK OPRY" (STOP Records LPS-10013 * USA) (5€) * Mule Skinner Blues, Football Game, Johnny B. Goode, Danny Boy, Ahab The Arab, Carmen ... (10 tracks).

DUDE MARTIN: Dude Martin & His Roundup Gang (CowGirlBoy Records LP 5148 * Germany) (8€) * Boogie Woogie Cowboy, Nevada Waltz, Murder On The Radio, Atom Bomb Baby, Gin Rummy Boogie ... (16 tracks).

DON MESSER & His Islanders - featuring Marg Osburne & Charlie Chamberlain (Canada): On The Air! (APEX SA-3 * Canada) (Kansissa teippauksia, itse levyssδ kδyttφjδlkiδ - tapings on cover, record not in perfect condition anymore) (4€) * The Wreck Of The John B, Jack The Sailor, Belfast: Cock-O-The-North, Hi-Lo Schottische ... (12 tracks).

CLYDE "CAROLINA" MOODY: White House Blues * 15 Song Hits (Rebel REB-1672 * comp-1989/USA) (8€) * Two Little Orphans, Little Blossom, John Henry, No Telephone In Heaven, Two Little Rosebuds ... (15 tracks).

LEE MOORE: A Living Legend In Country Music (Cattle LP-61 * comp-1984/Germany) (8€) * Where The Idaho Potato Grows, The Convict And The Rose, My Mother's Call, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight ... (14 tracks).
LEE MOORE: More * Coffee-Drinking Nightnawk (ARC-676 * Canada) (12€) * Hello Vietnam, Truck Driver's Prayer, Cannonball #3, Before I Met You, Come Pal With Me, I'll Sail My Ship Alone ... (12 tracks).
LEE MOORE: Everybody's Favorite (Rural Rhythm RRLM-202 * USA) (8€) * Strawberry Roan, When Father Hung The Paper On The Wall. She's Some Daisy For 19 years Old, Wreck Of The Happy Valley ... (19 tracks).

CHARLIE PELTIER (USA): Authentic Country (Folk Variety FV-12024 * 1980/Germany) (8€) * Texas Plains, Louisiana Moon, Goin' Back To Texas, Railroad Boomer, Gangster's Warning, Goin' Back To Montana ... (14 tracks).

PETE PYLE & The Mississippi Valley Boys: Pete Pyle & The Mississippi Valley Boys (Cattle Records LP 106 * from 1940-50's * comp-1987/Germany) (6€) * Home Sweet Home In The Rockies, Mark Me Off Your List, Living In Sorrow ... (14 tracks).

RED RIVER DAVE: Red River Dave! Featuring Esmeraldy And Dick Thomas (Sutton Records SSU-284 * USA) (6€) * Cowboy Jack, Twenty One Years, Billy Boy, Red River Valley, Home On The Range ... (10 tracks).
RED RIVER DAVE: The Lone Star State Cowboy (Mountain Laurel LP-7506) (vaatimattomat kannet/modest covers) (5€) * The Death Of Floyd Collins, Herr Schmidt No.1, There Ain't A Town In Texas ... (18 tracks).
RED RIVER DAVE: Country & Western In The 1940's And 1950's (Castle LP-8201 * USA material/Germany) (7€) * Stars Over Laredo, Wrong Number, Jack O' Hearts, Budded Roses ... (12 tracks).

GOEBEL REEVES (1899-1959): The Texas Drifter (Glendale GL 6010 * comp-1978/USA) (6e) * The Hobo Convention, The Bobo's Lullaby, The Hobo's Last Long Ride, The Cowboy's Pal, The Oklahoma Kid ... (14 tracks).
GOEBEL REEVES: The Texas Drifter ~ In Story And Song (Glendale GL 6019 * comp-1979/USA) (6€) * The Jailhouse Crooner, The Kidnapped Child, The Soldier's Return, End Of The Hobo's Trail ... (14 tracks).

ROANE COUNTY RAMBLERS: Complete Recordings 1928-29 (County 403 * comp-1971/USA) (5€) Johnson City Rag, Free A Little Bird - 1930 Model, Step High Waltz, Hometown Blues ... (12 tracks).

TOMMY SCOTT & His Country Caravan: High Flying Country (Request SRLP 6029/USA) Rocking Towards Tennessee, Indian Creek Tavern, Soldier At Sea, Wino, Thibodaux, Snake Oil... (6€)
TOMMY SCOTT & His Country Caravan: Country Music On Parade (Request SRLP 6031/USA) Don`t Kill A Man Because He Calls You A S.O.B. , My Jimmy, Sally Ann Of Greenville, Pollution... (6€)

The Stonemans:
The Stonemans

(MGM GAS 124 * USA).

