Used COUNTRY RECORDS for sale or exchanging:
(Kδytettyjδ KANTRILEVYJΔ myytδvδnδ * sivu: 1/2):

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These items are all USED records in good condition (if not mentioned otherwise). Payments by PayPal or IBAN bank system (outside Finland) - contact first by e-mail with your 'wanted list' and you'll hear the exact amount to pay (incl. the postages). Also EXCHANGING is possible.

Δδnilevyt ovat KΔYTETTYJΔ - hyvδkuntoisia (mahdolliset "puutteet" mainittu erikseen). Ota yhteys sδhkφpostilla ja sovitaan maksusysteemit (tilisiirto tavallisin) - todelliset postikulut lisδtδδn hintoihin. VAIHDOTKIN mahdollisia.

Vinyl LPs:

PERUSKANTRI ~ KESKEISET ARTISTIT * isommat yhtiφt ja menestykset (Basic country ~ MAIN ARTISTS):

ROY ACUFF: Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 (Elektra SE-6004 * 1978/USA) (2 LP-Set) (8€) * The Story Of The Violin, Take Me Home Country Roads, Back In The Country, Turn Your Radio On ... (20 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Greatest Hits - Vol. 2 (Elektra 9E-303 * 1979/USA) (2 LP-Set) (8€) * Tennessee Central, Freight Train Blues, That's Country, Pale Horse And His Rider, The Great Titanic ... (20 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Sings Hank Williams ~ For The First Time (Elektra 6€-287 * 1980/USA) (9€) * Jambaylaya, Kawliga, You Win Again, There'll Be No Tear Drops Tonight ... (10 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Once More It's Roy Acuff (Hickory LPM-H101 * USA) (kansireunat teipattu * taped cover edges) (4€) * Nero Played His Fiddle While Rome Burned, Thanks For Not Telling Me, Don't Know Why ... (12 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Back In The Country (MGM/Hickory HR-4507 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Sing A Country Song. Don't Worry 'Bout The Mule, Radio Station S-A-V-E-D, Old Time Sunshine Song, Our Own Jule Blon ... (11 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Back In The Country (Elektra E1-60012 * 1982/USA) (5€) * What Have They Done To The Trains, Boxcar Willie, We Robbed Trains, The Wednesday Night Waltz, Don't Worry 'Bout The Mule - Just Load The Wagon ... (10 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Smoky Mountain Memories (Hickory/MGM H3G-4517 * 1975/USA) (5€) (kannessa teippaus/taping on cover) * Take Me Home Country Roads, Tennessee Central Number 9, Roof Top Lullaby ... (11 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: The King Of Country Music (Gusto P-16596 * 1982/USA) (7€) * Tennessee Waltz, Muleskinner Blues, The Great Judgement Morning, Tell Mother I'll Be There ... (20 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Roy Acuff Country (Pickwick/Capitol/USA) Swamp Lilly, Don`t Judge Your Neighbour, The Thief Upon The Tree ... (4€)

LEE ALLEN: Songs Of Love And Tragedy (& The Clinch Mountain Boys) (Jalyn Records JLP-127 * USA) (6€) * Tragedy Of Frozen Creek, Reckless Hobo, Dream Of A Coalminer's Child ... (12 tracks).

RED ALLEN & The Kentuckians: Bluegrass Country (Fundamental/County SAVE 29/England) (5€) * Out On The Ocean, I`m On My Way Back To The Old Home, That`s How I Can Count On You...

REX ALLEN (Sr.): Mister Cowboy (Decca/Stetson re-issue HAT-30324 * England) (12€) * Hoosen Johnny, Cindy, Sweet Betsy From Pike, The Cowboy's Dream, Alla En El Rancho Grande, Curtains Of Night, Rarin' To Go ... (14 tracks).

REX ALLEN JR: Brand New (WB - 1978/USA) Kin To The Wind, I Got A Name, Diary, No No No ... (5€).
REX ALLEN JR: Me And My Broken Heart (WB - 1979/USA) Somebody`s Leavin` , Pick Up The Pieces, Wonder Working Love ... (5€).

BILL ANDERSON: Bill (MCA 1973/England) (5€) * Number One, The Corner Of My Life, I Can`t Mend It, Have You Seen Her ...
BILL ANDERSON: Every Time I turn The Radio On (MCA MCF-2596 * 1975/England) (8€) * Country DJ, Roller Coaster Ride, Talk To Me Ohio, Concrete, The Only Way To Travel ... (11 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Where Have All the Heroes Gone (Decca DL-75254 * 1970/USA) (12€) * Me And Bobby McGee, For The Good Times, Poison Red Berries, And Then Came The Bad Years ... (11 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Scorpio (MCA * 1977/USA) (5€) * Movie Queen, This Old Suitcase, Velvet And Steel, Mama Never Got To Rock Us...

LIZ & CASEY ANDERSON: Songs For Kids Of All Ages (Showboat Records SBT-101 * 1988/USA) (7€) * The Six-Gun Kid, Why Do they call Me A Cowgirl, The Day The Circus Came To Town, Christopher - The Christmas Seal, Jeannie - The Little Reindeer Girl ... (11 songs).

EDDY ARNOLD: Sings For Housewives & Other Lovers (RCA * 1972/England) Carolyn, Daddy Don`t You Walk So Fast, Sweet Bunch Of Daisies... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD: I Need You All The Time (RCA * 1977/USA) Frδulein, Hurtin` Song, Till You Can Make It On Your Own... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD: A Man For All Seasons (RCA * 1981/USA) Bally-Hoo days, Love Can Move Mountains, Lovin` In The Good Old Days... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD: Close Enough To Love (RCA * 1983/USA) Wooden Heart, The Blues Don`t Care Who`s Got `Em, All This Could Have Been Mine... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD: I Love How You Love Me (Pickwick/RCA-73/USA) (9 songs) Wichita Lineman, Little Green Apples... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD: 20 Of The Best (RCA 1947-68/re-82/England) Eddy`s Song, The Cattle Call, Kentucky Waltz, Bouquet Of Roses, Make The World Go Away... (4€).
EDDY ARNOLD & The Needmore Creek Singers: Folk Song Book (RCA LSP-2811 * Canada) (7€) * Poor Howard, Cotton Fields, Jeff Canady, The Folk Singer, The Song Of The Coo Coo, Blowing In The Wind ... (12 tracks).

BILL ARWOOD: Walk Away (Bob Grady NR-18223 * USA) (6€) * Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, When Angel Loves The Devil Out Of Me, A Long Time Ago, Band Of Gold ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY ASHCROFT (Australia): Requests (EMI/AXIS 6046 * Australia) (6€) * Me And Bobby McGee, Reuben James, Six Days On The Road, Daddy Hard Heart, Old Shep ... (14 tracks).

LEON ASHLEY: Flower Of Love (Pickwick/Hilltop JS-6069 * 1968/USA) (7€) * To Choose The Bad, Baby I'm Coming Home, Packing And Unpacking, You Gave Me Reason To Live ... (9 tracks).
LEON ASHLEY & MARGIE SINGLETON: A New Brand Of Country ~ Leon & Margie (Ashley Records A-3695 * 1969/USA) (7€) * So Far No Good Twentieth Century Child, Wandering Mind, Big Boys Don't Need Mamas ... (11 tracks).

CHET ATKINS & JERRY REED: Me And Chet (RCA ANL1-2167 * 1972/USA) (8€) * The Mad Russian, Liebestraum, Nashtown Ville, Mystery Train, Flying South, Good Stuff, Limehouse Blues ... (11 tracks).

HOYT AXTON: Snowblind Friend (MCA MCF-2803 * 1977/England) (6€) * Poncho And Lefty, Seven Come, Never Been To Spain, Little White Moon, I Light This Candle, Water For My Horses ... (11 tracks).
HOYT AXTON: A Rusty Old Halo (Jeremiah * 1979/Germany) Viva Pancho Villa, Wild Bull Rider, Della And The Dealer, Torpedo, Gotta Keep Rollin`, The Hotel Ritz... (6€).

KENNY BAKER & BLAINE SPROUSE (fiddlers): Indian Springs (Rounder 0259 * 1989/USA-Canada) (4€) * John Barleycorn, Owensboro, September Waltz, Three Days In Dublin, Cottontown Breakdown ... (11 tracks).

KIDD BAKER (Canada): The Country Music Legend Of New Brunswick (Cattle Records LP-90 * 1950's * comp-1986/Germany) (8e) * The Mission Bells Of San Antoine, Big Rock Candy Mountain, When They Mention My Name ... (14 tracks).

Honky tonk singer Larry Ballard.

LARRY BALLARD: Honky Tonk Heaven Is A Hell Of A Place To Be (Capitol * 1976/USA) (8€) * Booze The Blues Away, How Much Lower Lord Can I Go?, Silver Eagle, Hang On Sally, Used People Lot, Honky Tonk Heaven ... (10 tracks).

Moe Bandy:

MOE BANDY: Bandy The Rodeo Clown (GRC GA-10016 * 1975/USA) (7€) * Oh Lonesome Me, Fais Do-Do, Signs Of A Woman Gone, Give Me Liberty (Or Give Me All Your Love) ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry (Columbia 34874 * 1977/USA) (7€) * Misery Loves Company, She Just Loved The Cheatin' Out Of Me, All I Can Handle At Home ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Here I Am Drunk Again (Columbia KC 34285 * 1976/USA) (7€) * The Bottle's Holding Me, She's Got That Oklahoma Look, The Man That You Once Knew, Please Take Her Home ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Following The Feeling (Columbia JC-36789 * 1980/USA) (7€) * Mexico Winter, Liquor Emotion, If I Lay Down The Bottle Would You Lay Back Down With Me ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: The Champ (Columbia JC 36487 * 1980/USA) (7€) * I Just Can't Leave Those Honky Tonks Alone, The Cowboy's A Kitten At Home, Beethoven Was Before My Time, Yesterday Once More ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even) (Columbia PC 38009 * 1982/USA) (7€) * The All American Dream, Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Soul, Jesus In A Nashville Jail ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even) (Columbia 85868 * 1982/England) (7€) * The All American Dream, Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Soul, Jesus In A Nashville Jail ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Sings The Songs Of Hank Williams (Columbia PC 38652 * 1983/USA) (7€) Jambaylaya, A House Of Gold, Move It On Over, A Mansion On The Hill, I'm Sorry For You My Friend ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Motel Matches (Columbia 25927 * 1984/England) (7€) * Texas saturday Night, In Mexico, It Took A Lot Of Drinkin', That Horse That You Can't Ride ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Keepin' It Country (Columbia FC 40140 * 1986/USA) (7€) * I Wonder Who taught Her That Honky Tonk Song, If The Love Ain't Right At Home, Do My Dyin' Well ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me (MCA 5914 * 1987/USA) (7e) * One Man Band, Till I'm Too Old To Die Young, Ridin' Her Memory Down, Rodeo Song, Between Us ... (10 tracks).
MOE BANDY: The Very Best Of (Country Store CST-029 * comp-1986/England) (kirjoitusta takakannessa * writing on back cover) (7€) * Don't Sing Me Songs About Texas (& Merle Haggard, Country Side (& Becky Hobbs), You're Gonna Lose Her Like That ... (14 tracks).
MOE BANDY: Many Mansions (Curb CRB-10609 * 1989/USA) (7€) * Ain't Nothin' Gonna Gonna Slow The Train Down, Charlie, Yuppie Love, This Night Won't Last Forever ... (10 tracks).

MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY : Just Good Ol` Boys/Holding The Bag (Columbia * 1979/USA)(4€) * Honky-Tonk Man, When It Comes To Cowgirls (We Just Can`t Say No), Thank Good It`s Friday...
MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY: Live From Bad Bob`s, Memphis (Columbia * 1985/USA) (4€) * Daddy`s Honky Tonk, The Boy`s Night Out, Your Cheatin` Heart, Where`s The Dress..

GLENN BARBER: Saturday's Heroes Are Gone (Tudor TR-113904 * 1983/USA) (7€) * Don't Take My Country Away, You'd Better Be One Helluva Woman, Daddy Number 2, Burning Bridges, Don't Worry About Me ... (10 tracks).

Bobby Bare:

BOBBY BARE: A Bird Named Yesterday (RCA Victor LSP-3831 * 1967/Canada) (12€) * Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back, The Old Gang's Gone, The Day The Saw Mill Closed Down ... (10 tracks + recitations).
BOBBY BARE: Tender Years (Pickwick/Hilltop JS-6026 * 1965/USA) (8€) * A Beggar, Vampira, Darling Don't, Life Of A Fool, The Livin' End, Another Love Has Ended ... (8 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Drinkin' From The Bottle, Singin' From The Heart (Columbia FC 38670 * 1983/USA) (12€) * Me And Jimmie Rodgers, Three-Legged Man, Rodeo Queen, Jennifer Johnson & Me, Stacy Brown Got Two ... (11 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose (Columbia CBS 85504 * 1982/Holland) (10€) * The Old Swimmin' Hole, Cold Day In Hell, Praise The Lord And Send The Money, Goodnight Irene ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Hard Time Hungrys (RCA APL-1-0906 * 1975/USA) (12€) * Bottles And Boxes, Back Home In Huntsville Again, Able Bodied Man, $100.000 In Pennies, Truck Driver - Truck Driver ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: As Is (Columbia 84989 * 1981/Holland) (10€) * Dollar Pool Fool, Let Him Roll, New Cut Road, Summer Wages, White Freight Liner Blues ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Famous Country Music-Makers (2-LPs-Set) (RCA PL-42958 * comp-1979/England) (30€) * Redneck Hippie Romance, Amarillo Highway, High Plains Jamboree, Chester, Salt Lake City, Ride Me Down Easy, The Air Conditioner Song, Last Dance At The Old Texas Moon, The Old Gang's Gone, Hillbilly Hell, Ode To The Little Browen Shack Out Back, Jackson (& Skeeter Davis), I*ve Got A Thing About Trains, The Wonderful Soup Stone, Vegas, Tall Oak Tree ... (40 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Down & Dirty (Columbia 84132 * 1979/Holland) (10€) * Tecumseh Valley, Goin' Back To Texas, Rock Star's Lament, Crazy Again, Blind Willie Harper ... (13 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Me And McDill (RCA APL-1-2179 * 1977/USA) (9€) * Tired Of The Road Joe, Look Who I*m Cheating On Tonight, Hillbilly Hell, Wilma Lou, Till I Get On My Feet ... (11 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: Folsom Prison Blues (RCA Camden CAS-2290 * 196?/Germany) (10€) * Abilene, Lemon Tree, Blowing In The Wind, Gotta Travel On, No Sad Songs For Me ... (10 tracks). BOBBY BARE: Detroit City (RCA Camden CAS-10197 * 196?/Germany) (10€) * Dear Wastebasket, Brooklyn Bridge, Lorina, I'd Fight The World, The Gods Were Angry With Me ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: The Real Thing (RCA Victor LSP-4422 * 1970/Germany) (10€) * California Dreams, The Chicago Story, Homecoming, Tulsa County, Barbara Joy ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY BARE: 20 Of The Best (RCA INTS 5187 * comp-1982/England) (10€) * Charleston Railroad Tavern, The Streets Of Baltimore, Four Strong Winds, Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn, The Piney Wood Hills ... (20 tracks).
BOBBY BARE & SKEETER DAVIS: More Tunes For Two (RCA INTS 5055 * comp-1980/England) (8€) * Jackson, There Never Was A Time, My Elusive Dreams, Dream Baby ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY BARE * THE HILLSIDERS (solos and altogether): The English Country Side (RCA Victor SF-7913 * 1968/England) (12€) * Six Days On The Road, I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew, The Great Snow Man, Y'All Come ... (11 tracks).

Jack Barlow:

JACK BARLOW: Baby, Ain't That Love (DOT DLP-25923 * 1968-69/USA) (9€) * Birmingham Blues, Ode To Andrew Irvin, Papa Didn't Give Me No Love, Nothing To Write Home About ... (12 tracks).
JACK BARLOW: Catch The Wind (DOT DOS-25995 * 1972/USA) (9€) * Dayton Ohio, Take Me Home Country Roads, Somewhere In Texas, Play It Again, They Call The Wind Maria, It's A Long Way Back To Georgia ... (11 tracks).
JACK BARLOW: Son Of The South (DOT DLP-25958 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Poortown USA, Singing Country Soul, I Must Have Got Ahold Of A Bad One, I'd Be Happy To Sing You A Sad Song, No Time For Roses ... (11 tracks).
JACK BARLOW: I Live The Country Songs I Sing (Antique LPN-6004 * 1975/USA) (10€) * All Night Country Radio, Wichita Woman, Texas Sized Heartache, Mighty Man, Music City Yo-Yo ... (12 tracks).

MAX D. BARNES: Rough Around The Edges (Ovation OV-1749 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Cowboys Are Common As Sin, Mean Woman Blues, Singer Of Sad Songs, Heaven On A Freight Train ... (10 tracks).

BASHFUL BROTHER OSWALD (= Pete Kirby): Brother Oswald (Rounder 0013 * 1972/USA) (6€) * Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain, Dobro Chimes, Prairie Queen, Kansas City Kitty ... (15 tracks).
BASHFUL BROTHER OSWALD: Don't Say Aloha (Rounder 0080 * 1978/USA) (6€) * I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Rose Of San Antone, Mansion On the Hill, Should I Tell My Wife I'm Dying ... (14 tracks).
BASHFUL BROTHER OSWALD With Bev King & Joe Knight: Dobro Dreamland ~ Bev & Joe In The Land Of Os (Country Heritage CH-003 * 1987/USA) (6€) * Fireball Mail Medley, My Tennessee Sweetheart, Low And Lonely ... (12 tracks).


SMILEY BATES (Canada): Smiley Sings Hank Snow (Diamond Records PC-0017 * 1983/Canada) (12€) * Hobo Bill's Last Ride, The Gold Rush Is Over, The Gal Who Invented Kissing, The Golden Rocket ... (12 tracks).
SMILEY BATES: True Stories From Life's Other Side (Marathon MMS-76034 * 1974/Canada) (12€) * Shopworm, The First Mrs. Jones, Reveille Time In Heaven, The Eternal Flame, Continuous Machine ... (10 tracks).
SMILEY BATES: Fiddler's Dream (Paragon ALS-224 * 1968/Canada) (9€) * Here And There, Bonaparte's Retreat, Buffalo Gal, Arkansas Traveler, Boil Them Cabbage Down Ste. Anne's Reel ... (12 tracks).
SMILEY BATES: The Best Of (Tee Vee TA-1061 * 1976/Canada) (12€) * Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Jeannie's Afraid Of Dark, Don't Tell Jeannie I'm Blind, Bringing Mary Home, Heartbroken Prisoner ... (20 tracks).
SMILEY BATES: All My Best (Quality RSP-132 * 1986/Canada) (10€) * Whiskey Creek, When Papa Played The Dobro, The Last Public Hanging, Bent River Boogie, Billy McCoy, Drinking Tequilla, House Of Shame ... (20 tracks).

CARL BELEW & BETTY JEAN ROBINSON: When My Baby Sings His Song (MCA/Decca DL 7-5337 * 1972/USA) (6€) * Living Under Pressure, You're The One, Don't Let That Happen To Us ... (10 tracks).

BELLAMY BROTHERS: Rebels Without A Clue (MCA * 1988/USA)(4€) * The Coarthouse, When The Music Meant Everything, The Andy Griffith Show, The Fountain Of Middle Age...

BLUE RIDGE RANGERS (featuring JOHN FOGERTY): Blue Ridge Rangers (Fantasy Records 9415 * 1973/USA) (12€) * California Blues (Blue Yodel #4), She Thinks I Still Care, Today I Started Loving You Again, I Ain'tNever, Jambaylaya ... (12 tracks).

BOBBY BOND: On The Country Side (Time Records S-2122 * 1964/USA) (7€) * Duel At Dawn, Five Hundred Miles, Half-Past Eleven O'Clock, This Is A Lonely Lonely Town ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY BOND: The Roger Miller Songbook (Somerset SF-244 * 1965/Canada) (7€) * Kansas City Star, Snow Balls In July, Green Beansm Chug-A-Lug, Sad Eyes, Camptown Races, Dang Me ... (10 trcaks).
BOBBY BOND (& EARL CUPIT): A Country Boy Keeps Movin' On (Somerset SF-288 * 1967/Canada) (7€) * Abilene, Knight Of The Road, Abilene, Detroit City, Memphis, Salt Lake City ... (10 trcaks).

EDDIE BOND: Sings Carl Smith (Balser Records EB-8983 * USA) (12€) * There She Goes, Are You teasing Me, Mr. Moon, Me And My Broken Heart, This Orchid Means Goodbye ... (10 tracks).
EDDIE BOND: Caution - Eddie Bond Music Is Contagious (Tab/Magnum Music Group MFLP-057 * 1976/1988 * England) (9€) * Devil is A Woman, Another Man's Shoes, Traitor, Caution, That Glass ... (11 tracks).

JOHNNY BOND: Ten Nights In A Barroom (Starday SLP-402 * 1967/USA) (12€) * What A Tavern ... What A Town, Fuzzy Roving Gambler, The Crazy Mixed Up Hotel, Si Si Lito Lindo ... (8 songs + spoken comedy).
JOHNNY BOND: The Man Who Comes Around (Starday/London HAB-8296 * 1966/England) (kannet kuluneet, levy OK * worn-out covers, record OK) * (9€) * The Morning After, Tennessee Kentucky And Alabam, Thinkin' Tonight (& Cowboy Copas), Louisiana Swing, Glad Rags, Silent Walls ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY BOND: Here Come The Elephants (Starday SLP-472 * 1971/USA) (12€) * Day Drinkin' (& Red Sovine), Big Old Town, The Squaws Along the Yukon, Ballad Of the Swinging Church, Giddyup Hobo (& Red Sovine) ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY BOND: How I Love Them Old Song (Lamb & Lion Country LLC-4002 * 1974/USA) (kannen reunassa teippaus * cover edge taped) (12€) * Mean Mean Mama, Who Stole The Jukebox (From Lucy's Perfume Parlor), Git Off My Horse (& Tex Ritter), Rose Of Reynosa, Sadie Was A Lady (& Tex Ritter) ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY BOND: Time Changes Everything (Telefunken 6.23091 * re-1977/Germany) (Orig. 1970 Starday SLP-456 "Something Old, New, Patriotic And Blue") (8€) * Take Me Back To Tulsa, City Of Sin, Remember The Alamo, The Legend Of Lady Luck, The Girl That Carries The Torch For Me ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY BOND: Johnny Bond At Home (Cattle Records LP 34 * comp-1983/Germany) (8€) * Home Trails, Dear Old Dad, Call Of The Canyon, The Silly Cowboy Song, It's The Desert In My Soul. Ride Ride Ride ... (18 tracks).

LARRY BOONE: Larry Boone (Polygram/Mercury 422834377-1 * 1988/USA) (8€) * American Faces, Honky Tonk Song, I Talked A Lot About Leaving, A Reason For The Rain, Roses In December ... (10 tracks).

Tony Booth:

TONY BOOTH: Workin' At The Car Wash Blues (Capitol ST-11352 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Love Don't Make The Bars, Midnight Race, Lonely Street, Good As Gone, There Ain't Enough Of Love To Go Around ... (10 tracks).
TONY BOOTH: Happy Hour (Capitol ST-11270 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Fishin' On The Mississippi, The Good Old Days (Are Here Again), Bring Back My Peace Of Mind, It Never Will Be Over For Me ... (10 tracks).
TONY BOOTH: The Key's In the Mailbox (Capitol ST-11076 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Down At The Corner Bar, Another Guitar Picker, The Devil Made Me Do That, Somebody Called L.A, Under Your Spell Again ... (10 tracks).
TONY BOOTH: This Is Tony Booth (Capitol ST-11210 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Someday I'm Gonna Go To Mexico, High As The Mountains, Full Time Daddy, Hurry Come Back Running Back To Me ... (10 tracks).
TONY BOOTH: When A Man Loves A Woman (ST-11160 * 1973/USA) (4€) (kuluneet teipatut kannet, levy OK - worn-out, taped covers, record OK) * Colors I'm Gonna Paint The Town, The Courage To Go Home ... (10 tracks).

Don Bowman:

DON BOWMAN: Still Fighting Mental Health (Lone Star Records L-4605 * 1979/USA) (14€) * Power Tool Song, East Virginia Blues (& Waylon & Willie), Willon And Waylee (& Waylon & Willie) ... (10 tracks * featuring bleeped & un-bleeped versions).
DON BOWMAN: Our Man In trouble (RCA LSP-2831 * 1964/USA) (20€) * That'll Never Sell Records, Chit Akins - Make Me A Star, Red River Sally, 500 Miles The Wrong Way, Hollywood Clothes, Wrong House ... (12 tracks).
DON BOWMAN: Funny Way To Make An Album (RCA LPM-3495 * 1966/USA) (20€) * The Other Ringo, Dear Harlan Howard, Little Diesel Drivin' Devil, Freddy Four Toes, Boll Weevil Air Lines, Kansas City Star ... (12 tracks).
DON BOWMAN: Recorded Almost Live (RCA LSP-3646 * 1967/USA) (16€) * Jimminie Cricket, The All American Boy, John's Back In Town, Let's You And Him Fight, She Thinks I Don't Care ... (12 tracks).
DON BOWMAN: Funny Folk Flops (RCA LPM-3920 * 1968/USA) (18€) * Streets Of San Francisco, Tom Dooley Baby, House Of The Setting Sun, The San Francisco Scene, Green Sleeves, All My Trials ... (12 tracks).
DON BOWMAN: On The Road Too Long (Lone Star/Lard Bucket LRB 1000 * 1981/USA) (9€) * Coward At The Alamo, Hell-O D.J, Willon And Waylee, Hot Blooded Woman, Coin Machine Song, Dear Fred ... (10 tracks).

BOXCAR WILLIE: Sings Hank Williams & Jimmie Rodgers (Column One/Big R BRA 1006 * 1979/England) (8€) * Pan American, Ramblin' Man, T For Texas, T B Blues, Hobo Bill, Lonesome Whistle ... (10 tracks).
BOXCAR WILLIE: King Of The Road * 20 Great Tracks (Column One/Warwick/Intercord INT 145043 * 1980/W.Germany) (8€) * Hank And The Hobo, Kaw-Liga, London Leaves, Wreck Of the Old '97 ... (20 tracks).
BOXCAR WILLIE: Daddy Was A Railroad Man (BigR BRA 1004 * 1978/England) (8€) * The Day Elvis Died, Country Music Nightmare, I'm Gettin' Out While I'm Still Country, Rusty Guitar Strings ... (10 tracks).

THE BOYS IN THE BUNKHOUSE: The Boys In The Bunkhouse (U.Artists * 1977/USA) (steel guitar: Jaydee Maness)(4€) * Oklahoma Hills, One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer, San Antonio Texas, Twin Fiddle Rag, Willie Write Me A Song ...

Walter Brennan:

WALTER BRENNAN: The Country Heart Of Walter Brennan (Liberty/Sunset SUS-5100 * 1963/1966 * Canada) (6€) * Keep a Movin'; Cotton-Eyed Joe; Old Courthouse; Detroit City; Waiting For A Train; Moon Wanderer; Don't Go Near The Indians; Scarlet Ribbons; Sound Of Silence; Tennessee Stud. (10 tracks).
WALTER BRENNAN: The Very Best Of (United Artists UA-LA438-E * comp-1975/USA) (6€) * High Noon, The Epic Ride Of John H. Glenn. Gun fight At The OK Corral, The Old Kelly Place, Keep A Movin' Old Man ... (10 tracks).
WALTER BRENNAN: The President * A Musical Biography Of Our Chief Executives (Everest LPBR-5123 * 1960/USA) (8€) * The Saga Of The Presidents (U.S, Grant - The Roiugh Riders), A Free People (Dwight D. Eisenhower - The President), New Frontiers (Andy Jackson - Tippecanoe And Tyler Tom - Remember The Alamo - The People's Choice, All Men (The War Of 1812) ...

Elton Britt (June 27, 1913 – June 22, 1972) was an American country music guitarist and singer-songwriter. He recorded over 600 sides and 60 albums for RCA and other labels in more than a 30-year span, and is best known for such hit songs as "Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)," "Detour," "Chime Bells," "Maybe I'll Cry Over You," "Pinto Pal," and the million-selling wartime hit "There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere". A singer, bandleader, radio and television performer, songwriter and standard-setting yodeler, he starred in at least two films in the late 1940s, and had hit records as late as 1968 with "The Jimmie Rodgers Blues". He died on June 22, 1972, five days before his 59th birthday, due to a heart attack.

ELTON BRITT: Sixteen Great Country Performances (ABC/Dunhill ABCS-744 * USA) (12€) * Lost Highway, New Freight Train Blues, Unkonown Soldier, Sioux City Sue, Cattle Call, That's Why The Yodel Was Born ... (16 tracks).
ELTON BRITT: The Best Of Elton Britt - vol.2 (RCA LSP-4822 * comp-1973/USA) (5€) * (kannen kulmassa kulumaa * cover's corner worn-out) * The Jimmie Rodgers Blues, The Roving Gambler, Driftwood On The River ... (10 tracks).
ELTON BRITT: The Wandering Cowboy (ABC-Paramount ABC-293/T-90162 * USA) (8€) * The Lonesome Cowboy, Streets Of Laredo, Home On The Range, Red Wing, Sod Shanty, Red River Valley ... (13 tracks).
ELTON BRITT: The Jimmie Rodgers Blues (RCA Camden CAS-2295 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Roll Along Kentucky Moon, You And My Old Guitar, Singin' In The Pines, Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia ... (9 tracks).
ELTON BRITT: I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Koala Records KOA 14317 * comp-1979/USA) (8€) * Wichita Lineman, Don't It Make You Want To Go Home, You Gave Me A Mountain, Step Into My Soul ... (10 tracks).
ELTON BRITT: I Heard A Forest Praying (ABC-Paramount ABC-331 * USA) (10€) * Twilight On The Trail, The Legend Of Rocky Run, Taller Than Trees, The Unknown Soldier, The White Buffalo, Fickle Woman ... (12 tracks).

CLARENCE GATEMOUTH BROWN: Blackjack (RTP/Yugoslavian copy 1981/orig.1977?) (4€) * Take Me Back To Tulsa, Up Jump The Devil, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Street Corner...

JIM ED BROWN: She's Leavin' (RCA Victor LSA-3061 * 1972/England) (6€) * She's Leaving (Bonnie, Please Don't Go), Help Me Make It through The Night, Summerset, I Won't Memtion It Again ... (10 tracks).
JIM ED BROWN: Going Up the Country (RCA Victor LSP-4262 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Drink Boys Drink, Sock It To Me Country Style, Coffee Cup, Ginger Is Gentle And Waiting For Me, The Bottle Hasn't Been Made ... (11 tracks).
JIM ED BROWN: Bottle, Bottle (RCA Victor LSP-3942 * 1967/USA) (8€) * I Feel A Sin Coming On, Pick-Me-Ups, I Run For My Life, Here's To Forever, But That's All Right ... (12 tracks).
JIM ED BROWN: Evening (RCA * 1972/USA)(4€) * Dawn In San Antone, Back To Louisville, Love In The Hot Afternoon ...
JIM ED BROWN: Brown Is Blue (RCA Victor LSA 3140 * 1973/England) (4€) * Goin' Away Party, Whi Can't I Take You Home, Helpin' Her Get Over Him ...
JIM ED BROWN & HELEN CORNELIUS: I`ll Never Be Free (RCA * 1978/USA) (3€) * Run Baby Run (Through The Woods), Old Fashioned Kind Of Love ...

BOB BROWNING: Country Music & Western Swing (Hilltop Records HTS-210 * USA) (10€) * Miles & Miles Of Texas, Bubbles In My Beer, San Antonio Champagne, Lone Star Love, Under The "X" In Texas ...

Ed Bruce:

ED BRUCE: You're Not Leavin' Here Tonight (MCA-5416 * 1983/USA) (takakannessa hiukan piirrelty * some drawing on back cover)(6€) * In Mexico, It Would Take A Fool, Lucky Arms, After All, If It Was Easy ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: The Tennessean (EPIC 35043 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Man Made Of Glass, Star-Studded Nights, Am I Gonna Have To Burn Atlanta Down, Ain't No Good Chain Gang, When I Die Just Let Me Go To Texas ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: King Of the Road (Koala 14747 * 1980/USA) (8€) * July 12 - 1939, Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, Another Place Another Time, No Money Down, Hoppy's Gone, Behind Closed Doors ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: Homecoming (RCA AHL-1-5324 * 1984/Canada) (8€) * Texas Girl I'm Closing In On You, The Migrant, You Turn Me On Like A Radio, The Great Divide ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: Night Things (RCA PL-85808 * 1986/Germany) (8€) * Memphis Roots, Fifteen To Forty-Three - Man In The Mirror, Quietly Crazy, Fools For Each Other (& Lynn Anderson) ... (9 tracks).
ED BRUCE: Ed Bruce (United Artists UA-LA613G * 1976/USA) (8€) * A Thing Called Love, Streets Of Laredo, Mose Rankin. The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again, Just Along For The Ride ...
ED BRUCE: Tell 'Em I've Gone Crazy (MCA-5511 * 1984/USA) (7€) * The Devil Inside, She Never Could Dance, Birds Of Paradise, If She Just Helps Me Get Over You ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: I Write It Down (MCA-5323 * 1982/USA) (7€) * The First Taste Of Texas, Theme From "Bret Maverick", Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, Your Jukebox Could Use A Few More Sad Songs ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: One To One (MCA-27063 * 1981/USA) (7€) * Hundred Dollar Lady, Thirty Nine And Holding, When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz, No Regrets ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: One To One (MCA-5188 * 1980/USA-Germany) (7€) * Hundred Dollar Lady, Thirty Nine And Holding, When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz, No Regrets ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: Ed Bruce (MCA-3242 * 1980/USA) (7€) * The Last Cowboy Song, The Outlaw And The Stranger, Neon Fool, Blue Umbrella, Red Doggin' Again ... (10 tracks).
ED BRUCE: Cowboys & Dreamers (EPIC 35541 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Kentucky Boy - California Man, Miracle Express, Old Wore Out Cowboy, The Family, Angeline ... (10 tracks).


GARY BUCK: Gary Buck Sings (RCA Camden CASX-2557 * 1972/Canada) (12€) * Me And Bobby McGee, Bed Of Roses, R.R. #2, Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, Night Life, The Fool ... (10 tracks).
GARY BUCK: Cold Wind On The Mountain (RCA Camden CASX-2617 * 1972/Canada) (12€) * Saunders Ferry Lane, Delta Dawn, National Pastime, Pollywogs In A Jar, When The Final Change Is Made ... (10 tracks).
GARY BUCK: Tomorrow - Today (Capitol ST-6283 * 1968/Canada) (12€) * Calgary Alberta, Break My Mind, Love Of The Common People, Winds Don't Blow That Strong, Just To Satisfy You ... (11 tracks).
GARY BUCK: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Bary Buck Productions GBP 1002 * Canada) (9€) * Summer Wages, Bottles And Boxes, Road Of No Returning Yesterdays, A Restless Wind, Pokarekare Ana, Victims ... (10 tracks).
GARY BUCK: Country Scene (Tower DT 5054 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Elrod, That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk, Jeannie's Last Kiss, Steppin' Out Of The Picture, The Weather Man ... (10 tracks).

The BUCKAROOS (Buck Owens' band):

THE BUCKAROOS: Anywhere U.S.A. (Capitol ST-194 * 1969/USA) (=Buck Owens` band featuring DON RICH, JAY DEE MANESS, JERRY WIGGENS & DOYLE HOLLY) Moonlioght On The Desert, Tim-Buck-Too, Gathering Dust (vocal: Doyle Holly), Georgia Peach, Aw Heck... (8€)
THE BUCKAROOS: Meawhile Back In The Ranch (Capitol ST-2973 * 1968/USA) (12€) * Woman Truck Drivin' Fool, Saturday Night, Louisiana Waltz, I Got Letter From Home, Too Many Chiefs - Not Enough Indians ... (12 tracks).
THE BUCKAROOS: Roll Your Own With Buck Owens' Buckaroos (Capitol ST-322 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Down At The Corner Bar, The Biggest Storm Of All, Catfish Capers, Bossa Nove Buckaroo Style, If I Had You ... (10 tracks).
THE BUCKAROOS: America's Most Wanted Band (Capitol ST-2722 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Round Hole Guitar, The Happy-Go-Lucky-Guitar, Happy Son Of A Gun, Tumwater Breakdown, Seven Come Eleven, Neosho Waltz ... (12 tracks).
THE BUCKAROOS: Rompin' Stompin' (Capitol ST-440 * 1970/USA) (8€) * The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Take Care Of You For Me In Kansas City, Country Pickin', Cinderella, Goin' Home To The Bayou ... (10 tracks).

JIMMY BUFFETT : Volcano (MCA/1979)(4€) * Boat Drinks, Sending The Old Man Home, Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants ...

JOHNNY BURKE (Canada): Sings Buck Owens' Big Hits (ARC 761 * 1960's/Canada) (12€) * Everybody's Laughing At My Heartaches, Tiger By The Tail, My Heart Skips A Beat, I'm Gonna Get You ... (12 tracks).

