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Jotkut pienemmδt levy-yhtiφt ja muutamat artistit tuottavat itse pienet painosmδδrδnsδ halvempina CD-R-levyinδ, joissa levypinta erottuu vihertδvδnδ. Ne on nδissδ listoissa merkitty muodossa CD-R.
Some small labels and many artists produce and copy their limited editions as CD-Rs ("green disc"). I will identify such CDs as "CD-R".

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ROY ACUFF: Best Of Roy Acuff (Curb * comp-1991/USA) (7€) * Jambaylaya, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Jole Blon, Waltz Of The Wind, This World Can't Stand Long ... (12 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: King Of Country Music (4 CDs BOX - Proper * 2004/England) (8€) * Lonesome Indian, The Midnight Train, Freight Train Blues, Night Train To Memphis, Automobile Of Life ... (100 tracks).
ROY ACUFF: Twelve Of Their Most Famous Songs Of the Smoky Mountains * The Best Of (Capitol * re-1998/USA) (7€) * Pins And Needles, The Great Judgement Morning, Fireball Mail, The Great Titanic ... (12 tracks).

TOMMY ALVERSON: Me On The Jukebox (Two Of A Kind * 1999/USA) (6€) * Buy Me A Bar, Lookin' Back To Luckenbach, I Do't Think I'll Go To Mexico, Cowboy Mardi Gras, Chilihead - No Beans ... (10 tracks).

John Anderson:

JOHN ANDERSON: Too Tough To Tame (MCA/Universal * 1989/USA) (8€) * She Worships The Quicksand That I Walk On, Bamboo Annie, Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune, Tryin' To Make A Livin' On The Road ... (10 tracks).
JOHN ANDERSON: Takin' The Country Back (Mercury * 1997/USA) (8€) * Somebody Slap Me, South Moon Under, Brown Eyed Girl, Sara, Small Town, The Fall, It's A Long Way Back ... (11 tracks).
JOHN ANDERSON: Nobody's Got It All (Sony/Columbia * 2001/USA) (8€) * Atlantic City, Appalachian Blue, The Big Revival, Five Generations Of Rock County Wilsons, Go To Town ... (12 tracks).
JOHN ANDERSON: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (WB * comp-1990/USA) (8€) * Down In Tennessee, Let Somebody Else Drive, Countrified, You Can't Keep A Good Memory Down, I Wish I Could Write You A Song ... (10 tracks).
JOHN ANDERSON: The Essential (BMG/BNA * 1998/USA) (10€) * Nashville Tears, Cold Day In Hell, Straight tequila Night, 30.000 Feet, Long Hard Lesson Learned, Money In The Bank ... (16 tracks).
JOHN ANDERSON: Paradise (BMG/BNA * 1996/USA) (8€) * The Band Plays On, Let The Guitar Do The Talkin', It Wouldn't Kill Me, My Kind Of Crazy, Love Comes Back Around, They Spent Forever ... (1o tracks).

BILL ANDERSON: Country Music Heaven (Curb * 1993/USA) (8€) * Country Music Heaven, One Solitary Life, Footprints In The Sand, Old Doc Brown ... (12 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Fine Wine (Reprise * 1998/USA) (6e) * A Good Love And A Bottle Of Wine, The Paper, My Van, Forgiveness, Twenty Yeras, Now That's Love ... (11 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Greatest Songs (Curb * 1996/USA) (6€) * Three A.M, Bright Lights And Country Music, Po' Folks, Wild Weekend, Mama Sang A Song ... (10 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Whispering Bill Anderson * 20 Greatest Hits (B.Anderson) (8€) * Golden Guitar, For Loving You (& Jan Howard), Sometimes (& Mary Lou Turner), Double S, I Can't Wait Any Longer ... (20 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: Out In The Country (Drive Archive * comp-1994/USA) (8€) * Detroit City, Green Green Grass Of Home, I Wonder If God Likes Country Music, Deck Of Cards ... (14 tracks).
BILL ANDERSON: A Lot Of Things Different (Varese Sarabande/TWI * 2000/USA) (6€) * Too Country, I Can't Find An Angel, Fine Line, A Death In The Family, She's A Mistake I Made ... (10 tracks).

CURTIS ANDREWS: Same Old Me (Ready Records * USA) (5€) * I Never Played The Opry, The Cockfight, The Morning After You, Standing Tall, If Walls Could Talk, It's Me That Hurts The Most ... (10 tracks).

Antonio (Rosales):
Time's Running Out

Dreamscape Records (1998/USA).

She's In That Cowboy Way, Rumors And Lies,
Millie Make Some Chili, Rhonda,
For The Life Of Me ... (10 tracks)


Bill Anderson:
A Lot Of Things Different

(TWI * 2000/USA).

Too Country, I Can't Find An Angel,
Fine Line, A Death In The Family,
She's A Mistake I Made ... (10 tracks)


Eddy Arnold:
The Best Of Eddy Arnold


Cattle Call, Bouquet Of Roses,
I Want To Go With You, Anytime,
That's How Much I Love You ... (12 tracks)


EDDY ARNOLD: Tears Broke Out On Me (Bear Family/RCA Victor 1955-63 * comp-2000/Germany) (10€) * Chip Off The Old Black, Lonely Balladeer, Rhinestones, Wabash Cannon Ball, The Wall Came Tumbling Down ... (33 tracks).
EDDY ARNOLD: Country Legends (RCA/Buddha * comp-2000/USA) (8€) * A Full Time Job, There's Been A Change In Me, I Wanna Play House With You, I Want To Go With You ... (16 tracks).

Asleep At The Wheel:

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Remembers The Alamo (Shout Factory * 2003/USA) (20€) * Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Yellow Rose Of Texas, Eight Of January, Stout And High, Decuello, Don't Go There ... (13 tracks).
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Ride With Bob Wills (Dreamworks * 1999/USA) (18€) * Bob Wills Is Still The King, Cherokee Maiden, You're From Texas, New San Antonio Rose, Roly Poly, Going Away Party ... (17 tracks).
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Tribute To The Music Of Bob Wills (Liberty * 1993/USA) (18€) * Across The Alley From Alamo (& Johnny Rodriguez), Big Ball's In Cowtown (& George Strait), All Night Long (& Leon Rausch), I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do (& Merle Haggard), Billy Dale (& Dolly Parton) ... (18 tracks).

Chet Atkins:
The Guitar Genius

(RCA/BMG * comp-1985/USA).

Blackjack, Heartbreak Hotel,
Hidden Charm, When Day Is Done,
Daar's Wind Wat Waat ... (10 tracks)


OLLIE AUSTIN: Chiseled In Stone (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Six Days On the Road, Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp, Country Bumpkin, My Hometown, Jambaylaya ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: The Way I Am (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Sidewalks Of Chicago, Send Me Back To Caroline, Loveless Cafe, If I can Find A Clean Shirt, If Not For You ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: England's Voice Of Country Music * My Door Is Always Open (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Wrong Road Again, Four Strong Winds, Jeanie's Afraid Of dark, The Streets Of London, Bar Stool Mountain ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: From the Shadows (Foam Records * Ireland) (5€) * Boulder To Birmingham, Rake And Rambling Man, Darby's Castle, Garden Party, The Lost Highway ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: England's New Country Star * Down My Way (Foam Records * Ireland) (5€) * Country Hall Of Fame, It's Time To Pay The Fiddler, Wabash Canon Ball, What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana ... (14 tracks).

DEWEY BALFA & Friends ("2 Albums On CD": Souveniers/Fait A La Main!) (Swallow/Ace * comp-1991/England) (8€) * Blues A Leo Soileau, Valse De Balfa, Don't Stop The Music, Two Step ANathan Abshire ... (24tr).

Moe Bandy:
Too Old To Die Young

(Pegasus * comp-2005/Germany).

Hank Williams You Wrote My Life,
I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today,
Barstool Mountain, Following The Feeling,
Two Lonely People ... (12 tracks)


DAVID BALL: Thinkin' Problem (WB * 1994/USA) (6€) * Blowin' Smoke, Don't Think Twice, 12-12-84, A Walk On The Wild Side Of Life ... (10 tracks).
DAVID BALL: Amigo (Dualtone * 2001/USA) (8€) * Texas Echo, When The Devil Wants To Wrestle, She Talked A Lot About Mexico, Riding With Private Malone ... (13 tracks).

MOE BANDY: Live In Branson, MO, USA (LaserLight - 1993/USA) * The Horse That You Can't Ride, Americana, Someday Soon, Hank Williams You Wrote My Life, Rodeo Romeo ... (10€)

BOBBY BARE: For The Good Times * The Best Of Bobby Bare (Castle MAC/TKO * coll-1994/England) (14 tracks) * Me And Bobby McGee, Leaving On A Jet Plane, The Year That Clayton Delaney Died, Hello Darlin' ... (6€).
BOBBY BARE: The Country Store Collection (Country Store * 1988/France) (18 tracks) * Desperados Waitin' For A Train, Tequila Sheila, The Jogger, Drinkin' From The Bottle, Numbers, The Gambler ...... (8€).

BASHFUL BROTHER OSWALD: Don't Say Aloha (Rounder * 1998/USA) (8€) * Rose Of San Antone, Mansion On The Hill, Isle Of Golden Dreams, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ... (14 tracks).

SMILEY BATES (Canada): Country Tears (Heritage/Condor * Canada) (7€) * Bottom Of The Bottle, Golden Guitar, Hall Of Shame, Bottle Please Let Go Of Me, Swinging Doors ... (16tr).

PHIL BAUGH (with VERN STOVALL): Live Wire! The World's Most Exciting Guitar Sounds (Sundazed * orig. 1964-65 * comp-2005/USA) (10€) * Lonesome Joe From Koko Mo, Country Guitar, Chattanooga, No Deposit - No return, The Finger ... (13 tracks ~ a couple of vocal tracks by Stovall).

RILEY BAUGUS: Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) (banjo & vocal) (4€) * Lonesome Road Blues, Old John Henry, June Apple, Sail Away Ladies, Wandering Boy, George Collins, No Corn On Tygart ... (14 tracks).

BELLAMY BROTHERS: Country Rap ( Curb * 1987/USA) (8€) * Sweet Nostalgia, Kids Of The Baby Boom, Where The Light Comes From, Our Family, Go Ahead - Fall In Love ... (10 tracks).
BELLAMY BROTHERS: Beggars And Heroes (Jupiter * 1992/Germany) * Blue Highway, My Indiana Lady, Miami Moon, Rockin' Sally ... (8€).
BELLAMY BROTHERS: Rollin` Thunder (Atlantic/Warner * 1991/Germany) * What's The Dang Deal, All In The Name Of Love, Lonely Eyes, I Make Her Laugh ... (8€).
BELLAMY BROTHERS: Angels & Outlaws, Vol.1 (Curb * 2005/USA) special thin box ~ no back cover sheet * Guests: Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Tanya Tucker, David Allan Coe, Bobby Bare, John Anderson ... (8€).
BELLAMY BROTHERS: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Curb * 1995/USA) * Get Into Reggae Cowboy, Redneck Girl, Dancin' Cowboys, You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie ... (8€)

CLINT BLACK: No Time To Kill (RCA * 1993/Germany) * I'll Take Texas, Tuckered Out, A Bad Goodbye (with Wynonna), State Of Mind ... (6€)

CLAY BLAKER & The Texas Honky Tonk Band: Kayin' It All On The Line (Neobilly Records * 1993/USA) (12€) * The Dark Side Of The Town, Long Gone Mama, King Of Fools, I Can't Convince My Heart ... (10 tracks).

EDDIE BOND: Rockin' Daddy (Stomper Time Records * comp-1992/England) (12€) * Country Shindig, When the Jukebox Plays, Memphis Tennessee, Big Boss Man, Raunchy, Cold Dark Waters, Monkey And The Baboon ... (31 tracks).

BOXCAR WILLIE: Sings The Spirit Of America (ADD * 1991/Canada) (8€) * Battle Hymn Of the Republic, There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Thank You Old Flag Of Mine, Battle Of New Orleans ... (12 tracks)
BOXCAR WILLIE: Truck Driving Favorites (ADD * 1991/Canada) (12€) * Girl On The Billboard, Trucker's Prayer, How Fast Them Trucks Will Go, Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun, Give Me Forty Acres, Convoy ... (12 tracks).
BOXCAR WILLIE: Super Hits (Evergreen * West Germany/Korea) (8€) * From A Boxcar Door, T For Texas, Country Music Nightmare, Hobo's Lament, Last train To Heaven, Hank - You Still Make Me Cry, Train Medley ... (10 tracks).
BOXCAR WILLIE: Truck Drivin` Son Of A Gun (Pegasus/Eagle Rock * 1998 compilation/EU) (8€) * Six Days On The Road, Truck Drivin' Man, Freightline Fever, Phantom 309, Convoy ... (16 tracks).

WALTER BRENNAN: Old Shep (Universal * compo-2000/USA) (7€) * Six Feet Away, Suppertime, Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It, Back To The Farm, Tribute To A Dog, Dutchman's Gold ... (10 tracks).

BR5-49: The Best Of (BMG * 2002/UK) * Little Ramona Gone Hillbilly Nuts, Cherokee Boogie, 18 Wheels & A Crowbar, Honky Tonk Song, Hickory Wind, Georgia On A Fast Train ... (6€).
BR5-49: Big Backyard Beat Show (Arista * 1998/EU) * My Name Is Mudd, You Flew The Coop, Seven Nights To Rock, Pain Pain Go Away, Hurtin' Song, Wild One ... (6€)

ELTON BRITT: The RCA Years (BMG/RCA/Collector's Choice * 1939-1968 * comp-1997/USA) (8€) * The Jimmie Rodgers Blues, The Bitter Taste, Blue Texas Moonlight, Patent Leather Boots ... (23 tracks).

BROOKS & DUNN: Tight Rope (Arista * 1999/USA) * Temptation #9, Too far This Time, Texas And Norma Jean, Beer Thirty, The Trouble With Angels ... (6€)

JUNIOR BROWN: Long Walk Back (Curb * 1998/USA) (7€) * Long Walk Back In San Antone, Rock-A-Hula Baby, Stupid Blues, Peelin' Taters, Freedom Machine ... (11 tracks).

ED BRUCE: In Jesus' Eyes * Songs Of Inspiration (Palomino/Varese Sarabande * 2010/USA) (8€) * Tougher Than Nails, Devil Ain't Got A Prayer, Standing In The Fire, The Family's Growing ... (12 tracks).

GARY BUCK (Canada): 16 Newly Recorded Songs * Western Swing & Country (Broadland * 1998/Canada) (12€) * When In Texas, I Always Leave My Heart With You In Texas, Detour, You're Going Out Dancing ... (16tr).

PAUL BURCH & The WPA Ballclub: Pan American Flash (Checkered Past * 1998/USA) (4€) * Down Hill And Shady, Monterey, Losers Way To Get Along, Your Red Wagon, Jackson Tennessee, Harpers Ferry Blues ... (13 tracks).

BILLY DON BURNS: Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls (Rust Records * 2004/USA) (14€) * Keith Whitley Blue, Haggard & Hank, Mississippi (& Tanya Tucker), Patsy (& Willie Nelson-Hank Cochran), Runnin' Drugs Out Of Mexico ... (14 tracks).
BILLY DON BURNS: Train Called Lonesome (B.D.Burns * 2001/USA) (originally thinner hard-plastic CD box) (9€) * Hank Williams' Woman, Lonesome 7-7203, James Dean, Sarai Green & Ruby Red, Fall On My Sword ... (10 tracks).
BILLY DON BURNS & HANK COCHRAN: Desperate Men * The Legend And The Outlaw (Small Dog-A-Barkin'/Rounder * 1996/USA) (12€) * Way To Mexico, Outlaws At The Cross, Diablo's Highway, Dear Or Alive, Patsy ... (14 tracks).

GARY BURR: Stop Me If You've Heard This One (famous hit-songwriter) (East Central One * 1999/USA) (4€) * I Try To Think About Elvis, Station On The Line, Rockin' The Rock, Silence Is King ... (18 tracks)

JOHNNY BUSH: Lost Highway Saloon (Lone Star/Texas Music Group * 2000/USA) (12€) * They're Hanging Me Tonight, Home To Texas, When It's Your Turn To Fall, I'll Never Be Free ... (14 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Sings Bob Wills (Lone Star/Texas Music Group * 2000/USA) (12€) * Jersey Bounce, Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas, Beneath A Neon Star, South Of The Border ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY BUSH: Talk To My Heart (Watermelon * 1998/Holland) (12€) * Neon Nightmare, The Bottle - Your Memory And Me, The Cheatin' Line, This House Has No Doors, The Winds Of Change ... (13 tracks).

PAUL BUSKIRK: Nacogdoches Waltz (=mandolin) (featuring Willie Nelson: guitar & production) (Justice * 1993/USA) (5€) * Let Rock Get-A-Way, Under Paris Skies, Greensleeves, I Will Wait For You ... (10 tracks).

CARL BUTLER: A Blue Million Tears (Capitol/Okeh/Bear Family * comp-2004/Germany) (12€) * Country Mile, The Heartbreak Express, Linda Lou, Crowded Out, Shake Rattle & Roll ... (28 tracks).
CARL & PEARL BUTLER: Don't Let Me Cross Over (Gusto * comp-2006/USA) (8€) * Fifteen Years Ago, Temptation Keeps Twisting Her Arm, Let's Watch The Bluebirds ... (10 tracks).
CARL & PEARL BUTLER: Crying My Heart Out Over You (Ernest Tubb Record Shop * comp-1997/USA) (8€) * Take Me Back To Jackson, Blue Eyes And Waltzes, Dog Eat Dog, Garden Of Shame ... (12 tracks).

LARRY BUTLER & WILLIE NELSON: Memories Of Hank Williams Sr. (BSW * 2000/USA) (14€) * Move It On Over, I Heard That Lonesome Whistle, May You Never Be Alone Like Me, Your Cheatin' Heart ... (10 tracks).

TRACY BYRD: Keepers * Greatest Hits (MCA * 1999/USA) * I'm From The Country, Watermelon Crawl, Heaven In My Woman's Eyes, When Mama Ain't Happy ... (6€).
TRACY BYRD: Big Love (MCA * 1996/USA) * Cowgirl, Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous, Tucson Too Soon, (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got ... (6€).
TRACY BYRD: Love Lessons (MCA * 1995/USA) * Honky-Tonk Dancing Machine, 4 To 1 In Atlanta, Down On The Bottom, Don't Need That Heartache ... (6€)

The BYRDS: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (Columbia/Sony * re-1997/orig. 1968) (11 orig. tracks + 8 bonus tracks) (9€) * Blue Canadian Rockies, Pretty Boy Floyd, Life In Prison, One Hundred Years From Now ... (19 tracks).

GLEN CAMPBELL: The Golden CD Collection * Live In England (Bulldog * 1989/England) (7€) * Galveston, Blue Grass Medley, Milk Cow Blues, Mull Of Kintyre, Country Boy - You've Got Your Feet In L.A ... (19 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: The Capitol Years 1965-77 (2 Set CD) (Capitol/Zonophone * coll-1998/EU) (12€) * Universal Soldier, Mary In The Morning, London I'm Coming To See You, About The Ocean, Folk Singer ... (33 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Old Home Town (Atlantic * 1982/USA) (7€) * On The Wings Of My Victory, Blues - My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me, A Few Good Men, Hang On Baby - Ease My Mind ... (10 tracks).
GLEN CAMPBELL: Hey Little One/A New Place In The Sun (2 LPs in one CD) (Capitol orig. 1968 * BGO coll-2009/England) (12€) * The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde, Freeborn Man, The Twelfth Of Never ... (22 tracks).

Stacy Dean Campbell:
Hurt City

Columbia (1955/USA).

Pop A Top, Why You Been Gone So Long,
Midninght Angel, I Can Dream,
Mind Over Matter ... (10 tracks)


BOBBY CARAWAY: Mr. Country * The Man From Texas (Plantation * 1999/USA) (8€) * The Man From Texas ~ Tribute To Boxcar Willie, Whiskey High, Ballen Keen, The Surface Of Bulldog Johnny ... (10 tracks).

HENSON CARGILL: All American Cowboy (Amethyst Records * 1988/USA) (14€) * Georgia On A Fast Train, Silent Rebels, Forever In Blue Jeans, Gravel On The Ground, Strawberry Roan ... (20 tracks).
HENSON CARGILL: Skip A Rope (Sony/Point * comp-1992/Holland) (8€) * Distant Drums, Saginaw Michigan, Black Jack County Chain, Four Long Seasons, Green Green Grass Of Home ... (11 tracks).

