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These items are all USED records in good condition (if not mentioned otherwise). Payments by PayPal or IBAN bank system (outside Finland) - contact first by e-mail with your 'wanted list' and you'll hear the exact amount to pay (incl. the postages). Also EXCHANGING is possible.

Äänilevyt ovat KÄYTETTYJÄ - hyväkuntoisia (mahdolliset puutteet mainittu erikseen). Ota yhteys sähköpostilla ja sovitaan maksusysteemit (tilisiirto tavallisin) - todelliset postikulut lisätään hintoihin. VAIHDOTKIN mahdollisia.

Jotkut pienemmät levy-yhtiöt ja muutamat artistit tuottavat itse pienet painosmääränsä halvempina CD-R-levyinä, joissa levypinta erottuu vihertävänä. Ne on näissä listoissa merkitty muodossa CD-R.
Some small labels and many artists produce and copy their limited editions as CD-Rs ("green disc"). I will identify such CDs as "CD-R".

CD-listasivulle 1/3 (Kantri) * Country CDs ~ page1/3.

CD-listasivulle 3/3 (Kantri) * Country CDs ~ page 3/3.

B) ALENNUSTARJOUS (Low prices) * Hinnat pudotettu ~ NYT 5€ tai vähemmän (or less):

CURTIS ANDREWS: Same Old Me (Ready Records * USA) (5€) * I Never Played The Opry, The Cockfight, The Morning After You, Standing Tall, If Walls Could Talk, It's Me That Hurts The Most ... (10 tracks).

Antonio (Rosales):
Time's Running Out

Dreamscape Records (1998/USA).

She's In That Cowboy Way, Rumors And Lies,
Millie Make Some Chili, Rhonda,
For The Life Of Me ... (10 tracks)


OLLIE AUSTIN: Chiseled In Stone (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Six Days On the Road, Son Of A Hickory Holler's Tramp, Country Bumpkin, My Hometown, Jambaylaya ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: The Way I Am (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Sidewalks Of Chicago, Send Me Back To Caroline, Loveless Cafe, If I can Find A Clean Shirt, If Not For You ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: England's Voice Of Country Music * My Door Is Always Open (Unity Music * UK) (5€) * Wrong Road Again, Four Strong Winds, Jeanie's Afraid Of dark, The Streets Of London, Bar Stool Mountain ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: From the Shadows (Foam Records * Ireland) (5€) * Boulder To Birmingham, Rake And Rambling Man, Darby's Castle, Garden Party, The Lost Highway ... (14 tracks).
OLLIE AUSTIN: England's New Country Star * Down My Way (Foam Records * Ireland) (5€) * Country Hall Of Fame, It's Time To Pay The Fiddler, Wabash Canon Ball, What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana ... (14 tracks).

RILEY BAUGUS: Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) * Lonesome Road Blues, Old John Henry, June Apple, Sail Away Ladies, Wandering Boy, George Collins, No Corn On Tygart ... (4€)

PAUL BURCH & The WPA Ballclub: Pan American Flash (Checkered Past * 1998/USA) * Down Hill And Shady, Monterey, Losers Way To Get Along, Your Red Wagon ... (4€)

GARY BURR: Stop Me If You've Heard This One (famous hit-songwriter) (East Central One * 1999/USA) * I Try To Think About Elvis, Station On The Line, Rockin' The Rock ... (4€)

PAUL BUSKIRK: Nacogdoches Waltz (=mandolin) (featuring Willie Nelson: guitar) (Justice * 1993/USA) * Let Rock Get-A-Way, Under Paris Skies, Greensleeves, I Will Wait For You ... (5€)

NORWOOD CARTER: Legends (Mesquite Records * USA) (5€) * Folsom Prison Blues, Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music, Tribute To Roy Acuff, Waltz Across Texas, Farewell Party, Lovesick Blues ... (10 tracks).

