Koottu kaikki tarjolla oleva materiaali kyseiseltä esiintyjältä (LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singlet & muut * käytettyjä):

All available material by the artist (used LPs, CDs, 45 rpm singles & others):
(Jukka Joutsi, Finland ~ up-dated: 2.12.2018).


JOHNNY CASH: America * A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song (CBS/Sony * Austria) * (6€) * The Battle Of New Orleans, Southwestward, The Gettysburg Address, On Wheels And Wings, Reaching For The Stars, Come Take A Trip In My Airship ... (21 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Ultimate Gospel (Columbia/Sony/Legacy * comp-2007/EU) (6€) * The Old Account, Here Was A Man, That's Enough, Troubledome Waters, Daddy Sang Bass, Far Side Banks Of Jordan ... (24 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Orange Blossom Special (Columbia/Sony/Legacy * re-2002) (6€) * Engine 143, I'm Proud The Baby Is Mine, Mama you've Been On My Mind, You Wild Colorado, The Wall ... (15 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Man In Black * Live In Denmark 1971 (Sony/Legacy * re-2008/EU) (6€) * (Featuring June Carter & The Carter Family, Carl Perkins & The Statler Brothers) * Me And Bobby McGee, Guess Things Happen That, Man In Black ... (19 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: 28 Greatest Country Songs (2 CD Box) (That's Country/San Juan Music * comp-1990/EEC) (5€) * Cold Cold Heart, Hey Good Looking, Port Of Lonely Hearts, Just About Time, Goodbye Little Darling ... (28 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: At San Quentin (Columbia/Sony/Pickwick * re-1994/england) (6€) * Starkville City Jail, Wanted Man, San Quentin, Darling Companion ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: At San Quentin * featuring 9 unreleased bonus tracks (Columbia/Legacy * 1969/re-2000 * USA) (7€) * The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago, He Turned The Water In The Wine, I Don't Know Where I'm Bound ... (18 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: At Folsom Prison (Columbia/Sony/BGM * re-2006/Germany) (7€) * Cocaine Blues, Send A Picture Of Mother, Joe Bean, Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog, The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer, Green Green Grass Of Home, Greystone Chapel ... (19 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Ride This Train (2 CD Set) (Columbia/Not Now * comp-2011/England) (8€) * Ballad Of Boot Hill, Remember The Alamo, Smiling Bill McCall, Locomotive Man, Lorena, Girl In Saskatoon, Just One More ... (40 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Hello I Am Johnny Cash (Columbia * comp-1994/France) (7€) * No Expectations, Oney, Rockabilly Blues (Texas 1955), The Baron, Bad News, Brand New Dance, The Rebel Johnny Yuma ...

JOHNNY CASH: Chapter & Verse ~ 14 Favorite Gospel Songs CD & Bible On DVD * Special Edition Two-Disc Set * New Testament ~ Narrated by Johnny Cash * Over 19 hours Of Dolby Digital Audio - Walking The Bible Photo Tour * No DVD region coding ~ NTSC TV Format (NKJV/Sony/BGM * comp-2008/USA) (18€) * Wings In The Morning, The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All, Gospel Boogie (A Wonderful Time Up There), I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal. Over The Next Hill We'll Be Home ... (14 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: The Real Johnny Cash ... The Ultimate Johnny Cash Collection (3 CDs * Columbia Original recordings/Sony * comp-2011/EU) (7€) * The Fable Of Willie Brown, I Got Shoes, Just One More, Loading Coal, Slow Rider, Boss Jack, Old Apache Squaw, The Troubadour ... (88 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Out Among the Stars (Columbia/Sony * comp-2014/EU) (7€) * Rock And Roll Shoes, I'm Movin' On (& Waylon Jennings), Tennessee, She Used To Love Me A Lot ... (13 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Man In Black * The Very Best Of * 40 tracks (Columbia/Sony * comp-2002) (8€) * Song Of the Patriot, The Wanderer, Man In White, Flesh And Blood, Girl From The North Country, All Over Again ... (40 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Life (CBS/Legacy * comp-2004/USA) (7€) * I'm Alright Now, Where Did We Go Right, I can't Go On That Way, Lead Me Gently Home, These Are My People ... (18 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: American III * Solitary Man (American * 2000/EU) (7€) * Country Trash, I'm Leavin' Now, I See A Darkness, Field Of Darkness, Mary Of The Wild Moor, I Won't Back Down ... (14 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: American V * A Hundred Highways (American * 2006/EC) (7€) * Four Strong Winds, Like The 309, Further On Up The Road, Rose Of My Heart, On the Evening Train ... (12 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH: Get Rhythm (Classic Country/Charly * comp-1992/EEC) (5€) * Oh Lonesome Me, Luther Played The Boogie, So Doggone Lonesome, Mean Eyed Cat, Give My Love To Rose, Blue Train ... (20 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Le Meilleur Johnny Cash (MCPS/Hyver * comp-1996/Holland) (5€) * You're The Nearest Thing To heaven, Luther Played The Boogie, The Ways Of A Woman In Love, Katy Too ... (20 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: 18 Golden Hits * The Starlight Collection (Galaxy * comp-1993/EEC) (5€) * Port Of Lonely hearts, Sugartime, I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You, Just About Time, Next In Line ... (18 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH & WILLIE NELSON: VH1 Storytellers (American * 1998/USA) (7€) * Flesh And Blood, Me And Paul, Unchained, Worried Man, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Drive On ... (15 tracks).