JANETTE & JOE CARTER: Last Of Their Kind (Dualtone * 2004/USA) (producer: John Carter Cash) (8€) * Stern Old Bachelor, Through The Eyes Of An Eagle, Pole It Reba, Kitty Waltz, Close Of A Day ... (12 tracks).

NORWOOD CARTER: Legends (Mesquite Records * USA) (5€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music, Tribute To Roy Acuff, Waltz Across Texas, Farewell Party, Lovesick Blues ... (10 tracks).

WILF CARTER (= MONTANA SLIM): The Dynamite Trail (Bear Family/Decca 1954-58 * Germany) (8€) * My Prairie Rose, X's From Down In Texas, There's A Tree On Every Road, Strawberry Roan ... (30tr).

Tommy Cash:

TOMMY CASH: A Musical Tribute ~ My Brother Johnny Cash (TomCat * 2004/USA) (14€) * Five Feet High And Rising, Passing Through, Folsom Prison Blues, Flesh And Blood, Ragged Old Flag, Man In Black ... (15 tracks).
TOMMY CASH: Solid Gold Country (Country Crazy Records * 1996/USA) (12€) * I Still Miss Someone, Rise And Shine (& Mark Cash), Back Home Again, God Bless The U.S.A, I'm No Stranger To the Rain ... (12 tracks).
TOMMY CASH: Special Edition (TomCat * 2005/USA) (12€) * Johnny Cash Tribute Medley, Those People Who Are Heroes, Dim Lights Thick Smoke And Loud Loud Music, I've Gotta Travel On, I Never Will Be Young Again ... (12 tracks).
TOMMY CASH: Let An Old Racehorse Run (Playback * 1993/USA) (12€) * Winners (& Jeannie C.Risey), Angel In Disquise, Gimme Things, I Owe The World To You, Molly ... (12 tracks).
TOMMY CASH: The 25th Anniversary Album * guests: Johnny Cash, George Jones, Tom T.Hall & Connie Smith (Playback/Laurie Records * 1990/USA) (16€) * Thoughts On The Flag (& J.Cash, G.Jones & T.T.Hall), Hank & George, Lefty & Me (& G.Jones), Guess Things Happen That Way (& J.Cash), All By My Lonesome, We've Got Love (& Connie Smith) ... (9 tracks).
TOMMY CASH: The Very Best Of * 16 Original Classics (Sony/Collectables * comp-1999/USA) (12€) * Roll Truck Roll, The Cowboy And The Lady, I Recall A Gypsy Woman, The Tears On Lincoln's Face, Rise And Shine ... (16 tracks).

BILLY CHARNE: Fresno Rodeo (ATI * 1995/Canada) (6€) * Sally In Dallas, Rodeo Cowboy, The Bandit, To Ma Ray Tom A Ray, Startin' Over Again, Stealin' Horses ... (10tr).

AL CHERNY (Canadian fiddler): Al Cherny (BMG/Lassoes Spurs * comp-1993/Canada) (5€) * Trambulianka, Bob Wills Medley , Knights On The Round Table, Spanish Two Step ... (12tr).

KENNY CHESNEY: Me And You (BNA/BGM * 1996/USA) * Another Friday Night, Turn For The Worse, No Small Miracle, My Poor Old Heart ... (6€).
KENNY CHESNEY: Everywhere We Go (BNA/BGM * 1999/USA) * She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, California, Baptism (with Randy Travis), I Might Get Over You ... (6€)

MARK CHESNUTT: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Decca * 1999/USA) (5€) * That's The Way You Make An Ex, My Way Back Home, This Heartache Never Sleeps ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Lost In The Feeling (MCA Nashville * 2000/USA) (5€) * It Pays Big Money, Angelina, Halfway Back To Birmingham, Love In The Hot Afternoon ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Wings (Decca * 1995/USA) (5€) * As The Honky Tonk Turns, Strangers, The King Of Broken Hearts, Wrong Place - Wrong Time ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Almost Goodbye (MCA * 1993/USA) (5€) * It Sure Is Monday, Vickie Vance Gotta Dance, Texas Is Bigger Than It Used To Be ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Longnecks & Short Stories (MCA * 1992/USA) (5€) * Old Country, Bubba Shot The Jukebox, Talking To Hank (with George Jones), Uptown Downtown - Misery's All The Same ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Heard It In A Love Song (CBUJ Records * 2006/USA) (5€) * Apartment #9, Lost Highway, Goodbye Comes Hard For Me, A Shoulder To Cry On ... (10 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Greatest Hits (Decca * 1996/USA) (5€) * Goin' Through The Big D, Blame It On Texas, Brother Jukebox, I'll Think Of Something ...(12 tracks).
MARK CHESNUTT: Too Cold At Home (MCA * 1990/USA) (5€) * Lucky Man, Danger At My Door, Broken Promise Land, Hey You There In The Mirror, Friends In Low Places ... (10 tracks).

COWBOY JACK CLEMENT: Guess Things Happen That Way (Dualtone * 2004/USA) (14€) * Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (& Johnny Cash), It'll Be Me, Trapped In An Old Country Song, Drinking Carrot Juice ... (12 tracks).

HANK COCHRAN: Livin' For A Song (Gifted Few Records * 2002/USA) (14€) * Honky Tonk Andels, Magic In The Band, When Cotton Was King, Sometimes Mississippi, I'm Goin' Home ... (14 tracks).
HANK COCHRAN & BILLY DON BURNS: Desperate Men * The Legend And The Outlaw (Small Dog-A-Barkin'/Rounder * 1996/USA) (12€) * Way To Mexico, Outlaws At The Cross, Diablo's Highway, Dear Or Alive, Patsy ... (14 tracks).

David Allan Coe:

DAVID ALLAN COE: Johnny Cash Is A Friend Of Mine (King * 1998/USA) (12€) * One Piece At A Time, Get Rhythm, Cry Cry Cry, Ballad Of A Teenage Queen, Sunday Morning Coming Down ... (10 tracks).
DAVID ALLAN COE: Sings Merle Haggard (King * 2002/USA) (12€) * White Line Fever, The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde, Mama Tried, Ramblin' Fever, Fightin' Side Of Me, Branded Man ... (10 tracks).
DAVID ALLAN COE: Lonesome Fugitive (King * 1994/USA) (12€) * House Of The Rising Sun, Six Days On The Road, Roll On 18 Wheeler, If That Ain't Country, Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms ... (8 tracks).
DAVID ALLAN COE: I Love Country (Columbia * comp-1988/Austria-France) (12€) * Jack Daniels If You Please, Take It Easy Rider, Willie Waylon And Me, The Ride, Son Of The South ... (18 tracks).
DAVID ALLAN COE: Recommended For Airplay (Sony/Lucky Dog * 1999/USA) (14€) * A Harley Someday, Drink Canada Dry, Drink My Wife Away, Song For The Year 2000, Mississippi, In My Life ... (11 tracks).

TOMMY COLLINS: Singer * Songwriter * Comedian 1930-2000 (King/Gusto * comp-2004/USA) (8€) * Okie From Muskogee, Roots Of My Raising, Cigarette Milner, I Could Sing All Night, Opal You Asked Me, Hot Rod Guitar ... (10 tracks).

Stompin' Tom Connors:


STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS (Canada): Kic' Along with Stompin' Tom Connors (EMI Music Canada * 1993/Canada) (12€) * The Hockey Song, Tribute To Wilf Carter, Black Donnelly's Massacre, Luke's Guitar, Okanagan Girl ... (20 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Souvenirs * 25 Of the Best (EMI Music Canada * 1998/Canada) (12€) * Blue Berets, Cross Canada, Tillsonburg, Suzanne De Lafayette, Canada Bay - Up Canada Way, Old Flat-Top Guitar, Prairie Moon ... (25 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: An Ode For The Road (EMI Music Canada * 2002/Canada) (12€) * Roll On Saskatchewan, Peterborough Postman, Erika Nordby, Saint John Blues, Don't Write Me No Leters, When The Ice-Worm Nests Again ... (14 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Sings Canadian History (EMI Music Canada * 2001/Canada) (12€) * Bridge Came Tumbling Down, Horse Called Farmer, Big Joe Mufferaw, Paddle Wheeler, Cowboy - Johnny Ware, Wreck Of The Tammy Anne ... (23 tracks).
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Sings The North Atlantic Squadron And Other Favourites (Capitol/EMI * Canada) (10€) * Gypsy Chant, Jack Of Many Trades, Red River Jane, Back Yardin', Blue Nose, Unity, Fleur De Lis ... (12 tracks).

RY COODER: Chavez Ravine (Nonesuch Records/Perro Verde * 2005/USA/EU) (8€) * 3rd Base - Dodger Stadium, Barrio viejo, Poor Man's Shangri-la, Onda callejera, Don't Call Me Red, It's Just Work For Me ... (15 tracks).

COWBOY COPAS: Songs That Made Him Famous (Starday/Righteous * comp-2012/England) (9€) * Hangman's Boogie, Sunny Tennessee, An Old Man's Story, Tennessee Waltz, Flat Top Guitar ... (21 tracks).
COWBOY COPAS: Tennessee Waltz - (Living Era * re-2002/England) (7€) * Down In Nashville Tennessee, Tennessee Flat Top Guitar, The Road Of Broken Hearts, Tennessee Moon, Kentucky Waltz ... (26 tracks).

PAUL CRAFT: Raised By The Rail Road Line (Strictly Country Records * 2002/Holland) (9€) * Jimmy Ray McBean, The First Cup Of Coffee, If Joan Baez Would Fall In Love With Me, Tallahassee ... (12 tracks).

HOWARD CROCKETT (Howard Hausey): Mr. Honky Tonk Man Sings ~ My Lil's Run Off (Best/Sunjay * recorded 1957-94/Sweden) (8€) * Going Down To Soldiers, Jesse And The Glensdale Train, Country Teaching, Steamboat Bill ... (19 trcaks).
HOWARD CROCKETT: The Legend * Mr. Honky Tonk Man (Neon Fire * coll-1990/Sweden) (recorded 1966-74) * Honky Tonk Man, Nine Miles Of Bad Road, Cajun Fever, Daddy Poured The Wine ... (12€)

RODNEY CROWELL: Collection (WB * this compilation 1989/Germany) * Leaving Louisiana In Broad Daylight, Stars On The Water, I Ain't Living Long Like This, Old Pipeliner ... (8€)

Dick Curless (album back cover):

DICK CURLESS: The Drag 'Em Off The Interstate, Sock It To 'Em Hits (Razor & Tie * comp-1998/USA) (14€) * Travelin' Man, A Tomstone Every Mile, The Baron, Bury The Bottle With Me, Big Wheel Cannonball, Hard Hard Travelin' Man, Juke Box Man, Loser's Cocktail, Stonin' Around, Chick Inspector (That's Where My Money Goes) ... (21 tracks).

DICK DAMRON: Still Countryfied (Westwood * 1997/Canada) * Ain't No Trains To Nashville, From Hell To Turkey Texas, Midnite Cowboy Blues, Silver Dollars, The Legend And The Legacy ... (12€)

CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: How Sweet The Sound * 25 Favorite Hymns And Gospel Greats (2 CDs set) (Sparrow Records * 2001/USA) (7€) * Life's Railway To Heaven, I Saw The Light, I'll Fly Away ... (25 tracks).
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: Nightrider (EPIC/Legacy/Sony * 1975/USA) (9€) * Damn Good Cowboy, Texas, Willie Jones, Franklin Limestone, Birmingham Blues, Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day ... (9 tracks).
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: Tailgate Party (Blue Hat records * 1999/USA) (9€) * The South's Gonna Do It, Homesick, Statesboro Blues, Peach County Jamboree, The Legend Of Wooley Swamp, El Toreador ... (13 tracks).
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: Saddle Tramp (EPIC/Sony * 1979/USA) (9€) * Cumberland Mountain Number Nine, Wichita Jail, Sweetwater Texas, Sweet Louisiana, It's My Life ... (7 tracks).
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: The Door (Sparrow Records * 1994/USA) (9€) * Jerusalem Trilogy, Lay It On The Line, Two Out Of Three, End Of The World, The Business Of Love ... (10 tracks).

JIMMIE DAVIS: Greatest Hits * Finest Performances (SUN - re-1995/USA) * Lonesome Whistle, Columbus Stockade Blues, Shackles And Chains, Worried Mind, Pretending She's You ... (8€)

SMOKEY DAWSON (Australia): When The Bloom Is On The Sage (Larrikin * 1999/Australia) (10€) * There's A Bridle Hangin' On The Wall, The Dingo, Hero From The West, John Durack, Cool Water ... (16 tracks).
SMOKEY DAWSON: Singin' In The Saddle * Classic Australian Recordings (Festival * 1989/Australia) (10€) * The Funny Old Hills, The Out-House Down The Back, The Old Oaken Bucket, Rockin' Chair ... (16 tracks).

JIMMY DEAN: Big Bad John And Other Fabulous Songs And Tales (Sony * comp-1993/USA) (8€) * Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette, Make The Waterwheel Roll, I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake ... (10 tracks).
JIMMY DEAN: Jimmy Dean (TIM/Nashville Clan * 1999/Germany) (8€) * Skip A Rope, A Thing Called Love, Bill Bailey, Me And Red And Bill, One Last Time, Let Me Sing My Song ... (16 tracks).
JIMMY DEAN: Jimmy Dean ~ One Last Time (Blitz * 2003/England) (8€) * When It's Sleepy Time Down South, The Last Letter, Nine Pound Hammer, Read 'Em And Weep, Frilly Shirt, This Old House, I.O.U. ... (20 tracks).
JIMMY DEAN: Big Bad John (Columbia 1961-62/Bear Family comp-1993/Germany) (14€) * Oklahoma Bill, Kentucky Means Paradise, Dear Ivan, Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight, Night Train To Memphis, Lonesome Road, Grasshopper MacClain, Old Pappy's New Banjo ... (26 tracks).

MARTIN DELRAY: What Kind Of Man (Atlantic * 1992/USA) (6€) * Trying To Keep A Few Things Warm, Ring Around The Moon, Solid Rock, Twang, Nobody Wants You ... (10 tracks).

DESERT ROSE BAND: True Love (MCA/Curb * 1991/USA) (10 tracks) * Behind These Walls, Shades Of Blue, You Can Go Home, It Takes A Believer, Twilight Is Gone, Undying Love (& Alison Krauss) ... (8€).
DESERT ROSE BAND: Greatest Hits (MCA/Curb * 1991/USA) (12 tracks) * Summer Wind, Hello Trouble, Story Of Love, Will This Be The Day, Start All Over Again ... (8€).

BILL DEWEY: My Tribute To Johnny Cash (Nammicks Records * 2004/USA) (8€) * Luther Played The Boogie, I'm Free From The Chaing Gang Now, Mean Eyed Cat, Let Me Down Easy, There You Go ... (10 tracks).

DEAN DILLON: Out Of Your Ever Lovin' Mind (Atlantic * 1991/USA) * (8€) Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk, Friday Night's Woman, A Country Boy (Who Rolled The Rock Away) ... (10 tracks).
DEAN DILLON: Hot Country And Single (Atlantic * 1991-93/USA) * (8€) When Hell Freezes Over, I Just Came In Here To Have A Good Time, Easy Come Easy Go, Heart On The Line ... (10 tracks).
DEAN DILLON: I've Learned To Live (Capitol * 1989/USA) * (8€) Back In The Swing Of Things, Her Thinkin' I'm Doin' Her Wrong, Changes Comin' On, Holdin' Pattern ... (10 tracks).

CASEY DILWORTH: That's The Way It Goes (Pineview * 2009/USA) (5€) * Cedartown Georgia, Midnight At The Old Soldiers' Home, I Didn't Move To Arizona For The Weather, Goodbye Goodhue County, Juanita, A Place To Fall Apart ... (produced by Mark Moseley).

RUSTY DRAPER: No Help Wanted (2 CD set) (Jasmine * comp-2009/England) (8€) * Texarkana Baby, The Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Gambler's Guitar, A Little Bit Of Western Style, Doctor - Lawyer - Indian Chief, Freight Train, The Last Frontier ... (66 tracks).

Dave Dudley:

DAVE DUDLEY: King Of The Road (DA Music/Sonia * 1998/Germany) (12€) * Homer And Cole, I Was Country Before Barbara Mandrell, Deutschland Autobahn, Get Me Back To Tennessee, Morning Sun, Don't Need The Rain ... (18 tracks).
DAVE DUDLEY: I'm Stau (KOCH * 1991/Austria) (12€) * Sunday Here In Deutschland, Lotsa Things I'm Gonna Do In Texas, Cowboy Hat, Tavern In Our Town, Hey Hello Highway, Somewhere Between Big "D" And San Antone ... (14 tracks).
DAVE DUDLEY: American Trucker (MME * 2001/USA) (16€) * Don't Mess With Us U.S. Truckers, You Ain't Gonna Truck With Us, I*m Proud To Say I Drive A Truck, Wandering Truck Drivin' Man, Big Wheelin' Son Of A Gun ... (12 tracks).
DAVE DUDLEY: Christmas Truck Stop (MME * 2000/USA) (10€) * Reverend Nicholas, Six Tons Of Toys, I Wish You Were Here, Lonely Christmas Again, Can I Sing A Christmas Song For You ... (12 tracks).
DAVE DUDLEY: Dave Dudley - Hits (MME * comp-1999/USA) (10€) * Cowboy Boots, Fireball Rolled A 7, Fly Away Again, Under Cover Of The Night, Comin' Down, There Ain't No Easy Run ... (10 tracks).

SLIM DUSTY (Australia): The Golden Anniversary Album * No.50 (EMI * comp-1081/Australia) (8€) * Country Revival, Walk A Country Mile, Indian Pacific, Highway Fever, Camooweal, Kelly's Offsider ... (18 tracks).

JIMMY EAVES: Bringing Back Memories (Pureco/JER * 1999/USA) (7€) * Hobo's Meditations, Lovesick Blues, Yonder Comes A Sucker, A Teardrop On A Rose ... (10 tracks).
JIMMY EAVES: Sings Pure Country (Pureco * 1997/USA) (7€) * Cajun Queen From New Orleans, Good Ol' Boy, Family Man, Drive Me Home, The Walls Of this House ... (10 tracks).
JIMMY EAVES & FRANKIE MILLER: Singing Gospel Music The Country Way (Pureco records * 2001/USA) (8€) * Old Country Church, Jesus Dot Com, Faded Bible, His Burders Are Greater Than Mine ... (10 tracks).

STONEY EDWARDS: The Best Of * Poor Folks Stick Together (Razor & Tie * comp-1998/USA) (14€) * Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Souls, Honky Tonk Heaven, Jimmie Rodgers Blues, You can't Call Yourself Country, Odd-Job Dollar-Bill Man ... (20 tracks).
STONEY EDWARDS: Just For Old Times Sake (MCR/RBR/Hill Country * 1991/USA) (14€) * That Old River, They All Come Down, Leaning Toward The Blues, Me And You, Dixie Sundown ... (10 tracks).

RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT: Friends Of Mine (Hightone * 1998/USA) (12€) * Dark As A Dungeon (& Guy Clark), Hard Travelin' (& Jerry Jeff Walker), Bleeker Street Blues, Rex's Blues (& Emmylou Harris-Nanci Griffith), Louise (& Tom Waits), Me And Billy The Kid (& Peter Rowan), Riding Down the Canyon (& Arlo Guthrie), Walls Of Red Wing (& John Prine) ... (12 tracks).
RAMBLIN` JACK ELLIOTT: Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard * compilation-2000/Germany): House Of The Rising Sun, Roving Gambler, Diamond Joe, Guabi Guabi, 1913 Massacre, Blue Eyed Elaine, Dark As A Dungeon, Don't Think Twice It's All Right .... (8€)

BOB & SHEILA EVERHART: 20 American Classics (Prairie Music/Condor * comp-2000/Canada) (6€) * Train Whistle Blues, Wolverton Mountain, Streets Of Laredo, Buffalo Gals, Oklahoma Hills ... (20 tracks).

JIMMY LEE FAUTHEREE: I Found The Doorknob (featuring Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics) (Ecco Fonic Records * 2003/USA) (12€) * Merle's Buck Dance, Box Full Of Git, Drink Up & Go Home, Hayride Boogie ... (16 tracks).