PHIL COLEY & FRIENDS: Solid Country Performances (with Claudia Ann Reame & Mike Clark) (Endeavor Starsong * 1993/USA) * Payday To Payday, Tongue-Tied, Don't Let Success Spoil You ... (3€)

CONFEDERATE RAILROAD: Notorious (Atlantic * 1994/USA) * Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind, I Am Just A Rebel, Elvis And Andy, Redneck Romeo, Move Over Madonna, Three Verses ... (4€)

JOHNNY COUNTERFIT (imitator): Counterfit Politics - The Singing Impressionist (Shiloh * USA) * Diggin' Up Bones, Ragged Old Flag, The Night Before Politics, Trashy Women ... (4€)

THE CORB LUND BAND: Five Dollar Bill (Stony Plain * 2002/Canada) (special "dollar bill"-paper covers ... originally no “plastic jewel-box”) * Time To Switch To Whiskey, Roughest Neck Around ... (4€)

CURLY CORWIN: I Feel A Dump Comin' On (Magi Records * 2001) (5€) * Ode To US Truck Drivers, Gazebo Joe, Asshole-Itus, Hi Ho Leon, She Had The Only Saddle, Record Man ... (10 tracks).

TOM CUNNINGHAM: The Sky's The Limit, Vol.2 (Alliance Records * USA) (5€) * Ghost Riders In the Sky, Road To El paso, Meet Me In Stockholm, Sunny Acapulco, Honky Tonk In Texas ... (21 tracks).

JIMMY DALLAS: Drinking Champagne (Kansa Records * USA) (5€) * South Succotash, Brand New Pair Of Walking Shoes, One Way Ticket To The Blues, I Need A Good Woman Bad ... (11 tracks).

JOSE DANIEL: At His Best (Lakeland * USA) (orig. promo CD without back-cover) * Redneck Riviera, Adios Amigo, Convicts Cry, Alex & Me, Come To Mexico With Me, Mama Sitting By The Window ... (3€)

BILLY JACK DAVIS: Country 'n Western With A Blues Twist (TIMA Records * 1996) (5€) * Country Music Is Like Pure Gold, This Honky Tonk Bar Stool, Cool Water, The Texas Troubador, The Old Man And His Horn ... (10 tracks).

SYDNEY DEVINE (Scotland): 50 Country Winners (1987/made in Israel) (50 songs in 14 medleys) * Country Roads - Early Morning Rain - Gentle On My Mind - Hello Mary Lou ... (6€)

CASEY DILWORTH: That's The Way It Goes (Pineview * 2009/USA) Cedartown Georgia, Midnight At The Old Soldiers' Home, I Didn't Move To Arizona For The Weather, Goodbye Goodhue County, Juanita, A Place To Fall Apart ... (produced by Mark Moseley). (4€)

DR. FRY`S TEXAS MEDICINE BAND: River Bolt Of Lightning (Diamond Highway) * Only Car In Your Carage, Judy Lou, Fat Farm, Sittin' & Starin', You'll Never Find Another Like Me ... (3€)

CASEY DRIESSEN (fiddler): 3D (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) * Country Blues, Snowflake Reel-Done Gone-Cheyenne, Cliff Dweller's Slide, Lady Bowmore, The Confusion Before Dreams ... (3€)

The DUHKS: Migrations (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) * Turtle Dove, Ol' Cook Pot, Moses Don't Get Lost, Domino Party, Down To The River ... (4€)

EMSLAND HILLBILLIES: Emsland Hillbillies With Friends (Desert Kid * 2002/Germany) : Desperados Waiting For A Train, White Line Fever, Roll Another Number, Heartbreak Highway, Going Up The Country .... (4€)

GLENN ERICKSON: Today (Nashville Gold Records * 2008/USA) (24 tracks) Vegas Casino Blues, Leslie, Highest That Mankind Has Flown ... (special orig. cover sheets). (4€)

SKIP EWING: Naturally (Capitol * 1991/USA) : The Yodelin' Blues, Hangin' Around With You, No Reason At All, One Step Out Of Time .... (4€)

LEN FIFIELD: I Can Still Do It! (LAF Music * 2002/New Zealand). (4€)

THE FOREMEN FOLK HEROES: The Foremen Folk Heroes (Reprise 1995/USA): Hell Froze Over Today, Ollie Ollie Off Scott Free, Do The Clinton, Russian Limbaugh, Firing The Surgeon General, Ain't No Liberal, My Conservative Girlfriend ... (13 songs). (3€)

The GIBSON BROTHERS: Red Letter Day (Sugar Hill * 2005/USA). (4€)
The GIBSON BROTHERS: Bona Fide (Sugar Hill * 2003/USA). (4€)
The GIBSON BROTHERS: Long Way Back Home (Sugar Hill * 2004/USA). (4€)

GIBSON-MILLER Band: Where There's Smoke... (EPIC * 1992/USA) (4€)
GIBSON-MILLER Band: Red, White And Blue Collar (EPIC * 1994/USA). (4€)