Travelin' Man, Bluegrass Ramble,
Colorado Bound, Katie Klein,
Mule Skinner Blues ... (10 tracks)


The Stoneman Family:

(Sunset/Liberty SUS-5203 * USA).
Kansissa vanhoja teippauksia, 1½cm naarmu.
Tapings on cover * one 1 inch scratch).

Take Me Home, Groundhog,
Dark As A Dungeon, Big Ball In Monterey,
Lost Ball In the High Weeds ... (10 tracks)


THE STONEMANS: Live (Sunset/Liberty SLS-50086E * England) (6€) * Take Me Home, Groundhog, Dark As A Dungeon, Big Ball In Monterey, Lost Ball In the High Weeds ...
THE STONEMANS: In All Honesty (RCA Victor LSP-4343 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Six White Horses, Who'll Stop The Rain, Colossus, According To The Plan, Don't Look Now ... (10 tracks).

THE STRIPLING BROTHERS: The Lost Child & Other Original Fiddle Tunes * Recorded 1928-36 (County 401 * comp-1971/USA) (5€) A Big Footed Man In The Sandy Lot, Horse Shoe Bend, Wolves Howling, June Rose Waltz ... (12 tracks).

GID TANNER & His Skillet Lickers ~ with Riley Puckett & Clayton McMichen: Hear These New Southern Fiddle and Guitar Records 1924-34 (Rounder 1005 * comp-1973/USA) (5€) * Pass Around The Bottle And We'll All Take A Drink, Uncle Bud, Cumberland Gap, Watermelon On The Vine ...(16 tracks).

WILEY WALKER & GENE SULLIVAN: Radio Favorites Volume #1 (Old Homestead OHCS-188 * comp-1988/USA) (7€) * Please Pass The Biscuits, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Wash Your Feet Before Going To Bed ... (16 tracks).

OZIE WATERS: Sings Great Western Songs From The 1940's (USA) (Coast/Rodeo/Castle LP 8109 * Germany) (7€) * Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima, At Mail Call Today, There's A New Star In Heaven Tonight ... (14 tracks).

Western Swing (LPs):

BOB WILLS: Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys (MCA/Kapp * recorded: 1955-57/USA) Toodleumbo, Orange Blossom Special, Texas Two Step, La Golondrina, An Old Flame, Lone Star Rag, With Tears In My Eyes... (vocals by Lou Walker, Billy Bowman, Gary Cummings & Bob Wills ) (5€)
BOB WILLS: Western Swing Along (Vocalion VL 73735 * orig. USA copy) Texas Fiddler, The Boston Fancy, It`s The Bottle Talking, Echo Yodel, Oh Monah, So Let`s Rock, Lilly Dale, Cornbag Rag (5€)
BOB WILLS: The King Of Western Swing (Kapp/Charly * 1955-69/England-Italy) (16 tracks) Across The Alley From The Alamo, Orange Blossom Special, Lone Star Rag, Four Or Five Times, Slow Poke (5€)
BOB WILLS: Time Changes Everything (MCA/Kapp * material: 1968/USA * vocals: Tag Lambert & Johnny Preston) Texas Double Eagle, Cherokee Maiden, There`s Not A Hundred Miles Left In Me, South Of The Border, Across The Alley From The Alamo (5€)
BOB WILLS: A Tribute To Bob Wills (MGM/Golden Archive Series * USA) B.Bowman Hop, Doin` The Bunny Hop, St. Louis Blues, Waltzing In Old San Antone, Cadillac In Model A, Texas Blues, My Little Rock Candy Baby (5€)
BOB WILLS: Keepsake Album #1 * The Living Legend (Longhorn LP-001 re-issue * 1964/USA) (recording session: Sumet Studios, Dallas, Texas - November 19, 1964) (This is an album of just Bob`s own fiddling and talk...) Beaumont Rag, Gone Indian, Bob`s First Fiddle Tune, Dian Waltz, Bob`s Schottische (5€)
BOB WILLS: The Best Of (MCA/Kapp compilation-1973 * recorded in Nashville 1966-69/USA) Southwestern Waltz, A Big Ball In Cowtown, Eight`r From Decatur, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Cimarron, Pan Handle Rag (5€)
BOB WILLS: Plays The Greatest String Band Hits (Kapp KS-3601 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Song Of The Wanderer, Pan Handle Rag, Brown Skin Gal, Talkin' About You, Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now ... (11 tracks).
BOB WILLS: Here's That Man Again (Kapp KS-3542 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Big Taters In The Sandy Land, Rain Drops In The River, Way Down In Texas, Canadian Sunset, Cimarron ... (12 tracks).
BOB WILLS: King Of Western Swing (Special Guest: Mel Tillis) (Decca/MCA-543 * 1967/USA) (6€) * Comanche Hit And Run, Eight'r From Decatur, Memphis, Sugarfoot Rag ... (12 tracks).
BOB WILLS: From The Heart Of Texas ~ Featuring Leon Rausch (Kapp orig. 1965-66/Stetson re-issue HAT-3058/England) (8€) * Gone Indian, My Adobe Hacienda, Deep In The Heart Of Texas ... (12 tracks).
BOB WILLS: Sings And Plays (Liberty LST-7303 * 1963/USA) (8€) * South, Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone, My Confession, Boot Hill Drag, Don't Let The Deal Go Down, Yearning ... (12 tracks).
BOB WILLS: The History Of Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys (MGM SE-4866 * orig. 1949-54/comp-92 * USA) (6€) * Cadillac In Model A, Texas Blues, B. Bowman Hop, Doin' The Bunny Hop ... (10 trcaks).
BOB WILLS & His Texas Playboys: For The Last Time (2-LP-Set) (UA 29668/69 XD * recorded: December 3rd & 4th, 1973/Germany) (12€) (featuring: Merle Haggard, Tommy Allsup, Johnny Gible, Leon McAuliffe, Hoyle Nix, Leon Rausch ...) * Big Balls In Cowtown, Twin Guitar Boogie, What Makes Bob Holler, When You Leave Amarillo, Miss Molly, I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do ... (24 tracks).