FREDDY FENDER: Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Elap/Success * comp-1996/EEC) (5€) * That Girl Who Waits On Tables, Running Back, Crazy Baby, Mathilda, Enter My Heart ... (20 tracks).
FREDDY FENDER: Freddy Fender * Ready For Freddy (Desperado * comp-1996/Holland) (6€) * Silver Wings, The Rains Came, Wild Side Of Life, The Girl Who Waits On Tables .... (18 tracks).

RED FOLEY: Tennessee Saturday Night * 25 Greatest Hits (Country Stars * comp-2003/Portugal) (7€) * Freight Train Boogie, Tennessee Border, Sunday Down In Tennessee, At Mail Call Today ... (25 tracks).
RED FOLEY & His Crossroad Boys: Stay A Little Longer (Jasmine * comp-2000/England/Czech) (7€) * Hobo Boogie, Pinball Boogie, Whistling Boogie Man, I Gotta See Texas Once More, Rockin' Chair Money, Square Dance Tennessee ... (26 tracks).

TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Sings Songs Of The Civil War * Special Double Play (Capitol * re-1991/USA) (14€) * Stonewall Jackson's Way, The Rebel Soldier, The Southern Wagon, Dixie, Virginia's Bloody Soil, The Fall Of Charleston, The New York Volunteer, Marching Through Georgia, Union Dixie ... (24 tracks).
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: 20 Country Classics (MFP/EMI * comp-1998/EU) (8€) * Rainy Night In Georgia, Take Me Home Country Roads, I've Been To Georgia On A Fast Train ... (20 tracks).

REX & NOELENE FRANKLIN (New Zealand): A Real New Zealand Cowboy Song (Viking/Bear Family 1956-61 * comp-1999/Germany) (12€) * The Ghost Of Tom Dooley, 1000 Miles Ago, The Shearer's Jamboree, Bushman's Rodeo ... (30 tracks).
REX & NOELENE FRANKLIN: Upon The Outlaw Trail (Viking/Bear Family 1961-66 * comp-1999/Germany) (12€) * Mandrake, Roundup Time In Sunny Old Alberta, I'll Take Mine Country Style, Wabash Cannonball, A Ten Year Sentence ... (33 tracks).

DAVID FRIZZELL: For The Love Of Country (King * 1999/USA) (9€) * Murder On Music Row, You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma, Lovesick Blues, Waiting For A Train, Apartment #9 ... (10 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL: David Frizzell 2001 ~ You've Just Been Robbed By Jesse James (Nashville America records * 2001/USA) (8€) * I Ain't Going If There Ain't No Hank, I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home ... (12 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL: Takes To The Road (King * 2001/USA) (8€) * Six Days On The Road, Truck Driver's Blues, California Turnarounds, Ballad Of A Bootlegger King, Set 'Em Up Joe, Midnight Run To Dixie ... (10 tracks).
DAVID FRIZZELL & Friends: David Frizzell & Friends (Nashville America records * 2008/USA) (5€) * (alunperin vain pahvikotelossa, tehty oma kansi muovikoteloon sopivaksi) * Cowboy hat (& Bobby Bare), Somethin' 'Bout You (& Lacy J.Dalton) ... other guests: Merle Haggard, Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Watson ... (20 tracks).

The Geezinslaws:
I Wish I Had A Job To Shove

(Step One * 1994/USA).

I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight,
Because Of Country Music I've Gone Crazy,
You Wouldn't Put The Shuck On Me ...
(9 music tracks + comedy)


DON GIBSON: 18 Greatest Hits (Curb * comp-1990/USA) (8€) * Country Green, Sea Of heartbreak, I'm All Wrapped Up In You, Is This The Best I'm Gonna Feel ... (18 tracks).
DON GIBSON: Classic Cuts * Oh Lonesome Me (QED/K-Tel * coll-98/England) (18 songs). (6€)

JIMMIE DALE GILMORE: Spinning Around The Sun (WB/Elektra * 1993/USA) (10€) * Santa Fe Thief, Another Colorado, Reunion (& Lucinda Willaims), Mobile Line (France Blues), I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ... (12 tracks).
JIMMIE DALE GILMORE: After Awhile (Elektra/Warner * 1991/USA) (8€).

STEVE GOODMAN: Steve Goodman (Orig. Buddah 1971 * Sequel Records re-1990/England) (9€) * Donald And Lydia, Eight Ball Blues, City Of New Orleans, Turnpike Tom, Jazzman, Yellow Coat, Rainbow Road, You Never Even Call Me By My Name ... (12 tracks).

TOMPALL GLASER: Another Log On The Fire / Hillbilly Central #2 (Bear Family/MGM * 1974-75/Germany) (13€) * Country Gospel Good Book Rock 'n' Roll, Mendocino, Old New Orleans Custom, The Hunger, West Canterbury Subdivision Blues, Broken Down Mama, T For Texas, Time Changes Everything, Good Hearted Woman ... (24 tracks).

JOSH GRAVES: World Famous Dobro (Starday/King * 2001/USA) (12€) * Columbus Stockade Blues, Wreck Of The Old '97, Maple On The Hill, Nine Pound Hammer, Down In The Valley, In The Pines ... (12 tracks).

CLAUDE GRAY: Great Country Roads Vol.1 (Sunrise Records * 1995/USA) (12€) * Big Diamonds, Take Me Home Country Roads, Country Bumpkin, Canadian Pacific, Old Habits, He'll Have To Go ... (15 tracks).

The DAMIAN GREEN Band: The Best Of (Damian Green Band * 2005/recorded in Austin, Texas, USA) (5€) * Ida Red, Take Me Back To TUlsa, Alabama Jubilee, Nagasaki, Orange Blossom Special, The Devil With The Devil ... (12 tracks).

DURWOOD HADDOCK: The Texas Honky Tonk Blues (Eagle International * 1995/USA) (hard-core Texas country!) (12€) * Beneath A Neon Star In A Honky Tonk, Just Call Me Lonesome, There She Goes ... (10 tracks).

MARTY HAGGARD: Borders & Boundaries (Critique * 1996/USA) (8€) * Rollin' River, Second Opinion, Amnesia, In The Afterlife, If There's Life After Death ... (12 tracks).

STEVE HAGGARD: Rough Edge (Wild Oates Records * 1994/USA) (8€) * That's How I Got To Memphis, Ramblin' Man, Forgettin' You Bottle By Bottle, Miles To Go Before I Sleep, Rockin' Blues #11 ... (11 tracks).
STEVE HAGGARD: Push Comes To Shove (Wild Oats Records * 1991/USA) (8€) * Cherokee Falls, Workin' Man's Hands, Me - You = Blues, Long Gone By Morning, What Town Is This?, Giving Her Up ... (10 tracks).
STEVE HAGGARD: Make Your Move (Wild Oats Records * 1996/USA) (8€) * Home To Nashville Blues, Blue River Falls, Black Dog, Life Is A Mystery, One Used Wedding Ring, Wine And Memories ... (11 tracks).

JEFFREY HALFORD & The Healers: Railbirds (Shoeless * 2005/USA) (guest: Augie Meyers) (5€) * South Of Bakersfield, Vancouver Rain, Watching The Trains, Nine Hard Days, Carmalina, Out On The Run ... (14 tracks).

Tom T.Hall:

Tom T.Hallin neljδ ensimmδistδ albumia vuosilta 1969-71 koottuna sellaisinaan kahdelle Bear Familyn CD-albumille (Tom T.Hall's four first albums in two Bear Family CDs):

TOM T.HALL: Ballad Of Forty Dollars/Homecoming (Mercury/Bear Family 1969-70 * re-1992/Germany) (28€) * Nashville Is A Groovy Little Town, The Carter Boys, Highways, Ain't Got Time, I Miss A Lot Of Trains, Kentucky In The Morning, Strawberry Farms, George And The Northwoods ... (23 tracks).
TOM T.HALL: I Witness Life/100 Children (Mercury/Bear Family 1970-71 * re-1992/Germany) (28€) * Pinto The Wonder Horse Is Dead, I Want To See The Parade, Girls In Saigon City, Salute To A Switschblade, Thank You Connersville Indiana, America The Ugly, The Hitch-hiker, I Hope It Rains At My Funeral ... (22 tracks).

GEORGE HAMILTON IV: The Best Of (Sony/BMG * comp-2006/EU) (10€) * Country Music In My Soul, West Texas Highway, I'm Gonna Be A Country Boy Again, Steel Rail Blues, My Nova Scotia Home, Streets Of London ... (22 tracks).

GEORGE HAMILTON V: Honky-Tonk DeLuxe (DixieFrog * 2002/France) (6€) * Midnight At A Redlight, Edinburgh, Pass Me By, Black Coffee, New Shoes, Roll With The Punches ... (14 tracks).
GEORGE HAMILTON V: Roll With The Punches (Massive Country * 1995/Australia) (6€) * Ghost Town, Little Red Robin, Down In Flames, You And Yesterday, Forget About Me ... (12 tracks).

JAMES HAND: The Truth Will Set You Free (Rounder * 2006/USA) (12€) * Banks Of the Brazos, In The Corner - At The Table - By The Jukebox, Just An Old Man With An Old Song, Here Lies A Good Old Music ... (12 tracks).

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: 22 Greatest Hits (Deluxe/Highland * coll-1997/USA) (9€) * Pan American, Rattlesnakin' Daddy, Lonesome 7-7203, Slow Poke, Dog House Boogie, I Love You A Thousand Ways, Love Died Tonight ... (22 tracks).
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Radio Memories Of The Late Hawkshaw Hawkins (Buster Bronco * comp-2003/Germany) (8€) (from Country Music Time, Country Style USA and Red Foley Show) * Bad News Travels Fast, Guilty Of Dreaming, Rebound, The Long Way, Darkness On The Face Of The Earth, If It Ain't On The Menu ... (guest: steel guitarist ~ Jerry Byrd) (25 tracks).
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: His Everlasting Hits (Nashville/Starday * LP re-issue * USA) (8€) * I'm Slowlύ Dying Of A Broken Heart, Memories Always Linger On, A Heartache To Recall, Some Of These Nights ... (10 tracks).

LEE HAZLEWOOD: Poet, Fool Or Bum * Back On The Street Again (2 orig. LPs - One CD) (EMI/Zonophone * 1973-77 * this comp. 2004/EU) (16€) * Nancy And Me, Suddenly Tennessee, A Rider On A White Horse, Dolly And Hawkeye, Dolly Parton's Guitar ... (21 tracks).
LEE HAZLEWOOD: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' * The Complete MGM Recordings (2 CD-set) (MGM/ACE Records 1965-69 * this comp. 2002/England) (16€) * Summer Wine (& Suzi Jane Hokum), This Town, Mannford Oklahoma, The Old Man And His Guitar, Fort Worth, Batman (instrumental) ... (35 tracks).
LEE HAZLEWOOD: For Every Solution There's A Problem (City Slang/Okemah * 2002/Germany) (14€) * Your Thunder & Your Lightning, Dirtnap Stories, Buying Back, Strangers - Lovers - Friends, For My Birthday ... (11 tracks).

BOBBY HELMS: This Song's For You (Playback * 1989/USA) (9€) * Troubles Wall To Wall, Southern Belle, The Best Man, April Fool, Somebody Wrong Is Looking Right ... (10 tracks).
BOBBY HELMS: Fraulein * The Classic Years (2 CD-set) (Decca/Bear Family 1955-62 * comp-1992/Germany) (16€) * SchoolBoy Crush, yesterday's Champagne, Jacqueline, Lonely River Rhine, New River Train ... (62 tracks).

CHRIS HILLMAN & HERB PEDERSEN: Bakersfield Sound (Sugar Hill * 1996/USA) (12€) * The Lost Highway, Playboy, Close Up The Honky Tonks, It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad), Time Goes So Slow ... (13 tracks).

DOYLE HOLLY: Best Of Doyle Holly Vol.1 (Doyle Holly * comp/USA) (14€) * Richard And The Cadillac Kings, Sold American, Queen Of The Starlight Ball, 24 Hours From Tulsa, Who Sent My Ex To Texas ... (14 tracks9).
DOYLE HOLLY: Together Again (OMS Records * 2003/USA) (14€) * Love's Gonna Live Here (& Buck Owens), Mental Cruelty (& Jeannie Seely), Act Naturally (& Bobby Osborne), Sam's Place, My Heart Skips A Beat ... (15 tracks).

JOHNNY HORTON: The Ballads Of Johnny Horton (Columbia/Bear Family 1951-60 * comp-2010/Germany) (14€) * Comanche (The Brave Horse), Jim Bridger, Johnny Rebm Lost Highway, Meant So Little To You, CounterfeitLove ... (25 tracks).

HARLAN HOWARD: Country Music Hall Of Fame 1997 (King * comp-2002/USA) (8€) * Mister Professor, Uncle Sam, Sunday Morning Christian, Three Cheers For The Good Guys, A Little More Time ... (9 tracks).

RAY WYLIE HUBBARD: Crusades Of The Restless Knights (Philo/Rounder * 1999/USA). (12€)

FERLIN HUSKY: Absolutely The Best (EMI/Fuel * comp-2004/USA) (12€) * I Feel Better All Over, Forgive Me John, My Reason For Living, Draggin' The River, Cuzz Yore So Sweet (as "Simon Crum") ... (15 trcaks).
FERLIN HUSKY: Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun (Javelin/Prairie Country * 1997/Israel) (12€) * Convoy, Little Joe, Phantom 309, Me And Old CB, Lookin' At the World Through A Windshield, Drunken Driver ... (14 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun (KRB * 1997/USA) (8€) * Hello I'm A Truck, Phantom 309, Teddy Bear, Six Days On The Road, Giddy-Up-Go, Don't Fall Asleep At The Wheel, Truck Driver's Blues ... (10 tracks).
FERLIN HUSKY: The Best Of The Best (Federal / King * 1999/USA) (10 tracks) A Dear John Letter (with Jean Shepard), Money Greases The Wheels, Timber I'm Falling, Country Music Is Here To Stay, Little Tom .... (8€)

JAMES INTVELD: Somewhere Down The Road (MM Records * 2002/Holland) (9€) * All The Way From Memphis, Modern Don Juan, If I Should Lose Youn Stringin' Me On ... (12 tracks).
JAMES INTVELD: James Intveld (Bear Family * 1995/Germany) (9€) * Kermit Vale, Blue Blue Day, Samantha, Wild Places, Perfect World, I'm To Blame ... (10 tracks).

CHUCK IRVIN (Canada): I've Got Precious Memories (Showboy Records * 1996/Canada) (6€) * Dusty Saddles, I Can read Between The Lines, Pretty Roses, There Are Secrets ... (10 tracks).

BUD ISAACS (steel guitarist): Bud's Bounce (RCA/Bear Family 1954-56 * comp-2006/Germany) (12€) * Steel Guitar Breakdown, Bud's Steel Guitar Stomp, Steelin' Home, By The Waters Of Minnetonka, Cowboy Conga, Texas Playboy Rag ... (25 tracks).

ALAN JACKSON: Don’t Rock The Jukebox (Arista * 1991/Germany) (5€).
ALAN JACKSON: Under The Influence (Arista * 1999/EU) (6€) * The Blues Man ~ A Tribute To Hank Williams Jr, Margaritaville (& Jimmy Buffett), She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs, Revenooer Man, Pop A Top ... (12 tracks).
ALAN JACKSON: Who Am I (Arista * 1994/USA) (5€).
ALAN JACKSON: High Mileage (AristA* 1998/EU) (5€).
ALAN JACKSON: When Somebody Loves You (Arista * 2000/EU) (5€).
ALAN JACKSON: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (2-set) (26 tracks) (Arista * 2003/Australia) (6€).

Stonewall Jackson:

STONEWALL JACKSON: The Little Darlin Sound Of Stonewall Jackson (Little Darlin/KOCH 1979 * comp-2004/USA) (12€) * Alcohol Of Fame, Jesus Took The Outlaw Out Of Me, Spirits Of St. Louis, Listening To Johnny Paycheck, Leona, We're The Kind Of People That Make The Jukebox Play ... (20 tracks).
STONEWALL JACKSON: The Dynamic Stonewall Jackson (Sony * comp-1993/USA) (10€) * Man Has Cried, The Carpet On The Floor, Uncle Sam And Big John Bull, Run, Ward Of Broken Hearts ... (12 tracks).
STONEWALL JACKSON: Waterloo (Laserlight/First Generation * 1981/1993 * USA) (9€) * Full Moon Empty Pockets, I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal, There's No Shortcuts, Let The Sun Shine On The People ... (12 tracks).
STONEWALL JACKSON: Waterloo (Black Cat * 2003/Czech republic) (9€) * Herman Schwartz, BJ The DJ, Read Between The Lines, Wasked My hands In Muddy Water, Keep Off The Grass ... (12 tracks).

Sonny James:
The Sonny James Country Collection

(Capitol/Knight * comp-1991/England).

Empty Arms, Endlessly,
Don't Keep Me Hanging On, Take Good Care Of Her,
Bright Lights Big City ... (14 tracks)


Sonny James:
The Best Of Sonny James

(Curb * 1991/USA).

Heaven On Earth, Room In Your Heart,
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree,
Behind The Tear ... (12 tracks)


FLACO JIMENEZ: Partners (Reprise * 1992/USA) (guests: Stephen Stills, Dwight Yoakam, Linda Ronstadt, John Hiatt, Ry Cooder ...) (8€) * El Puente Roto, Marina, Carmelita, The Girls From Texas ... (11tr).

JAMEY JOHNSON: The Dollar (BNA/Sony/BGM * 2006/USA) (8€) * Flying Silver Eagle, Ray Price's Juke Joint, Redneck Side Of Me, Keepin' Up With the Jonesin' (& George Jones) ... (11 tracks).

JOHNNY JOHNSON: Paint It Country (JJ Records * 2000/USA) (6€) * Daddy On the Radio, The Rancher And The Drought, I Just Came Home To Count The Memories, Happy Hour, Blue Norther ... (12 trcaks).

GRANDPA JONES: 28 Greatest Hits (King * comp-1998/USA) (6€) * Down In Dixie (Where They Say You All), East Bound Greight Train, I Don't Know Gee From Haw, My Little Nagging Wife, Uncle Eph's Got The Coon ... (28 tracks).
GRANDPA JONES: Country Music Hall Of Fame Serie (MCA * comp-1992/USA) (8€) * The All-American Boy, Don't Bring Your Banjo Home, Old Towzer, The Huntin's Over For Tonight, When The Jones' Get Together ... (16 tracks).

TOBY KEITH: Pull My Chain (Dreamworks * 2001/USA). (6€)

SAMMY KERSHAW: Maybe Not Tonight (Mercury * 1999/USA). (6€)
SAMMY KERSHAW: Feelin` Good Train (Mercury * 1993/USA). (6€)
SAMMY KERSHAW: Politics, Religion And Her (Mercury * 1996/USA) (6€).

HAL KETCHUM: Every Little Word (Curb/Hit * 1994/England) (6€).
HAL KETCHUM: I Saw The Light (Curb/Hit * 1998/England) (6€).
HAL KETCHUM: Awaiting Redemption (Curb * 1999/USA * promo copy) (6€).

MERLE KILGORE: Teenager's Holiday (Imperial/Mercury - Bear Family 1954-62 * comp-1991/Austria) (20€) * 42 In Chicago, Ride Jesse Ride, Tom Dooley Jr, Wicked City, Lover's Hell, I'll Take Ginger And Run Away ... (30 tracks).

BOB KING (Canada): Songs That Tell A Story (Banff/Bear Family * 1993/Germany) (8€) * Cowboy, Mary Ann Regrets, The Ballad Of The Chapeau Boys, Patanio The Pride Of the Plains ... (30 tracks).

CLAUDE KING: Cowboy In The White House (SUN * 2003/USA) (14€) * I'm Building A Bridge, Sink The Bismarck, North To Alaska, Watchman, Little Buddy, The Night I Cried, A Little Bitty Heart ... (11 tracks).

DAVE KIRBY: Is Anybody Going To San Antoine? (Heart Of Texas Records * 2004/USA) (20€) * Colorado, There Ain't No Good Chain Gang, Mobile Bay, Sidewalks Of Chicago, What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana .., (10 tracks).

HIGHWAYMEN (Cash-Nelson-Jennings-Kris): The Highwayman Collection (Columbia/Sony * comp-1999/USA) (9€) * Texas, Living Legend, Silver Stallion, American Remains, Welfare Line ... (20 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: The Road Goes On Forever (Liberty * 1995/England) (7€) * Death And Hell, The Devil's Right Hand, True Love Travels A Gravel Road, Waiting For A Long Time ... (11 tracks).
HIGHWAYMEN: Highwayman 2 (CBS * 1990/Austria) (9€) * Born Amd Raised In Black And White, Angels Love Bad Men, Songs That Make A Difference, Two Stories Wide ... (10 tracks).