The DAMIAN GREEN Band: The Best Of (Damian Green Band * 2005/recorded in Austin, Texas, USA). (4€)

LEE GREENWOOD: American Patriot (Liberty * 1992/USA). (3€)

GUNSMOKE (=German Band): West Of The Moon (VIP * 1992/Germany). (3€)

JOHN HAGER: Orange, White & Blue (Gift Of Grace * 1995/USA). (3€)

JEFFREY HALFORD & The Healers: Railbirds (Shoeless * 2005/USA). (3€)

GARY HALL: Twelve Strings & Tall Stories (Round Tower * 1996/Ireland?) (recorded live in Nashville, TN). (4€)

JOHN HAMILTON: Two Step Texas Reindeer (Texas Christmas) (Wizard/USA). (3€)

JERRY HANLON: I'll Be Home For Christmas * 12 Classic Christmas Songs (UAR Records * 2006/USA). (5€)
JERRY HANLON: What A Beautiful Day That Will Be * 14 Gospel Songs (UAR Records * 2006/USA). (5€)
JERRY HANLON: An Ireland Dream (UAR * 2001/USA) (5€) * If We Only had Old Ireland Here, An Emigrant's Dream, Noreen Delaney, We're The Lucky Irish, Waltzing Through Ireland ... (16 tracks).

WADE HAYES: On A Good Night (Columbia/Sony * 1996/USA) (advance promo copy - no orig. covers) (3€) * Undo The Right, This Is The Life For Me, On A Good Night ... (10 tracks)

JONNY HILL: Ruf Teddybär Eins-Vier (LaserLight * 1990/Germany). (3€)

SEAN HOGAN (Canada): Catalina Sunrise (Hogan * 2005/Canada). (3€)

The INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS: Fork In The Road (Sugar Hill * 2007/USA). (4€)

JACK INGRAM: Hey You (Lucky Dog * 1999/USA * promo copy). (3€)

RODNEY JAMES & The Blue Flames: All Time Greatest Smash Hits! (Big Bender Records * 2003) (3€).

DON SANTIAGO JIMENEZ: Montelongo (Strictly Country/Chief * 1996 (recorded in 1930-60/Holland) (4€).

FLACO JIMENEZ : The Very Best Of (Typical Border-Music From Texas And Mexico) (PMF * 1994/Holland) (5€).

MICHAEL JOHNATHON: The Road (PoetMan Records - 1999) (special card board box/erikoispahvikotelo). (4€)

RON JORDAN: Diamonds And Hearts (One Chaser Records / 1999). (4€)

STEVE JORDAN: The Return Of El Parche (Zensor * 1988/Germany * Freddie Records in San Antonio 1976-84). (4€)

KINGSTON TRIO: Tom Dooley (Life Time * England) ( "live recordings" ). (4€)

BILL KIRCHEN & Too Much Fun: Tomsbtone Every Mile (Demon * 1993/UK). (5€)

CHESTER LESTER: The Songwriter (CMC * 1998/Sweden). (5€)
CHESTER LESTER: Too Close To Call (CLM Records * 2007/USA) : Rockin' A Rollin' Stone, The Pillow Next To Me, Heaven Bound, Just For A Minute There... (14 songs) (5€)

RAY LYNAM: The Very Best Of (Ritz Records * comp-1991/England) (5€) * If We're Not In Love By Monday, He Stopped Loving Her Today, The Gambler, I Don't Want To See Another Town ... (16 tracks).
RAY LYNAM & PHILOMENA BEGLEY: My Elusive Dreams * 18 Country & Irish Duets (Prism Leisure * 2002/England) (5€) * Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man, Papa's Wagon, Jeannie's Afraid Of Dark ... (18 tracks).

The MAJOR DUNDEE Band (Holland): The Best of The Major Dundee Band (Telstar * Holland) (14 tracks) Roll-On Wheels, Red River Rosie, Bayou Love, Sand In My Boots ... (4€).
The MAJOR DUNDEE Band: Home Skies (Dureco Sky * 2001/Holland) (12 tracks) I Saw Elvis, Big Trains, Ready To Rock & Roll, Country Boy From Soho, Leaving Home ... (4€).
The MAJOR DUNDEE Band & Dick van Altena: The Marlstone Sessions 1980-1990 (Marlstone * Holland) (18 tracks) Continental Cowboy, I Love My Rancho Grande, Good Old Country Song ... (4€)

LELAND MARTIN: Simply Traditional (IGO Records * 2002/USA) (5€) * If I Had Long Legs Like Alan Jackson, Freddie's Heart (& Freddie Hart), There Ain't No Speed Limit ... (15 tracks).