BOB WILLS & TOMMY DUNCAN: Together! (Liberty/Sunset SUS-5108 * recorded in 1960/USA) Wabash Blues, Convict And The Rose, Playboy Medley, The Kind Of Love I Can`t Forget, Li`l Liza Jane... (5€)
BOB WILLS & TOMMY DUNCAN: Together Again (Liberty LRP-3173 * 1960/USA) (kuluneet kannet, teippauksia * taped covers) (5€) * Dusty Skies, Keeper Of My heart, Ida Red Likes The Boogie .. (12 tracks).<
BOB WILLS & TOMMY DUNCAN: Mr. Words & Mr. Music (Liberty LST-7194 * 1961/USA) (6€) * Good Ole Oklahoma, The Jobob Rag, Mississippi River Blues, Blues For Dixi, Deep Water ... (12 tracks).
(Bob Wills') ORIGINAL TEXAS PLAYBOYS (leader: Leon McAuliffe): Faded Love (Delta DLP-1124 * 1981/USA) (8€) * Thexas Playboy Theme, Bubbles In My Beer, Time Changes Everything ... (Vocals: Leon Rausch) - (14 tracks).
(Bob Wills') ORIGINAL TEXAS PLAYBOYS (leader: Leon McAuliffe): The Late Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys (Capitol ST-11612 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Osage Stomp, Panhandle Rag, The Convict And The Rose ... (Vocals: Leon Rausch) - (10 tracks).
(Bob Wills') ORIGINAL TEXAS PLAYBOYS (leader: Leon McAuliffe): Original Texas Playboys (Capitol ST-11917 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Heaven Hell Or Houston, Blue Bonnet Rag, Played The Game Too Long ... (Vocals: Leon Rausch) - (10 tracks).
BROTHER AL STRICKLIN (Bob Wills' band pianist): Brother Al Stricklin Now (The Texas Re-Cord LP-1004 * USA) (6€) * Mexicali Rose, Take Me Back To Tulsa, Al's Rag ... (12 tracks).

LAURA LEE McBRIDE: Queen Of Western Swing (& The Orig. Texas Playboys) (Delta DLP-1143 * 1984/USA) (8€) * Cattle Call, Abode Hacienda, Faded Love, Silver Bells, Behind The Smile ... (12 tracks).

TOMMY DUNCAN: For The Last Time ~ recorded Live at the Riverside Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona (Longhorn LH-1237 * 1966) (USA) (12€) * Deeo Water, Dusty Skies, Roly Poly, The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget ... (12 tracks).

WINDY WOOD & The Sons Of The West: The Bob Wills Connection (Rimstone * 1981/USA) Deep Water, Estrellita, Jessie Polka, Preacher, Big Beaver, The Kind Of Love I Can`t Forget... (6€)

SPADE COOLEY: Spade Cooley Vol.1 (Club Of Spade 00101 * USA) (6€) * Wabash Cannon Ball, Perdido, The Campbell Are Coming, Hollywood Hoedown, Texas Playboy Rag ... (12 tracks).
SPADE COOLEY: Spade Cooley Vol.3 * Mr. Music Himself (Club Of Spade 00106 * USA) (6€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Rock Around The Clock, Indian Love Call, Clarinet Polka ... (15 tracks).
SPADE COOLEY: The King Of Western Swing (Club Of Spade 00103 * USA) (8€) * The Lost Indian, Que Sear Sera, Arkansas Traveller, San Antonio Rose, Spadella, Dill Pickle Rag ... (12 tracks).

SMOKEY WARREN: The Eastern King Of Western Swing (USA * 1953-1961) (Cattle * comp-1983/Germany) (7€) * Prisoner's Dream, Ball Of Fire, Truck Driver's Ride, Golden Gate Express, Back In 1952, I Wasn't Free ... (12 tracks).


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