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ELVIS PRESLEY: Love Songs * 16 Original Songs (K-TEL * Finland/1978) * Until It`s Time For You To Go, The Wonder Of You, Loving You, Memories ... (6€)
ELVIS PRESLEY: Are You Lonesome Tonight (RCA-Pickwick * England/1992) * Wild In The Country, Hard Headed Woman, There's Always Me (6€)
ELVIS PRESLEY: The Legend (RCA-Pickwick * England/1983) * Old Shep, Poor Boy, All That I Am, You'll Never Walk Alone ... (6€)

FRANCIS GOYA (kitaristi): Summernight Moods * soittaa Suomi-suosikkeja (Finnlevy * 1979/Finland) (5€) * Myrskyluodon Maija, Kolibri, Siks' oon mä suruinen, Kotiseutu Pohjolassa, Viimeinen kevät ... (12 tracks).
FRANCIS GOYA: Pohjolan yössä (Bluebird BBL-1015 * 1981/Finland) (5€) * Kaksi vanhaa tukkijätkää. Lapin tango, Kyllikki, Tunturisatu, Keinussa kesällä kerran ... (12 tracks).

THE BEACH BOYS: Surfin' Safari (Capitol * 1962/England) (pari naarmua - rapsahtelee) (3€) * Ten Little Indians, Summertime Blues, Cuckoo Clock, Chug-A-Lug, County Fair ... (12 tracks).

THE NEW SEEKERS: Beautiful People (Elektra * 1971/USA) (4€) * Look What They've Done To My Song, Eighteen Carat Friend, Never Ending Song Of Love, Cincinnati ... (12 tracks).

BONIE M: Nightflight To Venus (Hansa International * 1978/Germany) (4€) * Rasputin, He Was A Steppenwolf, KIng Of The Road, Rivers Of Babylon, Voodoonight, Heart Of Gold ... (10 tracks).

DR. HOOK (feat. Ray Sawyer): Pleasure & Pain (Capitol * 1978/USA) (kuluneet kannet ~ naarmuinen, rapsahtelee) (2€) * Storms Never Last, Clyde, Dooley Jones ... (10 tracks).

GUESS WHO: The Best Of ~ Vol.2 (RCA * 1973/USA) (3€) * Albert Flasher, Runnin' Back To Saskatoon, Guns Guns Guns, Life In The Bloodstream, Heartbroken Bopper ... (11 tracks).

TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY: Introducing The Hardline According To T.T.D'Arby (CBS * 1987/England) (3€) * Dance Little Sister, Let's Go Forward, Seven More Days ... (11 tracks).

PRETENDERS: Packed (WEA * 1990/Germany) (3€) * Downtown (Akron), Millionaires, Criminal, Let's Make A Pact ... (11 tracks).

THE LOLLIPOPS (tanskalainen nuorten poikien yhtye): Do You Know ... (Karusell * 1965/Sweden) (rapsahtelee paikoin) (3€) * Two Chips And One Fish, The Boy With Freckles And Red Hair ... (14 tracks).

JEAN CLAUDE PASCAL: Jean Claude Pascal (MFP * France) (2€)

CHARLES AZNAVOUR: My Christmas Album (Pickwick * 1981/England) (2€)

PAUL STOOKEY: Paul And (WB * 1971/USA) (2€) * (rapsahtelee) * Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues, Been On The Road Too Long, Give A Damn, John Henry Bosworth, Ju Les Ver Negre En Cheese ... (12 tracks).

BEN WEBSTER: Atmosphere For Lovers And Thieves (=jazz saxophone)(Black Lion * recorded "live" in Copenhagen, September 1965/England) (3€)

Best Of Latin American Music" (Valitut Palat/Reader`s Digest * 1981/Finland) Vol.2 * Juhlat Meksikossa (3€)
Best Of Latin American Music" (Valitut Palat/Reader`s Digest * 1981/Finland) Vol.7 * Tällaista on rakkaus (3€)
Best Of Latin American Music" (Valitut Palat/Reader`s Digest * 1981/Finland) Vol.8 * Kaikki tanssimaan (3€)

GYPSY MUSIC ~ From All Over The World (Somerset * USA) (3€) * Two Guitars, A Russian Fantasy, Dark Eyes, Czardas, La Negra, La Nortena, Sevillana ... (Sania Poustylnicof, 101 Strings, Mariachis Del Oro ...).

England World Cup Squad 1986 (football): "World Cup Party" (Columbia 1986/England) (incl. Team poster) (3€)
Ted Taylor Chorus & Orchestra: Best Of the Football Themes (Starline 1972/England) (3€)

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