The MAVERICKS: What A Crying Shame (MCA * 1994/Germany) (4€).

HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER: I'd Like To Live It Again (Desert Kid * Germany) (5€) * Foggy Mountain Top (& Norma Jean), Best Part Of Nothing (& David Frizzell), Y'all Come (& Michael Ballew) ... (14 tracks).

DUANE MICHAELS: Little Bit Of Love (Top Notch Records * 2001?/USA) (4€).

SCOTT MILLER & The Commonwealth: Citation (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) (4€).
SCOTT MILLER & The Commonwealth: Upside Downside (Sugar Hill * 2003/USA) (4€).

TED MILLER: Rovin` Cowboy (ATI * 1995/Canada) (4€).

GUY MITCHELL: Singing The Blues (Spectrum/re-1988/England) (20 songs) (3€).

VAUGHN MONROE: The Ultimate Collection (Prism Leisure * compilation-2001/England-Israel) (3€).

JIM MURPHY: There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere (JM * 1996/USA) (5€) * A Hero's Death, Stars & Stripes On Iwo Jima Isle, Pvt. Rodger Young, Smoke On The water ... (12 tracks).

JADI NORRIS: Man Of Steel (NSD Records, Nashville * 2008/USA) (no back cover sheet) (2€).

OAK RIDGE BOYS: The Gospel Collection (Music Master/Success * comp-1996/England) (31 songs!) (4€).

MARK O'CONNOR (fiddler): The New Nashville Cats (feat. Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Sonny Garrish.. )(WB * 1991/Germany) (5€).

ROY ORBISON: King Of Hearts (Virgin * 1992/Austria) (5€).

MIKE OSBORNE: Rodeo Man (Starborn * 1993/USA) (guest: Waylon Jennings) (5€).

PAP & THE SIDEMEN: Heads You Win (Stardust Records * 2000/Canada) (5€).

WAYLON PAYNE: The Drifter (Republic/Universal * 2004/USA) (4€).

GARY POMERLEAU: Eye To Eye (GP/USA) (fiddle instrumentals, banjo: Gary Filgate, dobro: Roger Williams) (4€).

The JOEL RAFAEL BAND: The Joel Rafael Band (Reluctant Angel * 1994/USA) (4€).

SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD: Never Make It Home (Bloodshot * 2001/USA) (14 tracks) Drink Lotsa Whiskey, Record Shop, Kiss Of Death, Dime Store Cowboy, Day The Train Jumped The Tracks .... (4€)

COLLIN RAYE: All I Can Be (Sony * 1991/USA) (4€).

LAWRENCE REYNOLDS: He Comes From Alabama (Country Discovery * 2002/USA) (5€) * High As Bill Monrow, There Ain't Enough Whiskey, Haggard And Jones, That Old Red River ... (16 tracks).

BRANDON RHYDER: Because She Loves Me (Rhyder * 2001/USA) (4€).

RED RIVERS (British): Hillbilly Heart (Demon * 1997/England) (4€).

ALF ROBERTSON (Swedish): En liten femöreskola (EMI * comp-2002/Sweden) (5€) * Thank You Connersville Indiana, Jody And The Kid, When I Loved Her, Om du nå'n gång är i Stockholm ... (18 tracks).

SAMMY SADLER: Hard On A Heart (TRI Records * 2004/USA) (4€).

CARI SCHAUER & Back In Business: A Musical tribute To Patsy Cline (PM Music * 1995 * Denmark) (4€).

PETE SEEGER: Pioneer Of Folk * 20 Great Songs (Prism Leisure * 1999/England) (3€).

KEVIN SHARP: Measure Of A Man (Asylum/Elektra * 1996/USA) (2€).

RICK SHARP: Rick & Ol' Waylon Still Play On (Universal * 2007/USA) Storms Never Last, Countrified, Waylon Still Plays On, One Shot At A Time .... (4€)

JOHN SMITH Jr: I Miss Your Blue Eyes (JR Records * 1998/USA) (4€).

RAY SMITH: Shake Around (SUN/Charly * coll-1995/England) (orig. SUN-rockabilly 1958-61) (4€).

LARRY STEWART: Why Can`t You (Columbia * 1996/USA) (3€).