Johnny Bush:

JOHNNY BUSH: Whiskey River/There Stands The Glass (RCA LSP-4817 * 1973/USA) (18€) * Pour The Wine, This Has Got To Last, Another Bridge To Burn, You Can't Take It With You ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: You Ought To Hear Me Cry (Pickwick JS-6081 * USA)(6€) * Jealously Insane, Lonely Street, Conscience Turn Your Back, A Moment Isn`t Very Long, I Can Feel You In His Arms ...
JOHNNY BUSH: Bush Country (Power Pak PO-217 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Daddy Lived In Houston, Jim Jack And Rose, I'll Go To A Stranger, Statue Of A Fool, I Miss You Already, Wine Me Up ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Bush Country (Stop 1002 * 1969/England) (8€) * Daddy Lived In Houston, Jim Jack And Rose, I'll Go To A Stranger, Statue Of A Fool, I Miss You Already, Wine Me Up ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Sings His Greatest Hits (Gusto/Power Pak PO-282 * 1975/USA) (8€) * The Cup Runneth Over, Undo The Right, What A Way To Live, I'll Be There, City Lights, My Joy ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: You Gave Me A Mountain (Gusto/Power Pak PO-214 * 1969/USA)(8€) * Mama's Hungry Eyes, Back From The Wine, Darkness On The Face Of The Earth, She Still Comes Around ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Texas Dance Hall Girl (RCA APL1-0369 * 1973/USA) (14€) * The Genuine Healer Of Time, Muscatel Memories, Waltz Of The Wine, I Leaned Over Backwards For You ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: The Best Of * I'll Be There (Million Records LP-1001 * 1972/USA) (9€) * Jim Jack And Rose, Warmth Of The Wine, City Lights, My Cup Runneth Over, It's All In the Game ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Here Comes The World Again (RCA APL1-0216 * 1973/USA) (12€) * Drowning My troubles Till They've Learned How To Swim, Drinkin' My baby Off My Mind, Green Snakes On the Ceiling ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH & DARRELL McCALL: Hot Texas Country (Step One * 1986/USA) (14€) * The Twenty-Fourth Hour, I Can`t See Texas From Here, There`ll Always Be Honky Tonks In Texas, Afternoon Rendezvous, Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie ...

CARL BUTLER: The Great Carl Butler Sings (Harmony HS 11185 * 1966/USA) (7€) * My Cajun Baby, You Can't Insure A House Of Dreams, A Victim Of Lies, Cry You Fool Cry ... (10 tracks).
CARL BUTLER: For The First Time (Columbia Harmony H-30934 * 1963 * re-1971(USA) (6€) * I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome, I'll Cry Again Tomorrow, I Know When I Cry, I Like To Pretend ... (9 tracks).
CARL BUTLER: Don't Let Me Cross Over (Columbia CL 2002 mono * 1963/USA) (7€) * River Of Tears, Honky Tonkitis, Wonder Drug, Grief In My Heart, I'm A Prisoner Of Love ... (12 tracks).
CARL BUTLER: Early Classics (Capitol/Golden Country LP 2212 * comp-1979/England) (4€) * Country Mile, Shake Rattle And Roll, Heartbreak Express, Our Last Rendezvous, No Trespassing ... (12 tracks).
CARL BUTLER: A Country Voice Like Dynamite (CowGirlBoy Records LP 5087 * comp-Capitol material 1951-53/Germany) (6€) * Heartbreak Express, Itδs My Sin, String Of Empties, Who'll Be Next ... (16 tracks).
CARL BUTLER & PEARL: Avenue Of Prayer (Columbia CS 9440 * 1967/USA) (6€) * Building On The Sand, Muddy Sea Of Sin, Tell Your Children, Romans Ten And Nine, Pale Horse And His Rider ... (11 tracks).

LARRY BUTLER: Larry Butler (piano) & Friends (UA * 1977/USA) (vocal appearances by Crystal Gayle, Billie Jo Spears & Dottie West) (4€) * High Noon, Good Time Charlie`s Got The Blues, Blanket On The Ground, Nashville P.M. , Forever...

ALEX CAMPBELL: Way Out West (Society SOC-912 * 1963/England) (8€) * Bowling Green, The Frozen Logger, St. James Infirmary Blues, The Banks Of The Ohio, Jesse James, Streets Of Laredo ... (15 tracks).

ARCHIE CAMPBELL: Didn't He Shine (RCA Victor LSP-4582 * 1971/USA) (6€) * The Ninety And Nine, When the Morning Comes, Deliverance Will Come ... (10 tracks).
ARCHIE CAMPBELL: Archie Campbell (Elektra 7E-1075 / 1976 ~ USA) ("spoken comedy") - Hockey Here Tonight, Damnit Jones, Red Hogland, Mrs. Pitts ... (6€).

GLEN CAMPBELL: Old Home Town (Atlantic America/Warner 79.0016-1 * 1982/Germany) (5€) * Mull Of Kintyre, Ruth, On the Wings Of My Victory, A Few Good Men ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Old Home Town (Atlantic America 90016-1 * 1982/USA) (5€) * Mull Of Kintyre, Ruth, On the Wings Of My Victory, A Few Good Men ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Bloodlines (Capitol/EMI Electrola C062-82196 * 1976/Germany) (5€) * San Fransicso Is A Lonely Town, See You On Sunday, The Bottomline ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Bloodlines (Capitol SW 511515 * 1976/USA) (5€) * San Fransicso Is A Lonely Town, See You On Sunday, The Bottomline ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (MCA-42009 * 1987/USA) (6€) * Leavin's Not The Onle Way To Go ( & Willie Nelson), Arkansas, You Are (& Emmylou Harris) ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Galveston (Pickwick SPC-3701 * 1969/USA) (4€) * If This Is Love, Oh What A Woman, Take My Hand For A While, Where's The Playground Susie ... (9 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: The Best Of (Capitol ST-11577 * comp-1976/USA) (5€) * The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, I Knew Jesus Before He Was A Star, Country Boy, Houston ... (12 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Wichita Lineman (Music For Pleasure SPR 90060 * England) (5€) * Country Girl, Funny Kind Of Monday, Love Is Not A Game, Where Do You Go ... (12 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: 20 Classic Tracks (Music For Pleasure MFP 50532 * comp-1981/England) (5€) * Bonabarets Retreat, MacArthur Park, Rose Garden, Bridge Over Troubled Water ... (20 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Sings With Anne Murray & Bobbie Gentry (Music For Pleasure 1A022-1582701 * comp-1983/Holland) (5€) * Scarborough Fair/Canticle, Love Story - You And Me, United We Stand ... (12 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: I Remember Hank Williams (Capitol SW-11253 * 1973/USA) (12€) * Mansion On The Hill, Wedding Bells, You Win Again, Half As Much, Your Cheatin' Heart ... (10 tracks).

Henson Cargill:

HENSON CARGILL: In The Shadows (51 West Q-16291 * 1983/USA) (14€) * Texas, The Pilgrim, On The Road Again, Lucille, My Own Kind Of Hat, Good Woman Blues, Always On MY Mind ... (10 tracks).
HENSON CARGILL: On The Road (Mega M31-1016 * 1972/USA) (12€) * Daddy Frank, 1932, Oklahoma Hell, Take Me Home Country Roads, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, This Just Ain't No Good Day For Living ... (10 tracks).
HENSON CARGILL: This Is Henson Cargill Country (Atlantic SD-7279 * USA/1973) (12€) * City Of New Orleans, Jody And The Kid, Old Dogs Children And Watermelon Wine, The Boxer ... (12 tracks).
HENSON CARGILL: Skip A Rope (Monument SLP-18094/1968 ~ USA) * Green Green Grass Of Home, Saginaw Michigan, Balck Jack County Chain, Distant Drums ... (8€).
HENSON CARGILL: Welcome To My World (Columbia/Harmony KH-31397 * 1972/USA) I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am, Greenback Dollar, This Generation Shall Not Pass, Johnny One Time, Walking On New Grass, Today I Started Loving You Again... (8€)

JOHNNY CARVER: I Start Thinking About You (Columbia/Harmony KH 32476 * 1973/USA) (4€) * This Town Ain't Big Enough, I Want You, Preserving the Wildlife, Love Is A Four Letter Word ...(10 tracks).

TOMMY CASH: Rise And Shine (EPIC E 30107 * 1970/USA) (18€) * The Tears On Lincoln's Face, Silver Wings, Irma Jackson, The Fightin' Side Of Me, The Honest Truth, A Free Man, One Song Away ... (11 tracks).

BRYAN CHALKER (UK): Bryan Chalker's New Frontier (Chapter 1 CMS 1010 * 1972/England) (14€) * Daddy Sang Bass, Squaws Along the Yukon, Lot 109, The Champlain & St. Lawrence Line, Half Breed ... (14 tracks).

RAY CHARLES: Friendship (CBS 1984/Holland) duets with: Johnny Cash: Crazy Old Soldier, Merle Haggard: Little Hotel Room, Willie Nelson: Seven Spanish Angels, H.Williams Jr: Two Old Cats Like Us... (12€)

CLIFTON CHENIER: Boogie 'N' Zydeco (Maison de Soul Records LP-1003 * 1988/USA) (6€) * Road Runner, Johnny can't Dance, Shake It Don't Break It, Hot Tamale Baby ... (10 trcaks).

JOHNNY CHESTER: 20 Great Songs * The Hits Of (J&B Records JB158 * Australia) (6€) * Highway #31, Midnight Bus, Once I Was A Truck Drivin' Man, Gotta Get Back To Tamworth ... (20 tracks).

Roy Clark:

ROY CLARK: I Never Picked Cotton (DOT DLP-25980 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Sunday Morning Coming Down, Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone, January April And Me, Thank God And Greyhound, Strangers ... (11 tracks).

Roy Clark:
Rockin' In The Country

Silver Dollar SD 120001 (1986 * USA).

Memphis, Chantilly Lace, Johnny B.Goode,
Too Much Monkey Business,
Jukebox Saturday Night...(10 tracks)


Roy Clark:
He'll Have To Go

Pickwick/Capitol JS-6094 (USA).

I'm Afraid Of The Dark, Happy To be Unhappy,
But I was Lying, Hello Old Broken Heart,
I'm Forgetting Now ...(9 tracks)


Roy Clark:
The Last Word In Jesus Is Us

MCA-5260 (1981 * USA).

Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport,
Come Back Home, Heaven Bound,
Help Me, Shinin' Face, ... (10 tracks)


Roy Clark:
Back To the Country

MCA-5142 (1981 * USA)

Play Me A Little Traveling Music,
Roll On Sweet Mississippi,
Dig A Little Deeper In the Well,
Love Takes Two, Come Sundown ...(10 tracks)


Roy Clark:
Roy Clark Family & Friends

ABC DOT DOSD 2005 (1974 * USA).

Green Mountain Polka, Blue Moon Of Kentucky,
Ashes Of Love, Silver Bells,
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight ...(11 tracks)


Roy Clark:
The Everlovin' Soul Of Roy Clark

DOT DLP-25972 (1969 * USA).

Me And Bobby McGee,
Morningside Of the Mountain, I Need To Be Needed,
Right Or Left At Oak Street, Today ...(12 tracks)


Roy Clark:
Do You Believe This

DOT DLP-25895 (1968 * USA).

I Still Miss Someone, A way To Survive,
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line,
I'd Fight the World, Tomorrow Night ...(12 tracks)


JACK CLEMENT: All I Want To Do In Life (Elektra 6E-122 * 1978/USA) (10€) * You Asked Me To, It'll Be Her, Gone Girl, Roving Gambler, Good Hearted Woman, When I Dream ... (10 tracks).

HANK COCHRAN: Make The World Go Away (Elektra 6E-277 * 1980/USA) (12€) * Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, A-11, Sally Was A Good Old Girl, I Fall To Pieces, I Don't Do Windows ... (10 tracks).
HANK COCHRAN: The Heart Of Hank Cochran (Monument SLP-18089 * 1968/orig. USA copy) (14€) * Tootsie`s Orchid Lounge, Just For The Record, Speak Well Of Me To The Kids, It Couldn`t Happen To A Nicer Guy ...

DAVID ALLAN COE - WILLIE NELSON: Willie And David (no duets) (Plantation PLP-41 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Coe: Ride Mr Down Easy, Fuzzy Was An Outlaw, Why Me, Got You On My Mind ... (8 tracks).

THE COLLINS KIDS: Introducing Larry And Lorrie (EPIC AL 38457 * 1983/USA) (12€) * Hurricane, Soda Poppin' Around, Hot Rod, Whistle Bait, Rock Boppin' Baby, Short'nin' Bread Rock ... (12 tracks).

COMPTON BROTHERS: Haunted House / Charlie Brown (DOT DLP 25974 * 1969/USA) (5€) * Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Stagger Lee, Nadine, I Wanna Sing A Country Song, Sweet Thang And Cisco ... (12 tracks).

EARL THOMAS CONLEE: The Heart Of It All (RCA/BGM PL 86824 * 1988/England) (5€) * Finally Friday, What I'd Say, You Must Not Be Drinking Enough, Carol ... (10 tracks).
EARL THOMAS CONLEE: Treadin' Water (RCA AHL1-5175 * 1984/USA) (5€) * Too Hot To Handle, Turn This Bus Around (Bad Bob's), Honor Bound, Feels Like A Saturday Night .... (10 tracks).

JOHN CONLEE: Friday Night Blues (MCA-3246 * 1980/USA) (5€) * Honky Tonk Toys, Old Fashioned Love, Misery Loves Company, Always True, Let's Get Married Again ... (10 tracks).
JOHN CONLEE: Forever (MCA-3174 * 1979/USA) (5€) * Crazy, Before My Time, No Relief In sight, You Never Cross My Mind, The In Crowd ... (10 tracks).
JOHN CONLEE: Songs For The Working Man (MCA-5699 * 1978-86/USA) (5€) * Busted, Arthur And Alice, Working Man, Common Man, An American Trilogy ... (10 tracks).

Stompin' Tom Connors:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS (Canada): Souvenirs (Boot/K-Tel NC 533 * comp-1980/Canada) (8€) * The Hockey Song, Tribute To Wilf Carter, Manitoba, The Coal Boat Song, T.T.C. Skidaddler ... (25 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Unpopular Stompin' Tom (Boot BOS-7171 * 1976/Canada) (8€) * A Damn Good Song For A Miner, Cowboy Johnny Ware, Ghost Of Bras D'Or, Don Valley Jail, The Olympic Song ... (12 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Sings The North Atlantic Squadron (Boot BOS-7153 * 1975/Canada) (8€) * Take Me To The River, Back Yardin', Red River Jane, High Dry And Blue, Jack Of Many Trades ... (12 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Pistol Packin' Mama And Other Old Time Favourites (Cynda CNS 1003 * 1967/Canada) (8€) * Waterloo, Honky Tonk Girl, Fraulein, Kevin Barry, Colubus Stockade Blues ... (10 tracks).

WILMA LEE And STONEY COOPER: Walking My Lord Up Carvary Hill (Power Pak/Gusto * re-1974/USA) (wrong LP-back cover printed * writing on front cover) (3€) * Wreck On The Highway, Little Rosewood Casket, The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree, The Drunken Driver ... (12 tracks).

COWBOY COPAS: Tragic Tales Of Love And Life (King 714 * USA) (7€) * Hangman's Boogie, Four Bare Walls And A Ceiling, Three Strikes And You're Out, An Old Farm For Sale ... (13 tracks).

STAN COSTER: Songs From A Wanderer's Pen (Opal Records OLLP-517 * Australia/1981) (8€) * Your Country's Been Sold, Dusty's Den, Flower Of The West, Out Of The Calico Sack ... (12 tracks).
STAN COSTER: This Big Old Land (Nulla Records NUL 103 * Australia/1983) (8€) * The Unsung Hero, A Tribute To Toby Perry, A Visit To Dajarra, When We Boiled Our tealeaves Twice ... (12 tracks).

The COUNTRY GENTLEMEN: River Bottom (Sugar Hill SH 3723 * 1981/USA) (6€) * Riverboat Fantasy, Coal - Black Gold, Drifting Too Far from The Shore, Electricity ... (10 tracks).
The COUNTRY GENTLEMEN: Sit Down Young Stranger (Sugar Hill SH 3712 * 1980/USA) (6€) * Darby's Castle, Lonely Dancer, South Elm Street, Blue Ridge Mountains Turning Green ... (12 tracks).
The COUNTRY GENTLEMEN: Play It Like It Is (Rebel SLP-1486 * USA) (6€) * Banana Boat Song, El Dedo, Mary Dear, Daybreak In Dixie, Waiting For The Boys ... (12 tracks).
THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN: The Country Gentlemen (Vanguard VSD-79331 * 1973/USA) (Kuluneet kannet - worn-out covers) (3€) * Don Quixote, Paradise, House Of The Rising Sun, Catfish John, The City Of New Orleans, Souvenirs ... (12 tracks).
The COUNTRY GENTLEMEN (John Duffey * Charlie Waller * Eddie Adcock * Tom Gray): Classic Country Gents Reunion (Sugar Hill SH-3772 * 1989/USA) (6€) * Wild Side Of Life, Wait A Little Longer, Stewball, Champagne Breakdown ... (11 tracks).
The COUNTRY GENTLEMEN - JOHN DUFFY: Hootenanny ~ A Blue Grass Special (Pickwick/Design DLP-613 * USA) (3€) * Eddie On The Freeway, 500 Miles, Knoxville Girl, Red Wing, Nine Pound Hammer, Pallet On The Floor ... (10 tracks).

BOBBY CRASH CRADDOCK: The New Will Never Wear Off Of You (Capitol ST-12249 * 1982/USA) (3€) * Love Busted, Next Stop Love, Odette, Looking Back ... (10 tracks).

DUB CROUCH & NORMAN FORD With The Bluegrass Rounders: Next Train South (Professional Artist PAS 7433-22 * 1974/USA) (10€) * Old Crossroads, Traveling Down This Lonesome Road, Ruben, First Whipporwill ... (12 tracks).

ALVIN CROW: Honky Tonk Trail (Broken Spoke * 1988/USA) (14€) * Too Country, Red Neck Rock, Go Down Swinging, Sweetwater Waltz, The Way It Is...
ALVIN CROW: Welcome To Texas (Austex Records ATX-002 * 1984/USA) (14€) * West Texas Wind, Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse, Town And Country Taverns, Queen Of The Bayou, Gonna Have A Party ...(10 tracks).
ALVIN CROW: A.Crow & The Pleasant Valley Boys (Polydor PD-1-6124 * 1975/USA) (14€) * Fiddler's Lady, Foolish Faith, Dynamite Diana, Rearwiew Mirror, Nyquil Blues ... (10 tracks).

J.D.CROWE & The New South: Straight Ahead (Rounder 0202 * 1986/USA) (8€) * Stone Mountain Twist, Runaround, Belleville Georgia, Miner's Lady, Ride The Train ... (10 tracks).
J.D.CROWE: Blackjack (Rebel/Magnum/Sundown SDLP-046 * England) (8€) * Sin City, Ramblin' Boy, Bear Tracks, Portrait Of The Blues, Somehow Tonight ... (12 tracks).
J.D.CROWE: The Model Church (Rebel/Magnum/Sundown SDLP-046 * England) (8€) * Look For Me, No Mother Or Dad, Going Up, Journey's End, Let The Spirit Descend ... (11 tracks).

RODNEY CROWELL: Keys To The Highway (CBS 466002 1 * 1989/USA) (5€) * Many A Lone & Lonesome Highway, My Past Is Present, If Looks Could Kill, Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down ... (12 tracks).
RODNEY CROWELL: Diamonds & Dirt (CBS 460873 1 * 1988/England) (5€) * It's Such A Small World (& Rosanne Cash), Brand New Rag, The Last Waltz, Above And Beyond, I Know You're Married ... (10 tracks).

J.C.CROWLEY: Beneath The Texas Moon (RCA 8370-1-R * 1988/USA) (4€) * Paint The Town And Hang The Moon Tonight, Serenade, Dirty Shoes, Boxcar 109, Beyond The Great Divide ... (9 tracks).

DICK CURLESS : Live At The Wheeling Truck Drivers Jamboree (Capitol ST-11119 * 1972/USA) (18€) * 15 Gears And 14 Wheels, Singing A Country Song, Sixty Minute Man, Truck Stop, Chick Inspector, Evil Haerted Me ... (10 tracks).

REX DALLAS: Harry Torrani Yodelling Album (Hadley Records HLP 1223 * 1975/Australia) (6e) * My Lancashire Yodelling Lass, Yodelling Boy, Cuckoo Yodel, The Roaming Yodeler, Fireside Yodel ... (12 tracks).

Dick Damron:

DICK DAMRON: The Cowboy And The Lady (Westwood WRS-150 * 1980/Canada-England) (8€) * Eastbound Highway, Goin' Home Again, Bittersweet Songs, The Prophet ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: Countryfied (Harmony KHE-90216 * 1967/Canada) (14€) * Rise 'N' Shine, Goin' Home To The Country, Walk A Country Mile, Jackson County, The Long Green Line ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: High On You (RCA KKL-1-0334 * 1980/Canada) (12€) * All Night Country Party, The Ballad Of T.J.'s, If London Were A Lady, Dollars, Silver And Shine ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: Lost In the Music (RCA PL- 42490 * 1978/England) (6€) * Whiskey Jack, When Satan Spins The Bottle, California Friends, It Ain't Easy Goin' Home ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: Lost In the Music (RCA KKL 1-0271 * 1978/Canada) (6€) * Whiskey Jack, When Satan Spins The Bottle, California Friends, It Ain't Easy Goin' Home ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: Lost In the Music (RCA KKL 1-0271 * 1978/Canada) (kuluneet kannet - levy OK * worn-out covers - record OK) (3€) * Whiskey Jack, When Satan Spins The Bottle, It Ain't Easy Goin' Home ... (10 tracks).
DICK DAMRON: Best Of (RCA KKL1-0414 * 1981/Canada) (8€) * Waylon's T-Shirt, Whiskey Jack, Countryfied, Just Another Old Rodeo Song, On The Road, Mid-Nite Flytes ... (10 tracks).

The CHARLIE DANIELS Band: Homesick Heroes (EPIC 462981 1 * CBS /Holland * 1988) * Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues, Alligator, Cowboy Hat In Dallas, Big Bad John, Honky Tonk Avenue, Uneasy Rider '88 ... (8€).

JOHNNY DARRELL: Water Glass Full Of Whiskey (Capricorn * 1975/USA orig. copy) The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan, Crazy Daddy, Glendale Arizona, hardtime Charlie Softshoes... (10€)

Willie Nelson & Danny Davis:
With The Nashville Brass

RCA AHL1-3549 (1980/USA).

Good Hearted Woman, Bloody Merry Morning,
The Local Memory, Night Life,
December Day ...(10 tracks)


JIMMIE DAVIS: Suppertime (Decca/MCA 150 - formerly DL7-8953 * USA) (5€) * Oh Why Not Tonight, There Is A Fountain, Battle Hymn Of The Republic ... (12 tracks).
JIMMIE DAVIS: The Country Side Of Jimmie Davis (MCA Coral CB-20004 * 1973/USA) (7€) * Faded Love, Green Green Grass Of Home, Another Story, Anywhere Anitime ... (10 tracks).
JIMMIE DAVIS: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Plantation PLP-39 * 1980/USA) (4€) * Where The Old Red River Flows, Is It Too late Now, You'll Be My Last Love, I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye ... (8 tracks).
JIMMIE DAVIS: In My Father's House (MCA CB-20102 * USA) (4€) * Travel Me Home, The Secret Road, Thank God For Such A Mother, I Got More Than My Share ... (10 tracks).

MAC DAVIS: Forty 82 (Polygram/Casablanca NBLP-7274 * 1982/USA) (4€) * The Beer Drinkin' Song, Good Ole Boys, Spending Time Making Love And Going Crazy ... (10 tracks).

STU DAVIS: A Collection Of Country-Western Classics (London EB-26 * Canada) (kansissa teippauksia * taped covers) (6€) * Legend Of The White Buffalo, Driftwood On The River, Paddle Your Own Canoe, Blue Guitar, Ne-Hah-Nee, The Kentuckian Song ... (10 tracks).

Eddie Dean (The orig. "B-Western Singing Cowboy"):

EDDIE DEAN: Sincerely - Eddie Dean (Shasta SH-LP-513 * USA) (12€) * Green Green Grass Of Home, I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Make The World Go Away ... (11 tracks).
EDDIE DEAN: Sings Country & Western (Crown CST-583 * USA) (8€) * Rocket To Heaven, Smoke Signals, Your Wayward Heart, Downgrade, Look Homeward Angel, Somewhere Along The Line ... (10 tracks).
EDDIE DEAN: Eddie Dean Sings (Crown CST-434 * USA) (8€) * I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven, Banks Of the Old Rio Grande, Tangled Lies, Katmandu, Seeds Of Doubt, I Called And Called ... (10 tracks).
EDDIE DEAN: I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven (Castle LP-8106 * Germany) (8€) * Gravedigger's Lament, Cold Yellow Gold, Orphan's Prayer, Just Awhile (& Marian Hall), Stealing ... (14 tracks).
EDDIE DEAN: Sings A Tribute To Hank Williams (Design DLP-89 * 1957/USA) (12€) * Boogie Woogie Cowboy, Hey Good Lookin', The Bride With The Faded Bouquet, Half As Much ... (12 tracks).

AL DEXTER: Sings And Plays His Greatest Hits (Capitol/Stetson HAT 3101 * re-issue 1962 * England) (8€) * Down At The Roadside Inn, Texas Waltz, Wine Women And Song, Guitar Polka, Triftin' Gal ... (12 tracks).
AL DEXTER: Sings And Plays His Greatest Hits (Capitol T-1701 * 1962/USA) (6€) (kannet teipattu, levy OK) * Down At The Roadside Inn, Texas Waltz, Wine Women And Song, Guitar Polka, Triftin' Gal ... (12 tracks).
AL DEXTER: The Original Pistol Packin' Mama (Hilltop JS-6070) (6€) (kansissa teippauksia, levy OK) * I'm Sending Roses To My Lawyer, Gajun Guitar, Wheels Of Love, Honeymoon Waltz, My Careless Heart ... (10 tracks).

DANNY DILL * HARLAN HOWARD * ALLEN REYNOLDS * JOHN SCHWEERS: Nashville's Master Songwriters Sing Their Hits * 3 songs by each (Triple I Records TLP-0001 * 1977/USA) (9€) * Dill: Long Black Veil, Detroit City, Don't Sell The Farm (And Move To Nashville) * HH: Busted, Late At Night, Heartaches By the Numbers ... (12 tracks).

THE DILLARDS: vs. The Incredible L.A. Time Machine (Sonet 0069.078 * 1977/Germany) (5€) * Let The Music Flow, Ding Dong Howdy, Do Magnolia Do, Gunman's Code, Old Cane Press ... (10 tracks).

DEAN DILLON: Slick Nickel (Capitol C1-49820 * 1988/USA) (5€) * The New Never Wore Off My Sweet Baby, You Sure Got This Ol' Redneck Feelin' Blue, Appalachia Got To Have You Feelin' In My Bones ... (10 tracks).

DEAN DOBBINS: Me And The Boys (DDB Records * 1989/USA-Canada) (6€) * He Can Dance The Way They Dance In Texas, Writers And Pickers, Mistrust Mischief And Misbehavin' ... (11 tracks).

Jimmie Driftwood:

JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD: The Best Of (Monument SLP-18042/USA) The Giant On The Thunderhead, Unfortunate Man, Rattlesnake Song, Wilderness Road, Sailor Man, Shanty In The Hollow... (14€).
JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD: The Westward Movement (RCA Victor LPM-2171 * 1960/USA) (kantta teippailtu * taped covers) (14€) * Shoot The Buffalo, Mooshatanio, The Marshal Of Silver City, The Pony Express ... (12 tracks).
JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD: American History In Song (Cow Girl Boy Records/RCA * 1957-61/Germany) John Paul Jones, Tucumcari, The Pony Express, Billy Yank And Johnny Reb, Fi Di Diddle Um A-Dazey... (14€)
JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD: Songs Of Billy Yank And Johnny Reb (RCA/Ariola NL-89994 * re-issue from orig. 1961/W.Germany) The Giant On The Thunderhead, I`m A Pore Rebel Soldier, Rock Of Chickamauga, When I Swim The Golden River, Goodbye Reb You All Come, My Black Bird Has Gone, How Do You Like The Army... (14€)
JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD: Famous Country Music Makers (2 LP set) (RCA Victor DPS-2022 * comp-1972/England) (18€) * Razorback Steak, Zelma Lee, Battle Of New Orleans, Run Johnny Run, Song Of The Cowboys, Damyankee Lad, Bunker Hill, Fair Rosamond's Bower, Rattlesnake Song ... (23 tracks).

ROY DRUSKY: All Time Country Hits (Wing/Philips WL-1063 * 1964/England) (7€) * Texarkana Baby, Lonesome 7-7203, Saginaw Michigan, Waitin' For A Train, Long Black Veil ... (12 tracks).
ROY DRUSKY: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Mercury SR 61052/MG 21052 * 1965/USA) (7€) * White Lightning Express, Peel Me A 'Nanner, Room Across The Hall, Three Hearts In A tangle, So Much Got Lost ... (10 tracks).
ROY DRUSKY: Roy (Tribute To Roy Acuff) (Big R BRA-1009 * 1981/England) (9€) * Fireball Mail, Wabash Cannon Ball, Wreck On The Highway, All The World Is Lonely Now ... (10 tracks).
ROY DRUSKY: Anymore (MCA 1961/Stetson re-issue HAT 3033 * England) (8€) * I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Three Hearts In A Tangle, Before I Lose My Mind, I Got Some ... (12 tracks).
ROY DRUSKY: Portrait (Mercury International 134 574 MFY * Holland) (7€) * Memphis Morning, Country's Gone, Today I Started Loving You Again, I Wouldn't Be Alone ... (11 tracks).

DAVE DUDLEY: George And The North Woods (Mercury International 134581-MFY * 1969/Holland) (8€) (signed copy) * A Cold Wind Through Georgia, Bad Moon Rising, That's How I Got To Memphis, Blowin' In The Wind ... (11 tracks).
DAVE DUDLEY: Listen Betty I'm Singing Your Song (Mercury SR-61315 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Down On Whiskey Row, The Rollins All Gone Out Of This Rollin' Stone, Farewell To The Road, Comin' Down ... (11 tracks).

JOHNNY DUNCAN: Faraway Hideaway (Pharoah Records PR-1986 * 1986/USA) (6€) * Biloxi, She Made A Mean Margarita, Texas Moon, Stranger ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY DUNCAN: Johnny Duncan (Columbia 82021 * 1977/England) (5€) * Charley Is My Name, Atlanta Georgia Stray, Denver Woman, Third Rate Romance ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY DUNCAN: Sweet Country Woman (Columbia 32440 * 1973/USA) (5€) * The Look In Baby's Eyes, Johnny One Time, Our Night Of Love ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY DUNCAN: See You When The Sun Goes Down (Columbia 35775 * 1979/USA) (5€) * The Last Cheater's Waltz, Oh Maria, Whine Whistle Whine, Slow Dancing ... (10 tracks).

BRENDAN DUGAN (New Zealand): Dusty Country Road (RCA VPL1-0523 * 1985/New Zealand) (6€) * Misery And Gin, One Fine Morning, The Last Thing On My Mind ... (10 tracks).

SLIM DUSTY: Stories I Wanted To Tell (EMI Australia SCXO 430037 * 1986/Australia) (8€) * Two Old Gentlemen, On The Night Train, The Old Jimmy Woodser, Mount Bukaroo ... (12 tracks).

FRANK DYCUS: International Blues (GMP 8007 * 1980/Sweden) (8€) * Whiskey's Got Control, Peel Arkansas, Riding Stable Pony, Honky Tonks Are The Same All Over, Frail Tho' My Spirit Might Be, I Guess I'll Go Crazy ... (12 tracks).

JIM EANES: Rural Rhythm Presents Jim Eanes (Rural Rhythm RRJE-221 * USA) (8€) * Red Wagon, Handsome Man, Lonely Prison Blues, Back In Yopur Own Backyard ... (20 tracks).
JIM EANES: Bluegrass Ballads (Fundamental/Rebel SAVE 32 * recorded 1976-79/England) (7€) * Kentucky Bluegrass Angel, I'll Pretend It's Raining, The Legend Of The Girl ... (12 tracks).
JIM EANES: Reminiscing (Rebel REB 1653 * 1987/USA) (8€) * Chained To The Memories, Your Wish Is My Command, Tomorrow May Be Different, Too Old To Die Young, The First Rose ... (12 tracks).
JIM EANES & Smoketown Strut: Riding The Roads (Racoon Records 500137 * 1980/Belgium) (6€) (kannen reunassa teippausta * cover edge taped) * I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, Old Satan, Lady Of Spain ... (13 tracks).

STEVE EARLE & The Dukes: Exit O (MCA-5998 * USA) Nowhere Road, San Antonio Girl, The Rain Came Down, The Week Of Living Dangerously ... (6€).

STONEY EDWARDS: Blackbird (Capitol ST-11499 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Head Bootlegger Man, Yankee Lady, July 12 - 1939, I Want The Real Thing, Pickin' Wildflowers ... (10 tracks).
STONEY EDWARDS: No Way To Drown A Memory (Boot BOS-7220 * 1981/Canada) (12€) * The Fightin' Side Of Me, Reverend Leroy, Rose Coloured Glasses, On Bar At A Time ... (10 tracks).

JIMMY ELLEDGE: Funny How Time Slips Away (Little Darlin' SP-10479 * 1979(USA) (4€) * I Become A Husband Again, Honey, No One Ever Lost More, Florence Jean ... (10 tracks).

RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT: Talking Dust Bown/The Best Of (Big Beat/Fantasy * recorded 1960-61 /Germany) * Pretty Boy Floyd, New York Town, Riding In My Car, Railroad Bill, Grand Cooley Dam, Tom Joad, The Cuckoo ... (8€).

CARL ELLIS: The Country Sound Of Carl Ellis (Banff/Rodeo RBS-1198 * Canada) (kansissa teippauksia * taped covers) (6€) * Home Of the Blues, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Window Shopping, Pass Me By ... (10 tracks).

JOE ELY: Hi-Res (MCA-5480/South Coast * 1984/USA) * Imagine Houston, Cool Rockin' Loretta, Letter To Laredo, Locked In A Boxcar With The Queen Of Spain ... (8€).

BOB EVERHART: Time After Time ("Ambassador Of Traditional USA Country Music") (Folk Variety FV 12027 * comp-1981/W.Germany) (6€) * Union Mill Opry, Bluegrass Bluess, Pahokee Sugar Cane Blues ... (13 tracks).

EVERLY BROTHERS: 2x10 (WB Records/Supraphon 1113 3008 ZD * coll-1982/Czechoslovakia) (5€) * Lucille, The Ferris Wheel, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, Ebony Eyes, Crying In The Rain ... (20 tracks).
EVERLY BROTHERS: The Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits (Midi MID-26025 * re-75/WB/Germany * recorded in 1963) (5€) * I Walk The Line, Oh Lonesome Me, Just One Time, Lonely STreet, Sweet Dreams ... (12 tracks).

TERRY EWERS (UK) : Another Wanted Man (Polydor Nashville 583 028 * 1968/England) (5€) * Bounty Hunter, Ghosts (I Can't Kill), The Dawn, Juanita, Peacemaker, Trails To Nowhere, The Gun ... (11 tracks).

DICK FELLER: Dick Feller Wrote ... (UA LA349-R * 1974/USA) (6€) * Lord Mr. Ford, Any Old Wind That Blows, Nobody Rides A Train, The Credit card Song, Orleans Parish Prison, Jerico Springs, Goodbye California, Biff The Friendly Purple Bear ... (12 tracks).

NARVEL FELTS: The Touch Of Felts (MCA-634 * 1977/USA) (4€) * Another Crazy Dream, Empty Chair, Somewhere Between The Laughter And The Tears ... (10 tracks).

FREDDY FENDER: Together We Drift Apart (EPIC 84197 * 1980/Holland) (5€) * Gimme Another tequila, The Whole Town's Laughing At Me, Storm Never Last ... (10 tracks).
FREDDY FENDER: Swamp Gold (ABC * 1978/Germany) Graduation Night, Please Mr. Sandman, When It Rains It Really Pours, Breaking Up Is Hard... (5€)
FREDDY FENDER: Are You Ready For Freddy (ABC DOT * 1975/USA) Loving Cajun Style, Cielito Lindo Is My Lady, What`d I Say, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window... (5€)
FREDDY FENDER: Freddy Fender (MFP * coll-1983/Holland) Vaya Con Dios, Wild Side Of Life, I Love My Rancho Grande, Mathilda, The Rains Came... (4€)
FREDDY FENDER: If You're Ever In Texas (ABC/DOT DOSD-2061 * 1976/USA) (6€) * San Antonio Lady, Pass Me By, Just One Time, 1950's Medley, It's All In The Game ... (11 tracks).
FREDDY FENDER: The Texas Balladeer (Starlite 36073 * 1979/USA) (6€) * Gotta Trvael On, Rock Down In My Shoe, Turn Around, Squueze Box, Walk Under A Snake ... (10 tracks).

JOE FIRTH (Canada): I'm Just Me (Marathon/ALS 335 * Canada) (7€) * Daddy Frank, Shelley's Winter Love, Mama Tried, Big Brother, Love Of The Common People ... (11 tracks).
JOE FIRTH: The Promised Land (Marathon/ALS 292 * Canada) (7€) * The Fightin' Side Of Me, Flesh And Blood, Bed Of Roses, The Kansas City Song, Come Sundown ... (10 tracks).
JOE FIRTH: Me And The Old Promised Land (Boot BOS 7216 * 1981/Canada) (7€) * On The Southbound, Eastbound And Down, Beer Drinkers - Born Losers - And Me ... (10 tracks).
JOE FIRTH: Country (Boot BOS-7206 * 1979/Canada) (7€) * If The Shoe Fits Wear It, Got Leavin' On Her Mind, Sea Cruise, The One I Sing My Love Songs To, Two Of A Kind ... (10 tracks).

JACK FISHER: Roll That Rig (Brylen BN-4526 * 1982/USA) (8€) * Lost It On The Road, Cold Wind Blow, Ozark Mountain Lullaby, Roll That Rig, Wabash Cannonball, Let's Go Through The Motions ... (10 tracks).

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs:

LESTER FLATT: Lester Raymond Flatt (Flying Fish/Sonet * 1975/England) (6€) * The Wreck Of The Old 97, I Won`t Care (A Hundred Years From Now), When It`s Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing... (12 tracks).
LESTER FLATT: Lester Raymond Flatt (Flying Fish FF-015 * 1975/USA) (6€) * The Wreck Of The Old 97, I Won`t Care (A Hundred Years From Now), When It`s Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing... (12 tracks).
LESTER FLATT: Flatt On Victor (RCA LSP-4495 * 1971/USA) She`s A Little Bit Country, I Can`t Tell The Boys From The Girls, Cedar Hill, Little Cabin Home On The Hill, Father`s Table Grace... (10€)
LESTER FLATT: The Best Of (RCA APL-1-0578 * 1974/USA) * Backin' To Birmingham, Feudin' Banjos, The Country Boy, Is Anybody Goin' North To Cincinnati? I'd Like To Have Papa Show Me Around ... (8€).
LESTER FLATT: The One And Only (Nugget Records/Pickwick NRLP-104 * USA) (6€) * Daddy Sang Bass, Down The Road, Drink That Mash And Talk That Trash, I'd Like To Have Papa Show Me Around ... (11 tracks).
LESTER FLATT: Foggy Mountain Breakdown (RCA ANL1-1202 * re-1972/USA) (6e) * February Snow, The Good Old Fashioned Way, I Got It On My Mind Today, Good Ole You Know Who ... (10 tracks).
LESTER FLATT: Country Boy (RCA APL1-0131 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Nashville Grass Breakdown, Feudin' Banjos, Don't Get Above Your Raisin', One Bad Case Of The Blues ... (10 tracks).
LESTER FLATT: Rollin' (Gusto/Power Pak PO 293 * re-1976/USA) (6€) * Flatland Two Step, Yonder Stands Little Maggie, Mocking Banjo, I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open ... (11 tracks).