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON-BILLY JOE SHAVER-WAYLON JENNINGS-WILLIE NELSON: Honky Tonk Heroes (Pedernales * 1999/USA) (16€) * We Are The Cowboys, Oklahoma Wind, I Couldn't Be Me Without You, Tramp On The Street, Ain't No God In Mexico ... (10 tracks).

Kris Kristofferson:
Me And Bobby McGee

(CBS * comp-1988/USA).

Duvalier's Dream, Casey's Last Ride,
Just Another Side Of Nowhere,
The Law Is For Protection Of People ... (12 tracks)


Kris Kristofferson:
The Country Collection

(Spectrum/Polygram * comp-1998/UK).

Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down,
The Eagle And The Bear, The Old Road,
The Hero, Jesse Jackson ... (20 tracks)


Kris Kristofferson:
Super Hits

(Monument/Sony * comp-1999/Austria).

Help Me Make It Through The Night, Why Me,
To Beat The Devil, The Pilgrim: Chapter 33,
Loving Her Was Easier ... (10 tracks)


Kris Kristofferson:
Silver Tongued Devil And I

(Happy Days * Holland).

The Bandit Of Beverly Hills,
Magdalena, Daddy's Song, He's My Buddy,
Kiss The World Goodbye ... (16 songs)


JIM LAUDERDALE: The Hummingbirds (Dualtone * 2002/USA) * I'm Happiest When I'm Moving, Jacob's Ladder, Rollin' The Dice, New Cascade ... (13 tracks) (8€).
JIM LAUDERDALE & RALPH STANLEY & The Clinch Mountain Boys: I Feel Like Singing Today (Dualtone * 2002/USA) * (10€) Who Thought The Railroad Wouldn't Last, Highway Through My Home, Who Will Sing For Me ... (15 tracks).

TRACY LAWRENCE: I See It Now (Atlantic * 1994/Germany) (6€).

JOHNNY LEE: New Directions (Curb * 1989/USA) (8€) * By-Pass Row, Anni, Cross My heart, You can't Fly Like An eagle, I Can Be A Heartbreaker Too, Maybe I Won't Love You Anymore ... (10 tracks).

CHESTER LESTER: The Songwriter (CMC * 1998/Sweden) (5€) * Hide-A-Way Heaven, The Man In The Mirror, The Piper Came Today, Some Men Sure Got Some Nerve, Young Men In A Hurry ... (14 tracks).
CHESTER LESTER: Too Close To Call (CLM Records * 2007/USA) (5€) * Hide-A-Way Heaven, The Man In The Mirror, The Piper Came Today, Some Men Sure Got Some Nerve, Young Men In A Hurry ... (14 tracks).

Jerry Lee Lewis:

JERRY LEE LEWIS: Young Blood (SIRE Records * 1995/USA) (9€) * I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive, Gotta Travel On, Crown Victoria Custom, House Of The Blue Lights, It Was The Whiskey Talkin' - Not Me, High Blood Pressure ... (14 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: In Concert (Pet Rock/Disky * 2005/Holland) (9€) * Keep My Motor Runnin', Careless Hands, Shorty, CC Rider, Meat Man, Sweet Little Sixteen, Chantilly Lace ... (13 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: Pretty Much Country (ACE * Nashville material 1982-84 * comp-1992/England-Germany) (12€) * Honky Tonk Heaven, Daughters Of Dixie, Honky Tonk Heart, That Was The Way It Was Then, Honky Tonk Rock'N'Roll Piano Man, Have I Got A Song For You ... (16 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: The Country Sound Of (Pickwick * comp-1987/England) (6€) * Jambaylaya, My Old Pal Of yesterday, Ramblin' Rose, Lovesick Blues, Crazy Heart, That Lucky Old SDun, Long Gone Lonesome Blues ... (18 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: The Best Of (Sound/SUN * comp-1990/Holland) (6€) * Little Queenie, Frankie And Johnny, Good Golly Miss Molly, Breathless, Big Legged Woman ... (writng on back cover) (20 tracks).
JERRY LEE LEWIS: Jerry Lee Lewis (2 CD-Set) (Essential/Newsound/Penny * comp-1996/England) (12€) * Me And Bobby McGee, Drinkin' Hadacol, Big Legged Woman, No Headstone On My Grave, I Wish I Was Eighteen Again ... (36 tracks).

Jerry Lee Lewis:
Jerry Lee Lewis - Classic Live Collection

(Cedar/Going For A Song * England).

Honky Tonk Angels, Me And Bobby McGee,
Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Think About It Darlin,
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone ... (18 tracks)


Jerry Lee Lewis:
The Greatest Hits

(IMP/Pickwick * comp-1985/England).

Big Blon Baby, One Minute Past Eternity,
Lewis Boogie, Hello Josephine,
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee ... (18 tracks)


REG LINDSAY: 20 Golden Country Greats (Festival * 1969-79/comp-1992 * Australia) (16€) * When My Truckin' Days Are Gone, It Takes A Drinkin' Man, Armstrong, Mule Skinner Blues, Queen Of The Starlight Ballroom ... (10 tracks).
REG LINDSAY: The Best Of (Festival * 1972/comp-1992 * Australia) (14€) * Jungles Of Vietnam, Country Hall Of Fame, Truck Drivin' Man, Bowen River Rodeo, My Gal Country Style, City Lights, Four Walls ... (15 tracks).

Sherwin Linton:

SHERWIN LINTON: Hello, I'm Not Johnny Cash (Black Gold Records * re-2002/USA) ("Recorded LIVE at the South Dakota State Penitentiary - August 9th, 1971) (20€) * Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Custer, Folsom Prison Blues, Doin' My Time, Cotton King, Jackson, Cocaine Blues, Flesh & Blood, A Boy Named Sue, Sunday Morning Coming Down, The Rebel, Ring Of Fire ... (35 tracks).
SHERWIN LINTON: Dakota Railroad Town Centennial (Black Gold Records * 2005/USA) (12€) * Papa Played The Dobro, The Blizzard, Stars And Stripes Over Iwo Jima, Old Abandoned Railroad Station ... (21 tracks).
SHERWIN LINTON: Town Of Dreams Centennial * Celebrating 100 Years Lake Norden, South Dakota (Black Gold Records * 2007/USA) (12€) * Country Pride, Good Old Mountain Dew, Country Table, That Old Gravel Road ... (19 tracks).
SHERWIN LINTON: This Is My Story (Black Gold Records * 2001/USA) (8€) * Church In The Wildwood, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder ... (8 tracks * with "The Old Pump organ".)
SHERWIN LINTON & Friends: It Happened In America (Black Gold Records * 2003/USA) (12€) * We Need A More Guitars And A Lot Less Guns On The Streets Of America, Sick Sober And Sorry And Stuck In Stickney South Dakota Singing Sunday Morning Coming Down In September In The Rain, Road Rage Rudy, Sherwin Rocks On More Guitar, She Was Kissed By Elvis, Blame It All On El Nino ... (19 tracks).
SHERWIN & PAM LINTON: In A Nineteenth Century Lifetime (Black Gold Records * 2003/USA) (12€) * El Paso, The Wayward Wind, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Somewhere Between Deadwood & Laredo, Ballad Of The Alamo ... (12 tracks).
SHERWIN & PAM LINTON & The Cotton Kings: At Home For The Holidays ~ Christmas (Black Gold Records * 2003/USA) (8€) * Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas, Trucking Trees For Christmas, A Soldiers Visit From Santa ... (22 tracks).
SHERWIN & PAM LINTON & Jimmie Driftwood: Driftwood On The River ~ A Tribute To Jimmie Driftwood and the Music Of the Ozarks (Black Gold Records * 1996/USA) (20€) * The Battle Of New Orleans, Reverend Mr. Black, Tennessee Stud, Arkansas Traveler, River Of No Return .... (27 tracks).

Sherwin Linton:
Heartland Centennial

(Black Gold Records * 2001/1990 * USA).

Get Rhythm, Sioux City Sue, The Mighty Man,
Billy Boy, Osmond Centennial Ballad,
Home On The Range, Red River Valley ... (23 tracks)


Sherwin Linton:
The Last American Frontier Centennial

(Black Gold Records * 2002/USA).

Ragged Old Flag, Milk Bucket Boogie,
Wait For The Wagon Phyllis, Waiting For A Train,
In My Merry Oldsmobile ... (30 tracks)


HANK LOCKLIN: Generations In Song (Coldwater records * 2001/USA) (with friends: Dolly Parton, Jan Howard, Vince Gill, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie Seely & Jett Williams) (16€) * Country Honey, Danny Boy, Almost Persuaded, Flying South, Anna, Hey Good Looking, Grow Old Beside Me, Ain't You Even Gonna Cry ... (19 tracks).

JIMMIE LOGSDON (=Jimmie Lloyd): I Got A Rocket In My Pocket - the Complete 50s Recordings (Bear Family/Decca 1952-58 * comp-1993/Germany) (12€) * The Death Of Hank Williams, Pa-Paya Mama, Hank Williams Sings The Blues No More, In The Mission Of St. Augustine, One Way Ticket To Nowhere, Where The Old Red River Flows ... (29 tracks).

LONZO & OSCAR: There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea (B.A.C.M * CD-R * 2007/England) (7€) * Charming Betsy, My Adobe Hacienda, Knock Kneed Suzy, Mona Lisa, You Blacked My Blue Eyes Once Too Often ... (26 tracks).

JOHN D. LOUDERMILK: Blue Train (RCA 1961-63/Bear Family comp-1989/Germany) (14€) * Callin' Doctor Casey, Mister Jones, Angela Jones, Jimmie's Song, The Rocks Of Reno, The Bully Of The Beach ... (26 tracks).

CHARLIE LOUVIN: The Longest Train (Watermelon Records * 1996/USA) (8€) * Cash On The Barrelhead, Stone-Deaf Dumb And Blind, Queen Of The Bayou, Turn Around .... (12 tracks).
CHARLIE LOUVIN: ... And That's The Gospel (Playback Records * 1991/USA) I Feel Like Traveling On (with Jim & Jesse), I've Known A Lady (& Little Jimmy Dickens) ... (8€)
CHARLIE LOUVIN: The Sound Of Days To Come (Country Discovery * 1999/USA) (8€) * America, Fire And Rain, Helen's Arms, Diana, Ira, This Old House, Mama's Rocking Chair ... (15 tracks).
CHARLIE LOUVIN: Charlie Louvin (Tompkins Square * 2007/USA) (with Bobby Bare, Tom T. Hall, George Jones ...) (12€) * Ira, Waiting For A Train, Great Atomic Power, The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea ... (12 tracks).
CHARLIE LOUVIN: 50 Years Of Makin' Music (Playback Records * 1991/USA) (18€) * Country Boy's Dream (& Waylon Jennings-George Jones), Makin' Music (& Willie & Waylon), This Darn Pen (& Willie Nelson), Are There Any Lonely Women Here Tonight (& Charlie Daniels), Back In Harmony (& Tanya Tucker), Just Beyond The Pain (& Crystal Gayle), Takes Love To Know Love (& Melba Montgomery) ... (11 tracks).

JOE MAPHIS: Fire On The Strings * King Of The Strings (Columbia/Sony 1955-59 * comp-2001/USA) (12€) * The Rockin' Gypsy, Hurricane, Early American, Guitar Rock And Roll, Tennessee Two Step, Bully Of The Town ... (19 tracks).

BUTCH MARTIN: People, Places And Mules (BSW Records * 2005/USA) (7€) * Last Of The Singing Cowboys, Rayburn Crane, Wyoming On My Mind, Only A Rodeo Clown, The Reverend Mr. Black, Timothy's Guitar ... (13 tracks).
BUTCH MARTIN: Whittler's Corner (BSW Records * 2004/USA) (7€) * Navajo Rug, Firehouse Cafe, Whiskey Train, Ten Miles From Redbird, Wayfaring Stranger, Restless Wind ... (12 tracks).
BUTCH MARTIN: Come Ride The Wagon (BSW Records * 2004/USA) (7€) * Song Of Wyoming, Goodbye Montana, Mojave, Tennessee Stud, Henry Luther Little, The Wagon Tongue, Little Bear Station ... (11 tracks).

DUSTY MARTIN: Flyin' High Over Texas (Texas Rose Records * 1994/USA) (7€) * Reachin' Up To Touch The Bottom, Take Good Care Of My Woman, Get Your Stuff Together, It Ain't Worth Fixin' ... (14 tracks).

GLYNN MARTIN: Moving On - Home Away From Home (Country Discovery * 2000/USA) (6€) * If I Had Wings To Fly, Way Down Inside My Heart, I Knew My Day Would Come, We're Losing Ground ... (10 tracks).
GLYNN MARTIN: Uncle Sam, Mr. Jukebox And My Ex-Wife (Country Discovery * 2001/USA) (6€) * The Diplomat, Puttin' Down The Bottle, Daddy's Sunday Morning Go To Meeting Suit, Lucille, Rusty ... (12 tracks).

Darrell McCall:

DARRELL McCALL: A Way To Survive (Artap * 1995/USA) (10€) * After Texas, Hide And Go Cheat, Set Me Down Where Country Music Plays, If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It ... (10 tracks).
DARRELL McCALL: Lily Dale (Ernest Tubb Record Shop * 2000?/USA) (10€) * Sad Songs And Waltzes, Tennessee, I Come Home To Face The Music, Pins And Needles, It's My Lazy Day ... (10 tracks).
DARRELL McCALL: Old Memories And Wine (Heart Of Texas Records * USA) (10€) * On This Mountain Top, Divorce Me C.O.D, When Your House Is Not A Home, April First, Mary Dear ... (12 tracks).
DARRELL McCALL: All She Did Was Fall In Love (Artap * 1992/USA) (10€) * Christmas In Cell #9, Coco Driel, Cherie, Lonesome Shade Of Blue, Be A Good Girl, The Man I Used To Be ... (10 tracks).
DARRELL McCALL: The Essential (Heart Of Texas Records * 2006/USA) (12€) * Down The Road Of Daddy's Dreams, The Fiddling Of Jaxques Pierre Brodeaux, Willie B, Face To The Wall (& Justin Trevino) ... (15 tracks).
DARRELL McCALL & The Tennessee Volunteers: Reunion (BGM * 1986/USA) (10€) * Waltz Across Texas, Sally Bryson, Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone, I'll Break Out Again Tonight ... (10 tracks).

SKEETS McDONALD: Goin' Steady With The Blues (Righteous * comp-2009/England) (8€) * You Oughta See Grandma Rock, Forth Worth Jail, The Tattooed Lady, Birthday Cake Boogie ... (20 tracks).

TIM McGRAW: Everywhere (Curb * 1997/England) (6€).
TIM McGRAW: All I Want (Curb / Hit * 1995/UK) (6€).

FRANKIE MILLER: Sugar Coated Baby (Bear Family/Gilt Edge 1951-56 * comp-1996/Germany) (12€) * Paint Powder And Perfume, Paid In Full, You'll Never Be True, I Can't Run Away, Barefoot Blues ... (30 tracks).
FRANKIE MILLER: The Comeback * Blackland Farmer (Cowboy Capital * 1999/USA) (14€) * Troubadour, Katy Malone, That's The Way It Was In 1951, Bring On The Bluebirds, Heaven For The Weekend ...
FRANKIE MILLER & JIMMY EAVES: Singing Gospel Music The Country Way (Pureco records * 2001/USA) (8€) * Old Country Church, Jesus Dot Com, Faded Bible, His Burders Are Greater Than Mine ... (10 tracks).

NED MILLER: From A Jack To A King (Bear Family/Capitol 1956-64 * comp-1991/Germany) (12€) * Roll O'Rollin' Stone, Cold Gray Bars, Magic Moon, The Man Behind The Gun, Billy Carino, Stage Coach, Dusty Guitar ... (31 tracks).

ROGER MILLER : Oh Boy Classics Presents Roger Miller (Oh Boy/Tree * comp-2000(USA) (7€) * You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd, My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died, Kansas City Star, England Swings ... (16 tracks).
ROGER MILLER: King Of The Road (EPIC * comp-1992/USA) (6€) * Me And Bobby McGee, Don't We All Have The Right, In The Summertime, Release Me, Husbands And Wives ... (10 tracks).
ROGER MILLER: Golden Hits (Mercury/Polygram * comp-1987/Canada) (6€) * Atta Boy Girl, One Dying And A Burying, Engine Engine #9, Dang Me, Chug-A-Lug ... (11 tracks).
ROGER MILLER: Golden Hits (Smash * comp-1987/Germany) (6€) * Atta Boy Girl, One Dying And A Burying, Engine Engine #9, Dang Me, Chug-A-Lug ... (11 tracks).

JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY: Kickin` It Up (Atlantic * 1994) (6€).

GEORGE MORGAN: George Morgan Meets Little Roy Wiggins (Steel Guitar Man) ~ 25 Ballads And Lovesongs * featuring 2 duets daughter Lorrie Morgan (Tree/Repertoire Records) (8€) * Gentle Rains At Home, Mr. Ting-A-Ling Steel Guitar Man, Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town, Sing My Blues A Birthday Song ... (25 songs).

LAMAR MORRIS: Walls Of Memories (Barrister Records * 2000/USA) (8€) * The Night A Country Star Was Born, Tijuana Sunrise, I Can't Help Myself, Texas, Cheap And Used, The Question ... (12 tracks).

TEX MORTON (Australia): Tex Morton - The Original (Lucky Country * comp-1993/Australia) (8€) * Trvael By Train, Peg Leg Jack, The Ned Kelly Song, Barnacle Bill The Sailor, Rocky New (The Outlaw) ... (12 tracks).
TEX MORTON: 20 Golden Greats (Festival 1965-81/comp-1990 * Australia) (8€) * You And My Old Guitar,The Man On The Flying Trapeze, Glass On the Bar, Bullocky Bill, Mick Dooley's Pants, Abdulla Bul-Bul Ameer ... (20 tracks).
TEX MORTON & SISTER DORRIE (Larrikin * comp-1996 * Australia) (8€) * The Yellow Rose Of texas, Mandrake, Soldier's Sweetheart, Old Rover, Wyoming Willie, Red River Valley, The Martins & The Coys ... (21 tracks).

MOON MULLICAN: Moon's Rock (Bear Family/Coral/Decca/Hallway/Kapp 1958-63 * comp-1992/Germany) (12€) * Quarter Mile Rows, The Cajun Coffee Song, Sweet Rockin' Music, Jenny Lee, I Was Sorta Wonderin', Colinda ... (323 tracks).
MOON MULLICAN: Sings His All-Time Hits (King/Highland * re-1988/USA) (10€).

JIM MUNDY: How Many Hanks (Prairie Dust Records * 2006/USA) (8€) * "B" Western Heroes, Bust Out, With The Sun At My Back, I'll Love You All Over Again ... (10 tracks).

ORVILLE NASH (USA): Big Rig Driver (Scana * 2006/Sweden) (8€) * Highway Patrol, Six More Miles To The Graveyard, Mama Knows The Highway, Gone Country, My Rifle - My Pony And Me, Rawhide ... (15 tracks).

JIM NESBITT: The Best Of (Lost Gold Records * comp-1999/USA) (8€) * Truck Drivin' Vat With Nine Wives, Phone Call From The Devil, It's Great To Stay In The USA, Please Mr. Kennedy, Tiger In My Tank, Runnin' Bare ... (20 tracks).

Jimmy C. Newman:

JIMMY C. NEWMAN: The Cajun Way (Montana Country * 1988/Switzerland) (10€) * Acadiana Bound, Pictol Packin' Mama, Nicolette, Chanky Chank Music, Georgia Lou ... (10tr).
JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Famous Country Music Makers (Sanctuary/Castle Pulse * coll-2001/England) (8€) * DJ For A Day, Alligator Man, Git Along Little Dogies, A Fallen Star ... (16tr).
JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Greatest Hits - Volume One (Plantation * Sun Collector Classics *1980/Canada) (8€) * The Happy Cajun, Diggy Liggy Lo, Colinda, Daydreamin', Blue Darlin' ... (10tr).
JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Cajun Man * 20 Cajun Favourites (Hallmark * comp-1996/England) (8€) * Thibodeaux & His Cajun Band, Grand Chenier, A Cajun Man Can, Daydreamin', Sweet Suzanna, Louisiana Saturday Night ... (20 tracks).
JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Louisiana Saturday Night (Plantation/Charly * coll-1987/England) (10€) * A Cajun Man Can, Boo Dan, Hippie Ti Yo, Big Texas, Grand Chenier, Basile Waltz ... (23tr).

