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Chester (FC):

Chester FC * 2017.

Chester (City) putosi kauden 2008-09 jälkeen pois varsinaisilta liigatasoilta (1-4).
Chester joutui ensimmäisen Conference-kauden (2009-10 * 5. taso) jälkeen konkurssiin.
Pudottautuminen seuraavalle kaudelle 2010-11 suoraan peräti 8. sarjatasolle ~ nimeksi Chester FC.
Neljänä kautena takaisin ylös 5. sarjatasolle vuosi per liigataso - ei voimia kuitenkaan League Two-nousuun.
Kaudelle 2018-19 suunta kääntyi alas päin takaisin 6. sarjatasolle.

(07-08) 4 4 5 8 7 6 5 5 5 5 5 6 (18-19).

Background: The original Chester FC was founded in 1885 and joined the Football League before the 1931–32 season. They changed their name to Chester City in 1983. They were members of the Football League, predominantly in its fourth tier but occasionally in its third tier, until 2000 when the club was relegated to the Football Conference. They returned to the Football League after winning the Conference title in 2004. Following relegation back to the Conference in 2009, the club hit financial difficulties. These financial difficulties led to the season starting with a 25-point deduction, following the Inland Revenue overturning a proposed CVA. Chester City were eventually wound up on 10 March 2010.

City Fans United (CFU) had been formed in October 2009, following growing disquiet among fans with the running of Chester City, who at that point were already in deep financial trouble. Only a month after the official formation of CFU, fans staged an on-pitch protest about Chester City's ownership, leading to the abandonment of the game against Eastbourne Borough at a point when Chester were leading 3–2. Following a vote of its membership, CFU in January 2010 called for a boycott of Chester City, after the dismissal of the then manager Jim Harvey, which led to CFU expressing its "disappointment, shock, and anger" at the decision. The group then began preparations in February 2010 to form a phoenix club for the following season just weeks before Chester City FC was wound up.

Following the official winding up of Chester City in March 2010, a ballot was held to choose the name for the new club. Over 1,000 people participated in the ballot and 70% voted for the name Chester FC, which had been the old club's name for its first 98 years. The club received the support of Cheshire West and Chester Council, which granted the lease of the Deva Stadium (subsequently renamed the Exacta Stadium as part of a sponsorship arrangement), Chester City's former ground, to Chester FC in May 2010.

Establishment: Chester FC started competing in the 2010–11 season. The FA initially recommended that they should be placed in the North West Counties Football League Premier Division, a decision that the club appealed against. On 18 June 2010, the FA made a statement saying that Chester would instead be placed a step higher and would play in the Northern Premier League Division One North, the 8th tier of the English football league system. The club was formally relaunched on 20 May 2010, when Neil Young and Gary Jones were announced as the first manager and assistant of the club. A pre-season friendly played at Colwyn Bay on 10 July 2010 was the first fixture for the new club, the match resulting in a 2–1 victory for Colwyn Bay. The team's first home friendly was played against Aberystwyth Town, which the Blues won 3–0.

2010–11 season: The club's first league match was on 24 August 2010, away at Warrington Town. Rob Hopley scored the first ever goal for the club in the 6th minute, but the game ended in a 1–1 draw. Chester played their first home game against Trafford and won 6–0, Michael Wilde scoring a hat-trick. In September, Chester lost their first game after a 2–1 home defeat to Chorley.

Chester went top of their division for the first time following a 2–1 win at Cammell Laird in October, before equalling their record win when they beat Ossett Albion 6–0 in January 2011, and recording their ninth consecutive away win at Trafford in the same month. After their win at promotion rivals Skelmersdale in March, the Blues went 12 points clear at the top of the league, but a number of draws and defeats led to this margin being cut to just a single point by 16 April.

Second-placed Skelmersdale then dropped points, to leave Chester three points clear with one remaining game, and a goal difference eight ahead of their chasing rivals. In a wild finale to the season, Chester were promoted by only a single point of goal difference, as the Blues went down to a shock 2–1 defeat at Garforth Town, while Skelmersdale thrashed Ossett Albion 7–2, with two goals from Ossett striker Danny Toronczak the difference between promotion and the playoffs for Chester.

Chester were ineligible to compete in either the FA Trophy and FA Cup during their inaugural season due to FA rules requiring a minimum of one season of prior football before playing in the Trophy, and two years before playing in the Cup.

Chester FC (Wikipedia).

Chester FC (Official website).


Chester City * neljäs sarjataso (League Two) ~ putoaminen NON-LEAGUE-ympyröihin.


Chester City * pudonneena viidennelle sarjatasolle (Conference) ~ kauden jälkeen konkurssi ja muutos fanipohjaiseen johtajuuteen.


Nimivaihdos: Chester FC * pudotettuna 8. sarjatasolle! Nousu ylöspäin alkoi heti./center>


Chester FC * nousijana 7. sarjatasolla - nousi suoraan 6. sarjatasolle (Conference North).


Chester FC * nousijana 6. sarjatasolla (Conference North) - nousi suoraan 5. sarjatasolle (Conference).


Chester FC * nousijana 5. sarjatasolla (Conference).


Chester FC * toinen peräkkäinen kausi 5. sarjatasolla (Conference).


Chester FC * kolmas peräkkäinen kausi 5. sarjatasolla (Conference).


Chester FC * neljäs peräkkäinen kausi 5. sarjatasolla (Conference).


Chester FC * viides peräkkäinen kausi 5. sarjatasolla (Conference) ~ putoaminen alemmaksi 6. sarjatasolle (Conference North).

(25.11.2017 * Conference): Chester FC-Dagenham & Redbridge 0-4!

(Chester FC * 25.11.2017): (mv) Alex Lynch - Andy Halls, Lathaniel Rowe-Turner, John McCombe, Jordan Gough, Kingsley James, Lucas Dawson, Ryan Rainey (Jerome Slew), Ross Hannah, Nyal Bell (Ryan Astles) ja James Akintunde. Vaihdossa: (mv) Nathan Vaughan, Myles Anderson ja Paul Turnbull. Lainamiehet: James, Bell ja Anderson. Manageri: Marcus Bignot.

Vasemmalla: (p) Lathaniel Rowe-Turner ja oikealla (h) James Akintunde.


Chester FC * pudonneena 6. sarjatasolla (Conference North).

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