LESTER FLATT & The Nashville Grass: Lester Flatt`s Greatest Permormance (CMH 6238 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Lester Flatt`s Greatest Performance + A Tribute To Lester Flatt (=Two Special Tribute Songs To Lester Flatt by The Bluegrass Cardinals), FLATT: Get In Line Brother, Father`s Table Grace, What Would You Give In Exchange Of Your Soul, Little Brown Church (In The White Oak Grove)... (11 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & The Nashville Grass: A Living Legend (CHM 9002 2-LPs set * 1976/USA) (8€) * I Still Miss Someone, The Legend Of The Johnson Boys, The Ballad Of Jed Clampett, Bummin' An Old Freight Train ... (20 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & The Nashville Grass: Heaven's Bluegrass Band (CMH 6207 * 1976/USA) (6€) * The House Of Bottles And Cans, The Night Daddy Passed Away, Gone With The Delta Queen, Love Me Lorena ... (11 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & The Nashville Grass: Before You Go (RCA APL1-0470 * re-1974/USA) (6€) * Country Living, Never Ending Song Of Love, McCormick String Picnic, Crazy Life, The Haskel Stomp ... (10 tracks).

LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS: Songs Of The Famous Carter Family (featuring Mother Maybelle Carter) (Philips B 47136 L * England) Jimmy Brown The Newsboy, The Storms Are On The Ocean, Forsaken Love, Worried Man Blues... (10€)
LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS & The Foggy Mountain Boys: Breaking Out (Columbia LE 10149 * USA) (6€) * Rambling Gambler, Polka On A Banjo, Po' Rebel Soldier, Iron Curtain, The Great Historical Bum ... (11 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS: Nashville Airplane (Columbia CS 9741 * USA) (12€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Long Road To Houston, Like A Rolling Stone, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Universal Soldier, Catch The Wind ... (11 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & EARL SCRUGGS: A Boy Named Sue (Columbia C 32244 * 1973/USA) (12€) * I Walk The Line, Detroit City, Nashville Skyline Rag, Kansas City, Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town ... (kirjoitusta kannessa * writing on cover) ( 11 tracks).

LESTER FLATT & MAC WISEMAN: On The South Bound (RCA Victor LSA-3132 * 1972/England) (8€) * Just A Strand A Yellow Curl, Are You Coming Back To Me, You Can't Trust A Friend Anymore, Me And Your Memory ... (10 tracks).
LESTER FLATT & MAC WISEMAN: Lester 'N' Mac (RCA/Stetson HAT 3065 * re-1971/England) (8€) * You're The Best Of All Leading Brands, Homestead On The Farm, The Bluebirds Sing For Me, I'll Never Love Another ... (10 tracks).

RED FOLEY: Company's Comin' (Decca/Stetson HAT 3122 * orig. 1961 * re-issue W.Germany) (7€) * Brother Bill, Georgia Town Blues, Foggy River, Methodist Pie ... (12 tracks).
RED FOLEY: The Red Foley Show * featuring Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb, Kitty Wells, Wilburn Brothers etc ... (Decca/Stetson HAT 3016 * orig. 1962 * re-issue England) (8€) * (14 tracks).
RED FOLEY : I Believe (Decca/Coral re-issue * USA) The Night Watch, An Evening Prayer, I See God, Good Night Dear Lord, If I Can Help Somebody, May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You... (6€).

GERRY FORD (UK): Stranger Things Have Happened (Trim Top Records TT110 * 1989/England) (5€) * Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, The Storms Of Liofe, Carmen, Life Turned Her That Way ... (12 tracks).

TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: The Folk Album (Capitol ST-833 * USA) (8€) * Cotton Fields, Shenandoah, False Hearted Girl, If I Had A Hammer, Hush Little Baby ... (10 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: America The Beautiful (Capitol SM-412 * USA) (8€) * Battle Hymn Of The republic, This Is My Country, America, This Land Is Your Land ... (10 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Favorites (Capitol orig. 1957/Stetson re-issue HAT 3051 * England) (8€) * The Watermelon Song, River Of No Return, Have You Seen Her ... (10 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Sings From His Book Of Favourite Hymns (Capitol SM-12033 * re-issue 1980/USA) (6€) * Onward Christian Soldiers, What A Friend We Have In jesus, Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere ... (10 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Ernie Looks At Love (Capitol T-1542 * USA) (6€) * Don't Rob Another Man's Castle, Cold Cold Heart, I Can't Help It, Jealous Heart ... (12 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You (Pickwick/Capitol * USA) (4€) * Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee, Jealous Heart, Sleeping At the FootOf the Bed ... (9 tracks).

DALLAS FRAZIER: Tell It Like It Is! (Capitol ST-2764 * 1967/USA) (16€) * Honk 'N' Tonk, Green Green Grass Of Home, Hard Working Days Are On Their Way For Nannie Mae, Clawhammer Clyde ... (12 tracxs).
DALLAS FRAZIER: Singing My Songs (RCA Victor LSP-4338 * 1970/USA) (16€) * California Cotton Fields, Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp, I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor, Will You Visit Me On Sunday ... (11 tracks).
DALLAS FRAZIER: My Baby Picked Up My Mind And Left Me/Big Mable Murphy (RCA Victor LSP-4589 * 1971/USA) (16€) * Got My Mind On The Border Of Mexico, I'm Finally Over You, Touching Home, Ode To A Child Of The Wind ... (10 tracks).

DAVID FRIZZELL: David Frizzell (MCA-27093 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Jesse, Oleander, Kicking Sand, Mary In The Morning, Shake Hands With The Devil ... (10 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL: On My Own Again (Viva 92-38681 * 1983/USA) (8€) * A Million Light Beers Ago, We Won't Be Hearing "Always Late" Anymore (with Lefty & Allen Frizzell), Black And White ... (10 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL: David Frizzell Sings Lefty Frizzell (Playback L-12339 * 1986/USA) (16€) * Saginaw Michigan, She's Gone Gone Gone, Lefty's Star Will Always Shine A Little Brighter Than Mine, Mom & Dad's Waltz ... (16 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL & SHELLY WEST: Our Best To You (Viva 1-23754 * 1982/USA) (7€) * Jukebox Serenade, Cajun Invitation, Another Dawn Breaking Over Georgia, Wrapped Around Your Finger ... (10 tracks).

LEFTY FRIZZELL: The Legendary Lefty Frizzell ~ His Last Sessions (2 LP set) (MCA 2-4161 * 1982/USA) (27€) * Down By The Railroad Track, Railroad Lady, Life's Like Poetry, My Wishing Room, I Buy The Wine ... (20 tracks).
LEFTY FRIZZELL: Puttin' On (Columbia LE-10113 * USA) (12€) * Little Old Wine Drinker Me, When The Rooster Leaves The Yard, Money Tree, You Don't Have To Be Present To Win ... (11 tracks).
LEFTY FRIZZELL: His Life - His Music Vol.2 (Bear Family BF-15100/LSP-15453 * Columbia ~ early 1950's * compilation: 1984) (12€) * Travelin' Blues, Brakeman's Blues, A King Without Queen, I Know You're Lonesome ... (18 tracks).
LEFTY FRIZZELL: His Life - His Music Vol.3 (Bear Family BF-15100/LSP-15454 * Columbia ~ early 1950's * compilation: 1984) (12€) * California Blues, I'm Lonely And Blue, I*m An Old Old Man, Two Friends Of Mine ... (18 tracks).
LEFTY FRIZZELL: His Life - His Music Vol.4 (Bear Family BF-15100/LSP-15455 * Columbia ~ early 1950's * compilation: 1984) (12€) * Run 'Em Off, I'll Sit Alone And Cry, The Tragic Letter (& Wayne Raney) ... (18 tracks).

CHRIS GANTRY: Chris Gantry (ABC DOT * 1975/USA) * Rock And Roll Health Food Nut, Eagle (For John R.Cash), On The Road, Lily Of The Valley ... (8€).

BILL GARRETT: Bill Garrett (Posterity-Woodshed PWS-014 * 1979/Canada) (5€) * Railroad Line, Midnight Freight, Crossties On A Railroad, Northshore Train, You Don't Need A Gun, Haunted Hunter ... (10 tracks).

DON GIBSON: Am I That Easy To Forget (RCA Camden CAS-2592 * 1973/USA) (5e) * Tennessee Waltz, Bonaparte's Retreat, Four Walls, Almost Persuaded ... (9 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Just Call Me Lonesome (RCA Camden ACL-1-0328 * 1973/USA) (5€) * Montego Bay, Maria Elena, Vaya Con Dios, My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers ... (9 tracks).
DON GIBSON: I Love You So Much It Hurts (RCA Camden CAS-2246 * 1968/USA) (7€) * The Streets Of Laredo, Driftwood On The River, Foggy River, My Hands Are Tied ... (10 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Famous Country Music Makers (2 LPs) (RCA PL 42002 * 1976/England) (10€) * Sea Of Heartbreak, It's A Long Way To Georgia, I'm Movin' On, Solitary ... (28 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Touch The Morning (MGM/Hickory HR-4501 * 1972/USA) (7€) * Country Sunshine, Drinking Champagne. If You're Going Girl, Just Another Reminder Of You ... (11 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Look Who's Blue (ABC/Hickory HB-44014 * 1978/USA) (7€) * Dealing With The Devil, I'll Come Running, I Love You Because, All The World Is Lonely Now ... (10 tracks).
DON GIBSON: If You Ever Get To Houston Look Me Down (ABC/Hickory * AH-44007 * 1977/USA) (7€) * How I Love Them Old Songs, Fan The Flame - Feed The Fire, Out Of Consideration ... (10 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Bring Back Your Love To Me (MGM/Hickory H3G-4516 * 1974/USA) (7€) * Pocatello, She Cheats On Me, I'll Sing For You, All I Have To Offer You Is Me ... (11 tracks).

MICKEY GILLEY: That’s All That Matters To Me (EPIC * 1980/USA) * Jukebox Argument, The More I Turn The Bottle Up, Million Dollar memories, True Love Ways ... (8€).
MICKEY GILLEY: 20 Golden Songs (Astan * coll-1984/Germany) * Fraulein, The Boy Who Didn't Pass, In The want Ads, I Ain't Going Home ... (6€).

JIMMIE DALE GILMORE: Fair & Square (Hightone 8011/Stony Plain SPL 1-115 * 1988/USA-Canada) (6€) * White Freight Liner Blues, Honky Tonk Masquerade, Singing The Blues, Rain Just Falls ... (10 tracks).

Tompall Glaser & Brothers:

TOMPALL GLASER: The Wonder Of It All (ABC * 1977/USA) Drinking Them Beers, Duncan And Brady, How I Love Them Old Songs, My Mother Was A Lady... (12€).
TOMPALL GLASER & His Outlaw Band: Tompall And His Outlaw Band (ABC * 1977/USA) Come Back Shane, Tennessee Blues, It Ain`t Fair Medley, Let My Fingers Do The Talking... (12€).
TOMPALL GLASER & The Glaser Brothers: Vocal Group Of The Decade (MGM * 1975/England) Tin Cup Chalice, Velvet Wallpaper, The Christian, She`s Never Been This Gone Before, She`s Sweet She`s Kind And She`s Mine... (12€).
TOMPALL GLASER & The Glaser Brothers: Sing Great Hits From 2 Decades (MGM SE-4888 * 1973/USA) Streets Of Baltimore, Homeward Bound, Proud Mary, Those Were The Days, Snowbird, Help Me Make It Through The Night ... (10€).
TOMPALL GLASER & The Glaser Brothers: Sing Great Hits From 2 Decades (Polydor * 1973/England) Streets Of Baltimore, Homeward Bound, Proud Mary, Those Were The Days, Snowbird, Help Me Make It Through The Night ... (10€).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: Through The Eyes Of Love (MGM SE-4510 * 1968/USA) I`m Sorry Roseanna, That`s How A Woman`s S`pose To Be, The Great El Tigre, You Only Pass This Way One Time... (8€).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: After All These Years (Elektra 60148-1 * 1982/USA) (levyn pinnalla nδkyvissδ pieniδ hankaumia * well-worn record) (6€) * Happy Hour Blues, Oh America, Maria Consuela ... (10 tracks).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: More Of Tompall And The Glasers (Polydor 2391487 * 1974/England) (9€) * Wicked California, Gone Girl, Molly Darling, Gonna Miss Me, Rings, Blue Ridge Mountain ... (14 tracks).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: Music From The Motion Picture Sound Track * ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick (MGM SE-4667ST * 1970/USA) (12€) * Gentle On My Mind, California Girl And The Tennessee Square, Walk Unashamed ... (10 tracks).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: Rings And Things (MGM SE-4812 * 1972/USA) (10€) * Delta Lost, Phoney World, Pretty Eyes, Blue Ridge Mountain, Back In Each Others' Arms Again, You're In California ... (11 tracks).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: The Wonderful World Of The Glaser Brothers (MGM SE-4577 * 1968/Canada) (10€) * Home Country, Guess Things Happen That Way, Got Leavin' On Her Mind, One Of These Days ... (11 tracks).
TOMPALL & The Glaser Brothers: Country Folks (Vocalion VL-73807 * 1967/USA) (12€) * Ooie-Gooie, Mr. Lonesome, Judy's Growing Up, Blow Out The Candles, Let Me Down Easy, Same Old Memories ... (10 tracks).

JIM GLASER: The Man In The Mirror (Noble Vision * 1983/USA) Let Me Down Easy, You Got Me Running, Woman Woman, Stand By The Road... (8€)
JIM GLASER: Past The Point Of No Return (Noble Vision * 1985/USA) Merry-Go-Round, Tough Act To Follow, In Another Minute, I`ll Be Your Fool Tonight, Those Days... (8€)

WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN (from Oak Ridge Boys): American Vagabond (MCA-5749 * 1986/USA) (5€) * You Can't Take It With You, Music For My Soul, Heroes, Somebody Gotta Pay ... (10 tracks).

VERN GOSDIN: If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong (Compleat CPL-1-1004 * 1983/USA) (8€).
VERN GOSDIN: If Jesus Comes Tomorrow (Compleat 671011-1 * 1984/USA) – kirjoitusta kannessa (writing on cover) (4€).
VERN GOSDIN: The Best Of (Elektra 6E-228 * 1979/USA) (8€).

MIKE GRAHAM: Friends (GRT 9230-1023 * Canada ~ produced by Buddy Killen in Nashville)(6€) * Four Strong Winds, Chokin' Kind, Yonder Comes A Train, Louisiana Man ... (11 tracks).

BILLY GRAMMER: Country Favorites (Decca/Vocalion VL-73826 * orig. 1964/re-1968 * USA) (6€) * Detroit City, Columbus Stockade Blues, Wabash Cannon Ball, New River Train, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar ... (10 tracks).
BILLY GRAMMER: Sings Gotta Travel On (Decca DL-74542 * orig. 1964/USA) (kansiteippauksien jδlkiδ) (6€) * Detroit City, Columbus Stockade Blues, Wabash Cannon Ball, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar ... (12 tracks).
BILLY GRAMMER: Sunday Guitar (EPIC LN-24233 * 1962/USA) (kansiteippauksien jδlkiδ) (5€) * Work For The Night Is Coming, Lily Of The Valley, Church In The Wildwood, He Lives On High ... (12 tracks).

CLAUDE GRAY: Country Goes To Town (Mercury MG-20718 * 1962/USA) (takakannessa hiukan kulumaa, levyssδ nδkyvissδ muutamia naarmuja * back cover well-worn, a few seeable scratches on record) (8€) * The Shrimp Boats, Till I Waltz Again With You, The Twelfth Of Never ... (12 tracks).
CLAUDE GRAY: The Easy Way Of Claude Gray (Decca DL-74963 * 1968/USA) (9€) * Little Old Winedrinker Me, Houston, Night Life, Your Devil Memory, Crying Time, Crazy Arms ... (11 tracks).

VERN GOSDIN: Chiseled In Stone (Columbia FC 40982 * 1987/USA) (12€) * Nobody Calls From Vegas Just To Say Hello, Set 'Em Up Joe, Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time, Tight As Twin Fiddles ... (10 tracks).

Lloyd Green (steel guitar):
Mr. Steel Guitar Vol.2

(Chart/Killroy Country KPO 99019 * 1974/Holland).

Halfway To Paradise, Cool Steel,
Crazy Arms, Greenblue, Bar Hoppin', Petals,
Too Many Dollars Not Enough Sense ... (12 tracks)


Lloyd Green (steel guitar):
Ten Shades Of Green

(Westwood WRS 155 * 1976/England).

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Quicksand,
San Antonio Stroll, Darisa The Clever One,
Rhinestone Cowboy ... (10 tracks)


Lloyd Green (steel guitar):
Steel Rides

(Monument KZ 33368 * 1975/USA).

San Antonio Rose, Canadian Sunset,
Cocoanut Grove, Lutetia, Crying Time, Phase Phive,
Spirit Of '49, Seaside, ... (11 tracks)


Lloyd Green (steel guitar):
A Day For Decision

(Little Darlin' mono LD 4002 * 1966/USA).

Ballad Of The Green Beret, John F. Kennedy March,
The Dying Hero, Star Spangled Banner,
Marines Hymn, Anchors Aweigh ... (12 tracks)


Lloyd Green (steel guitar):

(RCA/Lark INL-2596 * 1978/Holland).

Edgewater Beach, Desperado,
The Whistler, Afterglow, My Love,
Stainless Steel, Kiss The Moonlight ... (12 tracks)


JACK GREENE: Until My Dreams Come True (Decca DL-75086 * 1969/USA) (6€) * I Take I Lot Of Pride In What I Am, Wichita Lineman, When The Grass Grows Over Me ... (11 tracks).
JACK GREENE: Love Stories (MCA Coral CB-20009 * 1973/USA) (5€) * The Hardest Easy Thing, I Spread My Wings And Fly, If God Can Forgive You So Can I ... (10 tracks).
JACK GREENE & JEANNIE SEELY: Greatest Hits (Gusto GT-0092 * 1982/USA) (5€) * (2 duets - JG: 5 solos - JS: 3 solos) * Can I Sleep In Your Arms, Don't Touch Me ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY GREENWOOD: The Singing Transport Man (RCA Camden VCL1-0081 * 1975/Australia) (10€) * Rollin' Down The Highway, I'm A Truck, The Old Green Truck, I've Driven Everything, The Truckie's Life ... (12 tracks).

CLINTON GREGORY: Music 'N Me (Step One Records SOR-0057 * 1990/USA) (5€) * I can't Be Myself, Moccasin man, Back On Track, She Put The Music In Me ... (11 tracks).

Ray Griff (Canada):

RAY GRIFF: Canada (Boot Records BOS 7201 * 1979/Canada) (8€) * Calgary Alberta, Betty Mitchell, Canadian Pacific, If It Hadn't Been For Music, Canada ...
RAY GRIFF: Songs For Everyone (DOT DOS-26013 * 1973/USA) (6€) * Somewhere Between Atlanta And Mobile, It Rains Just The Same In Missouri, You can Have Her, Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano ... (11 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: A Ray Of Sunshine (DOT DLP-25868 * 1972/USA) (6€) * A Lean Horse, Something Special, Till The Right One Comes Along, One Of The Chosen Few, Move A Little Farther Along ... (12 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: The Greatest Hits Of Ray Griff (Boot BOS-7219 * comp-1981/Canada) (8€) * A Cold Day In July, Canada, The Last Of the Winfield Amateurs, Sweet City Woman, The Hill ... (20 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: Ray Griff Sings (Royal American 9014-1007 * 1972/Canada) (8€) * Waxahachie Woman, Sweet Citry Woman, My Rocky Mountain Home, Don't Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice ... (12 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: The Last Of The Winfield Amateurs (Capitol St-11566 * 1976/Canada) (8€) * Piano Man, I Never Should Have Crossed The Mississippi, Rusty, You Put The Bounce Back Into My Step ... (10 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: The Sky Is The Limit (RCA KKL1-0563 * 1986/Canada) (8€) * Margaret Kelley, It Don't Make A House A Home, What My Woman Does To Me, A Light In The Window ... (10 tracks).
RAY GRIFF: Ray Griff (Capitol ST-11486 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Tucson Sun, Help Me Down From Heaven, Wrapped Around Your Finger, If I Let Her Come In, Runnin' ... (10 tracks).

Tom T. Hall:

TOM T. HALL: Soldier Of Fortune (RCA AHL1-3685 * 1980/USA) (7€) * Me And Jimmie Rodgers, The World According To Raymond, Back When Gas Was 30 Cents A Gallon, The Six O`Clock News, Texas Never Fell In Love With Me, Whiskey Castles ...
TOM T. HALL: Soldier Of Fortune (RCA PL-13685 * 1980/England) (7€) * Me And Jimmie Rodgers, The World According To Raymond, Back When Gas Was 30 Cents A Gallon, The Six O`Clock News, Texas Never Fell In Love With Me, Whiskey Castles ...
TOM T. HALL: Song In A Seashell (Mercury/Polygram 422-824508-1 M-1 * 1985/USA) (7€) * A Bar With No Beer, We're All Through Dancing, That Lucky Old Sun, Red Sails In The Sunset, This Ain't Exactly What I Had In Mind ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Natural Dreams (Mercury MERL 47 * 1984/England) (8€) * Famous In Missouri, My Heroes Have Always Been Highways, Before Jessie Died, They Captured The Outlaw Last Night, The Whittler, Brand New Bartender ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (Mercury 814 025-1 * 1983/Holland) (8€) * Barroom Stranger, The Harmonica Man, The Adventures Of Linda Bohannon, What Am I Gonna Do With My Music ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Places I've Done Time (RCA APL-1-3018 * 1978/Canada) (8€) * The Great East Broadway Onion Championship Of 1978, The Grocery Truck, The Man Who Shot Himself, I Couldn't Live In Souhern California ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: I Wrote A Song About It (Mercury SRM-1-1033 * 1975/USA) (8€) * From A Mansion To A Honky Tonk, The Trees In Philadelphia, It Rained In Every Town Except Paducah, McLeay Street In Sydney, Lying Jim ... (11 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Ballad Of Forty Dollars And His Other Great Songs (Mercury SR-61211 * 1969/USA) (12€) (Tom T's first album) (kansia teipattu, kanteen kirjoitettu numero * taped covers, writing on cover) * Highways, Cloudy Day, Ain't Got The Time, The World The Way I Want It ... (12 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: The Magnificent Music Machine (Mercury SRM-1-1111 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Bluegrass Break-Up, Bluegrass Festival In The Sky, Rank Stranger, Molly And Tenbrooks (with Bill Monroe), Paradise, Fox On The Run ... (11 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Sings 100 Children (Mercury SR 61307 * 1970/USA) (12€) * The Hitch-Hiker, Ode To A Half A Pound Of Ground Round, I Hope It Rains In My Funeral, Mama Bake A Pie - Daddy Kill A Chicken ... (12 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: New Train - Same Rider (RCA PL 12633 * 1978/France) (7€) * Come On Back To Nashville (Ode To The Outlaws), Whiskey, Dark Hollow, Mabel You Have Been A Friend To Me ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: New Train - Same Rider (RCA PL 12633 * 1978/England) (7€) * Come On Back To Nashville (Ode To The Outlaws), Whiskey, Dark Hollow, Mabel You Have Been A Friend To Me ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: About Love (Mercury SRM-1-1139 * 1977/USA) (7€) * Goodbye Cowgirl, One Of The Mysteries Of Life, It's All In The Game, Happy Groundhog Day ... (12 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Faster Horses (Mercury SRM-1-1076 * 1976/USA) (7€) * Beer Drinkers Waltz, I'm A Cowboy Too, It's Got To Be Kentucky For Me, Big Motel On The Mountain ... (11 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: The Rhymer And Other Five & Dimers (Mercury 6338231 * 1973/England) (7€) * The Man Who Hated Freckles, Another Town, Ravishing Ruby, Spokane Motel Blues ... (12 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: We All Got Together And ... (Mercury SR-61362 * 1972/USA) (7€) * Pamela Brown, Bourbon Man, Pratt Street, The Monkey That became President, She Gave Her Heart To Jethro ... (11 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Ol' T's In Town (RCA PL 13495 * 1980/England) (8€) * The Last Country Song, Old Habits Die Hard, Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey, The Old Side Of Town ... (10 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: In Search Of A Song (Mercury ML-8013 * re-1971/USA) (7€) * Tulsa Telephone Book, It Sure Can Get Cold In Des Moines, Kentucky Feb`27 ~ 1971, A Million Miles To The City, L.A.Blues, Who`s Gonna Feed Them Hogs...
TOM T. HALL: Songs Of Fox Hollow (For Children Of All Ages * incl. 12-page illustrated booklet) (Mercury SRM-1-500 * 1974/USA) (12€) * The Barn Dance, Ole Lonesome George The Basset, The Song Of The One-Legged Chicken ...
TOM T. HALL: The Country Store Collection (Country Store ~ Mercury/RCA * comp-1988/England) (6€) * Senior Citizen Star, It's All In The Game, Deal, I Wish I Loved Somebody Else, What Have You Got To Lose ... (14 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Country Classics (Εhilips International 6336262 * England) (6€) * Pinto The Wonder Horse Is Dead, Monkey That Became President, St. Louis Named A Shoe After Me, That Song Is Driving Me Crazy ... (12 tracks).
TOM T. HALL: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (Mercury SRM-1-5008 * 1978/USA) (6€) * The Fastest Rabbit Dog In carter County Today, Hang Them All, She Gave Her Heart To Jethro, Faster Horses - The Cowboy And The Poet ... (11 tracks).

Stuart Hamblen (1908-1989).

STUART HAMBLEN: This Old House Has Got To Go (Decca orig. 1962/Stetson re-issue HAT 3031/England) (9€) * Pony Express, Green Ice And Mountain Men, The Hanging Of Old Zeb Hatfield, The Dandy Of The River, The Silent Guest ... (12 tracks).
STUART HAMBLEN: This Old House Has Got To Go (Kapp KS-3469 * 1962/USA) (9€) * Pony Express, Green Ice And Mountain Men, The Hanging Of Old Zeb Hatfield, The Dandy Of The River, The Silent Guest ... (12 tracks).
STUART HAMBLEN: The Spell Of The Yukon (Columbia CL-1588 * 1961(USA) (9€) * The Cremation Of Sam McGee, Big Wicked Bill, The Shooting Of Dan McGrew, Pocolodie Bill Left His Soul Behind ... (10 tracks).
STUART HAMBLEN: Remember Me (Coral Records CRL-57254 * 1958/Canada) (9€) * Texas Plains, The Strawberry Roan, Back Home Again In Indiana, The Face On The Bar-Room Floor, Ace In The Hole ... (12 tracks).

STUART HAMBLEN: A Man Andf His Music (Lamb & Lion * 1976/Holland) (9€) * Rack Up The Balls, Golden River, Little Old Rag Doll, Goodnight Mrs. Jones, That's Just Livin', Until Then, Late At Night ... (12 tracks).
STUART HAMBLEN: I Believe (Columbia Harmony HL 7403 * 1966/USA) (8€) * Old Pappy's New Banjo, I*ve Got So Many Million Years, Friends I Know, The Hidden You ... (10 tracks).
STUART HAMBLEN: Inspired By Jimmie Rodgers (Cow Girl Boy Records LP 5024 * coll-1986/Germany) (9€) * Poor Unlucky Cowboy, By The Sleepy Rio Grande, Drifting Back To Dixie, My Brown EDyed Texas Rose ... (16 tracks).

GEORGE HAMILTON IV : Songs For A Winter`s Night (Ronco RTL-2082 * 1982/England) (6€) * Four Strong Winds, Teach Your Children, Me And The Elephant, Mull Of Kintyre, Lucille ... (16 tracks)
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: In the 4th Dimension (RCA LSP 4066 * 1968/orig.USA) Back To Denver, Suzanne, Lunch Time, You Never Understood Me, It`s More Than Honey...(sound quality not best possible anymore * δδnentoistossa jo ajan patinaa) (2€)
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: The Country Sounds Of (MFP/ABC/England) (16 songs) I Heard That Lonesome Whistle, Your Cheatin` Heart, Carolina Moon, I`m So Lonesome I Could Cry... (6€)
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: West Texas Highway (RCA * 1972/England) What`s Fort Worth, 10 Degrees & Gettin` Colder, Tumbleweed, Plain Ole Three Chord Hurtin` Country Song... (6€)
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Back Home At The Opry (RCA * 1976/England) Blue Jeans Ice Cream And Saturday Shows, Leaving London, Headed For The Country, Streets Of Gold... (8€)
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Early Morning Rain And Other Gordon Lightfoot Songs (RCA INTS-1278 * 1971/Germany) (16€) * Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle, The Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Steel Rail Blues, Long Thin Dawn ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Canadian Pacific (RCA Victor SF-8062 * 1969/England) (10€) * I*m Gonna Be A Country Boy Again, Shake The Dust, My Nova Scotia Home, Summer Wages, Home From The Forest ... (12 tracks).
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Canadian Pacific (RCA KYL1-0400 * 1969/Canada) (10€) * I*m Gonna Be A Country Boy Again, Shake The Dust, My Nova Scotia Home, Summer Wages, Home From The Forest ... (12 tracks).
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Travelin' Light (RCA Victor LSA-3124 * 1972/England) (8€) * Alberta Bound, High Lonesome Sound, Maritime Farewell, The Call, I Never Sung A Staying Song Before ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE HAMILTON IV: International Ambassador Of Country Music (RCA LSP-4826 * 1973/USA) (9€) * Suzanne, People Call Me Country, Green Green Grass Of Home, Blue Train, The Leaving Of Liverpool ... (10 tracks).

KIRK HANSARD: Kirk's Best (Buddah/Chart CHS-2054 * 1973/USA) (10€) * Serious Drinking, The Road, Nudist Colony, Adults Only, A Thousand Honky Tonks Ago ... (10 tracks).

THE HARDEN TRIO: Tippy Toeing (Columbia S-62725 * 1966/Germany) (8€) * Hey Pinnoch, Poor Boy, The Race Is On, Tall Green Pines, Little White House, Dear Brother ... (11 tracks).
THE HARDEN TRIO feat. ARLENE HARDEN: Great Country Hits (CBS Harmony HS-11369 * USA) (6€) * Skip A Rope, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, The Race Is On, Little Boy Walk Like A Man ... (9 tracks).

BILL HARRELL & The Virginians: Blue Virginia Blue (Rebel REB-1650 * 1986/USA) (10€) * God Must Be A Cowboy At Heart, Kentucky Is Just A Smile Away, Fire On The North Rodge, Wreck Of The Old 97 ... (12 tracks).
BILL HARRELL & The Virginians: Do You Remember? (Rebel REB-1640 * 1985/Canada) (12€) * Ring Of Fire, On Whiskey Mountain, Reflectiuons Of Virginia. The Story Of Virgil Carter, Alabama Bound ... (12 tracks).
BILL HARRELL & The Virginians: I Can hear Virginia Calling Me (Rebel REB-1592 * 1980/USA) (10€) * Something In The Wind, Green RFolling Hills, I Want To Go Back To The Mountains, Martinsburg March ... (12 tracks).

WOODY HARRIS & THE MOUNTAINEERS: Down Home (Starr Records SLP-1159 * USA) (5€) * Kawliga, Green Green Grass Of Home, Apartment #9, Johnny B. Goode, Rocky Top, Slowly ... (10 tracks).

CLAY HART: Most Requested Country Favorites (Ranwood R-8122 * 1974/USA) (7€) * The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, I'm Movin' On, Grazin' In Greener Pastures, Gentle On My Mind, Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' ... (12 tracks).

JOHN HARTFORD: Gum Tree Canoe (Flying Fish/Sundown SDLP 030 * 1976/England) (6€) * Jug Harris, Wrong Road Again, No Expectations, Lorena, Way Down The River Road ... (10 tracks).

JERRY HATTON: 25th Anniversary In Country Music (Canadian Country Music CCMLP-102 * 1983/Canada) (7€) * Roly Poly, Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye, Undo The Right, I Wonder If I'll Ever Smile Again ... (12 tracks).

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Hawkshaw Hawkins Sings (Orig. 1964 RCA * Stetson re-issue HAT-3111/Germany) (12€) * I Wanna Be Hugged To Death By You, Rebound, Ko Ko Mo - I Love You So (& Rita Robbins), Action ... (12 tracks).
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: The Great Hawkshaw Hawkins (Columbia/Harmony HS 11044 * USA) (12€) * Patanio (The Pride Of The Plains), Alaska Lil And Texas Bill, Twenty Miles From Home, Put A Nickel In The Jukebox, Big Ole Heartache, I Can`t Seem To Say Goodbye ...

BOBBY HELMS: Greatest Performance (Certron Records CS-7003 * 1970/USA) (7€) * Cold Wind Blows, Lily White, Cherokee Boogie, Mary Goes Around ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY HELMS: All New Just For You (Little Darlin' SLD-8008 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Apartment #8, He Thought He'd Die Laughing, The Day The World Stood Still ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY HELMS: Sings Frδulein (Columbia/Harmony HS-11209 * USA) (5€) Δ You Left Nothing, Silver Threads And Golden Needles, Same Old Memories ... (10 tracks).

EARL HEYWOOD: Tales Of The Donnelly Feud (Dominion LPS 21013 * 1969/Canada) (8€) * Two Big Brothers, The Ballad Of Big Jim Carroll, They're Gonna Hang Jim Donnelly, Who Stole Thompson's Cow, The Night They Shot John Donnelly, Legend Of The Old Roman Line ... (14 tracks).
EARL HEYWOOD: Sings (RCA Camden CAL-2249 * Canada) (8€) * Isle Of Campobello, I Want A Roof Over My head And Bread On The Table, Algonquin Waltz, A Bad Penny Always Returns ... (10 tracks).

WADE HILL: Lonesome Old Song (Reminds Me Of You) (Old Homestead OHS-90074 * 1976/USA) (6€) * Forty years Ago, Tall Mountain, Modern Funeral, Blackjack, Travel Me Home ... (12 tracks).

CHRIS HILLMAN: Desert Rose (Sugar Hill SH-3743 * 1984/USA) (7€) * Runnin' The Roadblocks, Rough And Rowdy Ways, Somebody's Back In Town, Wall Around Your Heart ... (10 tracks).
CHRIS HILLMAN: Slippin' Away (Asylum 7E-1067 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Take It On The Run, Take Me In Your Lifeboat, Love Is The Sweetest Amnesty, Down On The Churchyard ... (10 tracks).

THE HILLMEN (Chris Hillman, Vern & Rex Gosdin, Don Parmley): The Hillmen (Sugar Hill SH-3719 * 1981/USA) (8€) * Prisoner's Plea, Back Road Fever, Winsborough Cotton Mill Blues, Ranger's Command ... (13 tracks).

CHARLIE HIPSON: With You On My Mind (Solar Records HM-001 * 1977/Canada) (5€) * CountryGuitar, Lucille, River Lady, Break the Fall, Piano Man, Promised Land ... (12 tracks).

STAN HITCHCOCK: Dixie Belle (GRT 20001/orig. USA copy) Walking Running Stumbling, Let Me Roll, Crystal Chandelier, Sunday Morning Coming Down, For The Good Times, Ruins Of A Broken Home, Love Don`t Live Here Anymore, Wonder Could I Live There Anymore... (12€)

DOYLE HOLLY: Doyle Holly (Barnaby Records BR-15010 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Queen Of the Silver Dollar, Take Walk In The Country, Your Country Lovin', Headed For The Country, All The Way From Alabama ... (11 tracks).