NEV NICHOLLS (Australia): Super Trucker (Massive * 1999/Australia) (8€) * My Truckin' Oath, Johnny Overload, Hot Wheels, Ballad Of Billy Wheeler, Truckin' Around, My truckin' Life, That's Just My Truckin' Luck ... (20 tracks).

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (CEMA/Capitol * 1994/Canada) (6€).

JODY NIX: Play Me Something I Can Swing To (Nix Records * 2003) (8€) * Night Life, Down In Mexico, Mama Was The Rose Of San Antone, Riding My Thumb To Mexico, One more Time ... (12 tracks).

EDDIE NOACK: The Starday And D Sessions Vol.1 (Starday/Cactus Records * CD-R * USA) (14€) * Shake Hands With The Blues, Scarecrow, Dust On The River, The Man On The Wall ... (30 tracks).
EDDIE NOACK: Eddie Noack * Psycho * Vol.2 (Cactus Records * CD-R * USA) (16€) * Psycho, Beer Drinkin' Blues, Firewater Luke, Wanderin' Oakie, City Lights, Train Whistle Medley ... (32 tracks).

Dick Nolan (Canada):


DICK NOLAN (Canada): Down By The Sea (Heritage/Condor * 1998/Canada) (10€) * The Old Liquor Book, Memories Of Cornerbrook, Granny's Drawers, Grey Foggy Day, This Is My Island ... (14 tracks).
DICK NOLAN: My East Coast (Heritage/Condor * 1994/Canada) (10€) * No More Little Boats No More, Last Train Going Home, Teras Of Saint Anne, Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me, Piece Of Baloney ... (18 tracks).
DICK NOLAN & ROY PAYNE: Side By Each (Heritage/Condor * 1994/Canada) (8€) * The Funeral, Dallas Was An Outlaw, Jerry's Guitar, Uncle Henry Parsons, Back In '56 ... (duets & solos) ... (14 tracks).

GARY P. NUNN: Border States (Big Records * 1981-1988/USA) (12€) * What I Like About Texas, Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse, Think I'll Go To Mexico, Towns And Country Taverns, Alamogordo, The Farm ... (11 tracks).
GARY P. NUNN: Border States (Sawdust Records * 1988/2000 * Germany) (12€) * What I Like About Texas, Too Many Nights In A Roadhouse, Think I'll Go To Mexico, Towns And Country Taverns, Alamogordo ... (10 tracks).

JAMES O'GWYNN: Real Country (Cowboy Capital Records * 2001/USA) (12€) * Big Night At My House, Out Of Marriage Sale, He Died Last Night, I Can't Hold A Light To Your Old Flame ... (10 tracks).

PAUL OVERSTREET: Love Is Strong (RCA * 1992/USA) (6€).

Buck Owens:

BUCK OWENS: Sings Tommy Collins (Capitol orig. 1963/Sundazed re-issue 1997/USA) (8€) * My Last Chance With You, There'll Be No Other, But I Do, No Love Have I ... (12 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: The Very Best Of (Rhino * comp-1994/USA) (6€) * Sweet Rosie Jones, Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass, Tall Dark Stranger, The Kansas City Song ... (16 tracks).
BUCK OWENS: Act Naturally (Capitol * 1989/USA) (8€) * Crying Time (& Emmylou Harris), Act Naturally (& Ringo Starr), Brooklyn Bridge, Rock Hard Love, Tijuana Baby ... (10 tracks).
BUCK OWENS & His Buckaroos: Open Up Your Heart (Capitol orig. 1966/Sundazed re-issue 1995/USA) (8€) * Cadillac Lane, Heart Of Glass, Think Of Me, No More Me And You ... (14 tracks).
BUCK OWENS & His Buckaroos: Roll Out The Red Carpet (Capitol-1966/Sundazed re-1995/USA) (8€) * Cajun Fiddle, Cinderella, Tom Cattin', There Never Was A Fool, We Split The Blanket ... (14 tracks).

Buck Owens:
Hot Dog

Capitol (1988/USA).

Second Fiddle, A-11, Memphis,
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox,
Summertime Blues ... (10 tracks)


LES PAUL & MARY FORD: The Columbia Singles Collection * 21 Tracks Recorded From 1958-1963 (Sony/Collectables * comp-2001/USA) (7€) * At The Sav-A-Penny Super Store, Mountain Railroad, Take A Warning, The Poor People Of Paris ... (21 tracks).

Johnny Paycheck:

JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Live In Branson, MO, USA (LaserLight - 1993/USA) (10€) * Old Violin, For A Minute There, A-11, Ragged But Right, Colorado Kool-Aid, 11 Months And 29 Days ... (13 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Johnny Paycheck (Delta/LaserLight * 2001/USA) (6€) * Billy jack Washburn, Loving You Beats All I've Ever Seen, Jukebox Charlie, Motel Time Again, Mr. Lovemaker ... (10 tracks).
JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Good Old Country (St.Clair - 2000/Canada) (6€) * Song And Dance Man, Slide Off Your Satin Sheets, Green Green Grass Of Home, Take This Job And Shove It ... (10 tracks).

JIMMY PAYNE (USA singer-songwriter): Pieces Of Life (Jasmine * 2000/England) (12€) * Memphis Morning News, Kid From The Country, God Bless The Farmer, Wrinkles In My Rainbows, Mansion In Spain, That Old Hat ... (20 tracks).

LEON PAYNE: I Love You Because (Capitol/Bear Family 1949-53 * comp-1999/Germany) (9€) * Fatal Letter, Poke Salad Greens, I'm A Lone Wolf, If I Could Only Live My Life Over ... (30 tracks).

CARL PERKINS: Matchbox (Tring/Double Play * EEC) (6€) * Rise And Shine, Country Soul, Daddy Sang Bass, Redneck, We Did It In '54, Georgia Court Room ... (25 tracks).
CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes (Starlite * comp-1990/EEC) (6€) * Movie Magg, Tennessee, Gone Gone Gone, Every Road, Boppin' The Blues, That's Right, All Mama's Children ... (16 tracks).
CARL PERKINS: Best Of The SUN Sessions (Music Club/SUN * comp-1994/England) (7€) * Honky Tonk Gal, Let the Jukebox Keep On Playing, Roll Over Beethoven, Pink Pedal Pushers, Tennessee, Movie Magg, Lend ;Me Your Comb ... (22 tracks).
CARL PERKINS: This Old House (ELAP-collection 1993/made in EU) (6€) * Daddy Sang Bass, Dixie Fried, Georgia Court Room, Born To Boogie, Redneck, Disciple In Blue Suede Shoes ...

STU PHILLIPS: Blue Canadian Rockies (Watermark Records * 1996/USA) (8€) * The Great El Tigre, Colorado, Rangeland, A Castle A Cabin, Dust In the Eyes ... (11 tracks).

WEBB PIERCE: The One And Only ... Webb Pierce (King * coll-1988/USA) (6€) * High Geared Daddy, Jinx In Love, Heebie Jeebie Blues, English Sweetheart ... (12 tracks).
WEBB PIERCE: Famous Country Music Makers (Decca/Sanctuary/Castle Pulse * comp-2001/England) (6€) * Honky Tonk Song, In the Jailhouse Now, Back Street Affair, I Ain't Never ... (16 tracks).
WEBB PIERCE: The Best Of * The Millenium Collection (20th Century Masters/Decca/MCA Nashville * comp-2001/USA) (kirjaston poistomyynti * kunto OK/Library copy) (4€) * Honky Tonk Song, In The Jaihouse Now, There Stands The Glass ... (12 tracks).

HAL LONE PINE & BETTY CODY: On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (RCA/Bluebird/Bear Family 1950-54 * comp-2006) (14€) * My Sunny Tennessee, From Paree To Tennessee, O Mama Come Home, Lipstick On Your Collar ... (30 tracks).

JOE PRICE: 40 Years Of Memories (TIMA Records * 1999/USA) (6€) * Stardust On The Purple Sage, From Rosa's Barn To the Cross, I'm Moving, To Keep The Wolves Away ... (19 tracks).

Ray Price:

RAY PRICE: Sometimes A Rose (Columbia * 1982/USA) (8€) * When The Blues Hit Town, There's Not A Dry Eye In The House, A Way To Free Myself ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Prisoner Of Love (Justice/Buddha * 2000/USA) (8€) * Better Class Of Losers. Ramblin' Rise, I Wish I Was Eighteen Again, What A Wonderful World ... (12 tracks).
RAY PRICE: American Originals (Columbia * comp-1989/USA) (8€) * San Antonio Love, Nigh Life, Faded Love, Under Your Spell Again, Talk To Your Heart ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Greatest Hits (Dominion * 1993/USA) (8€) * Make The World Go Away, She's Got To Be A Saint, My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You ... (10 tracks).
RAY PRICE: 16 Biggest Hits (Columbia/Legacy * comp-1999/USA) (8€) * The Same Old Me, One More Time, The Other Woman, I*d Rather Be Sorry ... (16 tracks).
RAY PRICE: Super Hits (Columbia * coll-1997/USA) (6€) * Release Me, Heartaches By The Numbers, Invitation To The Blues, For The Good Times, Danny Boy ... (10 tracks).

RAY PRICE & FARON YOUNG (duets): Memories That Last (Step One * 1991/USA) (14€) * Too Big To Fight, Mansion On the Hill (vocal: Ray Pennington), Walking My Baby Back Home, Funny How Time Slips Aways ... (featuring Buddy Emmons) (12 tracks).

RAY PRICE-WILLIE NELSON-MERLE HAGGARD: Last Of The Breed (Lost Highway * 2 CDs * 2007/USA) (12€) * Still Water Run The Deepest, Night Watch, Lost Highway, I Love You Because, If I Ever Get Lucky ... (22 tracks).

RAY PRICE-WILLIE NELSON: Run That By Me One For Me (Lost Highway * 2003/USA) (Produced by Willie Nelson & Ray Price) (12€) * Home In San Antone, Soft Train, This Cold War With You, I'm Still Not Over You ... (11 tracks).

Charley Pride:

CHARLEY PRIDE: Platinum Pride * Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Honest/Decca * newly recorded - 1994) (6€) * Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town, Kaw-Liga, Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone ... (12 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: Pride! My 6 latest & 6 Greatest (Honest/Intersound - 1993/USA) (8€) * Walk On By, Burnin' Down The Town (& T. Tritt), Roll On Mississippi, Hope You're Feelin' Me (& Marty Stuart) ... (12 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: 20 Of The Best (RCA compilation-1986/Germany * material 1969-83) (6€) * You're My Jamaica, Honky Tonk Blues, You Win Again, Why Baby Why, It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer ... (20 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: Crystal Chandeliers (Life Time/Allarcom * made in E.C) (6€) * Oklahoma Morning, Me And Bobby McGee, Lovesick Blues, Louisiana Man, Shutter And Boards, I*m Just Me ... (15 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: The Concert Collection * 20 Hits (Prism Leisure * re-1996/Israel) (6€) * Too Good To Be True, Help Me Make It through The Night, My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You ... (15 tracks).
CHARLEY PRIDE: Charley Pride (Wise Buy -96/recorded live on stage (-88?)/Silver Shadow/Holland) (6€) * Poor Old Elijah, A Place Worth Livin' In, There Goes My Everything, Let Me Live In The Light ... (14 tracks).

ORVAL PROPHET: The Travellin' Kind (Bear Family/Decca * comp-1999/Germany) (8€) * Tennessee Rollin' Rollin' Home, The Judgment Day Express, I'm Going To Birmingham, Wild Fire, My Heart's On The Borderline ... (22 tracks).

MARVIN RAINWATER: Rock Me * The Westwood Recordings (Westwood 1975-76 * Bear Family re-2001/Germany) (16€) * Indian Momma, Proud Mary, The Grass Grows High, Teddy Bear, Old Rivers, Cold Woman ... (22 tracks).

LEON RAUSCH: Deep In The Heart Of Texas * 20 Song Western Swing Collection (Southland Records * 1986 * 1998/USA) (18€) * Texas In My Soul, Amarillo By Morning, Route 66, Going Away Party, Beautiful Texas ... (20 songs).
LEON RAUSCH: Close To You * A 20 Song Salute To The Music Of Cindy Walker (Southland Records * 1999/USA) (18€) * China Doll, Tucumcari Woman, Bubbles In My Beer, Ruidoso, The Heebie Jeebie Blues, I'm A Music Man ... (20 tracks).

SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD: Never Make It Home (Bloodshot * 2001/USA) (5€) * Drink Lotsa Whiskey, Record Shop, Kiss Of Death, Dime Store Cowboy, Day The Train Jumped The Tracks ... (14 tracks).

JERRY REED: Guitar Man (BMG/RCA Camden * comp-1996/England) (9€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, A Thing Called Love, Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home, Mule Skinner Blues, Honkin', U.S. Male ... (22 tracks).
JERRY REED: The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA * comp-1995/USA) (9€) * A Thing Called Love, You Took The Ramblin' Out Of Me, The Uptown Poker Club, East Bound And Down, She Got The Goldmine - I Got The Shaft ... (20 tracks).
JERRY REED: Pickin' (Southern Tracks * 1998/USA) (8€) * Does Anybody Want To Boogie, My Priscilla, My Gypsy Heart, Blindsided Me, Case Of The Blues, Lottie, Sassy, Reed's Rag ... (10 tracks).
JERRY REED: Super Hits (RCA * comp-1997/USA) (8€) * The Bird, Amos Moses, Lord Mr. Ford, When You're Hot You're Hot, Down On The Corner, Remembering, Sugar Foot Rag ... (10 tracks).

Jim Reeves:

JIM REEVES: The Great Jim Reeves (Abbott/Goldies/ADD/SPA/Intermusic * comp-1993/Portugal) (4€) * Red Eyed And Rowdy. Hillbilly Waltz, My Ramblin' Heart, Echo Bonita ... (16 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Christmas Songbook (BMG/RCA Camden * comp-2003/EU) (4€) * The Flowers - The Sunset - The Trees, Padre Of Old San Antone, Senor Santa Claus, Scarlet Ribbons For Her Hair ... (22 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Peace In The Valley (DoublePlay/Tring/MCPS * EEC) (4€) * Yoander Comes A Sucker, He'll Have To Go, Anna Marie, In A Masion Stands My Love ... (19 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Ultimate Legends (Ultimate/TKO * 2000/Holland) (4€) * Roly Poly, The Oklahoma Hills, If heartaches Are The Fashion, The Highway To Nowhere, Home ... (16 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Your Old Love Letters (DoublePlay/Tring/MCPS * England) (4€) * Sweet Evening Breeze, I've Lived A Lot In My Time, How's The World Treating You, The Wind Up ... (19 tracks).
JIM REEVES: 20 Greatest Love Songs (Disky * comp-2009/Holland) (4€) * Just Call Me Lonesome, Two Shadows On Your Window, My Lips Are Sealed, Everywhere You Go ... (20 tracks).
JIM REEVES: He'll Have To Go (Success * EEC) (4€) * Partners, Mexican Joe, Bimbo, I Know One, Stand At Your Window, I'm Gettin' Better, Four Walls ... (12 tracks).
JIM REEVES: He'll Have To Go (Life Time * England) (4€) * Till The End Of The World, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, If You Were Only Mine ... (22 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Jim Reeves (2 CD-Set) (Essential/Penny/Newsound * comp-1996) (6€) * Blue Boy, Dear Hearts And Gentle People, Making Believe, Everywhere You Go ... (36 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Just Call Me Lonesome (MasterTone/Mastertone * comp-1995/Germany/England) (4€) * I Love You More, How's The World Treating You, I*m Beginning To Forget You ... (18 tracks).
JIM REEVES: At His Best (Pulse/Koz * comp-1997/England) (4€) * Waiting For A Train, Billy Bayou, Blue Boy, I Missed Me, When God Dips Love In My Heart ... (23 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Legends - Jim Reeves (Wisepack/Legends * England) (4€) * I*ve Lived A Lot In My Time, Just Call Me Lonesome, Home, Sweet Evening Breeze ... (19 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Live (MusicMaster/Success * comp-1996/England) (4€) * I Know One, According To My Heart, If heartache Is The Fashion, Blue Boy ... (20 tracks).
JIM REEVES: Legends In Music Collection (2 CD-Set) (Legends/MCPS * comp-2008/England) (4€) Oklahoma Hills, Waiting For A Train, Am I Losing You? ... (24 tracks).

DON WAYNE RENO: Heroes (Pine Castle * 1998/USA) (8€) * Tennessee Stomp, Interstate 81, Shelton Special, Remington Ride, Banjo Bounce, Choking The Strings, Nashville Skyline Rag ... (12 tracks).

JAMIE RENO: All American Music (Bayside Records * 2003/USA) (6€) * The Road, Mile By Mile, Boston Blues, The Legend Will Remain, Emerald City, Roadside Diner, Goin' To California, Whatever Happened To Hee Haw ... (15 tracks).

CHARLIE RICH: The Uktimate Collection (Country Skyline/Carlton * comp-1996/England) (6€) * C.C.Rider, Big Boss Man, Mohair Sam, Lonely Weekends, Mountain Dew, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues ... (20 tracks).
CHARLIE RICH: The Silver Fox (Fourmatt * comp-2002/England-Czech) (5€) * Big Man, Rebound, That's How Much I Love You, Who Will The Next Fool Bem I Take It On Home, Let's Take It Nice And Easy ... (12 tracks).
CHARLIE RICH: The Country Store Collection (Country Store * comp-1988/England-France) (6€) * Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast, Almost Persuaded. Everytime You Touch Me, A Woman Left Lonely ... (18 tracks).
CHARLIE RICH: The EPIC Recordings * Set Me Free/The Fabulous Charlie Rich (EPIC 1968-69/Edsel * comp-2005/England) (7e) * By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Bright Lights - Big City, July 12 - 1939, San Francisco Is A Lonely Town ... (22 tracks).

DON RICH & The BUCKAROOS: Country Pickin' * The Don Rich Anthology (Capitol/Sundazed 1963-70 * comp-2000/Canada) (20€) * Round Hole Guitar, Chapparal, Saturday Night, Country Pickin', Aw Heck, The Happy-Go-Lucky-Guitar ... (24 tracks).

BELTON RICHARD & The Musical Aces: Modern Sounds In Cajun Music (Louisiana Cajun/ACE * coll-1993/England) (7€) * Roll On Wagon Wheel, San Antonio Rose, Cherokee Waltz, Cajun STripper, Cajun Waltz, Musician's Paradise ... (26 tracks).

Marty Robbins:

MARTY ROBBINS: Ruby Ann * Rockin' Rollin' Robbins Vol.3 (Columbia 1959-66 * Bear Family comp-1991/Germany) (10€) * Last Night About This Time, Silence And Tears, No Signs Of Loneliness Here, Teenager's Dad ... (20 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: The Country Store Collection (Masterpiece/Country Store * comp-1988/France) (6€) * Honky Tonk Man, I Did What I Did For Maria, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Ruby Ann ... (18 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: 16 Biggest Hits (Columbia/Legacy * comp-1988/USA) (6€) * Begging To You, Just Married, The Story Of My Life, Some Memories Just Won't Die ... (16 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs (Columbia * USA) (6€) * Utah Carol, Running Gun, The SDtrawberry Roan, They're HangingMe Tonight, Billy The Kid ... (12 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Singin' The Hits (Columbia/ADD * comp-1990/USA) (6€) * The Great Speckled Bird, Lovesick Blues, Kaw-Liga, She Thinks I Still Care, Bouquet Of Roses ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: The Best Of (Columbia/Sony * comp-1999/England) (8€) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, La Paloma, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Big Iron, Love Me Tender, I Did What I Did For Maria ... (20 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: American Originals (Columbia * comp-1990/USA) (6€) * Cowboy In The Continental Suit, Girl From Spanish Town, She Was Only Seventeen, Adios Amigo, Some Memories ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: All-Time Greatest Hits (Columbia * comp-1991/USA) (8€) * Kaw-Liga, Aloha Oe - Farewell To Thee, The Hanging Tree, Love Is Blue, Padre, Joli Girl ... (20 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: The Story Of My Life * The Best Of (Columbia Legacy * comp-1996/USA) (7€) * It's Your World, I'll Go On Alone, Knee Deep In The Blues, Just Married, Starway Of Love ... (18 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: More Greatest Hits (Columbia * comp-1991/USA) (6€) * Ride Cowboy Ride, Time And Place For Everything, Is There Any Chance, Saddle Tramp, Like All The Other Things ... (12 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Super Hits (Columbia * coll-1995/USA) (6€) * Some Memories Just Won't Die, Return To Me, Tonight Carmen, El Paso City ... (10 tracks).
MARTY ROBBINS: Two Classic Albums * Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs/More Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs (Columbia * re-1996/England) (12€) * Prairie Fire, Utah Carol, Five Brothers, San Angelo, A Hundred And 60 Acres, Running Gun, Song Of the Bandit, Billy The Kid ... (13 tracks).

