Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali kyseiseltä esiintyjältä (LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singlet & muut * käytettyjä):

All available material by the artist (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 22.4.2017).


MERLE HAGGARD: Same Train - A Different Time * A Tribute To Jimmie Rodgers (Bear Family BCD 15740 * Capitol 1966-72/Germany) (20€) * Down The Old Road To Home, Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel, Train Whistle Blues, Jimmie's Texas Blues, Mule Skinner Blues ... (29 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: "1996" (Curb Records * 1996/USA) (12€) * Truck Driver's Blues, Too Many Highways, Winds Of A Change, Beer Can Hill (& Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam), Five Days A Week (& Johnny Paychek), Sin City Blues ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Hag / Let Me Tell You About A Song (BGO re-2002/2 albums re-issued * Capitol 1971-72/England) (18€) * Sidewalks Of Chigcago, Irma Jackson, Bill Woods From Bakersfied, The Man Who Picked Wildwood Flower, Shelly's Winter Love ... (21 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Someday We'll Look Back / I Love Dixie Blues ... So I Recorded "Live" in New Orleans (BGO re-2004/2 albums re-issued * Capitol 1971-73/England) (18€) * Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now), Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Tulare Dust, California Cottonfields, Train Of Life ... (26 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Big City (EPIC 1981 album/Legacy re-1999 * 2 bonus tracks * Austria) (15€) * I Won't Give Up My Train, Call Me, Texas Fiddle Song, This Song Is Mine, You Don't Have Very far To Go ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: If I Could Only Fly (ANTI * 2000/USA) (12€) * Crazy Moon, Wishing All These Old Things Were New, Honky Tonk Mama, Proud To Be Your Old Man, Leavin's Getting Harder, Thanks To Uncle John, Listening To The Wind ...(12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: 37 Great Performances (Live) (2 CDs) (Prism Leisure * coll-2003/England-Belgium) (6€) * Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star, If You Want To Be My Woman, T.B.Blues, Hobo Bill, A Soldier's Letter, Begging To You ... (37 songs).

MERLE HAGGARD: Unforgettable (Capitol/2004/USA) (9€) * Goin' Away Party, I Can't get Started, Still Missing You, You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You, What Love Can Do ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: The Peer Sessions (Audium/KOCH * 2002/USA) (9€) * Hang On To the Memories (& Jimmie davis), Whippin' That Old T.B, Time Changes Everything, Miss The Mississippi And You ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Roots Vol.1 (ANTI * 2001/USA) (9€) * Honky Tonkin', Runaway Mama, More Than My Old Guitar, The Wild Side Of Life, If You've Got The Money, Always Late, I've Got A Tender Heart ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD-WILLIE NELSON-RAY PRICE: Last Of The Breed (Lost Highway * 2 CDs * 2007/USA) (12€) * Still Water Run The Deepest, Night Watch, Lost Highway, I Love You Because, If I Ever Get Lucky ... (22 tracks).