HOMER & JETHRO: Songs To Tickle Your Funny Bone (RCA Camden mono CAL-948 * orig. 1966 USA copy) Don`t Sing Along (On Top Of Old Smoky), They Were Doin` The Mambo, Hay Shmo!, You Tell Her I Stutter, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini... (12€)
HOMER & JETHRO: The Best Of (RCA Victor LSP-3474 * orig. 1966 USA copy) The Battle Of Kookamonga, I`m Movin` On No.2, Pore Ol` Koo-Liger, Sixteen Tons, Jam-Bowl-Liar (Jambaylaya), Cold Cold Heart No.2, He`ll Have To Go, Let Me Go Blubber, Baby It`s Cold Outside... (12€)
HOMER & JETHRO: Country Comedy * The Best Of (RCA LSA 3172 * 1970/England) Sink The Bismark, Ballad Of Davey Crewcut, Don`t Shoot The Mandolin Player, Sad Movies, Daddy Played First Base, We Didn`t Make It Through The Night, Please Help Me I`m Crawling, Hallelujah I`m A Bum... (12€)
HOMER & JETHRO: Strike Back (RCA Camden CAS-707 * orig. 1962 USA copy) Does The Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On The Bedpost Overnight), Sound Off - No.2 (The Duckworth Chant), Li`l Old Kiss Of Fire, Unhappy Day, Oh My Pappy, I Really Don`t Want To Know, Mister Sandman... (12€)
HOMER & JETHRO: Songs For The Out Crowd (RCA Camden CAS-2137 * orig. 1967 USA copy) When It`s Tooth Pickin` Time In False Teeth Valley, Mairzy Doats, Hut-Sut Song, Sifrting Whimpering Sands, The Music Goes Round And Round, Love And Marriage, Flat Foot Floogie... (12€)

DAVID HOUSTON: Baby, Baby (EPIC BN-26539 * 1969/USA) (5€) * Homecoming, China Doll, Watching My World Walk Away, Don't Mention Tomorrow ... (11 tracks).
DAVID HOUSTON: Already It's Heaven (EPIC BN-26391 * 1968/USA) (5€) * Gentle On My Mind, Mental Journey, Laura, By The Time I Get To Phoenix ... (11 tracks).
DAVID HOUSTON: Sings Twelve Great Country Hits (EPIC LN-24156 * 196?/USA) (7€) * Saginaw Michigan, Four Strong Winds, I've Got A Tiger By The Tail, King Of The Road ... (12 tracks).
DAVID HOUSTON: New Voice From Nashville (EPIC LN-24112 * 1964/USA) (7€) * Cowpoke, Chickashay, The Snakes Crawl At Night, Love Looks Good On You, Passing Through ... (12 tracks).
DAVID HOUSTON: Next Sunday I`m Gonna Be Saved (Excelsior * 1980/USA) (kuluneet kannet/worn-out front cover) Waltz Of The Angels, Faded Love And Winter Roses... (2€)
DAVID HOUSTON: What A Night (EPIC * 1976/Canada) Me And Susan Wright, The Old Blind Fiddler, Hasta Luego... (6€)
DAVID HOUSTON: The Best Of (Gusto * 1978/USA) (2 duets with Sherri JERRICO) Chickashay, No Tell Motel, Good Things, I`ll Take You Home Again Kathleen... (5€)
DAVID HOUSTON: From Houston To You (Excelsior * 1981/USA) Texas Ida Red, Colorado, Honky Tonks And Honeys... (5€)

Tommy Hunter (Canada):

TOMMY HUNTER: Tommy (RCA KPL1-0088 * 1975/Canada) (5€) * Mary Ann Regrets, The Tennessee Waltz, Song And Dance Man, The Departure, Born To Be A Gypsy ... (10 tracks).
TOMMY HUNTER: Travellin' With Tommy Hunter (Columbia ELS-326 * Canada) (5€) * The Battle Of Little Big Horn, Mary In The Morning, Nowhere Bound With Greyhound ... (11 tracks).
TOMMY HUNTER: Readings (Silver Eagle/PolyTel/PolyGram * 1983/Canada) (5€) * New Year's Resolution, Farmer And The Lord, Passing In The Street, Old Doc Brown ... (12 tracks).
TOMMY HUNTER: Tommy (Acclaim Records CM-12002 * 1982/Canada) (5€) * Six Feet Under That Cold Cold Ground, Paradise, Here At Forty, Family Tree, Wisdom Is Our Friend ... (10 tracks).

FERLIN HUSKY: Ferlin Husky (DOT MCA-39077 * 1986/USA) (8€) * The Backyard, There Ain't Enough Whiskey In Tennessee. Sweet Misery, The Waltz You Saved For Me ... (10 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: Freckles And Polliwog Days (ABC X-818 * 1974/USA) (6€) * Them Ole Rainy Lovesick Songs, Ring Of String, The Same Old Way, Kittens Kids And Kites ... (10 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: Walkin' And A Hummin' ~ My Hank Williams Album (Capitol 1961 * Stetson re-issue HAT 3053/England) (8€) * I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Living In A Trance, Alone And Forsaken, My Shadow ... (12 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: What Am I Gonna Do Now (EMI/Capitol T-2705 * 1967/England) (7€) * Just A Bend Of the Road, General "G", Walkin' On New Grass, Learn From A Fool ... (12 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: White Fences And Evergreen Trees (EMI/Capitol E-ST 115 * 1968/England) (7e) * (A-puolella vδδrδn albumin keskustarra * Wrong A-side sticker) * Folsom Prison Blues, Flat River Mo ... (11 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: Your Sweet Love Lifted Me (Pickwick/Capitol * 1979, 1970/USA) (6€) * Common Country Man, Waterloo, These Are The Reasons, Set Me Free ...
FERLIN HUSKY: The Foster And Rice Songbook (ABC Records ABCD-884 * 1975/USA) (6€) * Rosie Cries A Lot, An Old Memory Got In My Eye, For A Minute There ... (10 tracks).

CHUCK IRVIN: Home Coming Time In Nova Scotia (Showboy Records * 1982/Canada) (6€) * Yodellin' Nova Scotian, A Tribute To Wilf Carter, Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley ... (10 tracks).

BURL IVES: Burl (MCA Coral COPS-1702 * 1973/Germany) (8€) * The Blizzard, Mary Ann Regrets, Curry Roads, Busted, Green Turtle, She Didn't Let The Ink Dry On The Paper ... (12 tracks).
BURL IVES: Greatest Hits! (MCA Coral COPS-1017 * 1971/Germany) (8€) * Cool Water, Foggy Foggy Dew, Call Me Mr. In-Between, True Love Goes On And On, This Is All I Ask ... (12 tracks).
BURL IVES: The Talented Man (Bulldog Records BDL-1027 * 1978/England) (6€) * Galisteo, Snowbird, Real Roses, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, One More Time Billy Brown ... (10 tracks).
BURL IVES: The Best Of Burl Ives Vol.2 (MCA2-4089 2-set * comp-1975/USA) (8€) * I Walk The Line, The Almighty Dollar Bill, Forty Hour Week, Green Green Grass Of Home, I'm The Boss ... (20 tracks).

ALAN JACKSON: Here In The Real World (Arista AL-8623 * 1989/USA) (limited pr-edition) (10€) * Dog River Blues, Chasin' That Neon Rainbow, Wanted, Short Sweet Ride ... (10 tracks).

STONEWALL JACKSON: The Real Thing (Columbia C 30254/orig. USA) Honky Tonk Girl, Oh Lonesome Me, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Blue Field, Before I Met You... (6€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Harmony HC 15043/Australia) Waiting For A Train, Push The Panic Button, Nashville, Waitin` For Dawn Till Dawn... (6€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: Bad Ass (Little Darlin` * 1979/USA) We`re The Kind Of People That Make The Jukebox Play, Spirits Of St.Louis, Jesus Took The Outlaw Out Of Me, Alcohol Of Fame, The Pint Of No Return... (8€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: The Dynamic (Columbia LE 10020/USA) Uncle Sam And Big John Bull, Smoke Along The Track, Waterloo, Ward Of Broken Hearts, Let`s Call It A Day, The Carpet On The Floor... (6€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: The World Of Stonewall Jackson * His All-Time Greatest Hits (2-set) (Columbia KG-31411 * 1972/USA) A Little Guy Named Joe, Blue Field, Blues Plus Booze, Old Showboat, That`s All This World Needs, If This House Could Talk, Promises And Hearts, Leona... (10€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: All`s Fair In Love `n` War (Columbia CS 2509 * 1966/USA) The Minute Men (Are Turning In Their Graves), Thankful For Your Love, Wedding Bells, All Together Now, This One Gets My Vote, I Wish I Had A Girl... (8€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: The Great Old Songs (Columbia CS 9708 * 1968/USA) Red River Valley, Knoxville Girl, Ode To Cowboy Jack, Soldier`s Last Letter, Tragic Romance, Wanderin` Boy`s Last Letter, The Letter Edged In Black, Shackles And Chains... (8€)
STONEWALL JACKSON: I Pawned My Past Today (Columbia/Harmony HS-11324 * 1969/USA) Poor Red Georgia Dirt, The Water`s So Cold, Sixteen Fathoms, There`s A Limit, If Teardrops Were Pennies, Mary Don`t You Weep... (8€)

SONNY JAMES: My Love/Don't Keep Me Hangin' On (Capitol ST-478 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Woodbine Valley, Ramblin' Rose, Waterloo, Happy Memories ... (10 tracks).
SONNY JAMES: The Biggerst Hits In Country Music History (Capitol ST-629 * 197?/USA) (10€) * I Walk The Line, King Of The Road, Your Cheatin' Heart, Tennessee Waltz ... (10 tracks).
SONNY JAMES: Empty Arms (Capitol * 1971/USA) (kannessa kirjoitusta * writing on cover) * Empty Arms, One Day By And By, What Am I Living For, Just Keep On Thinking Of Me ... (4€).

TOMMY JENNINGS: Equal Opportunity Lovin' Man (Audiograph AG-7781 * 1982/USA) (7€) * Home On The Rocks, Mary's Eyes, Day In And Day Out, If It Gets Any Better, Fantasy Lady ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY & JACK (= Johnny Wright-Jack Anglin): Sing Poison Love And Other Country Favorites (RCA Camden CAS-747 * 1965/USA) (12€) * Private Property, Trials And Tribulations, Borrowed Diamonds ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY & JACK: Here's Johnny & jack (Vocalion VL-73832 * USA) (8€) * Waterloo, Poison Love, The Moon Is High And So Am I, A Little Bitty tear, Smiles And Tears ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY & JACK (& Kitty Wells): Early Country Live (Anthology Of Country Music ACM-16) (6€) * Hank Williams Will Live For Ever, Day-o - The Banana Boat Song, Down South In New Orleans ... (20 tracks).
JOHNNY & JACK: Johnnie & JACK (Golden Country LP-2213) (6€) * Called From Potter's Field, Turn Your Radio On, A Smile On My Lips, He Will Set Your Fields On Fire, For Old Times Sake ... (12 tracks).

SMILIN' JOHNNY & HIS PRAIRIE PALS: Happy Musical Moments (Cosmic Records CML-1067 * Canada) (7€) * Saskatchewan, The Streets Weren't Made For Makin' Love, Big Time Entertainer, Lucky Bourgeois Boogie ... (12 tracks).
SMILIN' JOHNNY & HIS PRAIRIE PALS: 25 Years (2-LP-Set) (Cosmic Records CML-1070/AVR-7303 * Canada) (8€) * This Diesel Truck, Our Eskino & Indian Friends, Drawing Circles On The Map, The Boob Tube ... (12 tracks + show LP).
SMILIN' JOHNNY & HIS PRAIRIE PALS: The Smilin' Johnnie Show - Recorded Live * In Action (Cosmic Records CML-1066 * Canada) (4€) * Columbus Stockade Blues, Your Cheating Heart, Old Grey Mule ... feat. spoken COMEDY.

ANTHONY ARMSTRONG JONES: Sugar In The Flowers (Chart Records CHS 1036 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Patches, Vision Of Blindness, Sound Of An Angel's Wings, The Days Of Sand And Shovels ... (10 tracks).
ANTHONY ARMSTRONG JONES: Take A Letter Maria (Chart Records CHS-1027 * 1970) (8€) * Wichita Lineman, Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, One For The Road, Sweet Caroline, Words ... (1o tracks).

GRANDPA JONES: Old Time Country Music Collection (2-set) (CMH 9010 * 1978/USA) (24 songs) Pap`s Corn Liquor Still, Where Silv`ry Colorado Wends Its Way, Down the Old Plank Road, Weary Lonesome Me, The All Go Hungry Hash House, Where The Mississippi Washes... (Joe Maphis, Vic Willis, Weldon Myrick, Doyle Dykes...) (8€)
GRANDPA JONES: Sings Hits From Hee Haw (Monument SLP-18131 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Night Train To Memphis, King Of the Cannon County Hills, Banjo Sam, Pretty Little Devilish Mary ... (12 tracks).
GRANDPA JONES: Hew Haw Superstar * I'll Meet You In The Morning (Temple TEM-8510 * 1985/USA) (6€) * Come And Dine, Gone Home, Old Camp Meeting Day, When I Get To The End Of the Day ... (10 tracks).
GRANDPA JONES: Family Album (2-set) (CMH * 1979/USA) The Johnson Boys, Billy Richardson`s Last Ride, 10th Of November, The Flowers Of Edinburgh, Autoharp Concerto, I Gave My Love A Cherry, My Pretty Quadroon, Who Will Sing For Me, Clear The Kitchen ... (Joe & Rose Lee Maphis, Ramona Jones, George McCormick, Gene Wooten...) (8€)
GRANDPA JONES: The Man From Kentucky (Bulldog Records * coll-1978/England) Uncle Eph`s, The New Vitamin, Baldheaded End Of The Broom, She`s The Steppin` Out Kind, Kitty Klyde, Good Old Mountain Dew... (6€)
GRANDPA JONES: Everybody`s Grandpa (Monument SLP 18083 * 1967/USA) Night Train To Memphis, Steady Drips Of Water, The Banjo Am The Instrument, Springtime Comes But Once A Year, Goin` Down The River... (6€)
GRANDPA JONES: Pickin` Time (Decca/Vocalion VL73900 * USA) Don`t Bring Your Banjo Home, Dark As A Dungeon, Old Towser, Waiting For A train, The All-American Boy, The Huntin`s Over For Tonight... (6€)

RAMSEY KEARNEY: Behind A Song (Nachco Records NA-101TV * 1985/USA) (8€) * King Of Oak Street, Indian Love Call. Gone With The Wind, Life Begins At Forty ... (16 tracks).
RAMSEY KEARNEY: Tennessee Rock (Sunjay 1953-89 , mainly un-released material / Sweden) Western Union, Red Bobby Sox, Goodbye Train, Rock The Bop... (6€)

MURRY KELLUM: 20 Country Comedy Hits (Plantation PLP-531 * 1978/USA) Tom Dooley, Mr.Custer, Shoot Low Sheriff, Long Tall Texan, Kansas City Star, The Purple People Eater, Hardknuckle Harry, Gitarzan... (6€)

WAYNE KEMP: Country * Past - Present - Future (Door Knob Records DKD-M-001 * 1983/USA) (20€) * The Alcohol Of Fame, The Fireman, Reverend Luther, Yellow Pages, Number On Bathroom Wall, Love Comes Here To Die ... (20 tracks).
WAYNE KEMP: Kentucky Sunshine (MCA MCA-369 * 1973/USA) (20€) * Honky Tonk Wine, Burn Another Honky-Tonk Down, Listen, I Had A Talk With The Man, I Sure Need Her Now, She Knows When You're On My Mind Again ... (11 tracks).

DOUG KERSHAW:Alive & Pickin` * Recorded Live In Atlanta (WB * 1975/USA) Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou), The Cajun Stripper, Orange Blossom Special... (6€)
DOUG KERSHAW: Hot Diggidy Doug (BGM, Texas * 1989/USA)Boogie Queen, Calling Baton Rouge, Cajun Baby (with Hank Williams Jr), Jambaylaya, Toot Toot (with Fats Domino)... (6€)

JAMES KIMBROUGH: Country Songs For Country Folks (Cattle LP 37 * 1983/Germany) (6€) * Hooked On Your Bed Of Sin, America Let's Wake Up, Ring Around The Collar, Winners Take All ... (12 tracks).

CLAUDE KING: Meet Claude King (Columbia CS-8610 * 1962/USA) (16€) * The Comancheros, Pistol Packin' Papa, I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail, I Backed Out, Big River - Big Man ... (12 tracks).
CLAUDE KING: Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife (Columbia CS-1024 * 1970/USA) (16€) * Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, Green Mountain, Four Roses, Green Green Grass Of Home, Beertops and Teardrops ... (11 tracks).

DAVE KIRBY: Singer * Picker * Writer (DOT * 1973/USA) Sidewalks Of Chicago, Charleston Cotton Mill, So Long Train Whistle, Papa Ain`t Goin` To Work On The Railroad No More... (16€)

JIMMY KISH ("The Flying Cowboy"): Square Dance & Calls (Pickwick JS-6194 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Texas Star, Duck For The Oyester, Ragtime Annie Meets Ol' Joe Clark, Whistlin' Rufus ... (12 tracks).

SLEEPY LABEEF: Electricity (Rounder 3070 * 1982/USA) (7€) * These Boots Are Made For Walking, I'm Through, You're Humbuggin' Me, Ain't Got No Home, Turn Me Loose, Low Down Dog ... (12 tracks).

DOYLE LAWSON & Quicksilver: Once And For Always (Sugar Hill SH-3744 * USA/1985) (7€) * The Blue Road, Carolina In The Pines, The Old-Timers' Waltz, Stone Cold Heart ... (11 tracks).

BOBBY & VIRGINIA LEE: Vietnam * The Soldier`s Story (picture disc) (JRM Music * 1986/USA) Heroes Without Names, I Should Have Been In Tokyo, From A Cross To A Star, Let`s Hear It For The Grunt, Agent Orange Blues, The Power Of The Jungle... (12€)

DICKEY LEE: Crying Over You (RCA * 1973/USA) If She Turns Up In Ohio, A Country Song, This Is My Year For Mexico... (6€)
DICKEY LEE: Dickey Lee (Mercury * 1979/USA) He`s An Old Rock `N` Roller, Midnight Flyer, It`s Best I Hit The Road, Watered Down Love... (6€)
DICKEY LEE: Everybody Loves A Winner (Mercury * 1981/USA) Honky Tonk Hearts, Further Than A Country Mile, Dying To Believe... (6€)

JOHNNY LEE: Bet Your Heart On Me (Elektra/Full Moon/Asylum * 1981/Germany) Highways Run Forever, I`ve Come A Long Way, Crossfire, How Deep In Love Am I, Finally Fallin`... (6€)
JOHNNY LEE: Sounds Like Love (Elektra/Full Moon/Asylum * 1982/USA) Cherokee Fiddle, Come As You Were, The Deeper We Fall, Loving You Is Just An Old Habit... (6€)
JOHNNY LEE: `Til The Bars Burn Down (Full Moon/WB * 1984/Canada) One More Shot, The Yellow Rose (with Lane Brody), Can`t Nobody Love You, The Eyes Of Love... (6€)
JOHNNY LEE: Keep Me Hangin` On (Full Moon/WB * 1985/USA) Rock `N` Roll Money, Get Acquainted With The Night, Doctor`s Orders... (6€)
JOHNNY LEE: Hey Bartender (WB * 1983/USA) Women In Boots, My Baby Don't Slow Dance, Gimme Little Night Time, Blue Monday (6€)
JOHNNY LEE * WILLIE NELSON: Willie Nelson * Johnny Lee (no duets) (Astan * re-1984/Germany) 4 x Willie, 6 x Johnny Lee: Ramblin` Rose, Gongratulations, Dear Alice, This Time... (6€)

BOBBY LEWIS: An ordinary Miracle (United Artists UAS 6629 * 1968/USA) (6€) * Before The Next Teardrop Falls, My Mind Is A Bridge For Your Memory, It's Gonna Rain Today ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY LEWIS: A World Of Love From Bobby Lewis (United Artists UAS 6616 * 1967/USA) (6€) * Leave Me Running, Laughing Girl She Not Happy, These Are The Things I Miss ... (11 tracks).
BOBBY LEWIS: Things For You And I (United Artists UAS 6717 * 1969/USA) (6€) * The Days Of Sand And Shovels. When I Stop Dreaming, Sweet Bird Of Youth, If Not Over You ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY LEWIS: From Heaven To Heartache (United Artists UAS 6673 * 1968/USA) (6€) * Today I Started Loving You Again, With Pen In Hand, Long Enough To Forget ... (12 tracks).
BOBBY LEWIS: Porttrait In Love (World Productions Of America RPA-LP-1002/1976/USA) (6€) * The Ways Of A Country Girl, Lady Lover, Already Gone To My Heart ... (11 tracks).
BOBBY LEWIS: The Best Of Vol.1 (Liberty/UA UAS 6760 * USA) (5€) * Ordinary Miracle, I'm Going Home, Each And Every Part Of Me, All The Time ... (12 tracks).

Jerry Lee Lewis:

JERRY LEE LEWIS: The Country Store Collection (Country Store 1964-69 * re-1988/England) (6€) * Jambaylaya, Oh Lonesome Me, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, He`ll Have To Go, Jackson (with Linda Gail Lewis)... (14 songs).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: Jerry Lee Lewis (Elektra 6E-184 * 1979/USA) (12€) * Rockin` My Life Away, I Wish I Was Eighteen Again, Rita May, Every Day I Have To Cry, Number One Lovin` Man, Rockin` Little Angel, (You`ve Got) Personality...
JERRY LEE LEWIS: Fan Club Choice (Mercury 6338 496 * 1974/England) (10€) * Honky Tonk Wine, No Traffic Out Of Abilene, Handwriting On The Wall, No Honky Tonks In Heaven, Ride Me Down Easy, Touching Home ... (14 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano (Mercury 6338 121 * 1972/Italy) (12€) * Bottom Dollar, Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, She's Reachin' For My Mind, Wall Around Heaven, Too Many Rivers ... (11 tracks).

JERRY LEE LEWIS/CHARLIE RICH/CARL PERKINS & "Friends": Trio (Bellaphon/SUN * re-1979/Germany) Jerry Lee Lewis & "Friend" (3): Be Bop A Lula, Money, Good Rockin` Tonight, RICH & "Friend" (4) , PERKINS & "Friend" (3). (8€)

GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Sundown (Reprise/WEA K44258 * 1974/England) (4€) * Seven Island Suite, High And Dry, Carefree Highway, Somewhere U.S.A, The Watchman's Gone ... (10 tracks).
GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Dream Street Rose (WB HL 3426 * 1980/USA) (5€) * Ghosts Of Cape Horn, Mister Rock Of Ages, The Auctioneer, On The High Seas, Sea Of Tranquility ... (10 tracks).

Reg Lindsay (Australia):

REG LINDSAY (Australia): Reg Lindsay's Country Music Jamboree (Universal Summit SRA250-004 * Australia) (10€) * Houston, City Lights, Mule Skinner Blues, San Antonio Rose, In The Jailhouse Now ... (12 tracks).
REG LINDSAY: TV Requests (Karussell Country 2915 008 * 1971/Germany) (10€) * Detroit City, Lonely River, I Love You Because, Bouquet Of Roses, Too Late To Worry - Too Blue To Cry ... (12 tracks).
REG LINDSAY: The World Of Rodeo (AXIS AX-430023 * 1978/Australia) (12€) * Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry, The Last Of The Sunshine Cowboys, Weekend Country Cowboy, Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All The Time ... (12 tracks).
REG LINDSAY: Silence On The Line (EMI EMA-324 * 1977/Australia) (12€) * Ladies Love Outlaws, Good Old Country Picking, The Cross Roads, Rainin' In Kentucky, Bad Whiskey Going Down, Country Music ... (12 tracks).
REG LINDSAY: Play Me A Simple Song (EMI EMC-2664 * 1978/Australia) (10€) * Southern Bound, Rhinestones Are Forever, Old Fashioned Lady, Simple Song, If I'd Known That I Was Gonna Live This Long ... (12 tracks).

SHERWIN LINTON: Dusty Roads & Prairie Towns (Audiotek / ASI Records * 1975/USA) Travelin` Minstrel Man, Saloon Singer On His Way Down, They Call The Wind Maria, Back Home Again, Wilderness Road... (12€)

Hank Locklin:

HANK LOCKLIN: Irish Songs, Country Style (RCA LSA 3079 * 1972/England) Forty Shades Of Green, Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here, Galway Bay, Kevin Barry ... (8€)
HANK LOCKLIN: There Never Was A Time (Plantation PLP-518 * 1977/USA) (6€) * Night Time Queen, Days OfAutumn Gold, Daytime Love Affair, You Love Me Don't Cha, We're Gonna Go Fishin' ... (10 tracks).
HANK LOCKLIN: Hank Locklin (MGM M3G-4986 * 1975/USA) (6€) * Come In Out Of The Rain, If I Throw Away My Pride, Scarlet Wings, Sweetest Mistake, Irish Eyes, Hang My Picture In Your Heart ...(10 tracks).
HANK LOCKLIN: The Great Hank Locklin - America`s Foremost Country & Western Star (Allegro ALL-768 * 1965/England) Down Texas Way, The Red Rose, Alone At A Table For Two, Tomorrow`s Just Another Day To Cry ...(there are a couple of scratches on the record - pari naarmua levyllδ)... (2€)
HANK LOCKLIN: Hank Locklin (Allegro ALL-788/England * 1965/England) Rio Grande Waltz, Empty Bottle Empty heart, Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room, Are You treating Your Neighbour As Yourself, Mysteries Of Life, Queen Of Hearts ... (5€)
HANK LOCKLIN: Once Over Lightly (RCA LSA 3041 * 1971/England) (24 songs!) I Walk The Line, Act Naturally, Tennessee Border, Flying South, The Wild Side Of Life, Back Street Affair, Faith And Truth, This Song Is Just For You ... (6€)
HANK LOCKLIN: Bummin` Around (RCA CDS-1047 * 1969/England) Headin` Down The Wrong Highway, Kentucky Waltz, Foreign Love, Blue Hawaii, I Love You Because, Filipino Baby, Candy Kisses ... (6€)
HANK LOCKLIN: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (RCA mono RD-7905 * 1968/England) Bonaparte`s Retreat, Almost Persuaded, Singing The Blues, Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight, Maiden`s Prayer, The Last Thing On My Mind ... (6€)
HANK LOCKLIN: Mr. Country (Spot/Pickwick * coll-1983/England) Stumpy Joe, The Same Sweet Girl, I Always Lose, I Could Call You Darling, No One Is Sweeter Than You, Who Will It Be, Rio Grande Waltz ... (5€)
HANK LOCKLIN: The Country Collection (Arcade * 1982/Holland) (16 tracks) The Country hall Og Fame, Goodbye Dear Old Ryman, Your Cheatin' Heart, Jambaylaya, You've Still Got A Place In My Heart ... (5€)

JOSH LOGAN: Somebody Paints The Wall (Curb CRB-10612 * 1988/USA) (8€) * Blue Diamond, I Was Born With A Broken Heart, I've Learned To Lie, Easy Lovin' Kind ... (10 tracks).

Lonzo & Oscar:

LONZO & OSCAR: Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (First Generation FGLP-GOOS-10 * 1982/USA-Canada) (8€) * Whatever Happened To Saturday Night, Old Songs, Halfway Home, Seven Bridges Road, Dixie Road ... (10 tracks).
LONZO & OSCAR: Lonzo & Oscar (Hilltop JS-6021/Pickwick * 1965/USA) (7€) * Sounds Of Nashville, Ole Leather Saddle, Grandpa's Mountain Dew, Goin' Uptown, Hand Holding, Charmin' Betsy ... (10 tracks).
LONZO & OSCAR: Mountain Dew (Columbia CS-9587CL-2787 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Dormant Volcano, There's A Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea, A Funny Way Of Living, I'm My Own Grandpa, New River Train ... (11 tracks).
LONZO & OSCAR: Traces Of Life (GRC GA-10014 * 1975/USA) (8€) * Lubbock, I Hear Your Railroad Whistle, Mississippi Fever, When The Fields In The Valley Turn Green, Out Of Hand ... (10 tracks).
LONZO & OSCAR: Take Your Pick - The Humerous Or Serious Moods (Chalet Records LPs-1510 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Since Hillbilly Music Went Country, Gringo, Wood Would, Hertz Rent A Chick ... (12 tracks).

BOBBY LORD: Bobby Lord`s Country (Hickory/London * 1970/England) Pickin` White Gold, Out Behind The Barn, Take The Bucket To The Well, That Room In The Corner Of The House, I`m Going Home Next Summer... (8€)

JOHN D.LOUDERMILK: Encores (RCA * coll-1975/England) Nassau Town, Talkin` Silver Cloud Blues, Geraldine, Bad News, The Jones` , Where Have They Gone... (6€)
JOHN D.LOUDERMILK: Just Passing Through (Music Is Medicine * 1977/USA) Classical Country String Ensemble, Hatteras Jack, Please Jack, Vision Of Goodbye, The Kitchen Song, I`ll Never Be The Same... (6€)

CHARLIE LOUVIN: Country Music On President (Little Darling/President PRC-104 * 1979/England) (6€9 * Apartment No.9, She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory, Nobody Cares ... (10 tracks).

Bob Luman:

BOB LUMAN: Loretta (Hickory/Magnum/Dundown SDLP-068 * coll-1989/England) (9€) * Running Scared, Too Hot To Dance (& Sue Thompson), Poor Boy Blues, Love WEorked A Miracle ... (16 tracks).
BOB LUMAN: When You Say Love (EPIC * 1972/USA) (9€) * Honky Tonk Man, One Hundred Songs On The Jukebox, Cleanin` Up The Streets Of Memphis, Almost Persuaded, What About The Hurt ... (11 tracks).

HAROLD MacINTYRE (Canada): Tragic Romancer (Audiograph AG-7797 * 1983/USA) (6€) * Roads And Other Reasons,Kelly's Mountain, The Gypsy In Me, The Pressure Of Progress ... (10 tracks).
HAROLD MacINTYRE: The Horse And The Rider (Audiograph AG-7800 * 1983/Canada) (6€) * Honky Tonk Fever, Heaven's Almost As Big As Texas, Cotton To Satin, Possum, Fools For Each Other ... (10 tracks).
HAROLD MacINTYRE: Area Code 705 (Burco Records BRLP-8001 * 1979/Canada) (6€) * Billy Jones, Concrete Canyons, George, New York City Cowboy, Virginia, Margie ... (10 tracks).

WARNER MACK: The Prince Of Country Music (Sundown SDLP 056 * 1987/England) (5€) * Dragging The River, The Bridge Washed Out, Sitting In An All Nite Cafe ... (10 tracks).

ARTIE MacLAREN (Canada): The Entertainer (Broadland BR-2018 * 1979/Canada) (8€) * The Mighty Tractor Pull, Uncle Josh, Grandpa, Old Ambrose, It's A Rough And Rocky Road To Opryland, Everything Is Warm In Texas ... (12 tracks).

MARCEL MARTEL: Marcel Martel (London * Serie Francaise MB-110 * Canada) (5€) * Ton Coeur Est Froid, Valser Dans Tes Bras, Destination, Sous Le Ciel Du Mexique ... (10 tracks).

DEAN MARTIN: The Nashville Sessions (WB * 1983/USA) Everybody`s Had The Blues (with Merle Haggard), My First Country Song (with Conway Twitty), Old Bones, Drinking Champagne, Hangin` Around... (12€)

Jimmy Martin:

JIMMY MARTIN: Widow Maker (Decca/Stetson * orig. 1964 ~ re-issue HAT-3062/England) (20€) * Six Days On The Road, Truck Drivin' Man, Truck Driver's Queen, The Old Man's Drunk Again, In Foggy Old London ... (12 tracks).
JIMMY MARTIN: This World Is Not My Home (Decca DL-4360 * orig. USA) (6€) (teipatut kannet * taped covers) * What Could You Give In Exchange, Prayer Bells In heaven, Shut In's Prayer, Little White Church ... (12 tracks).
JIMMY MARTIN: Greatest Bluegrass Hits * The King Of Bluegrass (Gusto GT-0003 * 1978/USA) (6€) (teipatut kannet * taped covers) * Big Country, Widow Maker, Uncle Pen, Taylor Made Sally Good, Freeborn Man ... (12 tracks).

MASON DIXON: Live At The State Fair Of Texas (Texas Records * 1983/USA) (5€) * Armadillo Country, You Can't Get The Hell Out Of Texas, If Heaven Ain't Alot Like Dixie ... (10 tracks).

COUNTRY JOHNNY MATHIS: Heartfelt ~ country Music On President (Little Darling/Prsident PRCV-107 * coll-1980/England) (7€) * Come Home To My Heart, It's So Lonesome In My Heart, I'm A Dreamer ... (12 tracks).

DARRELL McCALL: Lily Dale (Lone Star / Columbia KC-34718 * 1977/uSA) (10 tracks) Sad Songs And Waltzes, Tennessee, Pins And Needles (In My Heart), I Come Home To Face The Music ... (14€)
DARRELL McCALL & The Tennessee Volunteers: Reunion (NSD/ BGM * 1986/USA) (10tr) Waltz Across Texas, Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone, Sally Bryson, Eleven Roses, The Fiddlin' Of Jacques Pierre Bardeaux ... (14€)
DARRELL McCALL & JOHNNY BUSH: Hot Texas Country (Step One * 1986/USA) The Twenty-Fourth Hour, I Can`t See Texas From Here, There`ll Always Be Honky Tonks In Texas, Afternoon Rendezvous, Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie... (14€)

DON McHAN: New Country (Transworld TWL-035 * USA) (6€) * Jewell Ridge - Virginia, The Taste Of Wine, Out Of Control, Your Big Love Scene, Mean Old Teardrops, A Matter Of Wife And Beth ... (10 tracks).

FRED McKENNA (Canada): Plain Old Three Chord Hurtin' Country Songs (RCA Camden CASX-2596 * 1972/Canada) (14€) * Streets Of Baltimore, Sam's Place, Country Pickin' Man, Ten Miles From Home, Loser's Lounge ... (10 tracks).

O.B.McCLINTON: O.B. (Brylen BN-4409 * 1982/USA) (8€) * Cowboy National Anthem, California Cowboy, I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal, Don't Trust A Cowboy, Family tgradition, Elvira ... (10 tracks).

DAN McCORISON: Dan McCorison (MCA MFC-2810 * 1977/England) (5€) * Ring Of Fire, Rollin' In The Aisles, Lights Of Cheyenne, Last Long Ride To Texas ... (10 tracks).

DEL McCOURY: Sings Bluegrass (Arhoolie F-5006 * 1967/USA) (10€) * Willie Roy, Hey Hey Bartender, Fire On The Mountain, Blue Yodel, Used To Be ... (12 tracks).
DEL McCOURY & the Dixie Pals: Sawmill (Rebel 1636/1985/USA) (8€) * Blackjack, Eli Renfro, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, My Dixie Home, Loneliness And Desperation ... (12 tracks).

MEL McDANIEL: Stand Up (Capitol * 1985/USA) Thank You Nadine, Doctor`s Orders, Shoe String, Reminders... (6€)
MEL McDANIEL: Naturally Country (Capitol * 1983/USA) Hard Earned Country Livin`, Maximum Living On A Minimum Wage, Mountain Eyes, Livin` For The Weekend... (6€)
MEL McDANIEL: Just Can`t Sit Down Music (Capitol * 1986/USA) In Oklahoma, Memphis Might As Well Be On The Moon, `57 Chevy And You... (6€)
MEL McDANIEL: Rock-A-Billy Boy (Capitol * 1989/USA) Reverend Luther And The Madam, Country Heart, Blue Suede Shoes, You Can`t Play The Blues (In An Air-Conditioned Room)... (6€)

RONNIE McDOWELL: Country Boy's Heart (EPIC 7464-38981-1 * 1983/USA) (4€) * Charlotte's In North Carolina, You Made A Wanted Man Of Me, Let's Cash A Raincheck Tonight ... (10 tracks).

MURRAY McLAUCHLAN (Canada): Heroes (True North TN59 * 1984/Canada) (6€) * Railroad Man, Highways In The Sky, Sayonara Maverick, Barroom Ladies And Michaelangelos, Smoke On The Wind ... (12 tracks).

TIM McNAMARA: Campfire Of Dreams (Arika AR010 * 1985/Australia) (8€) * Pack My Saddle, Kentucky Waltz, I*ve Just Got To Be A Cowboy, Walk Tall, The Tired Stockman ... (13 tracks).

D.L.MENARD: No Matter Where You At, There You Are (Rounder 6021 * 1988/USA-Canada) (5€) * Big Texas, I Went To The Dance Last Night, The Convict Waltz ... (12 tracks).

NED MILLER: The Best Of (Capitol/EMI * Sweden) (recorded in 1966) That`s Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk, From A Jack To A King, Dark Moon, Behind The Tear... (6€)

Roger Miller:

ROGER MILLER: A Trip In The Country (Mercury SR 61297 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Tall Tall Trees, When A House Is Not A Home, Invitation To The Blues, Half A Mind ... (11 tracks).
ROGER MILLER: 1970 (Mercury Smash SRS 67129 * 1969/USA) (8€) * The Tom Green County Fair, T.J.'s Last Ride, Mystery Train, Jody And The Kid, The Man Who Stayed In Monterey ... (11 tracks).
ROGER MILLER: Off The Wall (Windsong - 1977/England) Oklahoma Woman, Stephen Foster, Roll Away, Na-Nominee, Dark Side Of The Moon ... (6€)
ROGER MILLER: Making A Name For Myself (20th Century Fox - 1979/USA) The Opera Ain`t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings, Old Friends, The Hat, Disco Man, Freedom ... (6€)
ROGER MILLER: Dang Me (Smash Monoural MGS 27049/orig. USA copy 1964) Private John Q, Lou`s Got The Flu, Got 2 Again, I Ain`t Comin` Home Tonight ... (8€)
ROGER MILLER: The Return Of Roger Miller (Smash Monoural MGS 27061/orig. USA copy 1965) Atta Boy Girl, Our Hearts Will Play The Music, You Can`t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd, Hard Headed Me ... (8€)
ROGER MILLER: The 3rd Time Around (Smash Stereo SRS 67068/orig. USA copy 1965) Water Dog, Swiss Maid, This Town, Kansas City Star, Big Harlan Taylor... (8€)
ROGER MILLER: Words And Music (Philips Stereo 843 469 BY - Holland/1969) Train Of Life, Workin` Girl, Dad Blame Anything A Man Can`t Quit, Less And Less, Home... (8€)
ROGER MILLER: Dear Folks, Sorry I Haven`t Written Lately (CBS KC 32449/1973/USA) (worn cover - tapings/kannet kuluneet - teippejδ) The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey`s Plane, The 4th Of July, Qua La Linta, Whistle Stop... (4€)

RONNIE MILSAP: One More Try For Love (RCA AHL1-5016 * 1984/USA) (4€) * She Loves My Car, Suburbia, Prisoner Of The Highway, Night By Night ... (10 tracks).
RONNIE MILSAP: Out Where The Bright Lights Are Glowing - Tribute To Jim Reeves (RCA LP 5022 * 1981/England) (5€) * Four Walls, He'll Have To Go, Missing You, Dear Friend ... (12 tracks).

BILLY MIZE: Love 'N' Stuff (Zodiac ZLPS-5007 * 1976/USA) (18€) * Satin Sidewalk Salesman, Linda's Love Stop, Heaven For The Weekend, The Lady's Leaving ... (10 tracks).

HUGH MOFFATT: Loving You (Rounder/Philo PH-1111 * 1987/USA-Canada) (5€) * Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You, Slow Moving Freight Train, Carolina Star, Jack And Lucy ... (11 tracks).