KENNY ROBERTS: Jumpin' & Yodelin' (Coral/Decca 1949-57 * Bear Family * comp-1996/Germany) (12€) * Hillbilly Style, F.O.B. Tennessee, Hillbilly Fever, One Way Ticket, Honky Tonk Sweetheart, I've Got The Blues ... (29 tracks).

JIMMIE RODGERS: The Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Album (BGM/Collactables * comp-1997/USA) (7€) * Prairie Lullaby, Desert Blues, My Carolina Sunshine Girl, Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues, Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea ... (24 tracks).

Johnny Rodriguez:

JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: The Hits (Mercury * comp-1997/USA) * (7€) Desperado, Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico, Just Get Up And Close The Door, That's The Way Love Goes ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: You Can Say That Again (HighTone * 1996/USA) * (9€) Corpus Christi Bay, Big Red Sun Blues, No News Is Good News, Mexico Rain, If I'd Left It Up To You ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Run For The Border (Intersound * 1993/USA) * (9€) The Bitter Inn, You Always Come Back, She's Too Pretty To Cry, I Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Desperado * A Decade Of Hits (Intersound * 2004/USA) * (9€) Pass Me By, What's New In Old Mexico, I Just Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind ... (12 tracks).
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ: Funny Things Happen To Fun Lovin' People Like Me (Music City Records * 1995/USA) (9€) * One Bar At A Time, Down In The Boondocks, I'm Not Up Feelin' Down ... (10 tracks).

Kenny Rogers:

KENNY ROGERS: Kenny Rogers (EMI-Manhattan * re-1976/USA) (4€) * Green Green Grass Of Home, Mother Country Music, Laura, Lucille, The Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp, While I Play The Fiddle ... (11 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: After Dark (Dreamcatcher/Norske Gramas * 1999) (6€) * This Masquerade, Three Times A Lady, Small Dark Cloud, Since I Fell For You, I Don't Need You, Buy Me A Rose ... (18 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: Buried Trasure * The Collection (2-CD Set) (Sanctuary Midline * comp-2004/England) (6€) * The Stranger, Wanderin' Man, Tomb Of The Unknown Lover, Twenty Years Ago, The Factory ... (36 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: Back Home Again (Reprise * 1991/Germany) (5€) * Some Prisons Don't Have Walls, Bed Of Roses, Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight, When You Were Loving Me ... (10 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (Gulf Coast Music/Digimonde/LT Series * Germany) (4€) * Calico Silver, Molly, Sleep Comes Easy, My Washington Woman ... (20 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: 20 Golden Hits (Starlight/Galaxy * comp-1993/Holland) (4€) * Where Does Rosy Go, Church Without A Name, Conditions, Run Through Your Mind, Hurry Up Love, Sunshine ... (20 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: With Love Vol.1 (cMC * comp-1997/England) (4€) * The Wind Beneath My Wings, Evergreen, Stardust, Crazy, Unchained Melody, Crazy, As Time Goes By, Always And Forever ... (15 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: With Love Vol.2 (cMC * comp-1997/England) (4€) * My Funny Valentine, Misty, When A Man Loves A Woman, Unforgettable, When I Fall In Love, You decorated My Life ... (15 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS: Back Home Again (Reprise * 1991/Germany) (5€) * Bed Of Roses, Two Good Reasons, Sunshine, If You Want To Find Love, Soem Prisons Don't Have Walls, I'll Be There For You ... (10 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS & The First Edition: Me And Bobby McGee (Elap/Night Eagle * comp-2000/England) (4€) * Camptown Ladies, Reuben James, Good Times Liberator, Tulsa Turnaround, Good Lady Of Toronto ... (15 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS & The First Edition: Me And Bobby McGee (Elap/Pickwick/Success/AAD * comp-1993/England) (4€) * Ticket To Nowhere, She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye, King Of The Road, Loser ... (16 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS & The First Edition: Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (Prestige/Comet/MCPS * comp-1997/Germany) (4€) * Heed The Call, We All Got To Help Each Other, Poem For My Little Lady ... (20 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS & The First Edition: The Greatest Hits (A-Play * comp-2002/England) (4€) * Homemade Lies, Tulsa Turnaround, Heed The Call, Something's Burning, Shine On Ruby Mountain ... (20 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS & The First Edition: For The Good Times (Elap Music * comp-2000/England) (4€) * Loser, Always Leaving Always Gone, Elvira, Ticket To Nowhere, All God's Lonely Children ... (14 tracks).
KENNY ROGERS * DOLLY PARTON: Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (no duets) (Gift Of Music * /Denmark) (5€) * K.Rogers: 12 tracks ~ Elvira, Shine On Ruby Mountain, The King Of Oak Street ... (20 tracks).

ROY ROGERS: A Man From Duck Run/The Country Side Of Roy Rogers (2 LPs in one CD) (Capitol 1970-71 * re-1999/EU) (14€) * Lovenworth, I Never Picked Cotton, Spotted Dog Named Sam, I Washed My Face In The Morning Sun, The Blizzard, Okie From Muskogee, The Fighting Side Of Me, Green Green Grass Of Home ... (21 tracks).

JOHNNY RUSSELL: Actin' Naturally (OMS Records * 2000/USA) (14€) * I'm Leavin' (& Bobby Bare-Bobby Osborne), I'll Be Gone Before You Even Know I Left (& Benny Martin-Buck White), 40 Acres Of Hell, I'm Leavin'. The New Wore Off ... (14 tracks).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: Almost Alive (comp-1987 * NQD/USA) (9€) * The Year Clayton Delaney Died, The Jamestown Ferry, You've Never Been This Far Before, Catfish John, The New Wore Off ... (12 songs + dialogues).
JOHNNY RUSSELL: The Country Store Collection (Country Store * comp-1988/England) (8€) * Rednecks - White Socks - Blue Ribbon Beer, Good Hearted Woman, Luckenbach Texas, Working Man Blues ... (14 tracks).

Tom Russell:

TOM RUSSELL: Country Express Special ~ Indian Cowboy * Aus der Fernsehsendung (Tontrδger/Country Records CD 83494 * 1994/Germany) (10€) * Zane Grey, Jack Johnson, The Evangeline Hotel, U.S.Steel, The White Trash Song, Rayburn Crane, Bergenfield, The Heart Of The Working Man ... (12 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: Cowboy Reel (Stony Plain * 1992/Canada) (9€) * Claude Dallas, Gallo del Cielo, Sonora's Death Row, Indian Cowboy, Navajo Rug, Zane Grey ... (11 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: The Rose Of The San Joaquin (Hightone * 1995/USA) (9€) * Strawberry Moon, Hand Carved Heart, Tramps & Hawkers - Volver Volver, Out In California ... (12 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: Box Of Visions (Philo/Rounder * 1993/Canada) (9€) * Blood Oranges, Waterloo, Purgatory Road, Angel Of Lyon, Annette, Manzanar, Coney Island Moon ... (12 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: Indians, Cowboys, Horses, Dogs (Hightone * 2004/USA) (9€) * Bacon Rind - Chief Seattle - The Ballad Of Ira Hayes, East Texas Red, The Ballad Of Edward Abbey ... (12 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: The Long Way Around (Hightone * 1997/USA) (9€) * St. Olav's Gate (& Nanci Griffith), Big Water (& Iris DeMent), Spanish Burgundy, Blue Wing (& Dave Alvin), The Eyes Of Roberto Duran ... (17 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL (Band): Hurricane Season (Philo/Rounder * 1991/USA-Canada) (9€) * Lord Of The Trains, Chocolate Cigarette, Haley's Comet, Winnipeg, A Dollar's Worth Of Gasoline ... (10 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL: Songs Of The West * The Cowboy Collection (HMG/Hightone * 1997/USA) (9€) * The Banks Of The Musselshell, Hallie Lonnigan, Gallo Del Cielo, Navajo Rug, Claude Dallas, El Llano Estacado ... (15 tracks).
TOM RUSSELL Band: Poor Man’s Dream (Sonet * 1998/Norway) (9€)
TOM RUSSELL: Heart On A Sleeve (Bear Family/End Of Trail * 1986/1984 * Germany) (9€)
TOM RUSSELL & BARRENCE WHITFIELD: Hillbilly Woodoo (East Side/Round Tower * 1993/Ireland)9€).

JOHNNY SEAY: American Reflections (WB/Lost Gold Records * comp-1999/USA) (7€) * Mary Rocks Him To Sleep, Day For Decision, The Star Spangled Banner, The Turning Point, This Land ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY SEAY: Day For Decision (WB/Lost Gold Records * comp-1999/USA) (7€) * Mary Rocks Him To Sleep, Day For Decision, The Star Spangled Banner, The Turning Point, This Land ... (11 tracks).
JOHNNY SEAY: The Good Years ~ His Music 1958-1999 * Vol.1 (Cross & Grave Ranch Brand Records * comp-2000/USA) (12€) * Ballad Of Tarantula Express, Tecumseh Valley, Three Six Packs - Two Arms - And A Jukebox, Willie's Drunk And Nellie's Dying, Mystery Train, Fort Worth Girl, The Brazos River Song, Strawberry Roan ... (24 tracks).

SANGER D. SHAFER: So Good For So Long (SanCor Records * 1997/USA) (24€) * Gone To Nashville, Birmingham Turnaround, X-Hole-itus, Back In Waco, That's The Way Love Goes, All My Ex's Live In texas ... (10 tracks).

Billy Joe Shaver:

BILLY JOE SHAVER ("Shaver"): Highway Of Life (Justice * 1996/England) (14€) * West Texas Waltz, Moonshine And Indian Blood, Blue Blue Blues, Yetserday Tomorrow Was Today ... (11 tracks).
BILLY JOE SHAVER ("Shaver"): Highway Of Life (Justice * 1996/USA) (14€) * West Texas Waltz, Moonshine And Indian Blood, Blue Blue Blues, Yetserday Tomorrow Was Today ... (11 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER: Freedom's Child (Compadre Records * 2002/USA) (20€) * That's Why The Man In Black Sings The Blues (for Johnny Cash), Honet Chile, Good Ol' USA, Corsicana Daily Sun, Drinkin' Back, Wild Cow Gravy, Deja Blues, Magnolia Mother's Love, Merry Christmas To You ... (14 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER: Tramp On Your Street (Praxis/BMG * 1993/USA) (14€) * Heart Of Texas (& Waylon Jennings), Oklahoma Wind (& Waylon Jennings), Georgia On A Fast Train, K.A.N.D. Corsicana Texas, Good Ol' U.S.A, Live Forever (& Brother Phelps) ... (13 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER: Electric Shaver (New West Records * 1999/USA) (16€) * Thunderbird, New York City, Leanin' Toward The Blues, Slave At The Feet Of A Queen, Way Down Texas Way ... (12 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER & EDDY SHAVER: Billy And The Kid (Compadre * comp-2004/USA) * (12€) If It Don't Kill You, Eagle On The Ground, Window Rock, Necessary Evil ... (11 tracks).

BILLY JOE SHAVER-WAYLON JENNINGS-WILLIE NELSON-KRIS KRISTOFFERSON: Honky Tonk Heroes (Pedernales * 1999/USA) (16€) * We Are The Cowboys, Oklahoma Wind, I Couldn't Be Me Without You, Tramp On The Street, Ain't No God In Mexico ... (10 tracks).

RICKY VAN SHELTON: Love And Honor (Sony * 1994) (8€).

SHENANDOAH: Shenandoah Christmas (featuring Marty Raybon) (Capitol * 1996/USA) (6€).

JOE DON SILVERS: American Heroes (White Horse Records * 1993/USA) (6€) * Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Dallas 1963, My Hero Slipped Into The Night, Tribute To Roy Acuff ... (9 tracks).

RED SIMPSON: Hello, I'm A Truck * Truck Drivin' Hits (Gusto/King * 2005/USA) (14€) * Endless Black Ribbon, Beaver On My Lap - Bear On My Tail, California Turn-Arounds, My Name Is Simpson, I Burn Up The Roads That I Drive On ... (10 tracks).
RED SIMPSON: The Bard Of Bakersfield (Windsor Music/Simpson * 2005/USA) (CD-R, original "green" disc from the artist himself * original cheaper production disc with picture label * normal cover sleeves * very RARE!) (24€) * Cousin Herb's Trading Post, Old Country Songwriter Singer, Bakersfield, Ethel's Corral, Buck's Crystal Palace, Home In Bakersfield, Bill Woods, Hey Buck, The Mighty Hag, Bakersfield Awaits Me ... (15 tracks).

JIMMIE SKINNER: 22 Greatest Hits (Highland/Deluxe * comp-1997/USA) (8€) * The Mystery Of Little Kathy, The Cork And The Bottle, Bluegrass Lovin' Man, Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler ... (22 tracks).

CARL SMITH: Best Of (Curb * comp-1991/USA) (6€) * Lost Highway, Show Me A Brick Wall, Silver Tongued Cowboy, Roly Poly, Drinking Champagne ... (12 tracks).
CARL SMITH: The Legendary Carl Smith (TeeVee Records/King * re-1998/USA) (20 songs) Back Up Buddy, Mr. Moon, Deep Water, Hey Joe, Trademark .... (8€).
CARL SMITH: Satisfaction Guaranteed #4 (from 'Bear Family Box', 1996 - only one CD disc #4 separately) (26 songs * 1956-58) Steel Guitar Rag, San Antonio Rose, Happy Street .... (6€)

TERRY SMITH: Texas Roots (Rhinestone Rooster * 1999/USA) (6€) * Honky Tonk Tradition, Doing Fort Worth In Style, On The Texas Side Of Arkansas, Texas Skies ... (14 tracks).
TERRY SMITH: Quilt Of Memories (Rhinestone Rooster * 1996/USA) (6€) * A Little Honky Tonkin', Mickey's Gone, They Never Knew Clifford Very Well, The Courthouse At Cordell ... (14 tracks).
TERRY SMITH: Far-Side Banks Of Jordan (Rhinestone Rooster * 2002/USA) (6€) * Just Another Traveling Day, Elisha's Song, Moving In Higher Circles, There Won't Be Nothing ... (14 tracks).
TERRY SMITH: Spokes In The Wheel (Rhinestone Rooster * 2001/USA) (6€) * Honky Tonk Song, Willie, One Door Closes - Another Opens, Rhythm In My Ramblin' Shoes ... (14 tracks).

WARREN SMITH: Call Of the Wild (Liberty 1960-66 * Comp-1990 Bear Family/Germany) (14€) * A Hundred And Sixty Lbs Of Hurt, Big City Ways, Blue Smoke, I Still Miss Someone, Cave In, Future X ... (30 tracks).
WARREN SMITH: Rockabilly Legend (SUN/Charly * comp-1995/England) (12€) * Uranium Rock, Ubangi Stomp, Rock 'N' Roll Ruby, Miss Froggie, Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache, My Hanging Day ... (30 tracks).

HANK SNOW: Tales Of The Yukon (RCA * 1968/Bear Family re-2007 * Germany) (6€) * The Shooting Of Sam McGee, The Ballad Of One-Eyed Mike, The Ballad Of Hard Luck Henry, The Cremation Of Sam McGee ... (8 tracks).
HANK SNOW: Hank Snow ~ 16 Top Tracks (BMG/RCA * comp-1988/Germany) (8€) * Big Wheels, Ghost Trains, The Last Ride, Six Days On The Road, Waiting For A Train ... (16 tracks).

SOURDOUGH SLIM: Contagious Fun! (Roundup Records * 1999/USA) (8€) * Roaming Cowboy, Casey Jones, Rye Whiskey, Streets Of Laredo, Flor Marchita, Oklahoma Blues, Dry & Dusty ... (16 tracks).

RED SOVINE: The Classic Songs Of Hank Williams (Gusto * 2003/USA) (8€) * The Funeral, Everything's Okay, I've Been Down That Road Before, I Dreamed About Mama Last Night, Just Waitin' ... (10 tracks).
RED SOVINE: 20 Greatest All-Time Gospel Hits (King * 2002/USA) (8€) * Cheyenne, Your Robe Won't Fit, I'm Another World Millionaire, Sing With All Your Heart, Happy Happy Goodbye ... (20 tracks).
RED SOVINE: Golden Hits (Hollywood / Highland re-1989 / USA) (8€) * Bootlegger King, Six Days On The Road, 18 Wheels A Hummin' Home Sweet Home, Lay Down Sally, Daddy's Girl ... (9 tracks).

BOBBY RAY SPEARS: I've Made A Lot Of Friends Along The Way (Town & Country Records * 2008/USA) (6€) * The Texas State Bird Is the Armadillo, Rednecks And Longnecks, Nashville, Bull'n Around ... (12 tracks).

JOE STAMPLEY: Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Critter Records * 2001/USA) (6€).

THE STATLER BROTHERS: Words And Music (Mercury * 1992/USA) (8€).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: The Country America Loves (Mercury-97 * re-issue of LP 1977/USA) (8€).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Music, Memories & You (Mercury * 1990/USA) (8€).
THE STATLER BROTHERS: Rides Again * The Best Of Vol.2 (Mercury re-issue 1979/USA) (8€).

Red Steagall:

RED STEAGALL: Cowboy Code * Songs And Poems of the American West (2 CDs-set) (Eagle Records/RS Records * 1996/USA) (24€) * Underneath A Wide Texas Sky, Red Headed Stranger, Rosalee's Smile, Nothing But A Cowboy, I'd Like To Be In Texas For The Round-Up In the Spring, Riding Down The Canyon, Tennessee Stud ... (31 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Love Of The West (WB Western * 1999/USA) (PR-copy - stamp on cover sheet) (8€) * Frenchie McCormick, Red River Rose, Quarter Circle Y, My Pardner, Belle Of The Ball ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Born To This Land (WB Western * 1993/USA) (12€) * Fort Phantom Hill, Comanche Moon, Panhandle Wind, The Wagon Tongue, Dodge City, When The Cimarron Was red And On The Rise ... (11 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Wagon Tracks (Western Jubilee * Shanachie * 2002/USA) (14€) * Western Wagons, My Nebraska Homestead, The Last Buffalo, Texas Bein' Texas, If I Never See Ireland Again ... (12 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Faith And Values (WB Western * 1993/USA) (12€) * A Long Way From Montana, The Real America, Paw-Paw, Now That I Have Accepted Your Love, The Bay, The Big Circle ... (11 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Dear Mama, I`m A Cowboy (WB Western * 1997/USA) (advance PROMO copy - no front cover sheet) (2€) * Big Texas Moon, The Lantern On The Wagon, The Old Man And His Fiddle, Boley ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Dear Mama, I`m A Cowboy (WB Western * 1997/USA) (10€) * Big Texas Moon, The Lantern On The Wagon, The Old Man And His Fiddle, Boley, I'm Sleeping In My Leggin's Tonight ... (10 tracks).
RED STEAGALL: Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music / For All Our Cowboys Friends (2 LPs in 1 CD) (Universal/KOCH re-2000/MCA 1976-77 * USA) (20€) * Truck Drivin' Man, Alexis From texas, Under The X In texas ... (21 tracks).

GARY STEWART: Battleground (Hightone - 1990) (8€).

B.JEFF STONE: Greatest Hits 1968-2000 (Nashville Gold Records * 2000/USA) (10€) * Luckenbach Texas, Women Wild - Whiskey Strong, Corsicana Texas, The Blizzard, Texas Tea, Old Tige, Texas Country Boy, Mary Ann Regrets ... (22 tracks).

B.JEFF STONE: Country Music's Hit Man (Nashville Gold Record * CD-R * USA) (6€) * Lost Highway Saloon, Texas Tea, The Blizzard, Whiskey, When It's Christmas Time In Texas ... (8 tracks).
B.JEFF STONE: Everybody Loves Me (Hillton * USA) (6€) * Wandering Boy, Hey Little Newsboy, He's Impressive, A Good Woman's Love, Better Than You Are, I Envy Him Tonight ... (10 trcaks).