HIGHWAYMEN (Cash-Nelson-Jennings-Kris): The Highwayman Collection (Columbia/Sony * comp-1999/USA) (9€) * Texas, Living Legend, Silver Stallion, American Remains, Welfare Line ... (20 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: The Road Goes On Forever (Liberty * 1995/England) (7€) * Death And Hell, The Devil's Right Hand, True Love Travels A Gravel Road, Waiting For A Long Time ... (11 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: Highwayman 2 (CBS * 1990/Austria) (9€) * Born Amd Raised In Black And White, Angels Love Bad Men, Songs That Make A Difference, Two Stories Wide ... (10 tracks).

Johnny Cash:
The Best Of Johnny Cash

Columbia/Sony/PopShop (coll-1988/1995 * EU).

Bonanza, A Man In Black,
In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home,
Kate, The Ballad Of Ira Hayes ...(20 tracks)


Johnny Cash:

Charly/Biem Sierra/Gold * coll-95/Holland-France.

Rock island Line, Born To Lose,
I Just Thought You'd Like To Know,
Straight A's In Line, Next In Line ... (14 tracks)


Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two:
16 Greatest Hits

SUN 1955-59 material * PLAY (Coll-2005).

Thanks A Lot, Home Of the Blues,
You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven,
Train Of Love, Katy Too ... (16 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
The Mother's Hymn Book

American/Lost Highway * 2004/EU.

Just As I Am, I Shall Not be Moved,
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning,
In the Garden, Do Lord
(produced by RICK RUBIN) ... (15 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
Country Boy

Charly/MusicBank * coll-2000/England).

Two Timin' Woman, You Win Again,
Goodnight Irene, Life Goes On,
Next In Line ...(20 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
Presents A Concert Behind Prison Walls

Eagle Records * re-2000/Germany.

Johnny Cash with Linda Ronstadt & Roy Clark.

Jacob Green, Wreck Of The Old 97,
A Boy Named Sue ...(16 tracks)


"Kindred Spirits":
A Tribute To The Songs Of Johnny Cash

Columbia/Sony/LuckyDog (2002/Austria).

Hank Williams Jr: Big River,
Little Richard: Get Rhythm,
Marty Stuart: Hey Porter,
Travis Tritt: I Walk The Line,
Bob Dylan: Train Of Love ...(14 tracks)