BILL MONROE: Uncle Pen (MCA * 1972/USA) Methodist Preacher, Texas Gallop, The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing Out Of The Wilderness, Heel And Toe Polka... (4€)
BILL MONROE: Stars Of Country (MCA/Coral * comp. 1974/Holland) (14 tracks) Jenny Lynn, The Gold Rush, New Mule Skinner Blues, Rocky Road Blues, Big River , Kentucky Waltz... (4€)
BILL MONROE: Bluegrass Memories (MCA-2315 * 1977/USA) (5€) * Wabash Cannon Ball, Pinewood Valley, My Florida Sunshine, The Sunset Trail ... (10tr).
BILL MONROE: Master Of Bluegrass (MCA-818 * 1981/USA) (5€) * Old Ebenezer Scrooge, Melissa's Waltz For J.B, Lochwood, Lady Of the Blue Ridge, Old Danger Field ... (10tr).

CHARLIE MONROE: Who`s Calling You Sweetheart Tonight (RCA * re-1969/USA) Rubber Neck Blues, Sugar Cane Mama, It`s Only A Phonograph Record... (4€)

CHARLIE MOORE: The Original Rebel Soldier (Wango Records * 1976/USA) (7€) * Six White Horses, The Best female Actress Of The Year, Philadelphia Lawyer ... (12tr).
CHARLIE MOORE & The Dixie Partners: A Tribute To Clyde Moody (Old Homestead OHS 90033 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Next Sunday Is My Birthday, Whispering Pines, Shenandoah Waltz ... (12tr).
CHARLIE MOORE & The Dixie Partners: On A High, High Mountain (Old Homestead * 1974/USA) (kuluneet kannet, 'worn-out covers') (4€)
CHARLIE MOORE & The Dixie Partners: The Traditional Sound Of (Old Homestead OHS-90046 * 1975/USA) (8€) * Help Me Make It Through The Night, Tormented Men, Kentucky Girl, Daybreak In Dixie ... (12 tracks).
CHARLIE MOORE & BILL NAPIER: Gospel And Sacred Songs (King/Gusto * recorded 1966/USA) (4€)
CHARLIE MOORE & BILL NAPIER: Folk'n Hill (King/Gusto * USA) (4€)

GEORGE MORGAN: Morgan, By George (Columbia CL-1044 * 1957/USA) (12€) * White Azaleas, Mansion Over The Hilltop, Waltzing By The Ohio, The One Rose ... (12 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: In Memory Of Mister Nice Guy (Mountain Laurel LP-7502) (vaatimattomat kannet * modest covers) (6€) * Cry Baby Heart, You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven, It's A Sin ... (16 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: Misty Blue (Nashville NLP-2061 * 1969/USA) (8€) * The Worst Of The Hurt Is Over, Midnight In Heaven, Have Some Of Mine, Sad Bird, I Couldn't See ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: Sings Like A Bird (STOP LP-10009 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Wichita Lineman, The Enemy, Little Green Apples, Before The Next Teardrop Falls, I'm Throwing Rice ... (11 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: A Candy Mountain Melody (MCA-461 * 1974/USA) (8€) * One Wife Five Kids Later, Send Me The Pillow You Dream On, In The Misty Moonlight ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN (featuring Little Roy Wiggins): Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town (MCA-422 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Mr. Ting-A-Ling Steel Guitar Man, I'll Always Be Blue ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: The Real George (STOP/Gusto/Power Pak PO-225 * orig. 1971, re-1973/USA) (8€) * Is Anybody Going To San Antone, Kansas City Stockyards, Hello Darlin' ... (12 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: Room Full Of Roses (Columbia/Harmony HL-7401 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Whistle My Love, One Woman Man, Look What Followed Me Home Tonight, Most Of All ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE MORGAN: Steal Away ~ Beautiful Songs Of Faith (Starday SLP-413 orig. 1968/Gusto re-issue * USA) (6€) * When They Ring Those Golden Bells, Beyond The Sunset ... (10 tracks).

GARY MORRIS: Plain Brown Wrapper (WB 1-25438 * 1986/USA) (3€) * Today I Started Loving You, Lovesick Blues, Honeycomb, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY & JONIE MOSBY: Make A Left nd Then A Right (Capitol ST-2903 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Two Dollar Honeymoon Room, Mr. & Mrs. John Smith, Take Care Of The Road, Hello There Stranger ... (12 tracks).

MARK MOSELEY: First Time Out (Mosrite Records ' 1986/USA) (7€) * Ballad Of Tressie Mae, No More Broken Promises, Willie (Nelson) You're A Legend, Our Last Goodbye ... (10 tracks).

DEE MULLINS: The Big Man (Polydor 583754 * 1968/England) (5€) * Texas Tea, Run Willie Run, War Baby, Beers, California The Promise Land, Parking For Cheaters, In A Small Town, Guilt Box ... (11 tracks).

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY: River Of Time (WB/1988) Vanishing Breed, Pilgrims On The Way, The Running Blood... (4€)
MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY: Americana (WB(1987) A Face In The Crowd (duet with Holly Dunn)... (4€)
MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY: Michael Murphey (EPIC * 1974/USA) Southwestern Pilgrimage, Nobody`s Gonna Tell Me How To Play My Music, Fort Worth I Love You, Holy Roller, Ace In The Hole... (4€)

JIM NESBITT: Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives (Chart CHS-1005 * 1968/USA) (14€) * A Tiger In My Tank, Living The Life Of Riley, The Friendly Undertaker, Intoxicated Frustrated Me ... (12 tracks).

MICKEY NEWBURY: Frisco Mabel Joy (Elektra EKS-74107 * 1971/USA) (5€) * An American Trilogy, Frisco Depot, How I Love Them Old Songs, Remember The Good ... (11 tracks).
MICKEY NEWBURY: Sweet Memories (MCA-945 * 1973-75/1985 / USA) (5€) * If You Ever Get To Houston, Dizzy Lizzy, The Future Is Not What It Used To Be ... (10 tracks).

NEWFOUNDLAND SHOWBAND (Canada): Newfoundland Showband (Marathon/Paragon ALS-315 * Canada) (6€) * John Thompson, Peter Crowley, Fightin' 59, Cryin' Steel Gitar, Soldier's Last Letter ... (14 tracks).

NEW GRASS REVIVAL: Friday Night In America (Capitol C1-90739 * 1989/USA) (5€) (Sam Bush-Bela Fleck-JOhn Cowan ...) * Let's Make A Baby King, Callin' Baton Rouge, Big Foot, I'm Down ... (11 tracks).

Jimmy C. Newman:

JIMMY C.NEWMAN: Folk Songs Of The Bayou Country (Decca 1963/Stetson re-issue HAT 3013/England) (12€) * Texas Twister, Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana Moonlight, Jolie Blon, Pretty Texas Girl, Grand Chenier ... (13 tracks).
JIMMY C.NEWMAN: The Jimmy Newman Style Featuring Boo Dan (Decca DL-75136 * 1969/USA) (10€) * Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn, Midnight Blue, Three, There'll Always Be A Song, Games People Play ... (11 tracks).
JIMMY C.NEWMAN: Artifical Rose (Decca DL-4748 * 1966/USA) (10€) * City Of The Angels, Back In Circulation, Angel On Leave, Bouquet Of Roses, For Better Or For Worse, The Mover ... (12 tracks).
JIMMY C.NEWMAN: The Jimmy Newman Way (Decca DL-74960 * 1968/USA) (10€) * Louisiana Saturday Night, The Devil Was Laughing At Me, Hello Sadness (Bonjour Tristesse), Together Again, Crazy Old Heart ...
JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Alligator Man (MCA/Pickwick JS-6171 * USA) (4€) * Sunshine And Bluebirds, Everybody's Dying For Love, City Of The Angels, Angel On Leave ... (9 tracks).

During his career Dick Nolan was given the nickname "The Johnny Cash of Newfoundland".

DICK NOLAN (Canada): Folsom Prison Blues And Other Johnny Cash Songs (ARC AS807 * 1968/Canada) (35€) * I Walk The Line, I Got Stripes, A Boy Named Sue, Busted, The One On The Right ... (12 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Truck Driving Man (ARC 633 * 1964/Canada) (25€) * Six Days On The Road, Give Me Forty Acres, Cowboy Boots, Mad, I'm Moving On, Last Day In The Mines, Wreck Of the Old 97 ... (12 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Movin' Out (ARC 740 * 1967/Canada) (20€) * Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun, The Soldier From Tennessee, The Fugitive, Johnny Walker, Egg Suckin Dog, Cut The Timber Down, Mental Revenge ... (12 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: I Want To Live (ARC 776 * 1968/Canada) (15€) * Steel Rail Blues, Come Away Bonnie Lad, Break My Mind, Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp, Ruby, Skip A Rope ... (12 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Atlantic Lullaby And Other Maritime Favourites (ARC 627 * 1962/USA) (8€) * Molly Bond, Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me, Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis, Ghost Of Bra's D'or ... (12 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Be True Newfoundlanders (ARC ACS 5024 * 1968/Canada) (8€) * Charlie Horse, Whiskey On Sunday, Killegrew*s Sorrie, Black Velvet Band, Caribou Club, Cod Liver Oil Song ... (10 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Happy Anniversary Newfoundland (RCA KCLI-0050 * 1974/Canada) (8€) * Old Flat Rock Hills, Japanese Gin, Twenty-One Years, The Nine-Thirteen, Shift Old Ireland, Baggage Coach Ahead ... (10 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: Welcome Aboard! (Boot Records BTM-2008 * 1984/Canada) (8€) * Rooster From Kitchusis, Cape Breton Silver, Last Train Going Home, Silver Sea, With Me Rubber Boots On, I'm A Newfie B'ye George ... (10 tracks).

The OAK RIDGE BOYS: Season (MCA-5714 * 1986/USA) (4€) * You Made A Rock Of A Rolling Stone, Juliet, Bedtime, Everybody Wins ... (10 tracks).

DOYE O'DELL: Today (Longhorn LH-2001 * 1983/USA) (12€) (steel guitar: Jay Dee Maness) * Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves, Moffet Oklahoma, Louisiana Lady, Freight train Goin' Home, Dear Okie, Old Jimmy Is The Daddy Of Them All ... (13 tracks).

JAMES O'GWYNN: Star Of the Louisiana Heyride - vol.1 (Cattle Records LP-29 * 1982/Germany) (8€) * The Last Look, If I Never Get To Heaven, There's No Tomorrow, Talk To Me Lonesome Heart ... (12 tracks).
JAMES O'GWYNN : Star Of the Louisiana Heyride - vol.2 (Cattle Records LP-30 * 1982/Germany) (8€) * Tupelo County Jail, I'm Tired, Mule Skinner Blues, Who'll Be The Next One, Changeable ... (12 tracks).

The Osborne Brothers (Bobby & Sonny Osborne):

THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Some Things I Want To Sing About (Sugar Hill SH-3740 * 1984/USA) (6€) * How much Does It Cost To Ride This Train, Wreck Of The Old 97, Can't You Hear That Whistle Blow ... (11tr).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Bluegrass Collection (2-set LP) (CMH 911 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Cabin In Caroline, Rank Strangers, Head Over Heels, Blue Ridge Cabin Home ... (24tr).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Modern Sounds Of Bluegrass Music (Stetson HAT-3063/re-issue: Decca 1967 * England) (8€) * I'm Leaving, Lonesome Feelin', World Of Unwanted, The Kind Of Woman I Got ... (12tr).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Fastest Grass Alive (MCA 374 * 1974/USA) (signed by Bobby Osborne) (8€) * Side Saddle, Sledd Ridin', The 7th Of December, M.A. Special, High On A Hilltop ... (11tr).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Once More, Volume 1 (Sugar Hill SH-3754 * 1987/USA) (7€) * The Cuckoo Bird, Arkansas, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Kentucky, Bluegrass Express, High On A Hilltop ... (12 tracks).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Favorite Memories * Once More, Volume 2 (Sugar Hill * 1986/USA)(6€) * Big Spike Hammer, Fastest Grass Alive, Windy City, Lonesome Feeling, Me And My Old Banjo ...
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: In A Bluegrass Concerto (CMH * 1979/USA) Tina Rene Waltz, Bandy`s 109, Shawnee, The Homecoming, Jesse James, Bobby Van Waltz, Black Mountain Drive... (6€)
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me (CMH 6244 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Georgia Mules And Country Boys, Back To The Country Roads, River's Going Down, Take Me Home Country Roads ... (11tr)
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Singing, Shouting Praises (Sugar Hill * 1988/USA) Old Brush Arbors, Where No One Stands Alone, Still Waters, Hide Me Rock Of Ages, Medals For Mothers... (6€)
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: The Best Of (MCA 2-set * MCA2-4086 * coll-1975/USA) (8€) * Tennessee Hound Dog, Sempre (Forever), Hey Hey Bartender, Georgia Piney Woods, Roll Muddy River ... (20 tracks).
THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Bluegrass Express (MCA Coral CB-20003 * coll-1973/USA) (7€) * Bugle On The Banjo, Lonesome Day, Sure-Fire, Cut The Cornbread Mama, Gotta Travel On, One Tear ... (10 tracks).

PAUL OVERSTREET: Sowin' Love (BGM/RCA 9717-1-R * 1989/USA) (5€) * Dig Another Well, Call The Preacher, Seein' My Father In Me, 'Neath The Light Of Your Love, Homemaker ... (10 tracks).

TOMMY OVERSTREET: Sings Of Love And Things (Ember NR 5081 * 1975/England) (5€) * Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, Carolyn, Polk Salad Annie, Sundown Mary, Ann Don'tr Go Runnin' ... (14 tracks).
TOMMY OVERSTREET: The Real (Elektra 6E-226 * 1979/USA) (5€) * Fadin' Renegade, Smokey Mountain Lullabye, The Best Days Of My Life, Give Me Some Good News, Down In The Quarter ... (10 tracks).
TOMMY OVERSTREET: The Tommy Overstreet Show - Live From The Silver Slipper (ABC/DOT DOSD-2038 * 1975/USA) (5€) * Okie From Muskogee, Old Warriors Never Cry, I Think I'll Drink Myself Into The Past ... (14 tracks).
TOMMY OVERSTREET: Nuggets (51 West Q-16298 * 1983/USA) (6€) * My Own Kind Of hat, Georgia, Burgers And Fries, Old Flame, He Stopped Loving Her Today, Back On My Mind Again ... (10 tracks).
TOMMY OVERSTREET: I'm A Believer (ABC DOT DOSD-2016 * 1975/USA) (6€) * One Hell Of A Woman, What Will You Do Now Mrs. Jones, Unfaithful Fools, Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends ... (11 tracks).

Buck Owens:

BUCK OWENS: Tall Dark Stranger (Capitol C 062-80234 * 1972/Germany) (6€) * White Satin Bed, Across This Town And Gone, There`s Gotta Be Some Changes Made, Hurtin` Like I`ve Never Hurt Before ... (11 tracks)
BUCK OWENS: Tall Dark Stranger (Capitol ST-212 * 1972/USA) (7€) * White Satin Bed, Across This Town And Gone, There`s Gotta Be Some Changes Made, Hurtin` Like I`ve Never Hurt Before ... (11 tracks)
BUCK OWENS: Our Old Mansion (WB BS 3087 * 1977/England) (7€) * Texas Tornado, Let The Good Times Roll, World Famous Paradise Inn, How Come My Dog Don't Bark ... (10 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Country Music (Time Life Records STW-114 * coll-1981/USA) (6€) * The Kansas City Song, My Heart Skips A Beat, I've Got A Tiger By Tail, Foolin' Around ... (9 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Stars Of Country (Capitol 5C050 82018/EMI * 1985/Holland)(7€) * Stony Mountain West Virginia, Truck Drivin' Man, Sweet Rosy Jones, Nugget Lament, Ruby ... (writing on back cover) (14 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Buck's Best (Capitol HST-21006 * Holland) (6€) * Kickin' Our Hearts Around, Sam's Place, I Can't Stop, Open Up Your Heart, Love's Gonna Live Here ... (12 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Buck Owens In London - "Live at the London Palladium" (Capitol C 062-80081 * Germany) (6€) * Johnny B.Goode, A Happening In London Town, Sing Me Back Home, Cajun Fiddle ... (13 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: The Buck Owens Show - Big In Vegas (Capitol ST-413 * USA) (6€) (featuring Buddy Alan, Susan Raye, The Hagers, Ira Allen, Don Rich & The Buckaroos) * Rovin' Gambler, Along Came Jones, Lodi, Las Vegas Lament ... (14 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Best Of Vol.2 & The Buckaroos - A Golden Dozen Of Their No.1 Hits (Capitol ST 2897 * USA) (5€) * Think Of Me,Buckaroo, Only You Can Break My Heart, Before You Go ... (12 tracks).
BUCK OWENS (& His Buckaroos): I Don't Care (Capitol T-2186 * USA) (5€) * Dang Me, Don't Let her Know, Buck's Polka, Undertand Your Man, Loose Talk, Abilene, Playboy, Louisiana Man ... (12 tracks).

BUCK OWENS & SUSAN RAYE: The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) (Capitol * 1973/USA) All The Dreamin` They Can Stand, Take A Taste Of My Wine, Sweethearts In Heaven, I`ve Got A Happy Heart... (6€)
BUCK OWENS & SUSAN RAYE: The Best Of (Capitol ST-11084 * coll-1972/USA) (6€) * Looking Back To See, The Great White Horse, I Don't Care, We're Gonna Get Together, Fallin' For You ... (10 tracks).
BUCK OWENS & SUSAN RAYE: We`re Gonna Get Together (Capitol ST-448/USA) (takakannessa vesivaurio ; back cover with water damages - record OK) Cryin` Time, Somewhere Between, Foolin` Around, We Were Made For Each Other... (2€)

Vernon Oxford:

VERNON OXFORD: His And Hers (Rounder Records 0123 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Bad Moon Rising, Veil Of White Lace, Lonesome Rainin' City, Daughter Of The Vine, Always True, Letters Have No Arms ... (10 tracks).
VERNON OXFORD: His And Hers (Rounder/Intercord INT-145036 * 1980/West Germany) (8€) * Bad Moon Rising, Veil Of White Lace, Lonesome Rainin' City, Daughter Of The Vine, Always True, Letters Have No Arms ... (10 tracks).
VERNON OXFORD: Famous Country Music Makers (RCA DPS-2045 2-LP set * 1973/USA) (12€) * Roll Big Wheels Roll, Honky Tonk Girls, Nashville Woman, Move To Town In The Fall, Let's Take A Cold Shower ... (27 tracks).
VERNON OXFORD: A Better Way Of Life (Rounder/Magnum/Sundown SDLP-035 * 1987/England) (8€) * Uncloudy Day, Dust On The Bible, House Of Gold, A Better Way Of Life, Family Bible ... (11 tracks).
VERNON OXFORD: I Love To Sing (Bear Family 15050 * recorded in 1979 * 1980/Germany) (8€) * The Great Stoneface, Turn The Record Over, A Blanket Of Stars, No One Is Listening ... (12 tracks).
VERNON OXFORD: The Tradition Continues (Phonorama XPR 5-5647 * 1983/Canada) (12€) * George, Midnight Memories, It Is Finished, Shadows Of My Mind, I Tried Everything But You ... (10 tracks).

Johnny Paycheck:

JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Golden Classics (Gusto GT-0098 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Heaven's Almost As Big As Texas, For A Minute There. Something About You I Like ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Mr. Hag Told My Story * Tribute To Merle Haggard (EPIC EPC-84847 * 1981/England) (25€) * Turnin' Off A Memory (& M.Haggard), Carolyn (& M.Haggard), I Can't Hold Myself In Line (& M.Haggard), All Night Lady, I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar, Yesterday's News Just Hit Home Today ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Juke Box Charlie (Emerald Gem GES-1144 * 1978/England) (8€) * Sunday Morning Coming Down, Keeping Up With The Jones', The All American Boy, The Ballad Of Frisco Bay ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Someone To Give My Love To (EPIC KE-31449 * 1972/USA) (5€) (kannessa teippauksia * tapings on cover) * Mr. Bojangles, The Rain Never Falls In Denver, A Heart Don't Need Eyes ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Armed And Crazy (EPIC 35444 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Me And The I.R.S, Thanks To The Cathouse I'm In Doghouse With You, Look What The Dog Drug In, The Outlaw's Prayer ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Song And Dance Man (EPIC KE-32570 * 1974/USA) (8€) * The Old Blind Fiddler, For A Minute There, Because I Love You, She's There When I Come Home ... (11 tracks).

JIMMY PAYNE: Happiness, Heartaches & Payne (Sounds Upon Cumberland SC-412 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Ramblin' Man, Mull Of Kintyre, My Most Requested Song, Mansion In Spain, Wrinkles In My Rainbows ... (11 tracks).

LEON PAYNE : Gone But Not Forgotten (Castle LP-8011 * Germany) (8€) * The Great American Eagle (Tex Ritter), Fatal Letter, I Found Someone New, A Million Years Ago, How Can I Help It ... (12 tracks).

BILL PHILLIPS: Bill Phillips' Style (Decca DL-4897/MG-10934 * 1967/USA) (Kannessa teippaus * taping on cover) * (10€) * City Lights, Apartment #9, Friends Tell Friends, Let's Walk Away Strangers ... (12 tracks).

STU PHILLIPS: Our Last Rendezvous (RCA Victor LPM-4012 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Juanita Jones, The Note In Box Number 9, That Completely Destroys My Plans, Adios Alita, Rock-a-Bye Heartache, Vin Rose ... (12 tracks).
STU PHILLIPS: Singin' (RCA Victor LSP-3619 * 1966/USA) (7€) (teippauksia kannessa * tapings on cover) * The Great El Tigre, Four Strong Winds, Bracero, Kathy Keep Playing, Crystal Chandelier ... (12 tracks).

WEBB PIERCE: Cross Country (Decca orig. 1962/Stetson re-issue HAT 3004/England) (8€) * Waterloo, Crazy Wild Desire, Heartaches By The Number, Free Of The Blues, Alla My Love ... (12 tracks).
WEBB PIERCE & CAROL CHANNING: C & W (Plantation PLP-27 * 1977/USA) (12€) * Tennessee, Big Big Man, I Ain't Never, Love Brought Us Together, Fool Fool Fool, This Guy - This Girl ... (11 tracks).

RAY PILLOW: People Music (Plantation PLP-6 * 1969/USA) (8€) * House Of Glass, The Doors Of Love, The House Song, They Left Me Holding The Bottle, Circle Of Friends ... (11 tracks).
RAY PILLOW: One Too Many Memories (Allegiance AV-5011 * 1983/USA) (6€) * Wasted Again, Julie Loved Boston More Than Me, You're One Memory I'd Like To Make Again ... (10 tracks).
RAY PILLOW: Presenting Ray Pillow ~ His Exciting Award-Winning Voice And Great Country Songs (Capitol T-2417 * 1965/USA) (5€) (Kannet kuluneet - kirjoitusta ja teippauksia kannessa, levy parempi * well-worn covers, record better) ... Six Days On The Road, I*m Here To Make A Deal, Sorrow Taering Me Apart ... (12 tracks).
RAY PILLOW: Ray Pillow - Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (First Generation FGLP-GOOS-04 * 1981/USA) (10€) * If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me Her Memory Will,Friday Night Blues, Thank God And Greyhound, Selena ... (10 tracks).
RAY PILLOW: Slipping Around With Ray Pillow (Mega M31-1017 * 1972/USA) (8€) * The Waitress, What's A Nice Guy Like Me Doing Here, Above And Beyond, Excuse Me, Foolin' Around ... (10 tracks).
RAY PILLOW: Ray Pillow Sings Wonderful Day (ABC Records ABCS-665 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Mama Tried, Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line, How Can I Fight, The Easy Part's Over ...

CURTIS POTTER: Down In Texas Today (Step One Records SOR-0004 * 1984/USA) (12€) * Oklahoma Sunshine, Twin Fiddles Turn Me On, If This Was Texas, We Never Touched At All ... (10 tracks).

PRAIRIE OYSTER (Canada): Different Kind Of Fire (RCA/BMG 2049-1-R * 1990/USA) (5€) * Wild About Me, Meet Me On The Corner, Goodbye So Long Hello, You Changhed Your Mind ... (10 tracks).

ELVIS PRESLEY: Love Songs * 16 Original Songs (K-TEL NE-1062 * Finland/1978) (6€) * Until It`s Time For You To Go, The Wonder Of You, Loving You, Memories ... (16 tracks).
ELVIS PRESLEY: Are You Lonesome Tonight (RCA-Pickwick CDS-1207 * England/1992) (6€) * Wild In The Country, Hard Headed Woman, There's Always Me ... (12 tracks).
ELVIS PRESLEY: The Legend (RCA-Pickwick CDS-1212 * England/1983) (6€) * Old Shep, Poor Boy, All That I Am, You'll Never Walk Alone, In The Ghetto, Good Rockin' Tonight ... (12 tracks).

KENNY PRICE: Charlotte Fever (RCA Victor LSP-4605 * 1971/USA) (9€) * Me And You And A Dog Named Boo, Workin' Man Blues, Destination Anywhere, Super Sideman ... (10 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: 30 California Women (RCA APL 1-0208 * 1973/USA) (7€) * You can have Her, The Bumper Sticker Song, Louisiana Lover, California Ghost, The Jamestown Ferry ... (10 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: One Hit Follows Another (Sparton/Boone Records P-1211 * 1966/Canada) (6€) (kannen reuna teipattu * taped cover) * Hunky Dory, Somebody Told Mary, See Ruby Fall, The Clock ... (12 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: Happy Tracks (RCA Victor LSP-4224 * comp-1969/Canada) (Boone material from 1966-68) (6€) (kannen reuna teipattu * taped cover) * Downtown Knoxville, Big Operator, Southern Bound ... (12 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: Supersideman (RCA Victor LSP-4681 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Comin' Home To kentucky, A Thing Called Love, Before My Time, Dr. Feelgood, Take Me, From Here To There ... (10 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: Sea Of Heartbreak & Don't Tell Me Your Troubles ~ And Other Don Gibson Hits (RCA LSP-4839 * 1973/USA) (7€) * Oh Lonesome Me, Far Far Away, Just One Time ... (10 tracks).
KENNY PRICE: Heavy Duty Country (MRC MRLP-2276 * 1977/USA) (9€) * Let's Truck Together, California Sunshine, I'd Buy You Chattanooga, Sidewalk Satin Salesman, Mortar Mixing Mama, The Jester, Boone County Weight Watchers Of America ... (10 tracks).

RAY PRICE: The Heart Of Country Music (2-LPs) (Step One SOR-0019 * 1987/USA) (12€) * Waiting For A Train, Is Anybody Going To San Antone, He'll Have To Go, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain ... (20 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0012 * 1986/USA) (7€) * I'll Sail My Ship Alone, Half A Man, City Lights, My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You, Soft Rain ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0013 * 1986/USA) (7€) * The Other Woman, Grazin' In Greener Pastures, A Way To Survive, Touch My Heart ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0014 * 1986/USA) (7€) * Forty And Fadin', Diamonds In The Stars, It Don't Hurt Me Half As Bad ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: The Cherokee Cowboys ~ Reunited (ABC DO-2073 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Storms Never Last, Different Kind Of Flower, We Go Back, You Done Me Wrong ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: For The Good Times (Columbia C-30106 * 1970/USA) (8€) * A Cold Day In July, Black And White Lies, You Can't Take It With You, Lonely World ... (11 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Danny Boy (Columbia CS-9477 * 1967(USA) (8€) * Vaya Con Dios, Across The Wide Missouri, Greensleeves, Pretend, Born To Lose, Spanish Eyes ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Just Enough Love (Step One SOR-0033 * 1988/USA) (5€) * Wind Beneath My Wings, Better Class Of Losers, Old Loves Never Die, Big Ole Teardrops ... (12 tracks).
RAY PRICE: I Fall To Pieces (Harmony HS 11373 * USA) (3€) * San Antonio Rose, Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes, Cold Cold Heart, A Maiden's Prayer ... (9 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Take Me As I Am (Columbia CS 9606 * USA) (4€) * Yesterday, Sittin' And Thinkin', I Can't Help It, In The Summer Of My Life ... (11 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Master Of The Art (Viva 1-23782 * 1983/USA) (6€) * Scotch And Soda, Coors In Colorado, Willie Write Me A Song, Living Her Life In A Song ...
RAY PRICE: She Wears My Ring (Columbia ESP-1417 * USA) (4€) * By The Time I Get To Phoenix, I'm Gonna Change Everything, Walking On New Grass, Little Green Apples ... (11 tracks).
RAY PRICE: All-Time Greatest Hits (2-set) (Columbia KG-31364 * 1972/USA) (5€) * Lonely World, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Danny Boy, Sunday Morning Comin' Down ... (20 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Portrait Of A Singer (Step One SOR-0009 * 2-set * 1985/USA) (Buddy Emmons, Dave Kirby, Jimmy Day ... ) (7€) * Mona Lisa, As Time Goes By, Love Me Tender, Bummin' Around, All The Way, Once In A While ... (20 tracks).
RAY PRICE: A Revival Of Old Time Singing (Step One SOR-0016 * 1986/USA) (5€) * I'll Fly Away, When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder, What Did The Carpenter Build ... (12 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Welcome To Ray Price Country (Steo One SOR-0007 * 1985/USA) (6€) * All You Have To Do Is Come Back Home, Memories To Burn, Five Fingers, Lonely Like A Rose ... (10 tracks).

CHARLEY PRIDE: There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me (RCA P-13548 * 1980/England) (8€) * Honky Tonk Blues, Low Down Blues, My Son Calls Another Man Daddy, Mind Your Own Business ... (12 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: Charley Sings - Everybody's Choice (RCA AHL1-4287 * 1982/USA) (5€) * I See The Devil In Your Deep Blue Eyes, I Haven't Loved This Way In Years, Mountain Of Love ... (10 tracks).

ORVAL PROPHET (Canada): True Blue (Acclaim Records CM-12004 * 1981/Canada) (8€) * Born To Booze, I'll Lay My Head In Carleton County, I'm Going Back To Birmingham ... (10 tracks).

RONNIE PROPHET (Canada): Ronnie Prophet (RCA NL71837 * Germany/1987) (6€) * No Holiday In L.A., Fire In the Feeling, Stealer Of Hearts, For The Children ... (10 tracks).

CURLY PUTMAN: World Of Country Music (ABCS-686 * 1969/USA orig. copy) San Francisco Sun, Talking To The Grass, Love Of The Common People, Big Silver Wings ... . Curly Putman wrote 'Green Green Grass Of Home' and many other stonehard country classics.. (12€)

EDDIE RABBITT: Rocky Mountain Music (Elektra 7E-1065 * 1976/USA) (4€) * Tullahoma Dancing Pizza Man, Two Dollars In The Jukebox, Could You Love A Poor Boy Dolly, Drinkin' My Baby ... (11 tracks).
EDDIE RABBITT: The Best Year Of My Life (Mercury/Phonogram 822573-1 * 1984/Holland) (4€) * Big Brown Eyes, Go To Sleep Big Bertha, Every Night I Fall In Love With You (& Hillary Kanter) ... (10 tracks).

SHORTY RANGER: The Man From Nulla Nulla (Hadley HLP-1229 * 1976/Australia) (signed copy) (8€) * The Motor Bike Song, Australia All Over, Wauchope (The Timber Town), Charlie's Kinda Country, Winter Winds ... (12 tracks).

LEON RAUSCH: Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986 * Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Southland * 1986/USA) (special golden vinyl copy) Texas In My Soul, Amarillo By Morning, San Antonio Rose, Dallas, Houston (Means I`m One Day Closer To You), Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind... (Leon Rausch: "The Voice Of Bob Wills & Texas Playboys"). (12€)
LEON RAUSCH: Doin' It Bob's Way * Tribute To Bob Wills (Discus orig. 1971 * re-issue 1982 Crazy Cajun CC-1103 * USA) (12e) * A New Road Under My Wheels, Home In San Antonio, Corine Corina, A Broken Heart For A Souvenir ... (12 tracks).

EDDY RAVEN: The Best Of (BGM RCA 6815-1-R * 1988/USA) (4€) Right Hand Man, Joe Knows How To Live, I Got Mexico ... (9 tracks).

JERRY REED: Lord Mr. Ford (RCA * 1973/Germany) Folsom Prison Blues, You Can`t Keep Me Here In Tennessee, Pickie Pickie Pickie, Rainbow Ride... (8€)
JERRY REED: Sings Jim Croce (RCA AHL1-3604 * 1980/USA) Workin` At The Carwash Blues, Time In A Bottle, I`ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, One Less Set Of Footsteps... (8€)
JERRY REED: The Bird (RCA AHL1-4529 * USA/1982) Down On The Corner, Good-Time Saturday Night, Red River, I'm A Slave, I Get Off On It ... (8€)
JERRY REED: Smell The Flowers (RCA LSP-4660 * USA/1972) Endless Miles Of Highway, My Guitar And My Song, It Ain't Home But It Ain't Bad ... (8€)
JERRY REED: When You`re Hot, You`re Hot (RCA LSP-4506 * 1971/USA) Ruby Don`t Take Your Love To Town, Amos Moses, She Understands Me, Don`t Think Twice It`s Alright.... (writing on back cover). (8€)
JERRY REED: Rides Again (RCA CPL1-2346 * 1977/Canada) (8€) * The Phantom Of The Opry, The Bully Of The Town, Semolita, I'm Just A Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar ...
JERRY REED: Jerry Reed (RCA AHL1-4692 * 1883/USA) (9€) * All American Country Boy, Raised On Rock And Roll, Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home, I'm A Slave, Good Ole Boys, Ole What's His Name ... (10 tracks).
JERRY REED: Georgia Sunshine (RCA Victor LSA-3021 * 1971/England) (9€) * Eight More Miles To Louisville, Talk About The Good Times, Mule Skinner Blues, The Preacher And The Bear ... (10 tracks).
JERRY REED & CHET ATKINS: Me And Chet (RCA ANL1-2167 * 1972/USA) (8€) * The Mad Russian, Liebestraum, Nashtown Ville, Mystery Train, Flying South, Good Stuff, Limehouse Blues ... (11 tracks).

DEL REEVES: The Wonderful World Of Country Music (Liberty/Sunset SUS-5230 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens, Down In The Boondocks, This Must Be The Bottom ... (10 tracks).
DEL REEVES: Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens? (United Artists UAL-3530 * 1966/USA) (8€) * Labrador Retriever, Zeo, Swinging Doors, Laughter Keeps Running Down My Cheeks ... (12 tracks).
DEL REEVES: Special Delivery (United Artists UAL-3488 * 1966/USA) (8€) * Voyage Of Old Chris, Anywhere USA, Dead And Gone, Those Railroad Tracks In Between, Wood Would ... (12 tracks).
DEL REEVES: Mr. Country Music (Hilltop JS-6029/Pickwick * USA) (8€) * The Pillow That Whispers, When The Body Get Tired, The House The Blues Built, I Don't Wonder ...
DEL REEVES: Del Reeves Sings Jim Reeves (United Artists UAS-6468 * 1965/USA) (8€) * Billy Bayou, Bimbo, Mexican Joe, In A Mansion, When You Are Gone ... (12 tracks).
DEL REEVES: Del Reeves Sings Jim Reeves (Hallmark/United Artists HM-564 * 1965/England) (7€) * Billy Bayou, Bimbo, Mexican Joe, In A Mansion, When You Are Gone... (12 tracks).
DEL REEVES & LIZ LYNDELL: Let's Go To Heaven Tonight (Koala Records KOA-14401 * 1980/USA) (6€) * This Thing Called Love, Alone With You, If You Think I Love You Now ... (10 tracks).

JIM REEVES: Distant Drums (RCA * re-1981/England) Snow Flake, Good Morning Self, Overnight, This Is It... (5€)
JIM REEVES: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (RCA Camden CAL-842 * MONO * 1964/USA) (iδn tuomia naarmuja hieman - a few scratches) (3€) * Oklahoma Hills, Highway To Nowhere, Roly Poly ... (10 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Tall Tales And Short Tempers (RCA Victor LSP-2284 * 1961/USA) (7€) * Rodger Young, The Fool's Paradise, The Mighty Everglades, The Letter Edged In Black, The Wreck Of The Number Nine ... (11 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Forever (2-set/32 songs) (RCA * comp-1975/Germany) The Wreck Of The Number 9, Deep Dark Water, The Blizzard, Auf Wiederseh`n Sweetheart... (5€).
JIM REEVES: Young & Country (RCA * re-1971/USA) Hillbilly Waltz, Did You darling, Never Take No For An Answer, Please Leave My Darling Alone... (5€).
JIM REEVES: The History Of Country Music Presents Jim Reeves (Radiant * re-1981/USA) Guilty, Yonder Comes A Sucker, I`m Gonna Change Everything... (5€).
JIM REEVES: Yours Sincerely * Jim Reeves Narrates The Story Of His Life (RCA * comp-1967/England) Scarlet Ribbons, The Fool`s Paradise, I Grew Up, My Mary... (5€).
JIM REEVES: Sings With Some Friends (RCA/Pickwick * comp-1969/England) 10 duets with Carol Johnson, Dottie West, Leo Jackson, Ginny Wright, Gordon Stoker... (5€).
JIM REEVES: 12 Songs Of Christmas (RCA Camden/Pickwick * England) Senor Santa Claus, The Merry Christmas Polka, An Old Christmas Card, Jingle Bells, Silver Bells... (5€).
JIM REEVES: The Country Side Of Jim Reeves (RCA Camden * coll-1969/England) A Railroad Bum, Yonder Comes A Sucker, A Fallen Star, Highway To Nowhere, Waitin` For A Train... (5€).
JIM REEVES: The Abbott Recordings Vol. 2 (RCA * recorded < 1955 * comp-1982/England) (20 tracks) Echo Bonita, Tahiti, Padre Of Old San Antone, My Rambling Heart, Wagon Load Of Love ... (5€).
JIM REEVES: I'll Always Love You (RCA Camden CDS 1163 * England) (12 tracks) Streets Of Laredo, There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover, The Spell Of The Yukon, The Gun, Annabel Lee ... (5€).
JIM REEVES: The Very Best Of * 20 Tracks (RCA LP-5047 * 1981/England) (5€) * Guilty, The Blizzard, Distant Drums, I Missed Me, Snowflake, This Is It ... (20 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Golden Records (RCA Camden CDS 1145 * 1971/England) (5€) * Danny Boy, Blue Skies, Shiftin' Whispering Sands, Have I Stayed Away Too Long ... (12 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Music From The Movie "Kimberley Jim" (The wild story of South Africa`s diamond strike) (RCA Victor RD-7781 mono /1966/England) Diamonds In The Sand, A Stranger`s Just A Friend, Roving Gambler, Dolly With The Dimpled Knees, Strike It Rich, I Grew Up, Born To Be Lucky, Could I Be Falling In Love... (7€)

TED & RUTH REINHART: Go Western (TERU Records * USA) (7€) * Can You Hear The Pioneers, That Old Outlaw Time, Roundup Time In Texas, Ragtime Cowboy Joe, Ridin' Down The Canyon ... (14 tracks).
TED & RUTH REINHART: Muscadine Studios Presents ... Sing Cowboy Sing (Muscadine/TERU * 1984/USA) (7€) * Ringo, Cool Water, A Cowboy Has To Sing, I'm A Cowpoke Pokin' Along, Rockin' In The Saddle ... (14 tracks).