NED SUBLETTE: Cowboy Rumba (Palm Pictures * 1999/USA) * Ghost Riders In The Sky, Cheater's Motel, Que Electricidad, That Sad Love Song ... (10 tracks) (5€).

BARRY & HOLLY TASHIAN: Live In Holland (Strictly Country * 1991/Holland) (4€).

PAUL H. TAYLOR: Raised On Radio (Broken Dish Records * USA) (3€) * Oh Susanna, Day Outside, Media, Without Words ...

TUT TAYLOR (dobro, mandolin): Friar Tut (Rounder * re-issue from 1971/USA) (5€).

TEXAS WINDS: Going Home (Hay Holler Records * 1995/USA) (16 tracks) Little Bit Of Texas, Legend Of A Rebel Soldier, A Brand New Water Well, Eagle's Wing .... (4€)

CHRIS THILE: How To Grow A Woman From The Ground (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) (4€).

VERLON THOMPSON: Verlon Thompson (Capitol/SBK * 1990/USA) (5€).

BILLY BOB THORNTON: Private Radio (UMG * 2001/EU) * Lost Highway, Starlight Lounge, That Mountain, Smoking In Bed, Beauty At The Back Door ... (12 tracks) (5€).

CARL THURLO ("The Ranch Hand"): Live & More (Lake Texoma Records * USA) (no front cover sheet) (2€).

TOMBOOLA BAND: Don`t Blame It On Texas (Reca * USA) (4€).

GREG TROOPER: Floating (Sugar Hill * 2003/USA) (back cover sheet missing) (3€).
GREG TROOPER: Make It Through This World (Sugar Hill * 2005/USA) (4€).

TURNER NICHOLS (DUO: Zack Turner & Tim Nichols): Tucker Nichols (BNA * 1993/USA) (4€).

VIRGINIA CROSS TIES: No Back Door (Crosscut * 2001/USA) (12 tracks) Traveling The Highway Home, The Old Country Church, In The Middle Of The Night .... (4€)

BRADLEY WALKER: Highway Of Dreams (Rounder * 2006/USA) (producer: Carl Jackson) (12 tracks) Shoulda Took That Train, Love's Tombstone, I Never Go Around Mirrors .... (4€)

LARRY WALLACE: Sunny Mountain Banjo (with Jimmy Martin, Charlie Cline, Vernon Derrick & Stan Wilemon) (API Atteiram * 1995/USA) (14 tracks) Big Country, Train 45, Lost Wild Indian, Foggy Mountain Breakdown .... (4€)

MONTE WARDEN: Monte Warden (Watermelon - Austin, Texas * 1993/USA) (4€).

JAMIE WARREN: Fallen Angel (River North - 1996) (4€).

SEAN WATKINS: 26 Miles (Sugar Hill * 2003/USA) (guitarist-singer) (5€).
SEAN WATKINS (guitarist/vocals) : Blinders On (Sugar Hill * 2006/USA) (5€).

B.B.WATSON: Delta Dream (SNA, Nashville * USA) (4€).

WEARY HEARTS: By Heart (Flying Fish * 1989/USA) (11 tracks) Honky-Tonk Blues, Poor Old Cora, Stumbling Stones, Waiting For The King, She Once Lived Here .... (4€)

TOMMY WEBB: Heartland (Rural Rhythm * 2009/USA) (14 tracks) If It Weren't For Bluegrass Music I'd Go Crazy, A Hard Roe To Hoe, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Teardrop Inn .... (4€)

WESTERN FLYER: Western Flyer (Step One * 1994/USA) (4€).

DENNIS WHEELER: Give Me A Honky Tonk Night (Any Old Day) (Sarborn * 1993/USA) (5€).

WILDFIRE: Where Roads Divide (Pinecastle * 2003/USA) (12 tracks) The Lord Knows I'm Drinking, Somewhere Down The Road, I'm Afraid My Darlin's Gone ... (4€).
WILDFIRE: Uncontained (Pinecastle * 2001/USA) (12 tracks) (4€) Bartender Blues, Victim Of Life's Circumstances, Straight And Narrow, Rough Edges .... (4€).

The WITCHER BROTHERS: Yesterday's News (Elk Dog records * 1995/USA) (14 tracks) Give Me Forty Acres, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Uncle Pen, Nine Pound Hammer .... (4€)

BOB WOODRUFF: Desire Road (Curb Hit/1997) (4€).

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