JOHNNY CASH: Johnny 99 (CBS 25471 * 1983/Holland) (12€) * Highway Patrolman, God Bless Robert E.Lee, Ballad Of The Ark, Girl From The Canyon ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: One Piece At A Time (CBS 32015 * 1976/Holland) (10€) * Let There Be Country, Michigan City Howdy Do, Mountain Lady, Sold Out Of Flagpoles, Daughter Of A Railroad Man ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Rainbow (CBS 26689 * 1985/England) (12€) * Borderline - A Musical Whodunit), Casey's Last Ride, Unwed Fathers, Easy Street, I'm Leaving Now ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Hello. I'm Johnny Cash (Columbia ASF 1492 * 1969) (5€) (kulunutta kantta teipattu)(taped & a bit worn-out cover) * Route #1 Box 144, Blistered, Southwind, Sing A Traveling Song, See Ruby Fall ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Any Old Wind That Blows (Columbia S 65431 * 1973/ Holland) (8€) * Kentucky Straight, The Ballad Of Annie Palmer, Oney, Country Trash, Best Friend, The Good Earth, If I Had A Hammer ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: The Last Gunfighter Ballad (Columbia 81566 * 1977/Holland) (8€) * Ridin' On The Cotton belt, City Jail, Ballad Of Barbara, That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (& Tommy Cash) ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Gone Girl (Columbia 83323 * 1978/England) (8€) * I Will Rock & Roll With You, The Diplomat, No Expectations, Cajun Born, A Song For The Life, It Comes And Goes ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: Silver (Columbia 83757 * 1979/Holland) (8€) * The L & N Stop Here Anymore, Lonesome To The Bone, Bull Rider, I'll Say It's True (& George Jones), West Canterbury Subdivision Blues ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY CASH: The Adventures Of Johnny Cash (Columbia 85881 * 1982/Holland) (12€) * Georgia On A Fast Train, Paradise, Good Old American Guest, Ain't Gonna Hobo No More, Fair Weather Friends ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY CASH & WAYLON JENNINGS: Heroes (Columbia C 40347 * 1986/USA) (18€) * Folks Out On the Road, American By Birth, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, One Too Many Mornings, Field Of Diamonds ...

Johnny Cash:
Now Here's Johnny Cash

Get Back/SUN/Charly GET 7505 (2002/Italy).

Port Of Lonely Hearts, My Treasure,
Life Goes On, So Doggone Lonesome,
Oh Lonesome Me ...(12 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
Sings Folsom Prison Blues

Get Back/SUN/Charly GET 7512 (2002/Italy).

Just About Time, Mean Eyed Cat,
Don't Make Me Go, Down The Street To 301,
There You Go...(10 tracks)


Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two:
Get Rhythm

Get Back/SUN/Charly GET 7507 (2002/Italy).

Country Boy, Luther's Boogie, Belshazah,
Sugartime, Two Timin' Woman ... (11 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
Orange Blossom Special

Columbia CL-2309 MONO (USA)

Kannet ja levy kuluneet.
Record and covers not in best possible condition.

Mama You Been On My Mind, Danny Boy, Amen,
You Wild Colorado, Wildwood Flower ... (12 tracks)


Johnny Cash-Jerry Lee Lewis-Carl Perkins:
The Survivors

Pickwick SHM-3180 (1982/England).

Recorded Together “Live” in Stuttgart,
West Germany (April 23, 1981)

Cash & Perkins: Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad,
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine,
I Forgot To Remember To Forget ... (12 tracks).


Johnny Cash:
The Johnny Cash Collection Vol.3

Hallmark PDA 062 (England).

Hank And Joe And Me, The Man On The Hill,
Austin Prison, The Caretaker,
Old Apache Squaw, Don't Step On Mother's Roses,
Honky-Tonk Girl, Clementine...(22 tracks)


Johnny cash:
Story Of A Broken Heart

Pickwick SMH 897 (England).

Katy Too, You Tell Me, You're My Baby,
Always Alone, Goodbye Little Darling ...... (16 tracks)


Johnny Cash:
Walls Of A Prison

Columbia S 52825 (1970/Holland).

Going To Memphis, The Ballad Of Boot Hill,
Troublesome Waters, When It's Springtime In Alaska,
The Shifting Whispering Sands ... (10 tracks)


Other material ~ JOHNNY CASH:

DVD * Musiikki / Music (original DVDs):

Useimmat DVD-julkaisut olen ostanut/tilannut suoraan kaupasta ja katsellut läpi vain 1-2 kertaa - HYVÄSSÄ KUNNOSSA. Most of my DVDs I have bought straight from shops and watched through only for a couple of times - in very good condition.

JOHNNY CASH: In Concert - The Man In Black * His Early years - 16 Memorable Tracks (Legends On Stage) (39 mins) - (5€).
JOHNNY CASH: Live In Concert (24 tracks) (63 mins) - (5€).
JOHNNY CASH: Greatest Hits - Live (14 tracks) (53mins) - (5€).

VHS * Musiikki / Music (original VHS):

Useimmat VHS-julkaisut olen ostanut/tilannut suoraan kaupasta ja katsellut läpi vain 1-2 kertaa - HYVÄSSÄ KUNNOSSA. Most of my original VHS cassettes I have bought straight from shops and watched through only for a couple of times - in very good condition.

European * PAL:

JOHNNY CASH: Ridin' The Rails * The Great American Train Story (Polygram/Castle Music) (56min) * (5€).

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