DON RENO & BILL HARRELL & The Tennessee Cut-Ups: The Don Reno Story (CMH 2 LP-Set CMH-9003 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Country Boy Rock And Roll, Charlotte Breakdown, Trail Of Sorrow, Gold Digger ... (20 tracks).

DON RENO & RED SMILEY: A Variety Of Country Songs (King K-12646 * USA) (5€) * Springtime In Dear Old Dixie, Old Home Place, It's Grand To Have Someone To Love You ... (12 tracks).
DON RENO & RED SMILEY: The True Meaning Of Christmas (King K-874 * USA) (5€) * It Won't Seem Like Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, Jingle Bells, Blue Christmas ... (10 tracks).
DON RENO & RED SMILEY: 20 Bluegrass Originals (Gusto Deluxe GD-5025X * USA) (6€) * Freight Train Boogie, Banjo Signal, Tennessee Cut-Up Breakdown, Bringing In The Georgia Mail ... (20 tracks).

JACK RENO: I Want One (DOT DLP-25921 * 1968/USA) (6€) * Mysterious Mary, Asphalt Farmin', I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee, Pull A String ... (12 tracks).

RONNIE RENO: For The First Time (MCA-472/Tally * 1975/USA) (5€) * Union Station, September In Miami, A Hard Day's Night, Last Time I Saw Louisiana ... (10 tracks).

DONN REYNOLDS (Canada): Blue Canadian Rockies (ARC 673 * 1967/Canada) (6€) * Salt Brush Sue, Cattle Call, Stockman's Lullaby, Indian Love Call, Let The Rest Of The World Go By ... (12 tracks).

BOBBY G.RICE: Bobby's Back (Audiograph AG-7772 * 1982/USA) (5€) * Over Night Sensation, Pardon My french, I'm Movin' Up To You ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY G.RICE: A New Beginning (Door Knob Records DK-LPS85-1008 * 1985/USA) (5€) * New Tradition, Through Each Other's Eyes, State Of The Union ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY G.RICE: Write Me A Letter (GRT Records 9185-8003 * 1975/Canada) (5€) * Freda Comes Freda Goes, Hey Hey Santa Fe, Sugar Shack, Little Drops Of Memories ... (11 tracks).

CHARLIE RICH: The Sun Story Vol.2 * 1958-62 (SSS/SUN SPO-126 * comp-1974/USA) (7€) * Gentle As A Lamb, C.C. Rider, Goodbye Mary An, Big Man, Rebound, Breakup, Midnight Blues ... (12 tracks).

THE RIO GRANDE BAND: Playin' For The Door (Rounder 0105 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Leaving Tennessee, Mean Ol' Alcohol, Hillbilly Band From Mars, Harvey, Drink Muddy Water, Rio Grande Rag ... (12 tracks).

HANK RIVERS (Canada): Hank's Centennial Travels (RCA Camden CAL-2179 * 1967/Canada) (10€) * Girl from Saskatoon, My Home By The Fraser, Where The St. Lawrence River Flows, Take Me Back To Old New Brunswick ... (12 tracks).

MARTY ROBBINS: El Paso City (Columbia 34303 * 1976/USA) (8€) * The Ballad Of Bill Thaxton, Ava Maria Morales, Kin To The Wind, Wau Out There, Trail Dreamin' ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Adios Amigo (Columbia 34448 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Eighteen Yellow Roses, After The Storm, Inspiration For A Song, I've Never Loved Anyone More, Helen ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Marty Robbins (MCA MCF-2545 * 1973/England) (8€) * A Man And A Train, San Francisco Teardrops, Las Vegas - Nevada, The Taker, Crawling On My Knees ... (11 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Good 'n Country (MCA-421 * 1974(USA) (8€) * Georgia Blood, Thwentieth Century Drifter, Mother Knows Best, I Couldn't Believe It Was True ... (11 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Song Of The Islands (Columbia CL-1097 * USA) (levy ja kannet hiukan jo kuluneet * not in perfect condition anymore) (4€) * Crying Steel Guitar Waltz, Down Where The Trade Winds Blow ... (12 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: El Paso (Hallmark/Pickwick SHM-726 * England) (5€) * The Wine Flowed Freely, The Hanging Tree, Streets Of Laredo, Bouquet Of Roses ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (Columbia 64591 * England) (4€) * Ribbon Of darkness, The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair, I Walk Alone, Love Is Blue ... (11 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Tonight Carmen (CBS 63116 * 1967/USA) (8€) * Waiting In Reno, Bound For Old Mexico, The Mission in Guadalajara, Don't Go Away Senor, In The Valley Of The Rio Grande ... (12 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Today (Columbia C-30816 * USA) (4€) (Kansissa kulumaa - a bit worn-out covers) * The Chair, Seventeen years, Put A Little Rainbow In Your Pocket ... (11 tracks).

KENNY ROBERTS: Just Call Me Country (Music Room Records * USA) (7€) * Old Santa Fe, Growin' Old Ain't All As Bad As That, Edna I'm Glad I Met Ya, The Country Polka ... (12 tracks).
KENNY ROBERTS: Early Country Yodel Songs (Cow Girl Boy Records LP-5065 * Germany) (6€) * Beautiful Ohio, F.O.B. Tennessee, Mickey The Chickey, Casper The Candy Cowboy, Arizona Yodeler ... (16 tracks).
KENNY ROBERTS: The And Now (Longhorn Records KK-1235 * 1981/USA) (8€) * Cannonball Yodel (with Elton Britt), Slide Them Jugs Down The Mountain, Going Down The Country, Out Where The West Winds Blow ... (13 tracks).
KENNY ROBERTS: Yodellin' Kenny Roberts Sings Country Songs (Vocalion VL-73770 * 1966/USA) (8€) * Hillbilly Style, Hillbilly Fever, Sweet Little Cherokee, Billy And Nanny Goat ... (10 tracks).
KENNY ROBERTS: Yodellin' With Kenny Roberts (Point Records P-210 * 1964/USA) (7€) * Boogie-Woogie Yodel Song, Good Old Mountain Dew, If You've Got The Money, She Taught Me How To Yodel ... (10 tracks).
KENNY ROBERTS: Indian Love Call (Starday SLP 336/Gusto * re-1975/USA) (7€) * Tavern Town, Guitar Ringing, Please Don't Turn Around, I Never See Maggie Alone ... (12 tracks).

RICK ROBINSON & The Blue Boys: I Spent Last Year In A Barroom (Belmont AL-010 * 1980/USA-Canada) (8€) * There's A Song On the Jukebox, One Drink Closer To Heaven, The New Truck Driving Man ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Love Put A Song In My Heart (Mercury * 1975/USA) (8€) * Candy In The Window (by Tom T.Hall), Drinkin` Man`s Blues, I Can`t Get Used To Sleeping Without You ...
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Sketches (Mercury * 1979/USA) (8€) * Vestido De Blanco, Goodbye, I Fought The Law, Misty Blue, It`ll Be Her ...
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Gypsy (EPIC JE 36587 * 1980/USA) (7€) * North Of The Border, All American Girl, Coal Black Eyes, Stagger Lee ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Practice Makes Perfect (Mercury * 1977/USA) (8€) * Eres Tu, Torn Between Two Lovers, Steal A Little Time, Hard Times ...

DAVID ROGERS: Lovingly (Republic/London SHU 8511 * 1977/England) (4€) * The Lady And The Baby, Time For Lovin', Lady Lookin' Lonely ... (14 tracks).
DAVID ROGERS: I'm Gonna Love You Right Out Of This World (Republic R-5907-598 * 1977/USA) (4€) * That Woman Keeps This Cowboy Comin' Home, Burning Bridges ... (10 tracks).

KENNY ROGERS: Kenny Rogers (UA UAS-30046 * 1976/England) (4€) * While I Play The Fiddle, Laura What's He Got That I Ain't Got, Mother Country Music, Green Green Grass Of Home ... (11 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (MFP 50514 * coll-1980/England) (4€) * Reuben James, Sweet Music Man, King Of Oak Street, Let It Be Me (& Dottie West) ... (12 tracks).

PETER ROWAN & The Nashville Bluegrass Band: New Moon Rising (Sugar Hill SH-3762 * 1988/USA) (8€) * That High Lonesome Sound, Trail Of tears, Cabin Of Love, Meadow Green ... (10 tracks).

BILLY JOE ROYAL: The Royal Treatment (Atlantic America 90658-1 * 1987/USA) (4€) * Give-Em My Number, I'll Pin A Note On Your Pillow, He'll Have To Go, Members Only (& Donna Fargo) ... (11 tracks).

JOHNNY RUSSELL: Rednecks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer (RCA APL-1-0345 * 1973/USA) (12€) * Drinking A Beer And Singing A Country Song, The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor, Finer Things In Life ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: Mr. & Mrs. Untrue (RCA Victor LSP-4588 * 1971/USA) (10€) * The Year Clayton Delaney Died, Just One Time, Listening To The Rain, Touching Home, I'm Staying ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: Catfish John / Chained (RCA LSP-4851 * 1973/USA) (10€) * The Jamestown Ferry, Mr. Fiddle Man, Rain Falling On Me, My Mind Hangs On To You, It Sure Seemed Right ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: Here Comes Johnny Russell (RCA APL-1-1214 * 1975/USA) (10€) * I'm A Trucker, Birmingham, Over Georgia, Our Marriage Was A Failure, Nobody Touches My Baby ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: She's In Love With A Rodeo Man (RCA AFL1-0542 * 1974/England) (10€) * She Burn't The Little Roadside Tavern Down, Draggin' Shackles, Gingham Queen, Someday I'll Sober Up ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: The Country Store Collection (Country Store CST-44 * comp-1988/England) (8€) * Good Hearted Woman, Kaw-Liga, Working Man Blues, Jambaylaya, Busted, Luckenbach Texas ... (14 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: Mr. Entertainer (RCA NL-90000 * comp-1987/Germany) (8€) * Leona, Your Fool, What A Price, I'm Stayin', Too Late To Turn Back Now, Queen Of My Heart ... (16 tracks).

JOHN WESLEY RYLES: John Wesley Ryles (ABC DOT DO-2089 * 1977/USA) (4€) * Once In A Lifetime Thing, Here I Stand, Warming Love, Out Of Your Heart ... (10 tracks).

HARLAN SANDERS: The Arizona Whiz (Brylen * 1982/USA) (very rare album!) Somewhere In Texas, Jack Black And Blue Ribbon Blue, Next Exit Sign...(H.Sanders died Aug. 29, 2003, he was a well-known singer/songwriter, done his time in Folsom Prison - bank robbery. Johnny Cash helped him and Harlan`s friend Glen Sherley. Harlan wrote "If Drinkin` Won`t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)" for George Jones in 1981). (12€)
HARLAN SANDERS: Off & Running (EPIC * 1976 demo-copy/USA) Honky Tonker, Burgundy River, My Magnolia Memory, A Southern Star In A Northern Sky, Highway Woman, Housewife`s Hall Of Fame... (The late H.Sanders was a "singer-songwriter" from the prisons - line-notes by Johnny Cash). (12€)

EARL SCRUGGS: Dueling Banjos (Columbia WC-32268 * 1973/Canada) (8€) * Lonesome Ruben, Fireball Mail, Flint Hill Special, John Hardy, Just Joshin' ... (featuring Randy & Gary Scgruggs, Vassar Clements, Josh Graves ...) (10 tracks).
EARL SCRUGGS: Top Of The World (Columbia FC 38295 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Paradise (& Lacy J. Dalton), Lay Me Down In Dixie (& Burrito Brothers), Lindsey, Roller Coaster, Sittin' On Top Of The World (& Rodney Dillard) ... (10 tracks).

EARL SCRUGGS REVUE: The Earl Scruggs Revue Vol. 2 (with Josh Graves: dobro) (CBS * 1976/Holland) (8€) * Rita Ballou, I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash: lead vocal + guitar) , Harley, Broad River, Harbor For My Soul, My Ship Will Sail (Johnny Cash: vocals + guitar) ...
EARL SCRUGGS REVUE: Live! From Austin City Limits (Columbia PO-34464 * 1977/USA) (7€) * Nashville Skyline Rag, Tall Texas Woman, Black MOuntain Blues, Sally Gooding ... (10 tracks).

JOHNNY SEA: Day For Decision (WB 1659 * 1966/USA) (8€) * The Turning Point, What Is So Rare?, Generation, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, This Land ... (10 tracks).

DAN SEALS: On The Frontline (EMI America PW-17231 * 1986/USA) (5€) * Three Time Loser, Guitar Man Out Of Control, Lullabye (& Emmylou Harris) ... (10 tracks).
DAN SEALS: Won't Be Blue Anymore (EMI America ST-17166 * 1985/USA) (5€) * Headin' West, Tobacco Road, Meet Me In Montana, City Kind Of Girl, Bop ... (10 tracks).

TROY SEALS: Troy Seals (Columbia KC-34271 * 1976/USA) (5€) * Tall Texas Woman, Neon Lady, San Antone-ee-o!, Sweet Dreams, Easy Come - Easy Go ... (10 tracks).

THE SELDOM SCENE: A Chance Of Scenery (Sugar Hill SH-3763 * 1988/USA) (6€) * West Texas Wind, Casting My Shadow In The Road, Satan's Choir, In Despair ... (10 tracks).

Sanger D. Whitey Shafer:

SANGER D. 'WHITEY' SHAFER: My House Is Your Honky Tonk (Bear Family BFX 15149 * Hickory Records 1974-75) (14€) * Ole Drug Store, Love Inflation, Warm Red Wine (You're My Sunshine), It's Much Too Late To Start Quittin' Now ... ... "One of the natural heirs to the Lefty Frizzell tradition (12 tracks).
SANGER D. 'WHITEY' SHAFER: Memphis Memory (Bear Family BFX 15148 * RCA masters 1968-70 *comp-1984/Germany) (14€) * The Bottle Your Memory And Me, Down By The Railroad Track, Lullaby Mountain, Big Big Show On Wheels, Between Winston-Salem And Nashville Tennessee ... (13 tracks).

RICKY VAN SHELTON: Ricky Van Shelton III (CBS 7464-45250-1 * 1990/USA) (5€) * Oh Pretty Woman, Statue Of A Fool, I*ve Cried My Last Tear For You ... (10tr).
RICKY VAN SHELTON: Loving Proof (CBS 462622-1 * 1988/England) (5€) * Somebody's Back In Town, Swimming Upstream, The Picture, Hole In My Pocket ... (10tr).

T.G.SHEPPARD: Greatest Hits (WB Curb 1-23841 * 1979-83/USA) (4€) * War Is Hell (On The Homefront, Too), Last Cheater's Waltz, Party Time ... (10 tracks).
T.G.SHEPPARD: Finally! (WB Curb BSK-3600 * 1982/USA) (4€) * Crazy In The Dark, In Another Minute, We're Walking On Thin Ice ... (10 tracks).

MERV SHINER: Life Is Lovin` What You`re Made For (Certron CS-7001 * 1970/USA) Protest, Migratin` Time, Basin Street Mama, Walkin` The Streets Of The City, Stop And Think... (6€)

JOE DON SILVERS - JIM VEST - BILLY THUNDERKLOUD: Crossing America Together (MPI Records 202 * 1986/USA) (6€) * America (DS-JV-BT), Golden Watch And Chain (JV), Trail Of Tears (BT), One More And I'm Outa Here (DS), Keepers Of The Land (BT), Volunteer State Of Mind (JV) ... (10 tracks).

RED SIMPSON: Roll Truck Roll (Capitol/Pickwick JS-6136 * re-1966/USA) (6€) * My Baby's Waiting, Truck Drivin' Man, Truck Daddy, Born To Be A Trucker, Runaway Truck ... (9 tracks).
RED SIMPSON: Roll Truck Roll (Capitol/Stetson HAT 3074 * re-issue 1966/West Germany) (9€) * Nitro Express, My Baby's Waiting, Truck Drivin' Man, Truck Daddy, Born To Be A Trucker, Runaway Truck ... (12 tracks).
RED SIMPSON: I'm A Truck ~ And Other Songs Of The Road (Capitol SM-881 * 1972/USA) (sealed copy in plastic bag) (12€) * Black Smoke A Blowin' Over 18 Wheels, Old Sam, Runaway Truck, Motivatin' Man ... (10 tracks).
RED SIMPSON: I'm A Truck ~ And Other Songs Of The Road (Capitol re-issue SN-66069 * 1972/Canada) (10€) * Black Smoke A Blowin' Over 18 Wheels, Old Sam, Runaway Truck, Motivatin' Man ... (10 tracks).

RICKY SKAGGS: Don't Cheat In Our Hometown (EPIC/Sugar Hill EPC 25654 * 1983/England) (4€) * Uncle Pen, Keep A Memory, Children Go, She's More To Be Pitied ... (10 tracks).
RICKY SKAGGS: Don't Cheat In Our Hometown (EPIC/Sugar Hill FE-38954 * 1983/USA) (4€) * Uncle Pen, Keep A Memory, Children Go, She's More To Be Pitied ... (10 tracks).
RICKY SKAGGS: Waitin' For The Sun To Shine (EPIC 84986 * 1981/Holland) (4€) * I Don't Care, So Round - So Firm - So Fully Packed, Your Old Love Letters ... (10 tracks).
RICKT SKAGGS & KEITH WHITLEY: Second Generation Bluegrass (Rebel REB-1504 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Poor Monroe, Son Of Hobert, Daybreak In Dixie, Dream Of A Miner's Child, Sea Of regret ... (12 tracks).

HAROLD SLIGER: We're Gonna Love (Ovation OV-1722 * 1976/USA) (7€) * Truck Drivin' Man, Roll Truck Wheel Roll, Hope They Like Me In Peoria, Big Oscar, Hogg Hauler, Hero Of The Nation ... (10 tracks).

CARL SMITH: The Way I Lose My Mind (MGM/Hickory H3G-4518 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Lost Highway, Not Once But Hundred Times, Half As Much, Remembered By Someone ... (11 tracks).
CARL SMITH: Greatest Hits * Vol.1 (newly recorded) (Gusto GT-0058 * 1980/USA) (6€) * Deep Water, Hey Joe, Are You teasing Me, If Teardrops Were Pennies, Kisses Don't Lie ... (10 tracks).
CARL SMITH: Faded Love And Winter Roses (Columbia LE-10112 * USA) (10€) * Time Changes Everything, I'm A Lonesome Fugitive, The Party's Over, Not In Front Of The Kids ... (11 tracks).
CARL SMITH: Carl Smith Sings A Tribute To Roy Acuff (Columbia CS-9870 * USA) (12€) * Waltz Of The Wind, Streamlined Cannonball, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Fire Ball Mail ... (11 tracks).
CARL SMITH: This Lady Loving Me (Hickory/DJM DJF-20540 * 1977/England) (6€) * This Kinda Love Ain't Meant For Sunday School, Give Me Liberty, Show Me A Brick Wall ... (10 tracks).
CARL SMITH: Satisfaction Guaranteed (Columbia/Harmony HS 11218/orig. USA copy/196?) * Dog-gone Baby I`m In Love, Back Up Buddy, Trademark, This Orchid Means Goodbye ... (5€)
CARL SMITH: I Want To Live And Love (Columbia mono CL-2293 * orig. USA) (4€) * B.J. The D.J, Lonesome 7-7203, Waterloo, I Heard That Lonesome Whistle ... (12 tracks).
CARL SMITH: Special * The Country Gentleman Sings His Favorites (Columbia/Limited Edition LE 10111/USA/196?) * Someday I`ll Sober Up, Buried Alive, Mighty Day, Life Turned Her That Way ... (5€)
CARL SMITH: This Lady Loving Me (ABC/Hickory AH 44005 * 1975-77/USA) (4€) * Show Me A Brick Wall, This Kinda Love Ain't Meant For Sunday School, A Pair Of Wings For Me ... (10 tracks).
CARL SMITH (Trio) (feat. Velma Williams, Roy Huskey Jr. and Mother Maybelle Carter): Sunday Down South (Columbia CL 959 * orig. USA) (3€) (kuluneet kannet, levy OK * worn-out covers, record OK) (12 tracks).

TERRY SMITH: A Double Dose Of Country (Rhinestone Rooster LP-8710 * 1987/USA) (signed copy) (6€) * Some Serious Honky Tonkin', Jeans And Good Leather, Something Brewing In Milwaukee, Louisiana Memory, Bogan's Bog Saturday Night, The Ballad Of Simple Tim ... (13 tracks).
TERRY SMITH: Look At My Hands (New Horizon NH-71579 * 1979/USA) (signed copy) (5€) * Far-Side Banks Of Jordan (Terry Smith wrote, Johnny Cash later recorded with June, Room At The Top, What About This Thorn, He's The Music In My Soul ... (10 tracks).

Hank Snow:

HANK SNOW: Tracks And Trains (RCA Victor LSP-4501 * 1971/USA) (12€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Canadian Pacific, Duquesne Pennsylvania, Casey Jones Was His Name ... (11 tracks).
HANK SNOW: Spanish Fireball & Other Great Hank Snow Stylings (RCA Victor LPM-3857 * 1967/USA) (6€) (kansireunat teipattu * taped cover) * El Paso, 'Cross The Brazos At Waco, Adios Amigo, Blue Rose Of The Rio ... (11 tracks).
HANK SNOW: Spanish Fireball & Other Great Hank Snow Stylings (RCA Victor LPM-3857 * 1967/Germany) (8€) * El Paso, 'Cross The Brazos At Waco, Adios Amigo, Blue Rose Of The Rio ... (11 tracks).
HANK SNOW: Snowbird (RCA Camden /Pickwick ACL-0124 * re-1973/USA) (5€) * Cool Water, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Heart Break Trail, Address Unknown, Mansion On The Hill ... (9 tracks).
HANK SNOW: The Highest Bidder And Other Favorites (RCA Camden CAS-910 * 1965/USA) (6€) * Yodeling Cowboy, Moanin`, Hula Rock, I Wished Upon My Little Golden Horseshoe, The Next Voice You Hear, My Arms Are A House (10 tracks).
HANK SNOW: The Highest Bidder And Other Favorites (RCA/Pickwick * re-1977/USA) (5€) Yodeling Cowboy, Moanin`, Hula Rock, I Wished Upon My Little Golden Horseshoe, The Next Voice You Hear, My Arms Are A House (10 tracks)
HANK SNOW: More Hank Snow Souvenirs (RCA Victor LSP-2812 * 1964/USA) (8€) * The Gold Rush Is Over, Miller's Cave, One More Ride, Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts, Stolen Moments ... (12 tracks).
HANK SNOW: My Nova Scotia Home & Other Early Hank Snow Favorites (RCA Camden CAS-2257 * comp-1968/USA) (6€) * Love Entered The Iron Door, Squid Jiggin' Grounds, Too Many Tears ... (10 tracks).
HANK SNOW: The Hits Of Hank Snow (RCA PL-42175 * comp-1978/England) (7€) * North To Chicago, Colorado Country Morning, Hijack, Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, Vanishing Breed ... (14 tracks).
HANK SNOW: The Best Of Vol.2 (RCA * 1972/England)The Seashores Of Old Mexico, The Queen Of Draw Poker Town, The Face On The Barroom Floor, Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship, Marriage Vow, Duquesne Pennsylvania, These Hands... (6€)
HANK SNOW: Country Classics (The Singing Ranger And The Rainbow Ranch Boys) (RCA LPM-1233 * 1956/USA) Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart, Bluebird Island, Down The Trail Of Achin` Hearts, Music Makin` Mama From memphis, The Gal Who Invented Kissin`, With This Ring I Thee Wed... (6€)
HANK SNOW: The Old And Great Songs (RCA Camden CDN-5124/England * 1964-copy: recorded 1937-47 ) My Sweet Texas Blue Bonnet Queen, The Texas Cowboy, Wanderin` On, My Blue River Rose, In Memory Of Your Dear Old Pal, Down Where The Dark Waters Flow... (6€)
HANK SNOW: The Last Ride (RCA Camden CDS-1048/England : Pickwick-1969)The Blind Boy`s Dog, Whispering Rain, A Message From The Tradewinds, The Star Spangled Waltz, Yellow Roses... (6€)
HANK SNOW: Hello Love (RCA * 1974/USA)Today I Started Loving You Again, I Washed My hands In Muddy Water, I Have You And That`s Enough For Me, The last Thing On My Mind, I`ve Got To Give It All To You (6€)
HANK SNOW: When Tragedy Struck (RCA mono RD-27115 * 1959/England) There`s A Little Box Of Pine On The 7:29, Little Buddy, The Convict And The Rose, Put My Little Shoes Away, The Drunkard`s Child, The Prisoner`s Prayer (6€)
HANK SNOW: When Tragedy Struck (RCA LPM-1861 A "New Orthophonic" Hi-Fi Recording * orig. 1959 USA copy) (some scratches, but playable - naarmuja, mutta kelvollinen kuunneltava) There`s A Little Box Of Pine On The 7:29, Little Buddy, The Convict And The Rose, Put My Little Shoes Away, The Drunkard`s Child, The Prisoner`s Prayer... (5€)
HANK SNOW: 20 Of The Best (RCA compilation-1982/England * material 1950-74) The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe, Ninety Miles An Hour, Gold Rush Is Over, When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon, Miller`s Cave (6€)
HANK SNOW: Old Doc Brown And Other Narrations (Stetson HAT-3066 * re-issue of RCA 1959 mono album/England) How To Play The Guitar, The Blind Boy, That Pioneer Mother Of Mine, The Horse`s Prayer, Little Britches, The First Nighters, Trouble Trouble Trouble... (8€)
HANK SNOW & KELLY FOXTON: Win Some, Lose Some, Lonesome (RCA * 1981/orig. USA copy) (4 duets, 4 Snow-solos, 2 Foxton solos) The Big Silver Screen At The Strand, Right Or Wrong, The First Hurt... (8€)
HANK SNOW + JIMMIE RODGERS: All About Trains (RCA compilation-1975/USA) (A-side: J.Rodgers (5 mono tracks), B-Side: H.Snow: The City Of New Orleans, Wabash Cannon Ball, Fire Ball Mail, The Wreck Of The Old `97, The Golden Rocket... (6€)

JOE SOUTH: Midnight Rainbows (Island Records * 1975/USA) (Joe South wrote "Rose Garden" and "Games People Play" etc...) (Home And Homesick, Cosmos, Glad To Be Living On The Earth Today, My Fondest Memories, Stranger In A Strange Land (4€)

HAL SOUTHERN: I Remember Jim Reeves (El Dorado EDLP-602 * 1978/USA) (8€) * I Remember Jim, Billy Bayou, Four Walls, Just Call Me Lonesome, He'll Have To Go ... (10 tracks).
HAL SOUTHERN: Here Comes The Sun Again (VJ International VJS 6002 * 1977/USA) (8€) * My Only Friend In Town, I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven, Mr. Lincoln, The Church That Jack Built ... (12 tracks).

RED SOVINE: The One And Only Red Sovine (Highland/Starday SLP 132 ' orig. 1961 * re-1987/USA) (8€) * No Money In This Deal, More From Habit Than Desire, Heart Of A Man, One Is A Lonely Number ... (12 tracks).
RED SOVINE: The Greatest Grand Old Opry (Chart Records CHS-1052 * 1973/USA) (25€) * The Guilty One, Mama's Birthday, Six Broken Hearts, Petunia, The Greatest Grand Ole Opry, The Old Pine Tree ... (10 tracks).
RED SOVINE: Sunday With Sovine (Gusto re-issue /Starday SLP 427 * orig. 1968 * USA) (7€) * Wings Of A Dove, Brighten The Corner, Crying In The Chapel, I Am A Pilgrim, A Beautiful Life ... (12 tracks).
RED SOVINE: Classic Narrations (Gusto re-issue 1975/Starday SLP-436 * orig. 1969 * USA) (10€) * Viet Nam Deck Of Cards, Twenty-One, Class Of '49, A Dear John Letter, I Think I Can Sleep Tonight ... (10 tracks).
RED SOVINE: Woodrow Wilson Sovine (Gusto/Starday SD-970X * 1977/USA) (10€) * It Happens Every Night But Not At Our House, Cold Love To Go, Lonely ARms Of Mine, You Left Your Door Wide Open ... (12 tracks).
RED SOVINE: The Country Way (Decca/Vocalion VL-73829 * USA) (kirjoitusta kannessa - kuluneet kannet/'worn-out covers' + 'writing on front-cover') (4€)
RED SOVINE: I Know You`re Married But I Love You Still (Starday S-SLP-459 * 1970/orig. USA copy!) The Fightin` Side Of Me, Truck Driver`s Prayer, Six White Horses, Chairman Of The Board, Why Don`t You Haul Off And Love Me... (9€)

LARRY SPARKS: Sings Hank Williams (County 759 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Dixie Cannonball, Battle Of Armegeddon, Singing Waterfall, Mansion On the Hill, Blue Love ... (12 tracks).
LARRY SPARKS: Blue Sparks (Rebel REB-1618 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Lonesome Ride, Doin' My Time, Lonesome And Blue, Walking On The Blue Ridge Mountains, On The Old Plantation ... (12 tracks).
LARRY SPARKS: Live In Concert (Old Homestead OHS 90163 * 1985/USA) (8€) John Deere Tractor, Girl At The Crossroads Bar, Our Last Goodbye, These Old Blues ... (13 tracks).
LARRY SPARKS & The Lonesome Ramblers: Ramblin' Bluegrass (Starday SLP-480-498 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Kentucky Chimes, Dark Hollow, Too Much Mountain Dew, Long Journey Home, Kentucky Banjo ... (12 tracks).

JOE STAMPLEY: I`m Still Loving You (DOT DOS 26020/USA) Hello Charlie, The Weatherman, Strong Comeback, Not Too Long Ago... (4€)

RALPH STANLEY: The Stanley Sound Today (Rebel REB-1601 * 1981/USA) (8€) * Tennessee Truck Drivin' Man, No Schoolbus In Heaven, Dixieland, The Darkest Hour, The Letter I Never Mailed ... (12 tracks).
RALPH STANLEY & The Clinch Mountain Boys: Child Of The King (Rebel REB-1619 * 1983/USA) (6€) * Model Church, When I Bid You All Adieu, I'd Be Willing To Go All The Way ... (12 tracks).
RALPH STANLEY & The Clinch Mountain Boys: Stanley Brothers Classics * Introducing James King (Wango Records 118 * 1986/USA) (12€) * Trust Each Other, Poison Lies, Another Night ... (10 tracks).

Statler Brothers:

THE STATLER BROTHERS: Flowers On the Wall (Columbia CS 9249 * 1965/USA) (9€) * Billy Christian, I Still Miss Someone, My Darling Hildegard, Memphis, My Reward, The Whippenpoof Song ... (12 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The Big Hits (Columbia CS 9519 * 1967/USA) (6€) * I can't Help It, There Goes My Everything, Walking In The Sunshine, Green Green Grass Of Home ... (11 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Pardners In Rhyme (Mercury-Polygram MERH71 * 1985/Holland) (5€) * Hello Mary Lou, Memory Lane, Autumn Leaves, I'm Sorry You had To Be The One, Her heart Or Mine ... (10 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The Originals (Mercury SRM-1-5016 * 1979/USA) (5€) * How To Be A Country Star, When the Yankees Came Home, Mr. Autry, The Star-Spangled Banner, Here We Are Again ... (11 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Short Stories (Mercury SRM-1-5001 * 1977/USA) (5€) * The Regular Saturday Night Setback Card Game, Grandma, The Star, Give My Love To Rose, Carried Away ... (11 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The Country America Loves (Mercury SRM-1-1125 * 1977/USA) (5€) * The Movies, Hat And Boots, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, A Couple More Years ... (11 tracks).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Country Symphonies In E Major (Mercury * 1972/USA) (4€) (cover a little bit worn-out * record OK/etukansi hiukan kulunut) Monday Morning Secretary, I Want To Carry Your Sweet Memories, Delta Dawn ...
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Thank You World (Mercury * 1974/USA) Cowboy Buckaroo, Margie`s At The Lincoln Park Inn, Streets Of Baltimore, Sweet Charlotte Ann, The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Harold, Lew, Phil & Don (Mercury * 1976/USA) The Statler Brothers Quiz, Amanda, Virginia, A Friend`s Radio, I`ve Been Everywhere, Would You Recognize Jesus (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Entertainers...On And Off The Record (Mercury * 1978/USA) The Official Historian On Shirley Jean Berrell, When You Are Sixty-Five, Before The Magic Turns To Memory (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: 10th Anniversary (Mercury * 1980/USA) The Kid`s Last Fight, How Are Things In Clay Kentucky, Nobody Wants To Be Country, Charlotte`s Web, We Got Paid By Cash (Johnny), Old Cheerleaders Cry (6€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Today (Mercury * 1983/Holland) Some Memories Last Forever, Right On The Money, I Never Want To Kiss You Goodbye, Elizabeth, I`m Dyin` A Little Each Day (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Atlanta Blue (Mercury * 1984/USA) * Holly*Wood, Angel In Her Face, Give It Your Best, One Size Fits All, One Takes The Blame, No Love Lost (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Four For The Show (Mercury * 1986/USA) * More Like Daddy To Me, We Got The Mem`ries, You Oughta Be Here With Me, I Don`t Dream Anymore (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Years Ago (Mercury * 1981/USA) * Chet Atkins` Hand, Today I Went Back, We Ain`t Even Started Yet, Memories Are Made Of This, Dad, Don`t Wait On Me (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The Legend Goes On (Mercury * 1982/USA) * A Child Of The Fifties, That`s When It Comes Home To You, I Don`t Dance No More, How Do You Like Your Dream So Far (5€)
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The World Of (2-set) (Columbia CG 31557/USA/196?) Green Green Grass Of Home, Shenandoah, I Still Miss Someone, Memphis, Billy Christian, The Whiffenpoof Song, You Can`t Have Your Kate And Edith Too... (6€)

Red Steagall:

RED STEAGALL & The Coleman County Cowboys: It's Our Life ~ A Tribute To North American Farmers & Ranchers (Hesston Productions * 1983/USA) (very RARE collector's item) (30€) * Me And Luther Wilson, My America, The Silent Partner, Saw Fiddle Saw, I'm Here To Help, The Apple Of Her Eye, Ol' Helen, A Time To Stay - A Time To Go, Preacher And The Bear ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL & The Coleman County Cowboys: For All Our Cowboy Friends (ABC DO-2078 * 1977/USA) * Dawson Legate, Rodeo Blues, A Pair Of Justin Boots, Bandito Gold, My Adobe Hacienda (6€)
RED STEAGALL: Hang On Feelin' (ABC Records AB-1051 * 1978/USA) (8€) * Bob's Got A Swing Band In Heaven, The Rain Don't Ever Stop In Oklahoma, About Horses And Wars, Sittin' In An All Night Cafe ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Red Steagall (MCA/DOT 39092 * 1986/USA) (10€) * Houston Solution, Saturday Night, In the Dallas Morning News, 'Till There's Not A Cow In Texas, That I'm Leavin' Look In Your Eye ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Texas Red (ABC DOT DOSD 2068 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Miles And Miles Of Texas, San Antonio Champagne, Take Me Back To texas, There's Still A Lot Of Love In San Antonio ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Finer Things In Life (Capitol ST-11321 * 1974/USA) (12€) * Jerry*s Bar An' Grill, Life In Coleman County, Tight Levis And Yellow Ribbons, No Thanks Boys, Throw Away Heart ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Party Dolls And Wine (Capitol ST-11056 * 1972/USA) (12€) * Beer Drinkin' Music, Texas Silver Zephyr, Walk All Over Alabama, In A Jetway In Dallas, Oklahoma Promise ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: If You've Got The Time, I've Got The Song (Capitol ST-11228 * 1972/USA) (15€) * The Fiddle Man, Neon Playboy, Ol' Helen, Bring Back The Waltzes, She's A Lady At Home ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Somewhere My Love (Capitol ST-11162 * 1973/USA) (15€) * I Feel At Home, Careless Hands, Here We Go Again, The Hard Times Will Be The Best Times, More, True Love, Mona Lisa ... (10 tracks).

GARY STEWART: Gary (RCA/1979) * Lost Highway, Shady Streets, One More ... (8€)
GARY STEWART: You`re Not The Woman You Used To Be (RCA/1975) * Caffein Nicotine Benzedrine, The Snuff Queen, Big Bertha The Truck Driving Queen, Sweet-Tater And Cisco ... (8€)
GARY STEWART: Steppin` Out (RCA/1976) * Hank Western, If You`ve Got The Money , Flat Natural Born Good-Timin` Man ... (8€)
GARY STEWART: Cactus And A Rose (RCA/1980) * Okeechobee Purple, Ghost Train, Harlan County Highway, Roarin` ... (8€)

Wynn Stewart:

WYNN STEWART: After The Storm (Playboy PB-416 * 1976/USA) (7€) * I'm Gonna Kill You, It Always Rains On Me, Don't Monkey With My Widder, Lonely Rain ... (10 tracks).
WYNN STEWART: In Love (Capitol ST-113 * 1968/USA) (7€) * There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Louisiana Blues Harp Man, A Tough Row To Hoe, I'll Die Tryin' ... (11 tracks).
WYNN STEWART: Love's Gonna Happen To Me (Capitol ST-2849 * 1967/USA) (7€) * Loversville, Down Came The World, The World's Youngest Naughty Old Man, Sing The Same Song ... (12 tracks).
WYNN STEWART: Yours Forever (Capitol ST-324 * 1969/Canada) (7€) * Games People Play, Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy, Back To The Blue Room, Going Steady ... (10 tracks).
WYNN STEWART: The Songs Of Wynn Stewart (Capitol-1965/Stetson re-issue HAT 3110 * West Germany) (9€) * My Rosalie, Money Talks, Sha-Marie, Does He Love You Like I Do, Happy Crazy ... (12 tracks).