MERLE HAGGARD: A Friend In California (EPIC FE 40286 * 1986/USA) (12€) * Texas, The Okie From Muskogee's Coming Home, Silverthorn Mountain, Mama's Prayer, This Time I Really Do ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: My Love Affair With Trains (Capitol re-issue SM-11823 * 1976/USA) (12€) * Railroad Lady, Union Station,The Hobo, The Coming And The Going Of The Trains ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: It's Not Love But It's Not Bad (Capitol ST-11127 * 1972/USA) (14€) * The Conversion Of Ronnie Jones, Dad's Old Fiddle, New York City Blues, I'd Never Told On You ... (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: The Fightin' Side Of Me ~ Takes Philadelphia - Live! (Capitol re-issue SN-16278 * 1970/USA) (12€) * Harold's Super Service, Folsom Prison Blues, Jackson, Orange Blossom Special ... (18 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: A Tribute To The Best Damn Fiddle Player In The World - Or, My Salute To Bob Wills (Capitol ST-638 * 1970/USA) (14€) * San Antonio Rose, Roly Poly, Take Me Back To Tulsa, Misery ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: I'm Always On A Mountain When I Fall (MCA 0062-113 * 1978/Germany) (12€) * Life Of A Rodeo Cowboy, The Immigrant, Mama I*ve Got To Go To Memphis, The Dream ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: My Farewell To Elvis (MCA-2314 * 1977/USA) (12€) * From Graceland To The Promised Land, In The Ghetto, Don't Be Cruel, Blue Suede Shoes, Jailhouse Rock .. (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: It's All In the Movies (Capitol SM-12036 Re-issue * 1976/USA) (12€) * Cotton Patch Blues, Living With The Shades Pulled Down, Hag's Dixie Blues #2, Stingeree ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Presents His 30th Album (Capitol ST-11331 * 1974/USA) (12€) * Honky Tonk Night Time Man, Travelin', White Man Singin' The Blues, Things Aren't Funny Anymore ... (11 tracks).
MERLE HAGGARD: Presents His 30th Album (Capitol ST-11331 * 1974/Australia) (12€) * Honky Tonk Night Time Man, Travelin', White Man Singin' The Blues, Things Aren't Funny Anymore ... (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: 5:01 Blues (EPIC FE 44283 * 1989/USA) (12€) * Losin' In Las Vegas, Somewhere Down The Line, Broken Friend, Sea Of Heartbreak, A Thousand Lies Ago ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Chill Factor (EPIC FE 40986 * 1987/USA) (12€) * Thirty Again, Man From Another Time, 1929, More Than This Old Heart Can Take, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ... (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Kern River (EPIC FE 39602 * 1985/USA) (12€) * Natural High, The Old Watermill, Ridin' High. Big Butter And Egg Man, Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You ... (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: That's The Way Love Goes (EPIC EPC-25937 * 1983/England) (8€) * Carryin' Fire, If You hated Me, The Last Boat Of The Day, Love Will Find You ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Serving 190 Proof (MCA-3089 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Driftwood, Footlights, Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine, Red Bandana, My Own Kind Of Hat, Sing A Family Song ... (11 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD: Amber Waves Of Grain (EPIC * 1985/USA) American Waltz, Gone With The Wind, The Farmer`s Daughter, I Wish Things Were Simple Again... (5€).

MERLE HAGGARD: Songs For The Mama That Tried (MCA * 1981/USA) What A Friend We Have In Jesus, The Old Rugged Cross, Keep On The Sunny Side, When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels, Why Me... (5€).

MERLE HAGGARD & LEONA WILLIAMS: Heart To Heart (Mercury MERL 29 * 1983/Holland) (8€) * A Waltz Across Texas, It's Cold In California, I'll Never Be Free, We're Strangers Again ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD & GEORGE JONES: A Taste Of Yesterday's Wine (EPIC FE 38203 * 1982/USA) (12€) * Mobile Bay, C.C. waterback, Must've Been Drunk, No Show Jones, The Brothers, After I Sing All My Songs ... (10 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD & BONNIE OWENS: That Makes Two Of Us (Pickwick/Capitol JS-6106 * USA) (5€) * I Wanta Live Again, Forever And Ever, Stranger In My Arms, I'll Take A Chance, Just Between The Two Of Us ... (9 tracks).
MERLE HAGGARD & BONNIE OWENS: Just Between The Two Of Us (Capitol/Stetson HAT 3073 re-1966 * England) (9€) * Slowly But Surely, I'll Take A Chance, Our Hearts Are Holding Hands ... (12 tracks).

MERLE HAGGARD & WILLIE NELSON: Poncho And Lefty (EPIC FE 37958 * 1982/USA) (6€) * Opportunity To Cry, All The Soft Places To Fall, It's My lazy Day, Half A Man, My Mary, Reasons To Quit ...(10 tracks).
MERLE HAGGARD & WILLIE NELSON: Poncho And Lefty (EPIC CX 85754 * 1982/Holland) (6€) * Opportunity To Cry, All The Soft Places To Fall, It's My lazy Day, Half A Man, My Mary, Reasons To Quit ...(10 tracks).
MERLE HAGGARD & WILLIE NELSON: Seashores Of Old Mexico (EPIC 450485-1 * 1987/Holland) (8€) * Shotgun And A Pistol, Silver Wings, Jimmy The Broom, Yesterday, Why Do I Have To Choose ... (10 tracks).

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