THE STONEMAN FAMILY: 28 Big Ones (King *comp-2000/USA) (8€) * 100 Years Ago, The Sinking Of Titanic, The Heroes Of Bataan, Wild Bill Hickock, Lonesome Banjo, Lee Highway Blues ... (28 trcaks).

GEORGE STRAIT: Honkytonkville (MCA * 2003/USA) (8€) * Honk If You Honky Tonk, Four Down And Twelve Across, I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor, Cowboys Like Us, Tell Me Somwthing Bad About Tulsa ... (12 tracks).
GEORGE STRAIT: Something Special (MCA * 1985/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: One Step At A Time (MCA * 1998/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: Always Never The Same (MCA * 1999/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: The Road Less Traveled (MCA * 2001/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: Easy Come Easy Go (MCA * 1993/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: Lead On (MCA * 1994/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: Blue Clear Sky (MCA * 1996/USA) (6€).
GEORGE STRAIT: Carrying Your Love With Me (MCA * 1997/EU) (6€).

MEL STREET: Borrowed Angel (Gusto * comp-2005/USA) (5€) * Walk On By, Today I Started Loving You Again, Lucille, Wine Me Up, I Love You Because ... (9 tracks).

STRINGBEAN: HeeHaw & Grand Ole Opry Star * Front Porch Funnies (King * comp-2005/USA) (8€) * Here Rattler Here, There'll Be Moonshinin' In Them Old Kentucky Hills, Chewing Gum ... (9 tracks).

MARTY STUART: Love And Luck (MCA * 1994/USA) (8€).
MARTY STUART: Honky Tonkin`s What I Do Best (MCA * 1996/USA) (8€).
MARTY STUART: Marty Stuart (MCA * 1990-95/Made in EC) (8€).

SUNDOWN PETE & MARGIE LANE: In El Paso (Arriba Juarez Mariachi & The Midnight Strings) (Driftwood Records * USA) (6€) Reckless With My Dough, Fences To Mend, I Feel That I Must Sing ... (12 tracks).

TAM TALL & GINNY WRIGHT: Are You Mine (Fabor/Abbott/Bear Family * comp-2005/Germany) (12€) * Goldie Jo Malone, Boom Boom Boomerang, Indian Moon, My Chihuahua Dog, Hot Rod Is Her Name, Whirlwind ... (31 tracks).

CHIP TAYLOR: Last Chance (Train Wreck/WB * orig. 1973/re-1997 * USA) (9€) * I Wasn't Born In Tennessee, I Read It In Rolling Stone, Son Of A Rotten Gambler, #101 In Cashbox ... (11 tracks).
CHIP TAYLOR: Living Room Tapes (Train Wreck/Gadfly * 1997/USA) (9€) * The Hell With Her, Grandma's White LeBaron, Heroes Of This Song, Why Milwaukee, Florence Is The River ... (12 tracks).
CHIP TAYLOR & Carrie Rodriguez: Let's Leave This Town (Train Wreck/CRS * 2002/Holland) (9e) * Sweet Terquila Blues, Storybook Children, Midnight On The Water, You Are Danger ... (12 tracks).

The TENNESSEE THREE (feat. Bob Wootton & W.S.Holland): We Still Miss Someone * Tribute To Johnny Cash (BSW * 2005/USA) (12€).

TEXAS TORNADOS: Zone Of Our Own (Reprise * 1991/Germany) (8€) * Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone, El Pantalon Blue Jean, I'm Not That Kat Anymore, La Mucura ... (10 tracks).
TEXAS TORNADOS: Hangin' On By A Thread (WB/Reprise * 1992/Germany) (8€) * Ando Muy Borracho, Trying, La Grande Vida, Adios Mi Corazon, One And Only, Tus Mentiras ... (10 tracks).

HANK THOMPSON: Hank Thompson And Friends (Curb * 1997/USA) (14€) Friends: Geroge Jones, Tanya Tucker, Junior Brown, Lyle Lovett, Kitty Wells, David Ball, Brooks & Dunn ... (12 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Seven Decades (Hightone * 2000/USA) (14€) * In the Jaihouse Now, Condo In Hondo, The Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel For Single Girls Burned Down, New Wine In Old Bottles ... (13 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: Famous Country Music Makers (Pulse/Castle * comp-1999/England) (8€) * Country Bumpkin, Smokey The Bar, There's A Honky Tonk Angel Who'll Take Me Back In, Whatever's Left ... (18 trcaks).
HANK THOMPSON: The Best Of Hank Thompson 1966-79 (Varese Sarabande * coll-1996/USA) (8€) * Smoky The Bar, Oklahoma Home Brew, The King Of Western Swing, I Hear the South Callin' Me, The Mark Of A Heel ... (16 tracks).
HANK THOMPSON: The Wild Side Of Life (Fat Boy Records * re-1994/England) (8€).
HANK THOMPSON: The Country Music Hall Of Fame (MCA * compilation 1999/USA) (8€).

BILLY BOB THORNTON: Private Radio (UMG * 2001/EU) * Lost Highway, Starlight Lounge, That Mountain, Smoking In Bed, Beauty At The Back Door ... (12 tracks) (5€).

MEL TILLIS: All His Great Hits (Polygram * coll-1995/USA) (6€).

FLOYD TILLMAN: The Influence (Heart Of Texas * 2004/USA) (16€) (with friends: Merle Haggard, Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Frankie Miller, Lawton Williams, Ray Price, George Jones, Justin Trevino, Leona Williams ...)(14 tracks).

AARON TIPPIN: You`ve Got To Stand For Something (RCA * 1990/Germany) (6€).

MERLE TRAVIS: Folk Songs Of The Hills (2 LPs: "Back Home" / "Songs Of The Coalmines") (Capitol/Bear Family * comp-1993/Germany) (9€) * The Browder Explosion, Bloody Brethitt County, Here's To The Operator Boys, Paw Walked Behind Us With A Carbide Lamp, Dear Old Halifax, Possom Up A Simmon Tree ... (24 tracks).
MERLE TRAVIS: The Best Of Merle Travis (Rhino / Capitol * re-1990/USA) (8€) * Kinfolks In Carolina, Cannon Ball Rag, Trouble Trouble, Re-Enlistment Blues, When My Baby Double Talks To Me .... (18 tracks).
MERLE TRAVIS: The Merle Travis Story * 24 Greatest Hits (CMH * 1989/USA) (12€) * Kentucky Means Paradise, Dark As A Dungeon, I'm A Natural Born Gamblin' Man, John Henry, Start Even, Fat Gal ... (24 tracks).

RANDY TRAVIS: Wind In The Wire (WB * 1993/USA) (7€) * Paniolo Country, Down At The Old Corral, Cowboy Boogie, Blue Mesa, Memories Of Old Santa Fe, Roamin' Wyoming, Hula Hands .. (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: Heroes & Friends (WB * 1990/Germany) (8€) * All Night Long (& Merle Haggard), Birth Of The Blues (& Willie Nelson), A Few Old Country Boys (& George Jones) + duets with Dolly Parton, Vern Gosdin, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Kris Kristofferson, Conway Twitty, Roy Rogers, Clint Eastwood & B.B.King ... (14 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: A Man Ain`t Made Of Stone (Dreamworks * 1999/made in the EU) (6€) * Thirteen Mile Goodbye, The Family Bible And The Farmer's Almanac, Once You've Heard The Truth ... (12 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: This Is Me (WB * 1994/Germany) (6€) * Oscar The Angel, Honky Tonk Side Of Town, Before You Kill Us All, Runaway Train, The Box, Gonna Walk That Line ... (10 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: Inspirational Journey (WB/Atlantic * 2000/USA) (6€) * Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle, Shallow Water, Doctor Jesus, Drive Another Nail, The Carpenter ... (12 tracks).
RANDY TRAVIS: Always & Forever (WB * 1987/USA) (6€) * Tonight We're Gonna Tear Down The Walls, The Truth Is Lyin' Next To You, Good Intentions, My House, Too Gone Too Long ... (10 tracks).

JUSTIN TREVINO: Too Many Heartaches (Heart Of Texas * 2004/USA) (8€) * Texas Honky Tonk, Tonight She Hits The Honky Tonks Again, Honky Tonk Atmosphere, I Turn To the Wine ... (12 tracks).

RICK TREVINO: Super Hits (Columbia/Sony 1993-99/USA) (6€).
RICK TREVINO: Looking For The Light (Columbia * 1995/USA) (6€).

Ernest Tubb:

ERNEST TUBB & Friends: The Legendary Ernest Tubb * Walking The Floor Over You (Laserlight/Delta * 1992/USA) (10 tracks) Jealous Loving Heart (& JOHNNY CASH), Walking The Floor Over You (& MERLE HAGGARD), I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Home (& CHIP TAYLOR), Half A Mind (& GEORGE JONES) .... (12€)
ERNEST TUBB & Friends: The Legendary Ernest Tubb * Waltz Across Texas (Laserlight/Delta * 1992/USA) (10 tracks) Sad Songs And Waltzes (& GENE WATSON), Mr. Jukebox (& JACK GREENE), Answer The Phone (& LORETTA LYNN), Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Goodbye (& JOHNNY PAYCHECK) .... (12€)
ERNEST TUBB: The Very Best Of (Universal/Half Moon/MCA * comp-1997/England) (8€) * Waltz Across Texas, Goodnight Irene (& Red Foley), Another Story, Answer The Phone, Mr. & Mrs. Used To Be (& Loretta Lynn) ... (24 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Live 1965 (C&E Records/Rhino * re-1989/USA) (9€) * Warm Red Wine, Rhodesbud Boogie, Lonesome 7-7203, Pass The Booze, Mississippi Gal ... (20 tracks).
ERNEST TUBB: Stars Over Texas * With Friends (First Generation/Carlton Sounds * comp-1997/England) (16€) * There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas (& Roy Clark), Drivin' Nails In My Coffin (& Boxcar Willie), Rainbow At Midnight (& Marty Robbins), Walking The Floor Over You (& Merle Haggard & Charlie Daniels), You Nearly Lose Your Mind (& Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings), Jealous Loving Heart (& Johnny Cash) ... (27 tracks).

JUSTIN TUBB: Rock It Down To My House (2 CD-Set) (The Complete U.S. Decca Recordings 1953-58 * Bear Family comp-1994/Germany) (14€) * Miss The Mississippi And You, Mine Is A Lonely Life (& Roger Miller), Buster's Gang, Waterloo (& Goldie Hill), Chuga-Chuga Chica Mauga ... (59 tracks).
JUSTIN & ERNEST TUBB: Just You And Me, Daddy * 20 Songs (First Generation * 1998/USA ~ Justin's vocal tracks overdubbed) (12€) * Waltz Across Texas, Half My heart's In Texas, Seaman's Blues, Journey's End ... (20 tracks).

Conway Twitty:

CONWAY TWITTY: Even Now (MCA * 1991/USA) (7€) * It's Such A Heartache, Let The Pretty Lady Dance, Life's Too Short No Matter How Long It Lasts ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (MCA * comp-1990/USA) (6€) * Saturday Night Special, House On Old Lonesome Road, That's My Job ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Final Touches (MCA * 1993/USA) (7€) * Two Timin' Two Stepper, An Old Memory Like Me, You Ought To Try It Sometime ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Crazy In Love (MCA * 1990/USA) (7€) * Shadow Of A Distand Friend, What's Another Goodbye, One Bridge I Didn't Burn ... (10 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: The Best Of (Cameo * comp-1995/EEC) (6€) * The Games That Daddies Play, Don't Cry Joni, Danny Boy, Linda On My Mind ... (20 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Conwat Twitty's Greatest Hits (Polydor * West Germany) (6€) * Mona Lisa, Lonely Blue Boy, The Story Of My Life, Is A Bluebird Blue ... (16 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: The Best Of (Fat Boy Records * comp-1993/EEC) (6€) * As Soon As I hang Up the Phone, Fifteen Years Ago, After All The Good Is Gone ... (20 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: Silver Anniversary Collection (MCA * comp-1990/USA) (4€) (takakansipaperi hiukan ryppyinen * back cover sheet a little bit wrinkled) * Boogie Grass Band, Desperado Love, The Rose ... (25 tracks).
CONWAY TWITTY: The Road That I Walk (Rock & Rhythm/Prestige * re-1999/Czech) (7€).
CONWAY TWITTY: Borderline (MCA * 1987/USA-Japan) (7€).

Ian Tyson:

IAN & SYLVIA TYSON: Greatest Hits (Vanguard * comp-1987/USA) (9€) * Four Strong Winds, Someday Soon, Early Morning Rain, This Wheel's On Fire, Ella Speed, The Renegade ... (23 tracks).

IAN TYSON: One Jump Ahead Of The Devil (Stony Plain * 1972/re-1992 * canada) (9€) * Lone Star And Coors, Half Mile Of hell, Freddie Hall, Texas I Miss You, Newtontown Waltz ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Eighteen Inches Of Rain (Stonyplain * 1994/Canada) (8€) * Horsethief Moon, M.C. Horses, Rodeo Road, Old House, Alcohol In The Bloodstream, 'Til The Circle Is Through ... (12 tracks).
IAN TYSON: And Stood There Amazed (Stonyplain * 1991/Canada) (8€) * Jaquima To Freno, Lights Of Laramie, Springtime In Alberta, Milk River Ridge, Rocks Begin To Roll ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: I Outgrew The Wagon (Stonyplain * 1989/Canada) (9€) * Cowboys Don't Cry, Four Strong Winds, The Banks Of The Musselshell, Irving Berlin Is 100 Years Old Today, Adeliat Rose ... (11 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Lost Herd (Vanguard * 1999/USA) (8€) * Brahmas And Mustangs, Summer's Gone, Blue Mountains Of Mexico, Legends Of Cutting, Elko Blues - The Roan Mare, Smugglers Cove ... (10 tracks).
IAN TYSON: Live At Longview (Vanguard * 2002/Germany) (8€) * Navajo Rug, Desert Motel, Jerry Ambler, Fifty Years Ago, Somewhere In The Rubies, Casey Tibbs, Little High Plains Town ... (17 tracks).

LEROY VAN DYKE: Walk On By (Mercury * comp-1995/USA) * (8€) * Faded Love, Dim Dark Corner, Heartaches By The Number, How Long Must You Keep Me Secret, Big Man In A Big House ... (13 tracks).
LEROY VAN DYKE: Cowboy Country (SUN * 1997/USA) (20€) * The Hanging Tree, Rio Colorado, Serenade Of The Bells, Moonlight Gambler, Gay Ranchero, The Hobo's Last Ride, Ridin' Down The Canyon ... (10 tracks).

NORMAN WADE: Warning - This Album Contains Old Time Country Music (Associated Artists * 2002/USA) (20€) * Hank Moaned The Blues, Thanks To Hank, I've Got You To Thank For That, Fools Never Learn ... (10 tracks).

PORTER WAGONER: The Cold Hard Facts Of Life * The Carroll County Accident (2 LPs in 1 CD) (RCA/Eagle * re-1999/England) (16€) * Hundred Dollar Funeral, Shopworn, Julie, Banks Of the Ohio, Sing Me Back Home, Black jack's Bar, King Of the Cannon County Hills ... (23 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Unplugged (Shell Point Records * 2002/USA) (14€) * Family Bible (& Willie Nelson), Silver Eagle Meets The Great Speckled Bird (& Willie Nelson), Moses Jones, Satan Wore Satin ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Porter Wagoner (Lassoes & Spurs * comp-1992/Canada) (7€) * Lightening The Load, I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand, Sorrow On The Rocks, Uncle Pen ... (10 tracks).
PORTER WAGONER: Wagonmaster (ANTI * 2007/USA) (10€) * Albert Erving, Buck And The Boys, Brother Harold Lee, Satan's River, A Place To Hang My Hat, Eleven Cent Cotton ... (producer: Marty Stuart).

JIMMY WAKELY: Vintage Collections (Capitol * comp-1996/USA) (8€) * Oklahoma Blues, Song Of The Sierras, Roll Along Kentucky Moon, Moon Over Montana, I Wish I Had A Nickel ... (20 tracks).

BILLY WALKER: 20 Greatest Cowboy Hits (Gusto/TeeVee * 2005/USA) (8€) * That Ole El Paso Story Again, Shenandoah, Patanio - Pride Of The Plains, The Lonely Rider, El Diablo, Mexicali Moon ... (20 tracks).
BILLY WALKER: Billy Walker's Best (Sony/Monument * re-1996/USA) (10 tracks) Walker's Woods, Wings Of A Dove, Lonely Street, Make The World Go Away ... (6€).
BILLY WALKER: Columbia Hits (KOCH/Sony/Columbia * re-2005(USA) (20 tracks) Willie The Weeper, Matamoros, The Morning Paper, The Lawman .... (8€)
BILLY WALKER: Greatest Hits On Monument (Sony * 1993/USA) (8€) * From The Bottle To The Bottom, In Del Rio, Smoky Places, The Old French Quarter, Better Homes And Gardens ... (15 tracks).
BILLY WALKER: Country Sounds (Fat Boy Records/TKO * 1995/EEC) (7€) * Don't Ever Leave Me In Texas, Jesse, He Sang The Songs About El Paso, Cool In The Daylight (Fire In The Dark) ... (11 tracks).
BILLY WALKER: Greatest All Time Cowboy Hits (Power Pak * 1995/USA) (7€) * Shenandoah, Patanio - Pride Of The Plains, Waiting For A Train, The Roving Cowboy, Red River Valley ... (9 tracks).

BRADLEY WALKER: Highway Of Dreams (Rounder * 2006/USA) (producer: Carl Jackson) (5€) * Shoulda Took That Train, Love's Tombstone, I Never Go Around Mirrors ... (12 tracks).

CHARLIE WALKER: Pick Me Up On Your Down * Disc 1 (Imperial/Decca/Columbia * Bear Family * comp-1999/Germany) (13€) * Dancing Mexican Boy, I've Never Been Out of Texas (But I've Seen Everything), Cheaters Never Win ... (32 tracks).
CHARLIE WALKER: Pick Me Up On Your Down * Disc 2 (Columbia/EPIC * Bear Family * comp-1999/Germany) (13€) * Honky Tonk Blues, Truck Drivin' Man, Close All The Honky Tonks, Last Call For Alcohol ... (29 tracks).
CHARLIE WALKER: Pick Me Up On Your Down * Disc 3 (Columbia/EPIC * Bear Family * comp-1999/Germany) (13€) * Honky Tonk Song, Drivin' Nails In My Coffin, Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox, Bubbles In My Beer ... (35 tracks).
CHARLIE WALKER: Pick Me Up On Your Down * Disc 4 (Columbia/EPIC * Bear Family * comp-1999/Germany) (13€) * Moffett - Oklahoma, A Honky Tonk In Dallas, Honky Tonk Season, Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives ... (31 tracks).
CHARLIE WALKER: Pick Me Up On Your Down * Disc 5 (Columbia/EPIC * Bear Family * comp-1999/Germany) (13€) * Got My Mind On The Border Of Mexico, You're From Texas, Don't Put Down The Honky Tonks, Honky Tonk Women ... (27 tracks).

Nδmδ Texas Honk Tonk-kantrin arkkityypin Charlie Walkerin viisi (5) CD-abumia ovat alkuperδisiδ Bear Familyn boxi-julkaisuja, mutta kotelolaatikko ja esittelykirjanen puuttuvat (ed. omistaja oli kuulemma sδilytysvaikeuksien takia hδvittδnyt laatikon ja kirjasen). These are original Bear Family releases, but the box and booklet are missing. The ex-owner wanted to keep the CDs separately (normally - without box) in his collection).

CLAY WALKER: A Few Questions (RCA/BMG * 2003/USA) (6€).

JERRY JEFF WALKER: Navajo Rug (RYKO Disc * 1991/USA) (12€) * Nolan Ryan (He's A Hero To us All, Detour, Flowers In The Snow, Rockin' On The River, Lucky Man ... (10 tracks).

JIMMY WALKER & The Whiskey Blues Band: Real Country (TRAC Records * USA) (12€) * They Play Country Music In Heaven, Night Time Places, Whiskey Versus Heartache, Dan, Kick Me When I'm Down, Can't Live Another Day Like This ... (10 tracks).

MICHAEL T. WALL (Canada): 500 Years Ago ~ Souvenir And Collector's Edition 1497-1997 (Cabot Records * 1997/Canada) (8€) * Little Boats Of Newfoundland, My Beautiful island, Wearing Of The Map, Shake My hand I'm From Newfoundland, I'm Coming Home To You Newfoundland, The Heritage, 500 Years Ago ... (22 tracks).