THE STONEMAN FAMILY (The Stonemans): Cuttin` The Grass (CMH-6210 * 1976/USA) (9e) I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew, Heartbreak Mountain, Ruby Don`t take Your Love To Town, The Prisoner`s Song, Gypsy Woman, Watermelon On The Vine...

GEORGE STRAIT: Strait Country (MCA 5248 * 1981/USA) (5€) * Honky Tonk Down Stairs, Blame It On Mexico, Friday Night Fever, She's Playin' Hell (Tryin' To Get Me To Heaven) ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Strait from the Heart (MCA 5320 * 1982/USA) (6€) * Marina Del Rey, I Can't See Texas From Here, Honky Tonk Crazy, Amarillo By Morning, Lover In Disquise ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Right Or Wrong (MCA 5459 * 1983/USA) (6€) * 80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper, Our Paths May Never Cross, Fifteen Years Going Up (And One Night Coming Down) ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (MCA 5518 * 1984/USA) (6€) * The Fireman, Honky Tonk Saturday Night, You're Dancin' This Dance All Wrong, The Cowboy Rides Away ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Something Special (MCA 5605 * 1985/USA) (6€) * Dance Time In Texas, You Sure Got This Ol' Redneck Feelin' Blue, Lefty's Gone, The Chair, In Too Deep ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: #7 (MCA 5750 * 1986/USA) (6€) * Deep water, Rhythm Of The Road, My Old Flame Is Burnin' Another Honky Tonk Down, Cow Town, Stranger Things Have Happened ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Ocean Front Property (MCA 3358 * 1987/England) (6€) * All My Ex's Live In Texas, Somebody's Walkin' Around Upstairs, Hot Burning Flames, I'm All Behind You Now ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Livin' It Up (MCA-6415 * 1990/USA) (6€) * Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy, Drinking Champagne, I've Come To Expect It From You ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Beyond The Blue Moon (MCA-42266 * 1989/USA) (6€) * Hollywood Squares, Ace In The Hole, Overnight Success, Angel Angelina ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' (MCA-42114 * 1988/USA) (6€) * Under These Conditions, Bigger Man Than Me, Back To Bein' Me ... (10 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Merry Christmas Strait To You! (MCA-5800 * 1986/USA) (5€) * When It's Christmas Time In Texas, What A Merry Christmas This Could Be, There's A New Kid In Town ... (10 tracks).

MEL STREET: Many Moods Of Mel (Sunbird Records/Gusto S-1000 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Guitar Man, Walk On By, Don't Let Me Cross Over, Wine Me Up, Slip Away ... (10 tracks).
MEL STREET: Keep Me In Mind (Janus 6-23862 * 1979/Germany) (8€) * Smoky Mountain memories, Mountain Dew, Wine Me Up, I Can't Dance, Let The Four Winds Blow, Forbidden Angel ... (12 tracks).


STRINGBEAN: Stringbean And His Banjo ~ Salute To Uncle Dave Macon (Gusto/Starday SLP-215 * re-1976/USA) (7€) * Tennessee Farmer, Hesitation Blues, I'm The Man Who Rode A Mule Around The World ... (14 tracks).
STRINGBEAN: Hee Haw Corn Shucker (Starday/Nashville NLP-2100 * 1971/USA * reissued in 2008 on Gusto GT7-0878-2) (7€) * Big Ball In Nashville, Hey Old Man Can You Play A Banjo, John Henry, Banjo Pickin' Girl ... (10 tracks).
STRINGBEAN: Me & My Ole Crow Got A Good Thing Goin' (Pickwick/Nugget NRLP-102 * 1972/USA) (7€) * Shake That Little Foot Sally Ann, It's Mighty Dark For Me To Travel, Polly Are You Mad, Twenty Cent Cotton Ninety Cent Meat, Herding Cattle, Fire On The Mountain, Going Up Surwood Mountain, That's What I Like About The South, Long Tall Sally, Nine Pound Hammer ... (11 tracks).

NAT STUCKEY: Nat Stuckey (51 West Records Q-16201 * 1981/USA) (12€) * Margueritaville, Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Good Hearted Woman, Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys ... (10 tracks).
NAT STUCKEY: Independence (MCA-2184 * 1976/USA) (8€) * Honky Tonk Dreams, Linda On My Mind, Lyin' Eyes, Sun Comin' Up, That's All She Ever Said Except Goodbye, Walk On ... (10 tracks).
NAT STUCKEY: All My Tomorrows (Paula Records LPS-2196 * 1967/USA) (14€) * Will's Crossing, Adorable Women, Social Obligations, There's A Lot More Where That Came From ... (12 tracks).
NAT STUCKEY: Nat Stuckey Sings (Paula Records LP-2192 * 1966/Canada) (12€) * Wall Climber, Paralyze My Mind, Sadness Follows Me Home, Round And Round, On The Other Hand ... (12 tracks).
NAT STUCKEY: Forgive Me For Calling You Darling (RCA Victor LSP-4635 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Take Me Home Country Roads, It's Impossible (Somos Novios), Swwet Mercy Brown, Here I Go Again ... (10 trcaks).
NAT STUCKEY: Sings Harper Valley PTA/Plastic Saddle (RCA Victor LSP-4090 * 1968/USA) (9€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Mr. America, She Just Wrote Me From Atlanta, Joe And Mabel's 12th Street Bar And Grill ... (12 tracks).
NAT STUCKEY & CONNIE SMITH: Young Love (RCA LSP-4190 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Rings Of Gold, Even The Bad Times Are Good, Whispering Hope, Something Pretty ... (12 tracks).

JOE SUN: Out Of Your Mind (Ovation OV-1743 * 1979/USA) (6€) * Out Among The Stars, Shotgun Rider, Mysteries Of Life (My First Truckin' Song) ... (10 tracks).
JOE SUN: Livin' On Honky Tonk Time (Ovation OV-1755 * 1980/USA) (6€) * We're All A Bunch Of Outlaws In Our Mind, Bombed Boozed And Busted, Alabama Rose, Honky Tonkin' ... (12 tracks).
JOE SUN: The Best Of (Elektra 60189 * 1982/USA) (5€) * Long Black Veil, Midnight Train Of Memories, The Blue Ribbon Blues, High And Dry, Out Of Your Mind ... (10 tracks).

CARMOL TAYLOR: Song Writer (Elektra 7E-1069 * 1976/USA) (6€) * Shoot Low Sheriff, Good Cheating Songs, Play The Saddest Song On The Jukebox, Back In The USA ... (10 tracks).

CHIP TAYLOR: Last Chance (WB BS-2718 * 1973/USA) (4€) * I Wasn't Born In Tennessee, 101 In Cashbox, Clean Your Own Tables, Son Of A Rotten Gambler ... (11 tracks).
CHIP TAYLOR: This Side Og The Big River (WB BS-2882 * 1975/USA) (4€) * John Tucker's On The Wagon Again, Same Ol' Story, Gettin' Older Lookin' Back, Big River ... (10 tracks).

GORDON TERRY: What A Friend We Have In Jesus And Other Gospel Favorites (Guest Star records G-1480 * USA) (3€) * I Saw The Light, I'll Fly Away, A Little Talk With Jesus ... (10 tracks).

HANK THOMPSON: Hank Thompson (MCA/DOT 39089 * 1986/USA) (12€) * Six Pack To Go (& George Strait), Honky Tonk Good Ole Gals And Hillbilly Bands, Swingin' Side Of Them Swingin' Doors ... (10 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Take Me Back To Tulsa (MCA-3250 * 1980/USA) (12€) * Texans And Okies, The King Of Western Swing, A Little More Country, Star Of The Starlight Saloon, One Hell Of A Weekend ... (10 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Back In The Swing Of Things (ABC DOT DOSD-2060 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Hangover Tavern, Honky Tonk Girl, Big Band Days, Annie Over, Three Little Swigs, Bring Back The Waltzes ... (11 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Cheyenne Frontier Days - America's Greatest Rodeo * Recorded Live In Cheyenne, Wyoming (Capitol T-1775 * 1962/USA) (kansi hiukan kδrsinyt * cover a bit worn-out) (6€) * That’s The Recipe For A Heartache, Darling - What More Can I Do, Hangover Tavern, I’ll Sign My Heart Away, Teach Me How To Lie, Cinncinati Lou, The Cowboy's Prayer (Tex Ritter) ... (13 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Where Is The Circus (WB WS-1664 * 1966/USA) (8€) * The Big One Got Away, Love Walked Out Long Before She Did, Breaking the Rules, I'll Set My teardrops To Music ... (12 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Step One Records SOR-0025 * 1987/USA) ("newly recorded") (8€) * Girl In The Night, Tomorrow Night, I've Convinced Everybody, Rub-A-Dub-Dub ... (12 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (Step One Records SOR-0026 * 1987/USA) ("newly recorded") (8€) * Fooler A Faker, Yesterday's Girl, Anybody's Girl, Tears Are Only Rain, Six Pack To Go ... (12 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Here`s To Country Music (Step One SOR-027 * 1987/USA) We Almost Had Texas Skies Today, Cowgirl Cutie, There`s A Woman Waitin` In Nogales, Here`s To Country Music, Drownin` My Troubles (Till They`ve Learned How To Swim), Love On The Rocks, Walkin` Back To San Antonio, If You`ve Got The Money, You Can`t Teach An Old Heart New Tricks ... (Musicians: Dave Kirby, Buddy Emmons, Rob Hajacos, Mark O`Connor...) (10€)
HANK THOMPSON: At The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas (Stetson re-issue 1961 Capitol/England) Honky Tonk Girl, Steel Guitar Rag, Lost Highway, John Henry, I`ll Step Aside, I Didn`t Mean To Fall In Love (8€)
HANK THOMPSON: The Best Of The Best Of (Gusto GT-0060 * 1980/USA) Smokey The Bar, Wake Up Irene, Yesterday`s Girl, The Older The Violin The Sweeter The Music, Honky Tonk Girl (6€)
HANK THOMPSON: Doin` My Thing (ABC * 1977/USA) Johnny On The Spot, Cheaters Never Win, It`s Five O`Clock Somewhere, Time Wounds All Heels, If Worst Comes To Worst... (10€)
HANK THOMPSON: Simple Simon, Simple Heart (Capitol/Hilltop JS-6065 * USA) (5€) * Teach 'Em How To Swim, The Luckiest Heartache In Town, A Fooler - A Faker ... (9 tracks).

BUDDY THOMSON: Songs From A Bushman (Outback OBR-001 * 198?/Australia) (6€) * Birdsville Track, Boondooma Dam, Bullockies Paradise, The Wild Scotsman ... (12 tracks).

BILLY THUNDERKLOUD & The Chieftones: ... Where Do I Begin To Tell The Story (Superior S-2010 * 1976/USA) (signed copy) (7€) ... Take Me Home Country Roads, Proud Mary, Indian Nation ... (10 tracks).
BILLY THUNDERKLOUD & The Chieftones: What Time Of Day (20th Century T-471 * 1975/USA) (7€) ... Lovesick Blues, Listen To The Wind, I'm Having A Party, The Only Song I'll Sing ... (10 tracks).
BILLY THUNDERKLOUD & The Chieftones: Off The Reservation (20th Century T-452 * 1974/USA) (7€) ... Kick The Can, For A Minute There, She's Got A Lot On My Mind, Endless Sleep ... (10 tracks).

Mel Tillis

MEL TILLIS: The Great Mel Tillis (Gusto re-1979/USA) (9 songs) * Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back, Guide Me Home My Georgia Home, Mr. Dropout (4€)
MEL TILLIS: The Country Store Collection (Country Store re-1988/1972-material/England) (14 songs) * Ruby Don`t Take Your Love To Town, Neon Rose, Commercial Affection, Sawmill (4€)
MEL TILLIS: Heart Healer (MCA * 1977/USA) * Play It Again Sam, Golden Nugget Gambling Casino, Wedding Bells, Someone Else Tends The Garden, The Morning After Baby Let Me Down (4€)
MEL TILLIS: Loves Troubled Waters (MCA * 1977/USA) * I Got The Hoss, Saturday Music, Tonkin` , Working Woman (4€)
MEL TILLIS: I Believe In You (MCA * 1978/USA) * Tennessee, Ain`t No California, America`s Sweetheart, West Bound Trains, Broken Man (4€)
MEL TILLIS: It`s A Long Way To Daytona (Elektra * 1982/USA) * My Woman`s Honky Tonkin` Me To Death, Why Ain`t Life The Way It`s S`posed To Be (4€)
MEL TILLIS: Greatest Hits (Elektra * 1982/Canada) * Southern Rains, Your Body Is An Outlaw, Stay A Little Longer, After The Lovin` (4€)
MEL TILLIS & NANCY SINATRA: Mel & Nancy (Elektra * 1981/Germany) Texas Cowboy Night, Underground River, Cowboy Carry Me Home, Play Me Or Trade Me ...(12€).

FLOYD TILLMAN: I'll Still Be Loving You (Harmony HS-11297 * 1969/USA) (6€) * I Don't Care Anymore, She's Long Gone, Cold Cold Woman, Just As Long As I Have You ... (9 tracks).
FLOYD TILLMAN: I'll Keep On Lovin' You (51 West Q-16010 * 1979/USA) (6€) * Cold War, Daisey Mae, Paper Flowers, They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven ... (10 tracks).
FLOYD TILLMAN: Columbia Historic Edition (Columbia FC 39996 * comp-1985/USA) (6€) * There's Blood On The Moon Tonight, Drivin' Nails In My Coffin, Westphalia Waltz ... (11 tracks).
FLOYD TILLMAN: The Best Of Floyd Tillman (Columbia KC-34334 * comp-1976/USA) (6€) * A Small Little Town, I Finally Saw The Light, I'm Falling For You, It Had To Be That Way ... (10 tracks).
FLOYD TILLMAN: Floyd Tillman's Best (Columbia/Harmony HL-7316 * comp-1964/USA) (6€) * Let's Make Memories Tonight, Each Night At Nine, Call On Me, I've Got The Graziest Feeling ... (10 tracks).

MERLE TRAVIS: Rough, Rowdy And Blue (CMH-6262 * 1986/USA) (8€) * Cocaine Blues, Cairo, Key To The Highway, Whiskey, Stack O'Lee, I'm Gonna Move Way Out To The Outskirts Of Town ... (11 tracks).
MERLE TRAVIS: The Merle Travis Story (2-set) (CMH-9018 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Kentucky Means Paradise, Cincinnati Lou, Dance Of The Goldenrod, Goodbye My Bluebell, I'm A Natural Born Gamblin' Man (24 tracks).

RANDY TRAVIS: Always & Forever (WB 25568-1 * 1987/USA) (6€) * Tonight We're Gonna Tear Down The Walls, Too Gone Too Long, Good Intentions, I Told You So ... (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: Old 8 x 10 (WB 924466-1 * 1988/Germany) (6€) * Honky Tonk Moon, The Blues In Black And White, Deeper Than The Holler, Written In Stone ... (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: No Holdin' Back (WB 925988-1 * 1989/Germany) (6€) * Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart, Mining For Coal, Singing The Blues, Card Carryin' Fool ... (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: High Lonesome (WB 7599-26661-1 * 1991/Germany) (6e) * Better Class Of Losers, Allergic To The Blues, I'd Surrender All, Point Of Light ... (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: Duets * Heroes & Friends (WB 7599-26310-1 * 1990/USA) (12€) * All Night Long (& Merle Haggard), The Human Race (& Vern Gosdin), A Few Old Country Boys (& George Jones), Walk Our Own Road (& Kris Kristofferson) ... (14 tracks>.

VAN TREVOR: Come On Over To Our Side (Band Box Records BBR-1001 * 1966/USA) (10€) * Lonely Riverman, Cincinnati, A Grain Of Salt, White Gardenia, Christmas in The Country ... (12 tracks).

LARRY TRIDER: Country Soul Man (Ranwood * 1974/USA) Barroom Star, Me And Paul, Frisco Depot, Rainy Night In Georgia, Train Leaves Here, Teach Your Children.... (8€)

ERNEST TUBB: Sings Hank Williams (MCA MUPS-340 * England) (8€) * Mind Your Own Business, Window Shoppin', Someday You'll Call My Name, A Mansion On the Hill ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Sings Hank Williams (Decca DL-74957 * USA) (12€) * Mind Your Own Business, Window Shoppin', Someday You'll Call My Name, A Mansion On the Hill ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: The Living Legend (First Generation LP-001 * 1977/USA) (producer: Pete Drake) (8€) * Half My Heart's In texas, A Month Of Sundays, A Good Mind To Love Her Anyway ... (10 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: The Country Hall Of Fame (MCA CDL-8076 * comp-1979/England) (6€) * Thirty Days, The Texas Troubadour, Pass The Booze, Too Old To Cut The Mustard (& red Foley) ... (16 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Blue Christmas (Stetson re-issue HAT 3020: 1964 Decca) (6€) * I`m Trimming My Christmas Tree With Teardrops, Christmas Island, Merry Texas Christmas You All, I`ll Be Walking The Floor This Christmas ... (12 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: I've Got All The Heartaches I Can Handle / The Texas Troubadour (MCA-341 * 1973/USA) (6€) * Texas dance Hall Girl, Miles In Memories, The Lord Knows I'm Drinkin', Missing In Action ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: One Sweet Hello (Decca DL 75301 * 1971/USA) (6€) * Shenandoah Waltz, Don't Back A Man Up In A Corner, Commercial Affection, Help Me Make It Through The Night, Touching Home ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: The Daddy Of 'Em All (Decca DL 8553 * USA) (tapings on cover) (6€) * My Hillbilly Baby, Daisy May, Mississippi Gal, I've Got The Blues For Mammy, You're Breaking My Heart ... (12 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Record Shop (Decca DL 74042 * USA) (8€) * A Guy Named Joe, Mister Blues, Who Will Buy the Wine, White Silver Sands, Why I'm Walkin' ... (12 tracks)
ERNEST TUBB: Stand By Me (Decca/Vocalion VL 3765 * USA) (6€) * When I Get My Vacation In heaven, The Wonderful City, I Met A friend, Farther Along ... (10 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Greatest Hits (Decca/MCA-16 ~ formerly DL7-5006 * USA) (5€) * Another Story, I'll Get Along Somehow, Rainbow At Midnight, It's Been So Long Darling ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (Decca/MCA-24 ~ formerly DL7-5252 * USA) (5€) * Hey La La, Answer The Phone, Fortunes In Memories, Seaman's Blues, Little Ole Band Of Gold ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: The Old Rugged Cross (Golden Country LP 2215) (4€) * When It's Prayer Meeting Time In The Hollow, Beyond The Sunset, What A friend We Have In Jesus ... (11 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Early Radio Broadcasts (Golden Country LP 2211) (4€) * Those Simple Things Are Worth A Million Now, I Lost My Ace Of Heart, Answer To Walking The Floor Over You ... (14 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Anthology Of Country Music * Live Transcripts Vol.1 (ACM-14) (4€) * Ten years, Low And Lonely, Let Me Smile, Frankie And Johnny, Love Grown Cold ... (20 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Anthology Of Country Music * Live Transcripts Vol.2 (ACM-23 * comp-1989) (4€) * I Knew The Moment I Lost You, Just Rollin' On, Through The Days Were Only Seven ... (20 tracks).

ERNEST TUBB & LORETTA LYNN: The Ernest Tubb & Loretta Lynn Story (2-LPs-Set) (MCA 2-4000 * comp-1973/USA) (8€) * The Bartender, That Odd Couple, One To ten, Beautiful Friendships ... (22 tracks).

JUSTIN TUBB: Star Of the Grand Ole Opry (Starday/Official 9004 * re-1988 * Denmark) (12€) * One Eyed Red, Your Side OfThe Story, How The Other Half Lives, Five Minutes Of The Last Blues ...
JUSTIN TUBB: Justin Tubb (DOT MCA-39032 * 1085/USA) (12€) * Thanks Troubadour Thanks, Waltz Across Texas, There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas, Just You And Me Daddy, Blue-Eyed Elaine ...
JUSTIN TUBB: Stars Of the Grand Ole Opry (First generation FGLP-GOOS-01 * 1981/USA) (12€) * Take A Letter Miss Gray, 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad, Lonesome 7-7203, Pull The Covers Over Me, My Ex-Wife Is Gonna Be My Next Wife ...
JUSTIN TUBB: The Modern Country Music Sound Of Justin Tubb (Starday/Ember CW 110 * orig. 1963/England) (tapings on cover)(6€) * I Found My Girl In The USA, Misery Loves Company, They Painted A Picture For Me, Three Days, Mountain Dew, Charlie`s Shoes, Walking The Floor Over You...

Wesley & Marilyn Tuttle.

WESLEY TUTTLE: More Days Of The Yodeling Cowboys (CowBoyGirlRecords LP 5009 * Germany) (7€) * Jim Johnny And Jonas, Mail Order Mama, Yodeling Boogie, Texas Yodel, There's A Star Spangled Rainbow ... (16 tracks).
WESLEY TUTTLE: Tennessee Rose (Provincia PLP-0765 * Canada) (7€) * Hillbilly Heaven, Devil's Heart, Sign Post, Detour, Fill The Cup To Overflowing, I*ve Got A Roud Trip Ticket From Here To Chattanooga ... (20 tracks).
WESLEY TUTTLE: Old Fashioned Hymn Sing (Sacred LPS 4008 * 1959/USA) (6€) * Peace In The Valley, Precious Memories, Lord I'm Coming Home, Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, Open Thy Merciful Arms ... (12 tracks).
WESLEY TUTTLE: The Wesley Tuttle Family Album (Christian Faith Recordings 5095 * 1960's/USA) (guitar - Johnny Bond, bass - Cliffie Stone) (6€) * The Healer, The Little Lost Sheep, A Child Of The King, I Saw A Man, Go On By ... (12 tracks).
WESLEY & MARILYN TUTTLE: His Name Is Wonderful (Christian Faith Recordings 5093 * 1960's/USA) (guitar - Johnny Bond, bass - Cliffie Stone) (6€) * How Long Has It Been, Sunrise, I'll Never Be Lonely, This I Know ... (12 tracks).

CONWAY TWITTY: Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring (MCA - 1978/USA)(5€) * Honky Tonk Song, Mabellene, The Grandest Lady Of Them All, Let It Ring ...
CONWAY TWITTY: Songwriter (MCA-5700 * comp-1986/USA) (6€) * On Our Last Date, After All The Good Is Gone, I'm Not Through Loving You yet, The Games That Daddies Play ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: House On Old Lonesome Road (MCA-42297 * 1989/USA) (8€) * Too White To Sing The Blues, Take Me Home To Mama, Private Part Of My heart, Play Ruby Play ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Conway (MCA - 1978/USA)(5€) * Boogie Grass Band, You Were Named Co-Responded, Julie, One Night Honeymoon, That`s All She Wrote ...
CONWAY TWITTY: Mr.T (MCA - 1981/USA)(5€) * Over Thirty (Not Over The Hill), Red Neckin` Love Makin` Night, Tight Fittin` Jeans, Cheatin` Fire ...
CONWAY TWITTY: This Time I`ve Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me (MCA * 1975/USA)(5€) * Jason`s Farm, She Thinks I Still Care, The Race Is On...
CONWAY TWITTY & LORETTA LYNN: Diamond Duet (MCA-3190 * 1979/USA) (8€) * Hit The Road Jack, You Never Cross My Mind, Rising Above It All, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me ... (10 tracks).

T.TEXAS TYLER: T.Texas Tyler ("Sing" 721 * comp-1988/Denmark) (8€) * In My Little Red Book, Who's To Blame, You turned A Good Man Down, T.Texas Blues ... (12 tracks).
T.TEXAS TYLER: His Great Hits (Hilltop JS-6042/Pickwick/USA) Filipino Baby, Deck Of Cards, Oklahoma Hills, Ten-Ten-Tennessee Line, Golden Wrist Watch... (6€)

DICK UNTEED: Rural Rhythm Presents Dick Unteed & The Pine Mountain Boys (Rural Rhythm RRDU 199 * USA) (8€) * Darktown Poker Club, Indian Napannee, Coupon Song. Brown Eyed Texas Rose, The Engineer's Dream, Beautiful Texas, East Virginia Blues ... (20 tracks).

JOE VAL & The New England Bluegrass Boys: Bound To Ride (Rounder 0109 * 1979/USA) (7€) * Country Blues, Down In Caroline, Just Wondering Why, Some Broken Hearts Never Mend ... (12 tracks).
JOE VAL & The New England Bluegrass Boys: Sparkling Brown Eyes (Rounder 0152 * 1982/USA) (7€) * Ribbon Of darkness, T For Texas, Going Home, Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine, Vision Of Mother ... (12 tracks).
JOE VAL & The New England Bluegrass Boys: Not A Word From Home (Rounder 0082 * 1977/USA) (5€) * Poor Ellen Smith, Long Time Gone, Don't Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey ... (12 tracks).
JOE VAL & The New England Bluegrass Boys: Joe Val & The New England Boys (Rounder 0025 * 1975/USA) (5€) * Freight Train Blues, Sing Me Back Home, A Legend In My Time, Fireball Mail ... (13 tracks).
JOE VAL & The New England Bluegrass Boys: One Morning In May (Rounder 0003 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Ginger Brandy, Dark Hollow, Comin' On Strong, The Little Paper Boy, My Brother's Will ... (13 tracks).

LEROY VAN DYKE: Headin' West (Artists Records AR-1821 * 1987/USA) (24€) * Bowie Knife, 3:10 To Yuma, On The Run, Answer Me My Love, Hanging Tree, That Lucky Old Sun, Moonlight Gambler, Cool Water, High Noon, No Name, Rawhide (11 tracks).
LEROY VAN DYKE: Mama Sang A Song (Mountain Dew S-7019 * re-issue /recorded for Mercury: 1964/USA) (7€) * Daddy's Place, Tomorrow We'll Retire, An Old Log Cabin For Sale, That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine ... (12 tracks).

KENNY VERNON: Nashville Union Station Depot (Chart CHS 2009 * England) Country Music Circus, Lodi, Joseph Lee Cole, Up On Cripple Creek, Polk Salad Annie, Nashville Union Station Depot... (tapings on covers... kannessa siistejδ teippauksia.) (6€)
KENNY VERNON: Country Happening (Chart CHS 1018 * orig. USA copy from early `70s) Freeborn Man, Yes Virginia, Sea Shores Of My Mind, The Ba-Ba Song, Raining On A Sunny Day Without You, Eye To Eye (& LaWanda Lindsey)... (liner notes by Waylon Jennings). (8€)
KENNY VERNON: Loversville (Capitol ST 11227 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Run Baby Run, Nothing But Lonely Between, That'll Be The Day, Lady, Fool ... (10 tracks).
KENNY VERNON & LAWANDA LINDSEY: Eye To Eye (Brylen BN-4549 * 1983/USA) (8€) * Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries, The Crawdad Song, Down In The Boondocks, We Don't Deserve Each Other ...

HOWARD VOKES: Pennsylvania's King Of Country Music * Sings The Songs Of Broken Love Affairs (Folk Variety FV 12012 * 1977/Germany) (8€) * West Of the Yukon, Empty Victory, Tomorrow Is My Last Day, It takes Six Men To Carry A Man To His Grave (But Only One Woman To Put Him There) ... (12 tracks).

Honky Tonk country singer Norman Wade.

NORMAN WADE: Close Every Honky Tonk (Artic Records AR-LP-13 * 1978/USA) (14€) * You Brought The Cheating Out Of Me, This Ole Country Boy Gets Right, Run Johnny Run, Lonely Man Cries ... (10 tracks).

WAGONEERS (feat. Monte Warden): Stout & High (A&M 3952000-1 * 1988/Germany) (4€) * Hell Town, Every Step Of the Way, Please Don't Think I'm Guilty ... (11 tracks).

PORTER WAGONER: The Best Of (RCA Victor LPM-3560 MONO * 1966/USA) (8€) * Dooley, I'll Go Down Swinging, Misery Loves Company, Skid Row Joe ... (12 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: The Best Of (RCA Victor LSA 3006 * ex-LSP-4321 * 1970/England) (6€) * Men With Broken Hearts, You Gotta Have A Licence, Banks Of The Ohio, Pastor's Absent On Vacation ... (11 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Experience (RCA LSP-4810 * 1972/USA) (8€) * Darling Debra Jean, Barlow Chapin, Katy Did, A World Without Music, I've Got Work To Do ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Country (RCA Camden CASX-2478 * Canada) (6€) * Be Proud Of Your Man, Out Of The Silence, Tricks Of The Trade, I Guess I'm Crazy, I Went Out Of My Way ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: An Old Log Cabin For Sale (RCA Camden CAL-861 * Canada) (8€) * Me And Fred And Joe And Bill, Let's Squiggle, The Battle Of Little Big Horn, Dear Lonesome ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Collector's Series (RCA AHL1-7000 * comp-1985/USA) (6€) * Highway Heading South, Ole Slew Foot, Old Love Letters, The Carroll County Accident ... (14 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: A Good Time Was Had By All (ARTS CLPM-30006) (6€) * How Quick, A Beggar for Your Love, Good Mornin' Neighbor, Turn It Over In Your Mind ... (early material) ... (12 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Me And My Boys (RCA Victor LSP-4181 * 1969/USA) (8€) * Tennessee Stud, Big Wind, House Of Shame, Shuckin' Corn, Through This World Of Mine ... (12 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: The Farmer (RCA APL1-0346 * 1973/USA) (8€) * Daddy's Working Boots, Country Bo-Bo, Conversation, The Country Farm, Wake Up Jacob ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Viva Porter Wagoner (Viva WB W1-23783 * 1983/USA) (6€) * Heaven Hell Or Macon, The Cowboy's Hat, Bottom Of The Fifth, His And Hers ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Howdy Neighbor, Howby (RCA Camden CAS-2409 * 1970/USA) (6€) * Cotton Fields, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Country Music Has Gone To Town ... (9 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Country Feeling (RCA CAS-2321 * 1969/Canada) Country Music Has Gone To Town, Little Cabin Home In The Hills, Just Before Dawn, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Legend Of The Big Steeple, Doll Face (6€)
PORTER WAGONER: Country Feeling (RCA CAS-2321 * 1969/USA) Country Music Has Gone To Town, Little Cabin Home In The Hills, Just Before Dawn, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Legend Of The Big Steeple, Doll Face (6€)
PORTER WAGONER: Green Green Grass Of Home (RCA CAS-2191 Camden * orig. 1968 USA copy) * Ole Slew-Foot, Eat Drink And Be Merry, False True Lover, I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees (6€)
PORTER WAGONER: Green Green Grass Of Home (RCA CAS 2191 Camden/Germany) * Ole Slew-Foot, Eat Drink And Be Merry, False True Lover, I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees (6€)
PORTER WAGONER: Green Green Grass Of Home (RCA CAS 2191 Camden/Canada) * Ole Slew-Foot, Eat Drink And Be Merry, False True Lover, I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees (6€)
PORTER WAGONER: Down Home Country (Accord SN-7179 * 1982/USA) (6€) * Devil's Alley, Baby Linda, Angel Band, Crumbs From Another Man's Table ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Today (RCA AHL1-3210 * 1979/USA) (6€) * Tennessee Saturday Night, I`m Gonna Act Right, High Country, I Couldn`t Care Less ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Today (RCA PL 13210 * 1979/England) (6€) * Tennessee Saturday Night, I`m Gonna Act Right, High Country, I Couldn`t Care Less ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER & DOLLY PARTON: Love And Music (RCA APL1-0248 * 1973/USA) (6€) * Laugh The Years Away, Wasting Love, There'll Always Be Music ...(10 tracks).

JIMMY WAKELY: Sings A Tribute To Bob Wills (MCR * 1973/USA) (12 tracks) Faded Love, San Antonio Rose, Dusty Skies, Stay A Little Longer (8€)
JIMMY WAKELY: Big Country Songs (Shasta/Vocalion * comp-1973/USA) (10 tracks) Springtime In Alaska, Your Cheatin' Heart, Tennessee Waltz, Cry Fool Cry, Tomorrow ... (8€)
JIMMY WAKELY: Santa Fe Trail (Decca 1957/Stetson re-issue HAT 3012 * England) (10€) * Call Of The Canyon, Sierra Nevada, Red River Valley, It's Lonely On The Trail Tonight ... (12 tracks).
JIMMY WAKELY: Revisits Country Western Swing With The Big Band Sound (MCR-1254 * 1974/USA) (8€) * Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Columbus Stockade Blues, Wedding Bells ... (10 tracks).
JIMMY WAKELY with LINDALEE: the Gentle Touch (Shasta SHLP-521 * 1975/USA) (6€) * Mood Indigo, Hey Good Looking, Have You Ever Seen A Big Man Cry, To Each His Own ... (11 tracks).
JIMMY WAKELY with LINDALEE & JOHNNY WAKELY: The Wakely Way With Country Hits (Shasta LP-514 * 1974/USA) (6€) * Take Me Home Country Roads, Delta Dawn, Behind Closed Doors, The Wayward Wind ... (12 tracks).
JIMMY WAKELY with LINDALEE & JOHNNY WAKELY: The Jimmy Wakely Family Show (Shasta LP-512 * 1974/USA) (signed copy) (8€) * Cimarron, Snowbird, Cool Water, Green Green Grass Of Home, Blue Moon Of Kentucky ... (12 tracks).

CLIFF WALDRON: One More Mile - Town - Time (Rebel * 1972/USA) Billy Overcame His Size (written by Merle Haggard), Mama Always Had A Song To Sing, Ribbon Of Darkness, Brand New Wagon, I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor... (6€)

BILLY WALKER: Wild Texas Rose (Tall Texas Records/Hawk Records HAW-131 * 1988/England) (14€) * The Cowboy, That Old El Paso Story Again, El Diablo, Mexicali Moon, Carlena & Jose Gomez, Goodbye Roseanna, The Lonely Rider, Sweet Spanish Memories, Buenos Noches Nacogdoches ... (10 tracks).
BILLY WALKER: Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (First Generation FGLP-GOOS-02 * 1981/USA) (12€) * Till I Drink Milwaukee Dry, Honky Tonkitis, If You're Saving Part Of You For Someone Else ... (10 tracks).
BILLY WALKER: The Best Of The Best Of (Gusto * 1978/USA) * El Paso, Matamoros, Smoky Places, Mother Queen Of My heart, Anything Your Heart, Age Of Worry (6€)
BILLY WALKER: I`m Gonna Keep On Lovin` You / She Goes Walking Through My Mind (MGM * 1971/USA) * It`s A Long Way Down From Riches To Rags, Fifteen Years Ago, It`s Your Fault I`m Cheating (6€)
BILLY WALKER: The Billy Walker Show (MGM * 1972/USA) * The Honky Tonks Are Callin` Me Again, I`m On My Way To Good Ol` San Antone, Bad Dream, Gone (Our Endless Love) (6€)
BILLY WALKER: There May Be No Tomorrow (Harmony H-31177 * USA * formerly released as "The Walker Way") * Walker`s Woods, Bear With Me A Little Longer, One Inch Off The Ground (6€)
BILLY WALKER: When A Man Loves A Woman (MGM * 1970/Germany) * The Taker, You Lucky Dog, Is Anybody Goin` To San Antone, Hello Darlin` , You Gave Me A Mountain (6€)
BILLY WALKER: Alone Again (RCA * 1976/USA) Sierra Nevada, When The Song Is Gone The Music Dies, Lilly, The First Step, Fallin` As Fast As I Can (6€)
BILLY WALKER: Lovin` Things (Caprice * 1979/USA) * Behind Closed Doors, Rainbow & Roses, Lawyers, I`m Gonna Leave You Tomorrow (6€)
BILLY WALKER: Soap And Water (Tall Texan * 1981/USA) In Gethsemane, I`ll Give The Whole World Up For You, Someone Loves You, Only One Prayer Away (6€)
BILLY WALKER & BARBARA FAIRCHILD: It Takes Two (PAID * 1980/USA) * Deep Purple, Broken Trust, The Answer Game, Somewhere Between Leaving And Gone, Bye Bye Love... (6€)

Charlie Walker:

CHARLIE WALKER:: Charlie Walker (MCA/DOT 39078 * 1986/USA) (newly recorded - producer: Bob Barnhill - musicians: Hal Rugg, Hoot Hester...) : That Ol' Texas Two Step, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, Right Or Wrong, I'm Gonna Get Together With Your Memory Tonight (12€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Texas Gold (Plantation PLP-543 * 1979/USA) (12€) * Don't Sing A Song About Texas, San Antonio Rose, Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain, Faded Love ... (12 tracks).
CHARLIE WALKER: Country Style (Decca/Vocalion VL 3814 * recorded 1954-56/USA) Hurry Back Home, The Chocolate Song, Stand Still, Stepping Stones ... (6€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Country Style (Decca/Vocalion VL-73814 * orig. 1959 USA copy/material: CW:s debut sessions for Decca in 1954) (covers and record a little bit worn-out - scratching * kannet ja levy kuluneet - rapsahtelee) * Cheaters Never Win, Stepping Stones, Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy, The Chocolate Song (4€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Recorded Live In Dallas, Texas (EPIC BN-26483 * 1969/orig. USA copy BN-26483) Honky Tonk Season, El Rancho Grande, You`re From Texas, San Antonio Rose, Moffett Oklahoma, Jambaylaya, Almost Persuaded (8€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Greatest Hits! (Corral * 1977/USA) Close All Honky Tonks, Truck Drivin` Man, Good Deal Lucille, Odds And Ends, Who Will Buy The Wine (8€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Charlie Walker's Golden Hits (Columbia Harmony HL7415 * recorded 1958-60/USA) Right Back At Your Door, Bow Down Your Head And Cry, I Go Anywhere, Who Will Buy The Wine (8€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Born To Lose (EPIC * 1965/USA 'demo'-leimattu, stamped as 'demo'-copy) Walking The Floor Over You, Foggy River, Bubbles In My Beer, Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox, Drivin' Nails In My Coffin', I'' Go Down Swinging (8€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Greatest Hits (EPIC BN-26343 * orig. USA copy) (covers in bad condition - record OK * kannet heikossa kunnossa - levy "normaali") * Truck Drivin` Man, Out Of A Honky Tonk, Close All The Honky Tonks, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, I Wouldn`t Take Her To A Dogfight (6€)
CHARLIE WALKER: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Plantation * 1980/USA) (8 songs: "newly recorded in Nashville"): Honky Tonkin` Nights, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Out Of A Honky Tonk (6€)

JERRY JEFF WALKER: Cow Jazz (MCA/South Coast * 1982/USA) Dealing With The Devil, Old `59, Green Back Dollar, Tangee, Don`t Think Twice It`s Alright, Laying My Life On The Line ... (10€)
JERRY JEFF WALKER: Jerry Jeff (Elektra * 1978/USA) Eastern Avenue River Railway Blues, Bad News, Lone Wolf, Boogie Mama, Banks Of The Old Bandera, Comfort And Crazy, Her Good Lovin` Grace ... (10€)
JERRY JEFF WALKER: Ridin` High (MCA-920 re-issue/1976/USA) Goodbye Easy Street, Pissin` In The Wind, Night Rider`s Lament, Jaded Lover, Pot Can`t Call The Kettle Back, Public Domain (10€)
JERRY JEFF WALKER: Mr. Bojangles (ATCO/Atlantic * 1968/Canada) The Ballad Of The Hulk, My Old Man, Round And Round, Gypsy Songman, Mr.Bojangles, Broken Toys, I Keep Changin` (12€)

JERRY WALLACE: I Miss You Already (BMA 77-1001 * USA) (4€) * I Bought The House, Out Wickenburg Way, My Last sad Song, Now That Sandy's Gone ... (10 trcaks).
JERRY WALLACE: Comin' Home To You (MGM M3G-4995 * 1974/USA) (4€) * Wanted Man, In Paradise, Pretend, Release Me, Mona Lisa ... (10 tracks).

