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LISTEN (mp3) ~ ERNIE SYKES: "You're The Devil In Disquise" (2001).

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Dick Curless (1932-1995):

"Dick Curless - Portrait of A Country Singer" .

"Dick Curless Story".

"Dick Curless Story" (in Finnish).

"Dick Curless Discography".

Waylon Jennings (1937-2002):

"Waylon Jennings: The Eternal Outlaw" ("American Songwriter").

"Waylon Jennings Discography" .

"Waylon Jennings Story" (in Finnish).

"Highwaymen" (partly in Finnish).

Shel Silverstein: "Old Dogs"-album project (in Finnish).

Ernest Tubb (1923-1984):

Ernest Tubb (website - JJ).

Ernest Tubb: Story ("").

Ernest Tubb album discography.

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"Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives"

"The Great Canadian Fiddle
And Other Canadian Musical Folklore"

"Lonesome Lefty's Scratchy Attic"

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"Allen`s archive of early and old country music."

"Country & Western singles (45 rpm)."

"San Francisco Bay Area Country Singles & EPs"

"Hillbilly Researcher"

"Some Local Loser - Derik From Minnesota"

"Jeremy's Saggy Record Cabinet"

"Visit Me In Music City"

"Country Music ~ Oldies But Goldies"

San Francisco Bay Area labels - complete listing.

(86 pages * Adobe Reader/pdf).


"Singer & songwriter from the golden 1960's and 1970's."
(partly in Finnish).