LARRY WALLACE: Sunny Mountain Banjo (with Jimmy Martin, Charlie Cline, Vernon Derrick & Stan Wilemon) (API Atteiram * 1995/USA) (14 tracks) Big Country, Train 45, Lost Wild Indian, Foggy Mountain Breakdown .... (5€)

DON WALSER: Texas Top Hand (Texas Music Group/Lone Star/Watermelon * re-issue 2001/USA) (7e) * Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Whispering Pines, Weary Blues From Waiting, Mexicali Rose ... (12 tracks).
DON WALSER: Texas Top Hand (Watermelon * re-issue 1996/USA) (8e) * Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Whispering Pines, Weary Blues From Waiting, Mexicali Rose ... (12 tracks).
DON WALSER: Rolling Stone From Texas (Texas Music Group/Lone Star/Watermelon * re-issue 2001/USA) (8e) * Shotgun Boogie, The John Deere Tractor Song, Cowboy Ramsey, Down At The Cantina ... (12 tracks).
DON WALSER: Dare To Dream ~ The Best Of (Lone Star/Texas Music Group * 2001/USA) (8€) * Rolling Stone From Texas, Cowpoke, Hot Rod Mercury, Truck Drivin' Man, Arkansas, Big Ball's In Cowtown ... (20 tracks).
DON WALSER: Here's To Country Music (Watermelon/Sire * 1999/USA) (8€) * Tennessee Saturday Night, My Ride With Jimmie, Oakie Boogie, Polka Dot Blues, Paper Rosie ... (12 tracks).
DON WALSER & The Pure Texas Band: The Archive Series Vol.1 (Watermelon * 1995/USA) (8€) * Cowboy Ramsey, Casting My Lasso, New Patches, Cattle Call, Fuzz Dixon, Lonesome 7-7203 ... (17 tracks).
DON WALSER & The Pure Texas Band: The Archive Series Vol.2 (Watermelon * 1995/USA) (8€) * Shelley's Winter Love, Waiting For A Train, All Around Cowboy, Long Black Veil ... (17 tracks).

MONTE WARDEN: Monte Warden (Watermelon - Austin, Texas * 1993/USA) (4€) * Car Seat, Just To Hear Your Voice, Don't Know A Thing, Feel Better, It's Amazing, Everyday We Fall In Love ... (11 tracks).

STEVE WARINER: Burnin' The Roadhouse Down (Capitol * 1998/USA) (6€).

DALE WATSON: I Hate These Songs (HighTone Recods/Shock * 1997/Australia) * (9€) Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe, Wine Don't Lie, Hey Driver, Ball & Chain, Pity Party ... (14 songs).
DALE WATSON: Christmas Time In Texas (Continental Record Service * 2000/Holland) * (7€) Honky Tonk Christmas, Hot Texas Christmas Day, You Can Call Me Nick, Santa And My Semi ... (12 songs).
DALE WATSON: Christmas Time In Texas (Koch/Audium * 2001/USA) * (7€) Honky Tonk Christmas, Hot Texas Christmas Day, You Can Call Me Nick, Santa And My Semi ... (12 songs).
DALE WATSON: Every Song Is For You (Continental Record Service * 2001/Holland) * (8€) Hey Chico, I'd Deal With The Devil, These Things We'll Never Do, One More For Her ... (14 songs).
DALE WATSON: Every Song Is For You (Koch/Audium * 2001/USA) * (8€) Hey Chico, I'd Deal With The Devil, These Things We'll Never Do, One More For Her ... (14 songs).
DALE WATSON & His Lone Stars:: The Truckin' Sessions (Raisin Cain/KOCH * 1998/USA) * (9€) Big Wheels Keep Rollin', Longhorn Suburban, Help Me Joe, Flat Tire, Heaven In Baltimore ... (14 songs).
DALE WATSON & His Lone Stars: People I've Known, Places I've Been (Continental Record Service * 1999/Holland) * (9€) Lefty (Chavis County Jail), Louie's Lee's Liquor Lounge, Luther, Roadtrain ... (12 songs).
DALE WATSON & His Lone Stars: Heeah!! (Continental Record Service * 2005/Holland) * (9€) Sit And Drink And Cry, Whiskey Or God, Truckin' Queen, Tequila And Teardrops, 38 .. 21 .. 34, Outta Luck ... (14 songs).

GENE WATSON: The Gospel Side Of (Intersound * 2004/USA) (5€) * Climb Higher, Before The Hammer Could Ring, Shine From The Mountain, Mu Eyes Are On The Prize ... (10 tracks).
GENE WATSON: A Way To Survive (Step One Records * 1997/USA) (8€) * All Hat No cattle, Fourteen Carat Mind, Class Reunion, Old Porch Swing, Someone's Child, Just In Case ... (10 tracks).
GENE WATSON: At Last (WB * 1991/USA) (8€) * This Country*s Bigger Than Texas, Only Yesterday, The Workin' End Of A Hoe, I Catch Myself, A Gifted Hand ... (11 tracks).
GENE WATSON: From The Heart (Row Music Group * 2001/USA) * (8€) I Never Go Around Mirrors, No Trash In My Trailer, This Circus That You Call A Rodeo ... (12 tracks).
GENE WATSON: Best Of (Curb * comp-1996/USA) * (6€) Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home, Texas Saturday Night, You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life ... (10 tracks).
GENE WATSON: A Taste Of The Truth (Shanachie * 2009/USA) (alkuperδisesti pahvikotelossa * orig. cardboard sleeves) (kannesta huonosti poistettu tarraa * sticker traces on cover) (6€) Staying Together (& Rhonda Vincent), Three Minutes At A Time ... (11 tracks).
GENE WATSON: In A Perfect World (Shanachie * 2009/USA) (tarroja takakannessa * stickers on back cover) (6€) * This Side Of the Door (& Mark Chesnutt), A Good Place To Turn Around (& Connie Smith) ... (11 tracks).

TOMMY WEBB: Heartland (Rural Rhythm * 2009/USA) (14 tracks) If It Weren't For Bluegrass Music I'd Go Crazy, A Hard Roe To Hoe, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Teardrop Inn .... (5€)

KEN WENTWORTH: Sings A Dick Curless Tribute * Many Happy Miles (Artists Carousel * CD-R = "green disc" * 2004/USA) (6€) * The Great Race, Legend Of Dick Curless, Six Times A Day, Winter Time In Maine, Room Full Of Roses ... (12 tracks).

BILLY EDD WHEELER: Songs And Legends Of The Outer Banks (with 3 solo vocal tracks by Paul Craft) (Kitty Hawk Records * 1996/USA) (12€) * Buffalo City, Whalebone Junction, The Mighty Midgetts Of Chicamacomico, The Legend Of Blackbeard, Hatteras Hattle, My Heart Will Always Be In carolina ... (13 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: Milestones (Sagittarius * 2001/USA) (9€) * Jackson, Coward Of the County, The Ballad Of Edsel Martin, Blistered, The Coming Of the Roads, Music City News, Long Arm Of The Law ... (23 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: Songs I Wrote With Chet (Atkins) (Sagittarius * 1995/USA) (8€) * Keep It Country, Those Old Songs Are Coming Back Again, Django, Working For The Minimum Wage, My Montez ... (10 tracks).
BILLY EDD WHEELER: New Wine From Old Vine - A Varietal Blend Of Old Songs & New ~ Uncorked (Sagittarius * USA) (10€) * Carolina Moonshine, The Hole In Uncle Vincent's Wooden Leg, No Lawyers In Heaven, Does Mel Tillis Really Stutter ... (23 tracks).

DENNIS WHEELER: Give Me A Honky Tonk Night (Any Old Day) (Sarborn * 1993/USA) (5€) * Jim Beam Me Up Scotty, Honky Tonk Heartache, Pushin' Forty, I'll Never Understand Women, Going Out Of My Mind, Don't Take Your Problems To The Bedroom ... (10 tracks).

DWIGHT WHITLEY ( = Keith's brother): Brotherly Love (Neon Records * 1995/USA) (8€) * Lord It Sure Is Drunk Out Tonight, Honky Tonk Crazy, The Legend And The Man, My Old Friend, I Want My Rib Back ... (12 tracks):

KEITH WHITLEY: Country Legends (RCA * comp-2002/EU) (8€) * Some Old Side Road, Homecoming '63, Lucky Dog, 'Til A Tear Becomes A Rose (with Lorrie Morgan), I'm No Stranger To the Rain ... (16 tracks).

Wildfire's members have all been members of J.D.Crowe's "New South" - one of the greatest in bluegrass."

WILDFIRE: Where Roads Divide (Pinecastle * 2003/USA) (6€) * The Lord Knows I'm Drinking, Somewhere Down The Road, I'm Afraid My Darlin's Gone ... (12 tracks).
WILDFIRE: Uncontained (Pinecastle * 2001/USA) (6€) * Bartender Blues, Victim Of Life's Circumstances, Straight And Narrow, Rough Edges ... (12 tracks).

SLIM WILLET: Boppin' Hillbilly Series - Slim Willet (Collector Records * Comp. * Holland) (12€) * El Paso Gas, Rig Movin' Man, Drill Bit Honky Tonk, Tool Pusher, Hadacol Corners, Haywire Jones, Johnny Don't Drill ... (30 tracks).

DON WILLIAMS: Follow Me Back To Louisville (Musicbank/Charly * comp-2004/England) (5€) * Ruby Tuesday, Storybook Children, Always Something There To Remind Me, There's Never Been A Time ... (11 tracks).
DON WILLIAMS: The Best Of (BMG Camden * comp-2003/England) (6€) * Lord Have Mercy On Country Boy, Back In My Younger Days, Lone Star State Of Mind, Only Water Shining In The Air ... (18 tracks).
DON WILLIAMS: Love Stories (BMC Camden * comp-1996/England) (6€) * Flowers Won't Grow In Gardens Of Stone, Standing Knee Deep In A River Dying Of Thirst, Back On The Street Again ... (20 tracks).
DON WILLIAMS: Borrowed Tales (American harvest * 1995/USA) * Lay Down Sally, Crying In The Rain, Games People Play, Peace Train, The Long Black Veil ... (10€).

HANK WILLIAMS: Famous Country Music Makers (Pulse/Castle * compilation-1999/England) (8€).

Hank Williams Jr:

HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Hog Wild (MCG/Curb * 1995/USA) (10€) * Eyes Of Waylon, Greeted In Enid, Tobacco Road, Daytona Nights, Iron Horse, Between Heaven And Hell, I Ain't Going Peacefully ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: A Tribute To My Father Hank Williams (Curb * 1993/Germany) (9€) * A Whole Lot Of Hank, Ballad Of Hank Williams, If You Don't Like Hank Williams, The Conversation (with Waylon Jennings) ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: America ~ The Way I See It (Curb * 1990/USA) (9€) * Mr. Lincoln, All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over For Monday Night Football, Don't Give Us A Reason ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: I'm One Of You (Curb * 2003/USA) (8€) * Amos Moses, Guitar Money, Devil In The Bottle, Waylon's Guitar, What's On The Bar, Liquer To Like Her, Games People Play ... (11 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Stormy (Curb * 1999/USA) (8€) * Hank Hill Is The King, Naked Women And Beer, Gibbonsville Gold, Where Would We Be Without Yankees, Sometime's I Feel Like Joe Montana ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Almeria Club (Curb * 2002/USA) (8€) * Cross On The Highway, X-Treme Country, The "F" Word, Last Pork Chop, Top Cheatin' Hotel, Big Top Women, Tee Tot Song, America Will Survive ... (13 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Greatest Hits (WB/Curb * 1982/USA) (7€) * Texas Women, Kaw-Liga, Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound, Family Tradition, A Country Boy Can Survive, Dixie On My Mind, The American Dream ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: The New South - Original Classic Hits - Vol.2 (Curb * 1977/1995 * USA) (7€) * Uncle Pen, Tenessee, Long Way To Hollywood, Montgomery In The Rain, Storms Never Last ... (11 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Lone Wolf (WB * 1990/USA) (8€) * USA Today, Hot To Trot, Big Mamou, Almost Persuaded, Stoned At The Jukebox, Ain't Nobody's Business, I Mean I Love You ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Pure Hank (WB/Curb * 1991/USA) (8€) * Honky Tonk Train, Memphis Belle, Hollywood Honeys, Just To Satisfy You, Simple Man, Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye ... (10 tracks).
HANK WILLIAMS Jr: Wild Streak (WB/Curb * 1988/USA) (8€) * If The South Woulda Won, You're Gonna Be A Sorry Man, Love M.D., Social Call, Early In The Morning And Late At Night ... (10 tracks).

LAWTON WILLIAMS: Mending Fences (TIMA Records, Texas * 2000/USA) (12€) * The McNairy County Sheriff, Mockingbird Mansion, Neon Nights, The Last Trumpet, Golden Cigarette Lighter, Adam And Everett ... (12 tracks).

TEX WILLIAMS: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! ~ 25 Greatest Hits (Country Stars/IMC * comp-2003/Portugal) (8€) * Birmingham Bounce, Wild Card, Never Trust A Woman, Bluebird On Your Windowsill, Great Big Needle ... (25 tracks).

FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Cowboy (1958)/ The New Sound Of American Folk (1962) * (re-1999 Rhino/Soundies * USA) (2 orig. LPs = one CD) (22€) * Five Hundred Miles, Old Lonesome Train, Dark As A Dungeon, Beautiful Moon Over Texas, Red River Valley, Song Of The Cowboy, Dreary Black Hills, Rose Of San Antone ... (24 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: Trail Herdin' Cowboy (Cattle CCD 215 * recorded: late 40's * Germany) (8€) * Texas Blues, Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad, Ridin' Down That Old Texas Train ... (20 tracks).
FOY WILLING & The Riders Of The Purple Sage: The Timber Trail (Cattle CCD 216 * recorded: late 40's * Germany) (8€) * Managua Nicaragua, Midnight Masquerade, Trail To Mexico. Nellie Bly, My Adobe Hacienda ... (20 tracks).

GARY WIRKKALA: Ghost Town (Wirkkala * 2004/USA) (6€) * Gun Fighter's Last Ride, Nevada Ghost Town, Borderline, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, The Train ... (14 tracks).

CHUBBY WISE ( = "Hank Snow-fiddler" ): In Nashville (Pinecastle * 1994/USA) (8€).
CHUBBY WISE: An American Original - The 1994 Sessions (Pinecastle * 1995/USA) (8€).

MAC WISEMAN: 24 Greatest Hits (Highland * comp-1987/USA) (9€) * 18 Wheels A Humming Home Sweet Home, Wabash Cannonball, Going Like Wildfire, Barbara Allen, The Prisoner's Song ... (24 tracks).

The WITCHER BROTHERS (featuring Dennis Witcher & Tim O'Brien): Yesterday's News (Elk Dog Records * 1995/USA) (5€) * Give Me Forty Acres, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Uncle Pen, Nine Pound Hammer, Big Wheels, Carolina Sunday, Sweet Georgia Brown .... (14 tracks).

BOB WOODRUFF: Dreams & Saturday Nights (Asylum * 1994/USA) (6€) * I'm The Train, Bayou Girl, Hard Liquor - Cold Women - Warm Beer, Poisoned At The Well, You Can't Win ... (11 tracks).
BOB WOODRUFF: Desire Road (Curb/Imprint/Hit * 1997/USA) (6€) * Almost Saturday Night, Cry Behind The Wheel, River's Edge, Out Of The Blue, Remember To Forget, That Was Then ... (12 tracks).

SHEB WOOLEY: Wild And Wooley, Big Unruly Me (MGM 1955-70 * Bear Family comp-1997/Germany) (18€) * One Of Them Roarin' Songs, Give The Ball To Willie B, Hootenanny Hoot, Magic Town, Meet Mr. Lonely ... (29 tracks).
SHEB WOOLEY: The Purple People Eater (MGM 1955-67 * Bear Family comp-1997/Germany) (18€) * Luke The Spook, Walkin' Guitar, The Birth Of Rock 'N Roll, Let The Big Wind Blow, Runnin' With The Night Crowd ... (31 tracks).

Dwight Yoakam:

DWIGHT YOAKAM: If There Was A Way (Reprise * 1990/USA) (9€) * Since I Started Drinkin' Again, Sad Sad Music, Dangerous Man, Let's Wreck Together ... (14 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Population Me (KOCH Audium * 2003/USA) (9€) * The Late Great Golden State, Fair To Midland, Trains And Boats And Planes, If Teardrops Were Diamonds ... (10 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Come On Christmas (Reprise * 1997/USA) (7€) * Run Run Rudolph, Santa Can't Stay, Santa Claus Is Back In Town, I'll Be Home For Christmas ... (10 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Dwight's Used Records (KOCH Via * 2004/USA) (9€) * Understand Your Man, Loco Motion, Mercury Blues, Wheels, Paradise, Down Where The River Bends ... (14 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Dwight Live (Reprise * 1995/Germany) (9€) * Streets Of Bakersfield, Lonesome Roads, Rocky Road Blues, Long White Cadillac, Wild Ride ... (17 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: The Platinum Collection (Warner Rhino * Comp. 2006/UK) (9€) * Ring Of Fire, North To Alaska, Honky Tonk Man, I Sang Dixie, Louisville, Mystery Train, Playboy ... (19 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Under The Covers (Reprise * 1997/Germany) (8€) * Wichita Lineman, North To Alaska, T For Texas, Playboy, Claudette, Train In Vain, Baby Don't Go (& Sheryl Crow) ... (12 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: This Time (Reprise * 1993/USA) (8€) * A Thousand Miles From Nowhere, Pocket Of AClown, Lonesome Roads, Wild Ride, King Of Fools ... (11 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: A Long Way Home (Reprise * 1998/USA) (8€) * Traveler's Lantern, The Curse, Same Fool, Maybe You Like It - Maybe You Don't, Yet To Succeed ... (13 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Gone (Reprise * 1995/Germany) (8€) * Heart Of Stone, Sorry You Asked, One More Night, Near You, Don't Be Sad, Never Hold You ... (10 tracks).
DWIGHT YOAKAM: Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (Reprise * 1988/USA) (8€) * Streets Of Bakerskield, I Sang Dixie, Floyd County, Send Me The Pillow, Home Of The Blues ... (11 tracks).

FARON YOUNG: The Radio Shows Vol.1 (Intermusic/Country Stars * comp-1993/Belgium) (6€) * Detroit City, Busted, The Race Is On, Face To The Wall, Unmitigated Gal ... (23 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: The Radio Shows Vol.2 (Intermusic/Country Stars * comp-1993/Belgium) (6€) * Tennessee Border, Memphis Tennessee, Saginaw Michigan, King Of The Road, Apartment #9 ... (23 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: The Radio Shows Vol.3 (Intermusic/Country Stars * comp-1993/Belgium) (6€) * Humpty Dumpty Heart, Waterloo, Tiger By The Tail, Company's Coming, Sawmill (22 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Four In The Morning (Douple Play/Tring * EEC/26 songs) (6€) * Swinging Doors, I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You, Some Of Those Memories, As Far As I Am Concerned ... (26 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Live In Branson, MO, USA (LaserLight - 1993/USA) (6€) * Alone With You, I Miss You Already, This Little Girl Of Mine, Leaving And Saying Goodbye ... (12 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Famous Country Music Makers (Pulse/Castle * compl. 1999/England) (6€) * Almost Persuaded, Crying Time, Together Again, Yonder Comes A Sucker, The Tips Of My Fingers ... (18 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: 20 Best Hits (Highland Deluxe * comp-1987/USA) (6€) * Welcome To My World, There Goes My Everything, The Minute You're Gone, I'll Trade All My Tomoroows ... (20 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Country Dance Favorites (Compose AAD * comp-1993/USA) (6€) * Faded Love, Honky Tonk Song, San Antonio Rose, The Last Waltz, She Thinks I Still Care, Release Me ... (12 tracks).
FARON YOUNG: Country Legends (Disky * comp-1999/Holland) (6€) * I've Got Five Dollars, The Yellow Bandana, Country Girl, Riverboat, That's The Way I Feel, You're Still Mine ... (15 tracks).

FARON YOUNG & RAY PRICE (duets): Memories That Last (Step One * 1991/USA) (14€) * Too Big To Fight, Mansion On the Hill (vocal: Ray Pennington), Walking My Baby Back Home, Funny How Time Slips Aways ... (featuring Buddy Emmons) (12 tracks).

TOWNES VAN ZANDT: Our Mother The Mountain (Tomato/Charly/Decal * 1988/France) (12€).

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