STEVE WARINER: Life's Highway (MCA 5672 * 1985/USA) (4€) * Back Up grinnin' Again, She's Crazy For Leaving. Natural History, The Heartland ... (11 tracks).

GENE WATSON: Old Loves Never Die (MCA - 1981/USA) * Fourteen Carat Mind, Roads And Other Reasons, `Til Melinda Comes Around (6€)
GENE WATSON: This Dream`s On Me (MCA - 1982/Canada) * The Last Thing I Planned To Do Today Was Cheat, Full Time Fool (6€)
GENE WATSON: Sometimes I Get Lucky (MCA - 1983/Canada) * You`re Just Another Beer Drinkin` Song, You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life (6€)
GENE WATSON: Little By Little (MCA - 1984/Canada) * The Ballad Of Richard Lindsey. The Chesapeake Bay, Growing Apart (6€)
GENE WATSON: Heartaches , Love & Stuff (MCA/Curb - 1984/USA) * Independence Day, Texas Saturday Night, Wino`s Prayer, Got No Reason Now For Going Home... (6€)

Gene Watson:
Starting New Memories

(EPIC E-40306 * 1986/USA).

Rollin' Home, Bottle Of Tears,
Atlanta Anymore, I Saved Your Place,
Sittin' On A Gold Mine ... (10 tracks)


Gene Watson:
Back In The Fire

(WB 1-25832 * 1989/USA).

The Jukebox Played Along, When A Fool Learns,
Ain't No Fun To Be Alone In San Antone,
Don't Waste It On the Blues ... (10 tracks)


Gene Watson:
Texas Saturday Night

(Curb/MCA-5670 * 1985/USA).

Drinkin' My Way Back Home, One Hell Of A Heartache,
You Sure Make Cheatin' Seem Easy,
I'm Tellin' Me A Lie ... (10 tracks)


Gene Watson:
Memories To Burn

(EPIC FE 40076 * 1985/USA).

Cold Summer Day In Georgia, Carmen,
The New York Times, Speak Of The Devil,
Get Along Little Doggie ... (10 tracks)


BOBBY WAYNE: Outlaw (Piccadilly PIC-3315 * 1980/USA) (7€) * Ballad Of The Appaloosa, The Blizzard, Red-Headed Stranger, Tennessee Stud, Mustang, Albino, Commanche, Shoaboat, Black Lightning ... (12 tracks).

FREDDY WELLER: The Roadmaster (Columbia KC-31769 * 1972/USA) (7€) * Ballad Of A Hillbilly Singer, Bars Have Made A Prisoner Out Of Me, An Oldie But A Goodie ... (11 tracks).
FREDDY WELLER: Another Night Of Love (formerly titled: "The Promised Land") (Columbia C-30638 * 1971/USA) (7€) * The Seashores Of Old Mexico, Stagger Lee, Indian Lake, J. Tyler Rosenthal, Train Train ... (11 tracks).
FREDDY WELLER: Sexy Lady (Columbia KC-32958 * 1973/USA) (7€) * Scarlet Water, Always Something Special, You're Not Gettin' Older, Hot Fire Burning At Home ... (11 tracks).
FREDDY WELLER: Listen To The Young Folks (Columbia CS-1036 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Okie From The Muskogee, Amarillo Texas, Up On Cripple Creek, Sunday Morning Coming Down ... (11 tracks).

GORDIE WEST (Canadian cowboy singer): My Calgary Home (Replay Records REPLP-001 * 1982/England) (8€) * Remember The Rodeo, Calgary Snow, Rodeo East, Cowboy Blues, Ghost Riders, Singing Fever ... (10 tracks).
GORDIE WEST: Love And Dreams (Westwood WRS 152 * 1980/England) (8€) * Red Bandana, Pretty Country Woman, Angelean, My Elusive Dreams, Crazy Arms, When I Dream ... (12 tracks).

BILLY WESTERN: Comes To Nashville And Makes Some Records with Little Roy Wiggins (Empire Sound NR-16675 * USA) (7€) * Waltz Across Texas, Waiting For A Train, Mother - Queen Of My Heart ... (12 tracks).

BILLY EDD WHEELER: Love (RCA * 1971/USA) (6€) * Jimmie-John, Woman`s Talkin` Liberation Blues, I Can`t Leave Kentucky (With Virginia By My Side), Day After Tomorrow ...
BILLY EDD WHEELER: I Ain`t The Worryin` Kind (Kapp stereo KS-3567/orig. 1968 USA copy) (8€) * Gladys (The Anatomy Of A Shotgun Wedding), The Other Side Of The Coin, Let The Big Cat Jump, Ducks On The Water, Maggie, I Ain`t Buyin`, Ain`t That Livin`... .
BILLY EDD WHEELER: Wild Mountain Flowers (Flying Fish FF-085 * 1979/USA) (9€) * Gypsies Drink Whiskey, The Coming Of The Roads, The Reverend Mr. Black, All American Boy, Whistling In The Rain ... (10 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: The Wheeler Man ~ Billy Edd (Kapp KS-3443 * 1965/USA) (8€) * Hillbilly Bossa Nova, Tie A Rope Around A Tree, Ode To Granny, The Waltz Of Miss Sarah Green, Politician's Dog ... (12 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: Goin' Town And Country (Kapp KS-3479 * 1966/USA) (8€) * The Doves Of San Morey, Coming Of The Roads, Jake McCall, Sounds Of Silence, Overdose Of The Blues ... (12 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: Memories Of America ~ Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back (Kapp KS-2425 * 1964/USA) (8€) * Blistered, Sister Sara, Jackson, Coal Tattoo, After Taxes, Winter Sky, The Bachelor ... (12 tracks).

ROLAND WHITE: I Wasn't Born To Rock'n Roll (Ridge Runner RRR-0005 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Kansas City Railroad Blues, Texas Gales, Prisoner's Song, Can't You Hear Me Calling ... (12 tracks).

KEITH WHITLEY: Don't Close Your Eyes (RCA 6494-1-R * 1988/USA) (8€) * The Birmingham Turnaround, Honky Tonk Heart, I Never Go Around Mirrors, Some Old Side Road, When You Say Nothing At All ... (9 tracks).
KEITH WHITLEY: L.A. To Miami (RCA AEL1-5870 * 1985/USA) (8€) * Homecoming '63, That Stuff, Quittin' Time, Ten Feet Away, On The Other Hand, I Got The Heart For You ... (10 tracks).
KEITH WHITLEY: A Hard Act To Follow (RCA MHL-1-8525 * 1984/USA) (6€) ("Specially Priced Mini LP - normal LP size") * Turn Me To Love, If You Think I'm Crazy Now, A Broken Heart Could Kill ... (6 tracks).
KEITH WHITLEY & RICKY SCAGGS: Second Generation Bluegrass (Rebel REB-1504 * 1971/USA) (8€) * Poor Monroe, Son Of Hobert, Daybreak In Dixie, Dream Of A Miner's Child, Sea Of regret ... (12 tracks).

SLIM WHITMAN: I`ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Pickwick * 1968/England) Blueberry Hill, Hi Lili - Hi Lo, Backward Turn Backward, Peggy O`Neill, I Talk To The Waves, When I Grow Too Old To Dream (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: Happy Anniversary (Pickwick/UA * 1978/USA-Canada) The Most Beautiful Girl, Room Full Of Roses, Hello Love, She Thinks I Still Care, Making Believe, It`s All In The Game... (producer: Kelso Herston). (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: Golden Songbook (UA * 1975/Holland) (material 1952-56, original form - not reprocessed for stereo) Haunted Hungry Heart, Secret Love, Danny Boy, By The Waters Of The Minnetonka, A Petal From A Faded Rose, I`m A Fool (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: All My Best (UA/Suffolk "special project" * 1979/USA) (20 songs) Vaya Con Dios, Roses Are Red, Una Paloma Blanca, Sail Along Silvery Moon, Red River Valley, I Love You Because, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: Home On The Range (United Artists * recorded in Nashville on April 1977/England) Rockin` Alone In An Old Rockin` Chair, I`m So Lonesome, When You And I Were Young Maggie (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: The Very Best Of (United Artists * 1975/USA) (12 songs) North Wind, Cattle Call, Indian Love Call, Guess Who, More Than Yesterday, The Twelfth Of Never, Rainbows Are Back In Style (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: The Very Best Of * 20 Superb Tracks (UA * 1975/Holland) (20 songs) Cool Water, The Old Spinning Wheel, Love Song Of The Waterfall, Ramblin` Rose, Serenade, It`s A Sin To Tell A Lie (6€)
SLIM WHITMAN: In Love The Whitman Way (Liberty * 1968/England) Little Green Valley, Rainbows Are Back In Style, South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way), Jerry, Yesterday`s Roses (6€)

RUSTY WIER: Black Hat Saloon (Columbia * 1976/USA) The Coast Of Colorado, The Devil Lives In Dallas, High Road - Low Road, Me And Daisy On The Run (8€)
RUSTY WIER: Kum-Bak Bar & Grill (Black Hat Records, Austin, Texas * 1987/USA) Daytime Drinkin`, Cheryl Doreen, Alibi Lies, All My Give A Damn Is Gone, Lone Star Lady... (8€)

The Wilburn Brothers (Teddy & Doyle):

WILBURN BROTHERS: Country Gold (Decca/Stetson HAT 3007 * 1964/re-issue * England) (9€) * I Guess I'm Crazy, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Crazy Arms, World Of Forgotten People, I Don't Care ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: City Limits (Decca/Stetson HAT 3061 * 1962/re-issue * England) (9€) * The Wild Side Of Life, Burning Bridges, Just Call Me Lonesome, Take Good Care Of Her, Young But True Love ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: The Wilburn Brothers Show with Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb and Others (Decca/Stetson HAT 3017 * 1966/re-issue * England) (9€) * Making Plans, Hunt The Coon Tonight, The Knoxville Girl ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: Little Johnny From Down The Street (Decca DL 75173 * 1969/USA) (9€) * Lilacs In Winter, Try A Little Kindness, I'm A Long Gone, The Signs Are Everywhere, Vision At The Peace Table ... (11 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: It's Another World (Decca DL-74954 * 1968/USA) (9€) * Pickin' Up The Mail, Roarin' Again, My Heart's Gonna Rise Again. If I Had Yesterday Over Again, Drifting Apart, Wastin' My Time ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: A Portrait (2 LP-Set) (MCA 2-4011 * 1973/USA) (9€) * The City's Going Country, The Legend Of The Big River Train, Roll Muddy River, Simon Crutchfield's Grave, Up This Hill And Down ... (22 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: It Looks Like The Sun's Gonna Shine (Decca DL-75123 * 1969/USA) (9€) * Nellie Bly, Less Of Me, My Favourite Memory, She's Lookin' Better By The Minute, That Door ... (11 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: That Country Feeling (MCA/Coral CB-20058 * 1969/USA) (9€) * Time Changes Everything, Much Too Often, Cry Cry Darling, I'll Sail My Ship Alone, You Win Again ... (10 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: Carefree Moments (Cecca/Vocalion VL-73691 * 1962/USA) (9€) * A Town That Never Sleeps, Let Me Be The First To Know, I Wanna Wanna Wanna, Nothing At All ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: The Wonderful Wilburn Brothers (King 746 * re-1961/USA) (8€) * Bugle Call From Heaven, Goose Pimples, Anticipation Blues, The Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Down In Dixie ... (12 tracks).
WILBURN BROTHERS: Cool Country (Decca DL-4871 * 1967/USA) (9€) * Blues Plus Booze Mean I Lose, Goody Goody Gumdrop, Up This Hill And Down, All Of A Sudden, It takes A Lot Of Money ... (12 tracks).

Buddy Williams (Australia):

BUDDY WILLIAMS: 35 Wonderful Years (RCA Victor SP-149-G * coll-1974/Australia) (8€) * Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo, The Train Driver's Song, The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me ... (16 tracks).
BUDDY WILLIAMS: How's Your Memory (RCA VPL-1-0623 * 1986/Australia) (8€) * The Engineers Don't Wave From The Trains, Flynn Of The Inland, Dave Sands, The Kelly Gang, Pioneering Days, EWay Up North ... (12 tracks).
BUDDY WILLIAMS: Original Recordings * Bushland Of My Dreams (EMI EMB-10441 * comp-1979/Australia) (8€) * Dear Old Dorrigo, Happy Jackaroo, Down By The Old Beaten Trail, Riding Home At Sundown ... (14 tracks).

Doc Williams:

DOC WILLIAMS: The Doc Williams Collection Vol.1 (Cattle Records LP 2 * 1951-57/Germany) (8€) * I'm Watching The Train Passing By, Wheeling Back To Wheeling (W.Va), Prisoner At The Bar, Joe's In the Dough ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: The New Favourites * Old & New (Wheeling Records WLP-7171 * USA) (8€) * Raymond Old Buddy, Oh Hannah Hannah, Hang Up the Phone, Mary Of The Moor, Way Down East, My Old Brown Coat And Me ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: Doc Williams Sings Country & Western (Quality V-1542 * Canada) (teippauksia kannessa, ikδ nδkyy * taped covers) (4€) * The Heaven Express, Red Wing, I'm Seeking A Harbour, The Man In The Moon, Silver Bell ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: Doc Williams Sings Country & Western * Collectors Series #2 (Wheeling V-1542 * USA) (6€) * The Heaven Express, Red Wing, I'm Seeking A Harbour, The Man In The Moon, Roses Are Blooming, Silver Bell ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: Collector Series Vol.1 (Old Homestead OHCS-328 * comp-1988/USA) (7€) * Hannah, Mary Of The Wild Moor, Weary Tired & Blue, The Heaven Express, Two Little Orphans, The Man In The Moon ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: Collector Series Vol.2 (Old Homestead OHCS-329 * comp-1991/USA) (7€) * Fiidler Joe, The Black Sheep, The End Of the Trail, Snow Deer, Firefly Waltz, Don't Want To Work ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: The Best Of (Wheeling GW-102 * comp-1976/England) (7€) * I'm Watching The Train Passing By, Girl From Champlain, Wheeling Back To Wheeling, Redwing, Daddy's Little Angel ... (12 tracks).
DOC WILLIAMS: 25th Anniversary Album (Birchmount * 1959/Canada) (7€) * The Last Mile Of The Way, Abdul Abulbul Ameer, A Petal Of Faded Rose, Mr. Sun, Nell Of Narragansett Bay, Peg Leg Jack ... (12 tracks).

DON WILLIAMS: Especially For You (MCA * 1981/USA) Fairweather Friends, Smooth Talking Baby, Years From Now, Miracles (6€)
DON WILLIAMS: Cafe Carolina (MCA 250819-1 * 1984/Germany) (6€) * Maggie's Dream, The Only Game In Town, True Blue Hearts, I'll Be Faithful To You ... (10 tracks).
DON WILLIAMS: Listen To The Radio (MCA * 1982/USA) If Hollywood Don`t Need You, Fool Fool Heart, Standing In A Sea Of Teardrops (6€)
DON WILLIAMS: Yellow Moon (MCA * 1983/USA) Love Is On A Roll, Pleasure Makes Diamonds, Nobody But You, The Story Of My Life (6€)
DON WILLIAMS: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (ABC/MCA 1972-75) I Recall A Gypsy Woman, Down The Road I Go, Ghost Story, She`s In Love With A Rodeo Man (6€)

GARY WILLIAMS (USA): Murders, Mysteries & Manhunts (Folk Variety FV 12018 * 1978/Germany) (10€) * John Dillinger, Jack The Ripper, Manhunt For Harry Tracy, Tragedy Trail Of Michael Odds, The Legend Of Earl Durand, Public Enemy Number One, The Lone Bandit, Lizzie Borden ... (11 tracks).
GARY WILLIAMS: Traveler Of The World (Folk Variety FV 12026 * 1981/Germany) (8€) * When Mount St. Helens Blew, A Little Dutch Girl, The Human Rat Race, That Kind Of Man, Heartbreak Special ... (12 tracks).
GARY WILLIAMS: The Classic Gary Williams ~ A Tribute To Jimmie Rodgers Vol.1 (Folk Variety FV 12013 * 1977/Germany) (8€) * Hobo Bill's Last Ride, Jimmie's Texas Blues, The Death Of Jimmie Rodgers ... (12 tracks).
GARY WILLIAMS: My Reflection (Folk Variety FV 12004 * 1977/Germany) (8€) * Manhunt, Walla Walla State Prison, My Restless Rollin' Mind, Passing Of the Night ... (12 tracks).
GARY WILLIAMS: Gary Williams - The Travellin' Blues Boy Vol.1 (Folk Variety FV 12009 * 1976/Germany) (8€) * In This Prison Cell, Death Row, Skidrow Street, Branded An Outlaw, Into A Dark Room ... (16 tracks).

GARY WILLIAMS: Gary Williams - Wanderin' Star Vol.2 (Folk Variety FV 12011 * 1976/Germany) (8€) * The Good Old USA, Devil's Island, Big City Blues, Fields Of Rolling Green, Crime Of The Century ... (12 tracks).

Hank Williams Jr:

HANK WILLIAMS JR: Montana Cafe (WB/Curb 25412-1 * 1986/USA) (8€) * My Name Is Bocephus, Country State Of Mind, My Girl Don't Like My Cowboy Hat, Mind Your Own Business ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Major Moves (WB/Curb 1-25088 * 1984/USA) (8€) * Video Blues, The Blues Medely, Mr. Lincoln, Country Relawing, Knoxville Courthouse Blues, Wild And Blue ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Man Of Steel (WB/Curb 1-23924 * 1984/USA) (8€) * Now I Know How George feels, Orange Blossom Special, Midnight Rider, Lovesick Blues (& Leon Redbone) ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Fourteen Greatest Hits (MGM MG-1-5020 * comp-1976/USA) (7€) * Hank, Eleven Roses, Cajun Baby, A Rainy Night In Georgia, Pride's Not Hard To Swallow ... (14 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Wild Streak (WB/Curb 1-25725 * 1988/USA) (8€) * If The South Woulda Won, You're Gonna Be A Sorry Man, Love M.D., Social Call, Tuesday's Gone, I'm Just A Man ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: The New South (WB/Curb BS 3127 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Montgomery In The Rain, Long Way To Hollywood, Tennessee, Storms Never Last, Uncle Pen ... (11 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Five-O (WB/Curb 25267-1 * 1985/USA) (7€) * Outlaw's Reward, This Ain't Dallas, The Nashville Scene, I Really Like Girls, New Orleans ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Five-O (WB/Curb 25267-1 * 1985/Germany) (7€) * Outlaw's Reward, This Ain't Dallas, The Nashville Scene, I Really Like Girls, New Orleans ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: All For The Love Of Sunshine (With The Mike Curb Congregation) (MGM SE-4750 * 1970/USA) (8€) * Wolverton Mountain, Big Midnight Special, Your Cheating Heart ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS JR: The Early Years 2-set (WB/Curb 1-25514/comp-1986/USA) Montgomery In The Rain, Mobile Boogie, Long Way To Hollywood, Storms Never Last, Tennessee... (12€)
HANK WILLIAMS JR: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (MGM/Moonshine 2353 070 * comp-1972/England) (7€) * Removing The Shadow (& Lois Johnson), Ain't That A Shame, A-eee, I've Learned To Take The Hurtin' ... (10 tracks).

LAWTON WILLIAMS: Lightning Jones (RCA 1957-69 * Bear Family BFX-15178 re-issue 1985/Germany) (12€) * Casino On The Hill, Squawlein, Everything's OK On The Lyndon B. Johnson (Part #1 & #2), Carpetbaggers, Stay On the Ball ... (16 tracks).

TEX WILLIAMS: In Las Vegas * Recorded Live At The Mint Club (Liberty LRP-3304 * 1963/USA) (12€) * Dusty Skies, Ten Years, Downtown Poker Club, Little Dollie, Cowboy's Payer, Wild Card ... (13 tracks).
TEX WILLIAMS: Tex Williams (Liberty/Sunset SUS-5144 * comp-1966/USA) (8e) * Time Changes Everything, Nine Pound Hammer, My Window Faces The South ... (same material as "Live In Las Vegas"-63 with 3 songs omitted) (10 tracks).
TEX WILLIAMS: Presenting Tex Williams * I Got Texas In My Soul, vol.2 (Tumblewed TLP-6403/Germany) (6€) (Vaatimattomat kannet/modest covers) * Han 'N Eggs, Cowpuncher's Waltz, Talking Boogie, Just A Pair Of Blue Eyes, Happy Feet, You Two Time Me, I'll Two Time You, Crocodile Tears, I Lost My Gal From Memphis, Flo From St. Joe Mo, Rose Of The Alamo, With Men Who Know Tobacco Best (It's Women 2 :1) ... (20 tracks).
TEX WILLIAMS: Those Lazy, Hazy Days (Granite 6.23337 * orig. 1974/Telefunken re-1978/Germany) (8€) * I'm Haggard Too, Nowhere West Virginia, Bum Bum Bum, Mother Was A Sideman, Dust On the Snow, Hey Warden, The Place Marked M-E-N, Fire And Blisters ... (8€)
TEX WILLIAMS: Smoke Smoke Smoke (Capitol orig. 1960/Stetson re-issue) (10€) * One Eyed Sam, The Ballad Of Thunder Road, Shot Gun Boogie, That's What We Like About The West, Reno, He'll Have To Go ... (12 tracks).

The VERN WILLIAMS Band: Bluegrass From The Gold Country (Rounder 0131 * 1981/USA) (8€) * Cowboy Jack, Old Home Town, Cabin On A Mountain, When Springtime Comes Again ... (12 tracks).

THE VIC WILLIS TRIO (from The Willis Brothers): Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (First Generation FGLP-GOOS-06 * 1981/USA) (16€) * American Trilogy, Shenandoah, Colorado, Last Cheater's Waltz, The Homecoming ... (10 tracks).

DAVID WILLS: Barrooms To Bedrooms (EPIC KE33353 * 1975/USA) There`s A Song On The Jukebox, The Barmaid, I Can`t Even Drink It Away, Sittin' And Thinkin', My Mountain Dew, You`re A Better Man Than Me, God Made Woman - Devil Made Man, Make Me Hate You, I`ll Be More Than Happy (To Set You Free)... (produced by Charlie Rich & Sy Rosenberg) (a very rare "diamond LP" for every honky tonk country music collector...) (14€)

NORRO WILSON: Dedicated To Only You (Mercury SRS-67116 * 1969/USA) (5€) * Mama McCluskie, To The Aisle, You're My World, Little Green Apples ... (11 tracks).

MAC WISEMAN: Sings Gordon Lightfoot (CMH 6217 * 1977/USA) (8€) * Ribbon Of Darkness, Early Morning Rain, Steel Rail Blues, Did She Mention My Name, Cotton Jenny, Rainy Day People ... (11 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: Songs That Made The Juke Box Play (2 LP-Set) (CMH 9021 * 1980/USA) (10€) * Bubbles In My Beer, Drivin' Nails In My Coffin, Oklahoma Hills, Waltz Across Texas, Home In San Antone ... (22 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: The Mac Wiseman Story (2 LP-Set) (CMH 9001 * 1976/USA) (10€) * Six More Miles, The Ballad Of The Lawson Family, Jimmie Brown The Newsboy, Little Box Of Pine, Dark Hollow ... (20 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: Mac Wiseman (MCA DOT 39086 * 1986/USA) (6€) * Old Country Songs, Rose With No Thorns, Ramblin' Round, Countin' Pennies ... (10 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: The Golden Hits (ABC L-5116 * England) (5€) * Goin' Like A Wildfire, The Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Each Ring Of The Hammer, I'm Eatin' High On The Hog ... (12 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: Golden Classics (Gusto GT-0049 * 1979/USA) (6€) * Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride, 18 Wheels A Humming, Goin' Like Wildfire, The Prisoner's Song ... (10 tracks).
MAC WISEMAN: Concert Favorites (Stetson/RCA HAT 3100 * Germany) (4€) * Eight More Miles To Louisville, It Rains Just The Same In Missouri, Ciry Of New Orleans ... (10 tracks).

TEX WITHERS (UK): Sings Country Style (Avenue AVE-027 * 1969/England) (6€) * Dark As A Dungeon, Truck Drivin' Man, Streets Of Laredo, Galveston, Little Old Wine Drinker Me ... (12 tracks).

SHEB WOOLEY (= "Ben Colder"): Wild & Wooley (2-LPs-Set) (BNJ Records BR-104 * 1985/USA) (20€) * California Gas Line Blues, The Rambler, Big Ole Good Ole Girl, The Doo Hickey Song, Thumbing On My G-String ... (20 tracks).
SHEB WOOLEY (="Ben Colder"): Golden Hits (Gusto GT-0051 * 1979/USA) (14€) * Ten Little Bottles, Don't Go Near The Eskimos, Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back, Detroit City #2, Sunday Morning Fallin' Down ... (10 tracks).
SHEB WOOLEY (="Ben Colder"): Warming Up To Colder (MGM SE-4807 * 1972/USA) ("special DJ copy") Sing A Drinkin` Song, Runnin` Bare , Rosie`s Garden, Help Me Fake It Through The Night, (Quits) Splits, She`s All I Got #2... (6€)

JOHNNY WRIGHT: Sings Country Favorites (Decca DL-75019 * 1968/USA) (8€) * Old Honky Tonk, Mama Tried, Atlanta Georgia Bay, Cheaters Can't Win, Settle Back Down To Earth, Music To Cry By ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY WRIGHT: Johnny Wright (Ruboca Records ARR-2001 * 1980/USA) (8€) * Chicken Picken' Hillbilly Band, Poison Love, Froggies Return, Ashes Of Love, We'll Stick Together, Pressure ... <10 tracks).
JOHNNY WRIGHT: The Wright Way (Ruboca/Westwood WRS-157 * 1980/England) (8€) * Chicken Picken' Hillbilly Band, Poison Love, Froggies Return, Ashes Of Love, We'll Stick Together, Pressure ... <10 tracks).

DWIGHT YOAKAM: Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (Warner/Reprise WX 193 * 1988/Germany) (4€) * Home Of The Blues, I Sang Dixie, Streets Of Bakersfield (& Buck Owens) ... (10 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Hillbilly DeLuxe (Reprise 1-25567 * 1987/USA) (4€) * This Drinkin' Will Kill Me, Always Late With Your Kisses, Johnson's Love, Smoke Along The Track ... (10 tracks).

FARON YOUNG: Sings The Best Of Jim Reeves (Contour 6870641 * 1965/England) (6€) * Introductory Speech, Mexican Joe, Gentleman Jim, According To My Heart, I Guess I'm Crazy ... (13 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Here's To You (Steo One SOR-0040 * 1988/USA) (8€) * Twin Fiddles Turn Me On, Baxter Hill, You're Just Another Beer Drinking Song, A Hard Bridge To Cross ... (11 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0043 * 1989/USA) (6€) * What's He Doing In My World, She Fights That Lovin' Feeling, Face To The Wall ... (10 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0044 * 1989/USA) (6€) * If I Ever Fall In Love With A Honky Tonk Girl, Country Girl, Three Days... (10 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (newly recorded) (Step One SOR-0045 * 1989/USA) (6€) * Almost Dawn In Denver, That Over 30 Looki, Congratulations, The Memory ... (10 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Top Country Friend (Ember re-1973/England) Country Girl, Riverboat, Gongratulations, Hello Walls, Back Track (6€)
FARON YOUNG: This Time The Hurtin`s On Me (Mercury * 1972/England) Eleven Roses, Perfect Stranger, Land Called Love, No Painless Way... (6€)
FARON YOUNG: This Time The Hurtin`s On Me (Mercury * promo copy * 1972/USA) Eleven Roses, Perfect Stranger, Land Called Love, No Painless Way... (6€)
FARON YOUNG: Chapter Two (MCA * 1979/USA) The Great Chicago Fire, That Over Thirty Look, Old Songs, Second Hand Emotion... (8€)
FARON YOUNG: Free And Easy (MCA * 1980/USA) The Loving Stops, Sure Do Miss Ya Mornin`, You`ve Got A Friend In Me, As Usual... (8€)
FARON YOUNG: Just What I Had In Mind (Mercury * 1973/England) Even The Bad Times Are Good, All At Once It`s Over, Love Is The Foundation... (6€)
FARON YOUNG: I`d Just Be Fool Enough (Mercury * 1976/USA) Here I Am In Dallas, Some Old Rainy Morning, The Man Who Came Around, Night Time Promises... (6€)

Country Collection albums ~ vinyl LPs:

TEXAS COUNTRY! (Delta Records DLP-1159 * 1982/USA) (6€) * David Houston: Texas Honky Tonk, Willie Nelson: Country Willie, Johnny Bush: Drivin' Nails In My Coffin, Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys, Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke ... (12 tracks).

"TRUCKERS COUNTRY PARADISE" (all tracks with a "road theme") (MCA 301960 * 2 LPs * 1982/Benelux) (5€) * Jay Lee Webb: Cutest Truck Driver, Texas Troubadours: Highway Man, Ray Griff: I'm A Ramblin' Man, C.W.McCall, Johnny Wright: Giddy Up Go, Billy Grammer, Gary Stewart: Big Bertha The Truck Drivin' Queen, Red Steagall, Ernest Tubb: The Road Is Closed, Claude Gray, Curtis Potter: Devil River ... (24 tracks).

"KEEP ON TRUCKIN'" (all tracks with a "road theme") (RCA INTS-5076 * 1981/England) (5€) * Jethro Burns: Mama Was A Truck Drivin' Man, Fred McKenna: Ten Miles From Home, Shel Silverstein:: Somebody Stole My Truck, Johnny Russell: I'm A trucker, Nat Stuckey: Caffein - Nicotine - Benzedrine, Kenny Price: Let's Truck Together, Juice Newton & Silver Spur: Roll On Truckers, Vernon Oxford: Roll Big Wheels Roll ... (20 tracks).

"COUNTRYPOLITAN" (Turtle Creek/Pompeii Records 1001 * USA) (4€) * Darrell Glenn (2), Dale McBride (2), Lee Wright (2), Eddy Lynn, Linda Gayle. Eddie Downs (2), Bobby George, Dick Hammonds (12 tracks).

"DAS IST COUNTRY MUSIC * THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC" (NSD/Bear Family BFX 15020 * 1980/Germany) (9€) * Dick Curless: Hogtown, The Iceman, Wynn Stewart (3), Jack Reno (2), Bill Phillips, Bill Carlisle (2), Ray Pillow, Justin Tubb, Charlie Louvin (2), Tommy Collins: Hello Hag, Pull The Covers Over Me (16 tracks).

"Country Made In Western Germany - 24 Songs deutsch gesungen" (SR International * 1981/Germany) (24 songs) Johnny Cash: Wer kennt den Weg (=I Walk The Line), Wo ist zu Hause Mama (=Five Feet High And Rising)... (=sung in German, laulettu saksaksi) (9€)

"The Cowboys" (Columbia * 1980/England) David Allan Coe: Texas Lullaby, Bobby Bare: The Gambler, Johnny Duncan: Jo And The Cowboy, Michael M. Murphey: Cosmic Cowboy/Cosmic Breakdown, Moe Bandy: Cowboys Ain`t Supposed To Cry... (5€)

"Musical Tribute To Canada`s Most Popular TV Shows": Tommy Hunter Show, Singalong Jubilee, Don Messer Show (ARC AS-802/Canada) Fred McKenna: Steel Rail Blues, Al Cherney, Harry Hibbs, Marg Osburne, Bill Langstroth, John White... (4€)

"Vintage Country (I Love Country)" (CBS * 1985/Holland) (16 songs) Mother Maybelle Carter: Wabash Cannon Ball, Johnny Horton (2), Gene Autry (2), Ray Price: Pride, Lefty Frizzell (2), Flatt & Scruggs , Frankie Laine (2), Marty Robbins (2), Carl Smith , Johnny Cash (2). (4€)

"The Best Of Country And West Vol.2" (RCA Victor * Germany) Stu Phillips: The Last Thing On My Mind , Waylon Jennings: Ruby Don`t Take Your Love To Town, Dottie & Bill West: Mommy Can I Still Call Him Daddy, Jim Ed Brown: Bottle Bottle, Chet Atkins: Yakety Axe... (4€)

"The Pink Cadillac" (soundtrack: Clint Eastwood-movie) (WB * 1989/USA) H.Williams Jr. & Sr: There`s A Tear In My Beer, Sothern Pacific, J.C.Crowley, Billy Hill, Jill Hollier, Michael Martin Murphey, Robben Ford... (4€)

"On Stage At the The Grand Ole Opry" (Stetson re-issue: 1963 Decca) Johnny & Jack, Tompall & The Glaser Brothers: South Of The Border, Billy Grammer, Tommy Jackson (5€)

"Dostavnik" (Capitol/Supraphon/1975/Czechoslovakia) Red Steagall: Bring Back The Waltzes, Mayf Nutter, Dick Curless: Coastline Charlie, Red Simpson: Highway Patrol, Kenny Vernon, The Buckaroos... (5€)

"It`s Gospel" (K-TEL 1977/Canada) (24 songs * new recordings) Margie Bowes, Ned Miller, Bill Phillips, Merle Kilgore, Bobby Helms, Marion Worth, Charlie Louvin, Tommy Collins, Kenny Price... (5€)

"Soundtrack: BRONCO BILLY" (Elektra 1980/USA) Merle Haggard & Clint Eastwood: Bar Room Buddies, Penny De Haven, The Reinsmen, Ronnie Milsap... (4€)

"White Christmas" (Noel 1987/Holland) (20 songs) 4 x Elvis Presley, 2 x Dean Martin, 3 x Bing Crosby... (4€).

"The Country Show" (M Records - 1981/Sweden) Mats Rεdberg, Alf Robertson, Kikki , Bjφro Hεland... (4€)

INSTRUMENTAL albums (vinyl LPs):

PEE WEE CLARK (steel guitar): The Georgia Gentleman Plays Country Pedal Steel Guitar (Karussell Country 2915 004 * 1971/Australia) (5€) * Remington Ride, Rose Of Old Pawnee, Pan Handle Rag ... (12 tracks).

CURLY RAY CLINE: Who's Gonna Mow My Grass (Rebel SLP 1577 * 1978/USA) (Ralph Stanley: Banjo) (5€) * Booger Man's Dream, Fifty Years Ago Waltz, I Like The Old Time Ways ... (12 tracks).

FLOYD CRAMER (piano): The Best Of The West (RCA AHL-1-4119 * 1981/USA) (5€) * Rawhide, Bonanza, High Noon, GUnsmoke, The Lone Ranger, High Chapparal, The Virginian ... (10 tracks).

LITTLE JIMMY DEMPSEY: Picks On Big Johnny Cash (Plantation PLP-10 * USA) (8€) * I Walk the Line, Folsom Prison Blues, I Got Stripes, I Still Miss Someone, Understand Your Man ... (11 tracks).

BUDDY EMMONS: Christmas Sounds Of The Steel Guitar (Step One * 198?/USA) Blue Christmas, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderlnad, Silver Bells, O Holy Night... (5€)
BUDDY EMMONS (steel-guitar) with LENNY BREAU (guitar): Minors Aloud (Flying Fish * 1978/USA) Killer Joe, Long Way To Go, Secret Love, Scrapple From The Apple, On A Bach Bourθe, Compared To That... (5€)

JOHNNY GIMBLE: (fiddle): Still Fiddlin' Around (MCA 42021 * 1988/USA) (5€) * Pretty Palomino, Gardenia Waltz, New Grey Bonnet, Quick Step Annie, Mandolopin' ... (10 tracks).

JOSH GRAVES (dobro): Alone At Last (EPIC KE-33168 * 1974/USA) (5€) * Tennessee Mountain Home, Colorado Turnaround, Johnny Blacksmith, Long Road To Houston, She's In Love With A Rodeo man ... (11 tracks).

DON HELMS (steel guitar): Steel Guitar Plays All Time Favourites Of The Country Stars (Philips/Selecta SLT 112238 PSY) (5€) * I Walk The Line, Wild Side Of Life, Window Up Above, Bouquet Of Roses ... (12 tracks).

GORDON TERRY: Rockin` Fiddle (And The Tennessee Fiddles) (Plantation * 1980/USA) Tennessee Waltz, , Smokin` Violin, Dancin` In The Barnyard, Orange Blossom Special (5€)
GORDON TERRY: Tennessee Hot Rock (Plantation * 1978/USA) Texas Honky Tonk Stroll, Memphis, Red River Rock, Honky Tonk, Wheels, 40 Miles Of Bad Road, Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White, Raunchy (6€)
GORDON TERRY: Disco Country (And The Tennessee Guitars) (Plantation * 1977/USA) Cannonball Express, Disco Mule, Rollin` And Rockin`, Bird Rock, Black Mountain Rag, Muleskinner Blues... (5€)


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